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Ministry foots the bill
The Sports Ministry has come to the All-India Football Federation’s rescue, sanctioning Rs. 10 crore for the junior team. But a cash-strapped federation is still crying foul.

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A bunch of techies came together to form band Paadhai. While their first album proved a hit, they are now working on taking Ranam Sugam – Pain is Good, their second music album, beyond their IT friends
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ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009

Namma Chennai

Tanishq has announced its exchange offer, 22 k = 23 k. The initiative allows one to gain one karat on exchange of old gold jewellery of any karatage. The offer is open on all Tanishq outlets till August.

10 questions with Salman

Karaoke Tuesdays
Bike and Barrel at The Residency is organising a western karaoke nite every Tuesday. The event promises to be an evening of fun and music with all-time English hits being played. The evening will be hosted by Swapna Abraham. For details call 2815 6363.

10 Ka Dum is back, this time with commoners participating in the show. Watch out for its first episode where Salman Khan takes on homemaker Priyanka Shukla and milkman Sunil Mishra in the game. Tune in to Sony on July 25.


Silence! Time for class

Theatre Y is starting its next batch of ‘Act One, Voice One, and StorY’, its acting voice training and scriptwriting course, this weekend. The introductory class will be held on July 24 from 6 to 8 p.m. at StudYo, No 25, Mandavelli Street. For details call 9884070796.



Kargil war is 10
July 26 is the 10th anniversary of Kargil war. On this occasion tune in to listen to the brave stories of Capt. Anuj Nayyar, Lt. Vijayant Thapar, Vikram Batra and Capt. Haneefudddin – all who laid their lives to save the nations integrity. Tune in to IBN7, Zindagi Live at 8 p.m.

Attention bookworms
Chennai gets one more bookstore. Full Circle bookstore will open at # 85, Chamiers Road on July 26. The store will stock all genres including fiction, non-fiction and a wide range of art books.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Footprints, but not in the sand
‘Payanam’, band Paadhai’s first album, proved a hit among the techie crowd. Now they are working on taking ‘Ranam Sugam – Pain is Good’, their second music album, beyond their IT friends

where they have been. Thus, we named it Paadhai, meaning ‘path’,” they say. Shameer elaborates, “Nothing in this world is new. A few things just exist; they don’t change for years, like the endless path.”

Making of Payanam
Payanam – Kaalgal Yen Kadhai Sollum (Journey - My Story as Told by my Feet) was their first album. “We felt that we should start from the scratch of life. Only people and their journey change, the path being the same. Our first album is about the journey of life,” says Suresh. The group spent almost a year in making the album, which has 10 tracks. While all the trials for the album were done at their Madipakkam villa during weekends, the recording was completed at Carnatica’s Studio - Sounds of Silence in Kodambakkam. From its first track Thandhayil naan, which talks about birth of a child, till its ninth track Kaatril midhakindraen about the end, Payanam is getting good response. “We first promoted the album in our respective companies and later in other companies through friends,” says Shameer, talking about extending its promotion further. “We are not here to redefine music. We try to give people a taste of the original and simple. It’s an idea of using instruments in a different mix of styles.” The band is not resting with the launch of its debut album; they have started work on the second. “Our next album, Ranam Sugam – Pain is Good, will have seven tracks with ‘love’ as the theme,” they conclude, keeping the guitar and piano in sync. ■

he echoes of vendors and honking from two-wheelers are the only sounds visiting this semi-residential locality tucked inside Periyar Nagar Extension in Madipakkam. But on Friday evenings Enfield Avenue wakes up to the strumming of guitars, beats of drums and notes from the piano. The music that starts at 6.30 p.m. goes on till Sunday evening, with occasional breaks in between. Ten youngsters, all between 20 and 26, gather at this villa every weekend to play and practise music under the band name Paadhai (Tamil for ‘path’). Paadhai is two and half years old, with multi-talented professionals from Cognizant and Wi-


pro forming the group. It is love for music that binds them together, and every weekend they “cook, sleep and play” till they have played enough music to last them till their next meeting. Its lead members are: Shammeer M., Suresh G. and Sivakumar S., all vocalists. They are joined by Sridhar S. (rhythm), Dineshkumar M. (rhythm), Deepak S. (guitar), Manigandan V. and Balakrishnan M.U. (video editing) and Narendhiran E. (visual effects). Together the nine write, rewrite lyrics, compose, sing, mix, remix and perform all the tech-

nical nuances until it’s ready for recording. Interestingly, Sivakumar, who works with Wipro (Bangalore), comes every weekend to contribute his mite as vocalist and piano artiste.

School to office
Siva and Shameer were bench mates at Prince Matriculation Higher Secondary School where they shared eight years of “constant fights” which continue till today and it’s only the piano that binds them together. Suresh joined the band two years ago af-

ter he won a singing competition at CTS, where Shameer was his team mate. Since then the trio’s journey into music has always been together. “Music was initially our hobby but now it has changed into passion and we proudly say that we own a band,” says Siva.

Coining the path
Paadhai is inspired by the lines from the famous American movie, Forrest Gump (1994). “In the movie, the (mamma) always says, one can tell a lot about a person by their shoe – where they go and


ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009

Spacesuit trouble shortens spacewalk
Problems with a spacesuit have caused NASA to cut short a spacewalk outside the International Space Station. Problems with a system that removes carbon dioxide from the air in astronaut Chris Cassidy’s spacesuit caused mission control to end the spacewalk at 2031 GMT on Wednesday after five hours and 59 minutes. Carbon dioxide levels were beginning to rise in his suit, but he was not in any imminent danger, NASA said. The spacewalk was to have lasted about six and a half hours.

Runaway bull checks into motel
A Chinese motel had an unexpected guest when a runaway bull burst into the building and spent the night while police attempted to find its owner.

Goat’s crowning as king of Ireland in doubt
The annual crowning of a goat as king of Ireland at one of the country’s oldest fairs is in doubt after organisers said the heir to the throne may be stopped from travelling to the festival. Traditionally a male goat is caught in the mountains of Kerry in southern Ireland and paraded through the town of Killorglin where he reigns for the three days of Puck Fair, a centuries-old festival of drinking, music and dancing. Locals may have to desperately trek the nearby hills after this year’s chosen animal from the Northern Ireland town of Ballycastle could only get a four-day license for the trip south of the border. “It takes at least a day to bring a goat from Ballycastle to Killorglan and the goat is on the stand for three days. It’s not possible to do that within the four days,” Puck Fair chairman Declan Mangan told state radio station RTE.

Airbag in a watch aims to save lives on water
Airbags save lives on the road, and a Taiwanese inventor who has embedded one in a wristwatch hopes they will do the same in the water. Tseng Tze-kui, a water sports enthusiast for more than three decades, came up with the idea of the inflatable bag in a watch five years ago as a lightweight alternative to lifejackets. “Every year, people drown at the seashore or in creeks. Of course, a lifejacket is the safest protection but there are still many children who are unwilling to wear them,” he said. Tseng’s invention is called Fixblessing and retails for about $80 at major fishing and sports accessory stores in Taiwan. It’s also on sale in Singapore. The device displays time like a normal watch, and has a small bottle of carbon dioxide attached to the wrist piece which, when triggered, inflates the airbag.

Moms do favour precious first borns
Younger siblings’ suspicions have been confirmed: Parents, especially mothers, favour their ’precious first borns’ (PFBs) over the children they have later, concludes a new study. Among examples of attention lavished on the PFBs, mothers admit to rubbing shampoo into their own eyes to test it doesn’t sting, pulling prams backwards for miles to avoid direct sunlight and even sterilising the steriliser, reports The Telegraph. Others change their newborns so regularly they go through 150 nappies a week, while some spend half an hour bathing just their baby’s head.

Ronaldo to star in a film
razil’s three-time world player of the year Ronaldo has agreed in principle to star in a film about a Palestinian child fan of his who dies in a refugee camp, according to news reports. The 32-year-old two-time World Cup winner will be with his club Corinthians in the Middle East - for a September 15 friendly in the Palestinian Territories against fellow Brazilians Fluminense - at the time that the film is set to be made in Lebanon.


“Ronaldo signed an agreement in principle last week,” his agent Fabiano Farah told sports information provider El Globo. “A definitive agreement will be reached in September.” Ronaldo, though, has still to get permission from his club to act in the Iranian-directed film. The all-time leading World Cup scorer is to play a peace emissary, a role he has already played in reality as in May 2005 he spent several hours visiting the Palestinian Territories. ■


Friday, July 24, 2009

Girl injured by falling tortoise
A young Chinese girl suffered a concussion after being hit in the head by a falling object, later identified as a three-pound tortoise - although it is still unknown where the tortoise fell from.

Websites of the day
Indulge your inner comic book geek: www.superherodb.com Become an online book worm: www.literature.org

Raimi takes on ‘World of Warcraft’ movie
ilm director Sam Raimi brought Spider-Man to life on the big screen and now he is set to bring the orcs and dwarves from the hit roleplaying fantasy videogame World of Warcraft to the big screen. Blizzard Entertainment Inc., a unit of Activision Blizzard, and Legendary Pictures said that Raimi has signed to make a film out of the Warcraft universe of Azeroth. Warcraft made its debut in 1994 as a real-time strategy game based on a conflict between the Horde and the Alliance and was developed into the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft in 2004, which has developed a huge following. The two companies said they were confident that Raimi, who also directed Evil Dead, was the ideal man to satisfy Warcraft enthusiasts as well as a mainstream audience. “Raimi has, in the course of his career, clearly demonstrated a genius for developing and adapting existing fictional universes for mainstream audiences while staying true to the spirit of the original content,” the companies said in a joint state-


World of Warcraft now holds the Guinness World Record as the most popular massively multiplayer online game with more than 11.5 million monthly subscribers as well as having a lucrative range of licensed products

Director Sam Raimi.


ment. Raimi most recently wrote and directed the supernatural thriller Drag Me to Hell. “At its core, Warcraft is a fantastic, action-packed story,” said

Raimi in the statement. “I am thrilled to work with such a dynamite production team to bring this project to the big screen.” The film will be produced by

Charles Roven who brought The Dark Knight to screen last year. The film will fall under Legendary Pictures’ co-production and co-financing deal with Warner

Bros. Pictures, a unit of Time Warner Inc. There were no immediate details on cast or release date. ■

Life’s a beach for Bondi homeless
hey live closer to picture-perfect Bondi Beach than anyone else. Their home is the heritage-listed Bondi Pavilion. And they don’t pay rent. But the Bondi Nine, as the locals call them, are not the luckiest men alive. They don’t have jobs, have had problems with alcohol and mental illness, and are under pressure to end an 8-year squat at the much-photographed 80-year-old public building. They do have rich and powerful supporters. Lawyer Dymphna Hawkins has taken their case to the Supreme Court and won a legal ruling that gives them a few more weeks in their wonderful abode. “What it shows is that we can have faith in our judiciary to make decisions that are compassionate to the homeless and the people who are marginalised in our society,” Hawkins said. Mayor Sally Betts is exasperated. The courts routinely evict private tenants who fall behind in the rent, yet those who


squat in public buildings get the support of the courts to defy the local authority. “We’re not about dumping them somewhere,” said Betts. “I think part of the difficulty is that we can’t guarantee that any of our homeless would be housed in Bondi.” The local authorities say that some of the Bondi Nine are ready to move into council digs in less pricey suburbs but that group leader Kevin St Alder is insisting on solidarity. “I’d rather be homeless in my area of choice than housed somewhere else,” the defiant 49-year-old said. Articulate and savvy, St Alder has lived in Bondi Beach for most of his life. He’s been priced out of the rental market but, unlike thousands like him, is refusing to move. “I think it’s the responsibility of communities to support people that are in situations like me and, you know, that’s what makes a good society,” he said. ■


ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009

AC Milan humbled
Mexico’s Club America notched their second victory over Italian opposition in pre-season action with a 2-1 win against AC Milan in the United States on Wednesday. A fine glancing header from Daniel Marquez six minutes from time broke a 1-1 deadlock and gave the ten-times Mexican champions victory at the Georgia Dome. After their victory on penalties against Inter Milan on Sunday, Club America looked sharper than Leonardo’s Milan side who have just returned to full training. The Mexicans took the lead in the 55th minute through Enrique Esqueda, who made a fine run to lose Milan’s American defender Oguchi Onyewu, then latched on to a deft through-ball from Salvador Cabanas before smartly turning it home. Ten minutes later Filippo Inzaghi equalised for Milan with a characteristic strike, sneaking on to a ball down the middle and guiding it into the net before Marquez’s sealer. Milan play Chelsea, led by their former coach Carlo Ancelotti, on Friday and then finish their tour with a derby meeting against Inter Milan on Sunday.

Eto’o poised to sign Inter deal
Samuel Eto’o is on the verge of signing a deal to join Inter Milan, according to reports on Thursday. The Cameroon striker’s agent spent a second day in talks with Inter bosses on Wednesday and emerged to say that a transaction could be completed by Thursday. Eto’o is likely to switch from Barcelona in a swap deal that will see Inter’s Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic join the Catalans.


county call
Murray endures rare losing feeling in humble county match
orld number three Andy Murray traded the glamour of the world’s biggest tennis stages for the more humble surrounds of a modest local tournament, and ended on the losing side, British media reported on Thursday. North of Scotland found themselves short of players for their county week clash against Hertfordshire at Eastbourne on Wednesday and Murray, ranked below only Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the world stage, volunteered his services. The 22-year-old Scot interrupted preparations for the U.S. hardcourt season to play three doubles matches on a modest line of grasscourts, where no ball-boys or girls meant the players retrieve their own balls, in the English south coast town. He and his partner won all three contests but it was not enough for the Scottish side, which also featured Andy’s brother Jamie, from going down 5-4 in the all-doubles event. “I know pretty much all these guys from junior days,” Andy Murray said. “I don’t get to see them too often these days, a lot of them are coaches now and when Jamie said they needed us, I wasn’t doing anything so it was an easy decision to come and play.” The Scots were delighted to receive such big-name support in their moment of crisis. “I was delighted to get the call. It says a lot about his character that he wanted to join us,” coach Ian Conway was quoted as saying. Murray is due to play the Masters series events in Montreal and Cincinnati next month before the August 31 to September 13 U.S. Open in New York, where he lost the final last year to Swiss world number one Federer. ■

Don’t blame mum for Mitchell’s slump
Mitchell Johnson’s mother says she is not to blame for her son’s poor bowling form at the Ashes. The 27-year-old fast bowler struggled for line and length in the second test at Lord’s, prompting calls he should be dropped for the third test at Edgbaston. Johnson’s mother, Vikki Harber, had told Australian media on the eve of the series in England that her son had hardly contacted her since marrying karate champion and model Jessica Bratich. Harber has not spoken to her son since January and said she was really upset to see him “struggling over there”. “I just hope that all the other stuff that’s been going on, he might be able to just forget about it and concentrate on playing his cricket,” Harber said. “Because despite some of the stuff that’s been reported, I’m not angry. I’m not upset, either. But there isn’t a mother in Australia who ever stops worrying about her boy, no matter how old he gets – and I don’t see why I should be any different.” Harber had also delivered a broadside at Cricket Australia for allowing wives and girlfriends on the Ashes tour but not parents. Their presence would not produce the kind of “bitchiness” that might occur between girlfriends, she suggested. Former Australian captain Kim Hughes said the pair’s rift before the series may have dented the bowler’s confidence.



Friday, July 24, 2009


Andrew Flintoff on his Test retirement

I will worry about that when I finish at The Oval. Walking off for the last time at Lord’s the other day was special. I sat in the dressing room and had a look around and felt pretty pleased with myself. It probably hasn’t hit me yet, in a few weeks, maybe when the lads are playing in South Africa this winter, that’s when it will hit me. But for now I just want to focus on playing at Edgbaston and performing.

Ministry foots the bill
Government comes to the rescue of cash-strapped AIFF

ndian football got a shot in the arm with the country’s Sports Ministry sanctioning a sum of Rs. 10 crore for preparation for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. The ministry is in consultation with the All-India Football Federation (AIFF) to chart out a roadmap for the under-23 side, which will take part in the Games. Like the Olympics, the Asian Games too is considered an amateur competition and only three over-23 players can participate in the meet. “The amount is expected to be judiciously used by the federation to put up a strong challenge at the regional games. Ideally, it should be

spent on coaching and exposure trips, but the final call is to be made by the AIFF and its coaches,” Joint Secretary of the Sports Ministry Ingeti Srinivas said. “But we will also like to keep some checks and balances to see that the programme is run properly.” Welcoming the government’s move, AIFF acting president and Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said in a statement: “We had one round of meetings with the Sports Ministry and a lot of positives have come out of it. We will again sit down with them later this year to find out how we can work together to put Indian football on the right track.” But a section of the federation officials have expressed their anger over the government move to tie down the grant only for the junior team’s expenses. “Our main focus should be the Asia Cup in 2011 in

Qatar. A good performance will reestablish us as an Asian powerhouse and will also improve our Fifa rankings,” an official said under condition of anonymity. “The Asian Games has hardly any significance in the footballing world.” The ministry, incidentally, has already released Rs. 80 lakh to the AIFF for the senior national team’s preparatory tour to Dubai and Barcelona. “The ministry had borne more than half of the ongoing tour abroad but more needs to be done,” the official said. “We have a very ambitious plan for the Asia Cup and to materialise it at least Rs. 40 crore is needed. The federation on its own will try to realise the maximum amount. But if we fall short the ministry should look into it. Success there will bring back football to the mainstream and corporates too will show added interest in the game.”

Ministry officials are believed to be looking into the matter and Patel is expected to meet his Sports Ministry counterpart M.S. Gill to iron out the differences. “We are aware of the importance of the Asia Cup and are looking into possible ways to help the team,” Srinivas said. AIFF’s technical director and incharge of the junior team, Colin Toal, said from Goa: “We have a good setup of junior boys and I feel we have a decent chance to do well in China. The team, however, needs to play with better international opponents before the tournament to realise their full potential. A good performance there will be good for Indian football as they are the players for the future.” Toal, though, stayed clear of the controversy surrounding the senior and junior teams and refused to comment. ■

Technical director Colin Toal (right) giving tips to his players during a practice session at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai.


ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009


he one-shouldered dress, alas, has been oft repeated. Stretching it further is the mono sleeve. You still bare one shoulder, but you now ensure that one arm is kept under wraps. In all, more asymmetry and more edginess in contrast to the one-shoulder look. Angelina Jolie probably started it in May this year, strutting the Cannes red carpet in a nude Versace dress. While the mono-sleeve didn’t go unnoticed, most still preferred discussing the expanse of pretty leg. The just-concluded Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009-2010 collection shows in Paris saw several designers experimenting with


Deepika Padukone with co-star Akshay Kumar

Josep Font

Elie Saab.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Honour for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been honoured with an inclusion into the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The Full House duo is among 31 designers honoured by the institute, reports Contactmusic. The twins have been chosen for their contribution to fashion through their two labels – The Row and Elizabeth and James. The pair will receive their accolade from CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg at a ceremony in New York in October.

their own versions of the mono sleeve. Josep Font did a leg-ofgiant-mutton variation in billowing satin, delicate pin-tucks, et al. The red sleeve remained the dress’ most remarkable aspect. Elie Saab’s all-white collection also featured the mono-sleeve. It might also be recalled that The O.C. star Mischa Barton attended the designer’s Haute Couture Spring/ Summer 2009 show in another mono-sleeve number from Mr. Saab. Christophe Josse did a more toned down version, playing on the thin line between one-shouldered and one-sleeved. Our very won Deepika Padukone also showed us how to do mono sleeve in a fuchsia number. Tip: Tempted as you might be to bedeck the bare arm, resist. Ideally, no bracelets, bangles, etc. Also, handbag straps will ruin the look, so clutch a clutch, oversized or mini. ■

The mono sleeve is a welcome break from the oneshoulder look

Stella McCartney wants Lohan to drop fur
Fashion designer Stella McCartney, who is a strict vegetarian, has requested Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan to stop wearing fur. The designer, daughter of Beatles legend Paul McCartney, is a supporter of animal rights organisation PETA and is reportedly upset with the Meangirls star’s fondness for fur and leather items, Daily Mail reported. “Lindsay wears a lot of Stella’s designs and she doesn’t want to be associated with a highprofile star who insists on wearing animal products,” a source close to the designer said. “She never uses fur and encourages everyone to opt for a vegetarian lifestyle,” said the designer’s spokesperson.

Kevin Ng

Christophe Josse


ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009


She Wolf for recession blues
Colombian singer Shakira has said that her latest album, She Wolf, was created to distract her fans’ attention away from the recession. “It’s a very electronic album. Dance-oriented, club-oriented. I want people to have fun with it. Forget about their troubles. Forget about the crisis. Forget everything for a minute – at least while they listen to the music,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling MTV.


aving been designated a style icon, Kareena Kapoor now intends to go on a long shopping binge in various fashion capitals and also cut her hair. “I have to...I’ve no choice. I’m looked at as a fashion statement. Very tiring, but flattering. Dress designer Aki Narula has set impossible standards of fashion for me through my films. Now I’ve no choice but to live up to those standards. I’ve raised the bar for fashion,” Kareena said. “After Kambakkht Ishq, in Qurbaan Aki has again made me look so special,” added the actress who gives the credit for her Kambakkht... look to Aki. “He went shopping for my clothes and accessories. This may be a film, but I’ve never worked harder. In terms of styling and body language even dance and drama, I really worked hard. I wanted it to be a ‘phataka’ kind of role. I wanted the audience to come out breathless,” said Kareena, who may soon be off on a shopping expedition to fashion hubs such as Milan, Paris, London and New York. “It becomes tiring for everything I wear to be in the media glare. I constantly need to be well-dressed. It’s a price I’ve to pay, in more ways than one. I don’t have a choice but to have my wardrobe filled with choices. “Nowadays when I go abroad, I find myself spending more time in shops than holidaying. It’s a responsibility. And I do need to be chic all the time. But my being a fashion icon also depends on my attitude and mood of the moment,” said the actress.

Asked if she has shifted loyalties from dress designer Manish Malhotra to Aki, she said: “No. I love Aki’s work and plan to use his clothes very often. But Manish and I go back a long way. He dressed up my sister to stardom and then me. We’re not the kind of people who move on in our friendships. “I’m back with Manish Malhotra in 3 Idiots and the remake of Stepmom. I’ll be dressed up as a stylish young girl. I’m planning to cut my hair. I’m really proud to be called stylish. I like that,” said the actress. The selection of clothes and designer depends upon the roles, says Kareena. “In Jab We Met, I was simply dressed in salwar-kameez. In my forthcoming films Qurbaan and 3 Idiots, I’m minimalist in my clothes. “But Kambakkht Ishq was about beautiful surfaces and shallow people. I had to dress immaculately. The standards for a heroine’s look and styling had to be raised. In terms of clothes, hair and makeup we’ve done that in Kambakkht Ishq. The fact is, I wanted to look very different. I wanted to look larger than life,” she said. But the actress says she is equally comfortable playing a girl next door like she did in Omkara. “If I can carry off Kolhapuri chappals in Omkara, I’m equally at home in Jimmy Choos in Kambakkht Ishq. I’m equally proud of both kind of films. Madhuri (Dixit) did a “Mrityudand” and a “Choli ke peeche” (in Khalnayak) side by side. Look at the film actors like Madhuri, my sister Karisma, Saif Ali Khan and Akshay did in the 1990s. And look where they got! I guess I was lucky.”■


II’m llooked at as a ’m ooked at as ffashion statement: Kareena ashion statement: Kareena

It becomes tiring for everything I wear to be in the media glare. I constantly need to be well-dressed. It’s a price I’ve to pay, in more ways than one. I don’t have a choice but to have my wardrobe filled with choices.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Krish eyes acting
Singer Krish, who married actress Sangeetha recently, holds an associate degree in acting from New York University. He is now looking forward to opportunities in acting too.


ichael Jackson and his alleged secret lovechild reportedly first met on a chance meeting in a holiday hotel in Tunisia in 1996. Dancer Omer Bhatti, speculated to be Jackson’s fourth child, then 12, was said to have impressed the King of Pop with his own dance moves and imitations of the star’s signature moonwalk. It is thought Omer’s Asian father Riz and Norweigan mother Pia moved to Neverland in 1997 though they later returned to Norway, reports The Daily Star. It was only after the chance meeting that Jackson allegedly told his friends that Omer was his child from a one-night stand with Pia in 1984. Omer was seated in the front row alongside the Jackson’s brothers and sisters at the star’s memorial service in Los Angeles on July 7. He is believed to be seeking a DNA test to discover the truth about his “connection” with the King of Pop. But a source close to the officials investigating Jackson’s death said it was "extremely unlikely" the test would prove a link. He said: “We suspect that he is just another boy Michael was besotted with. We would be staggered if he was a Jackson even if he can moonwalk.” ■

The truth Cine City about MJ’s ‘secret lovechild’
Darling hubby
Gopika is back to movies, thanks to her husband Dr. Akilesh. After her wedding everyone thought Gopika would bid adieu to cinema. But when actor Dileep invited her to act in Swantham Lekhakhan, it was her husband who showed the green signal. Gopika has given a 15-day call sheet for the movie. She will be back to Ireland in July end to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with her husband, who has made elaborate preparations.

Lakshmi’s wish
Actor Lakshmi Rai has a long wish list. And one among that is to pair up with superstar Rajinikanth. The actor, who wants to do films with directors Shankar and Murugadoss, says she wants to shed her glamour girl tag and portray homely characters in the near future. Though she did a good job in Dhaam Dhoom, Lakshmi doesn’t have too many good films to boast about. Lakshmi, who was last seen in Vaamanan, is pinning her hopes on director Selva’s Naan Avanillai - 2.


ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009

Ram Prasath from Infosys has nominated his team as Partners in Crime. This picture was taken in their office premises.

Shahul Hameed from Sutherland Global Services has nominated his team as Partners in Crime. This picture was taken at Kodaikanal.

Manonmani Kesav from HCL Technologies has nominated her friends as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked during Varanam Ayiram film shoot.

Sundaralakshmi from Wipro has nominated her friends as Partners in Crime. This picture was taken during their trip to Ooty.

Ganesh from Calsoft has nominated his team- Nortel NVGsians as Partners in Crime. This photo was clicked at Kodaikanal.

Jeeva from Technosoft Global Solutions has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. The pic was taken during their trip to Kerala.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Jamal R. Khan from Cognizant Technology Solutions has been nominated as Office Angel by Picasso team.
He is a very special person. He drives the energy in us. He is down to earth and ready to help us at any time we need. A very good thing about him is, he never gets tensed or serious. He spreads smiles free of cost each day. Wishing you “Very Happy Birthday Jamal “ from Picasso.

July 24
■ Dear Pandi, Let the god decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching u with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity 4 u, we wish you a super duper happy birthday. Happy birthday nanba.
With love, Encaps, ZOHO corp

the best . The smile should last for all 365 days as it is first day of your new journey .But remmeber you need to come back as your sister will be standing here to wish u again .... May god showers all his blessing on you.. Happy Birthday Bhaijaan ..
Regards, Shikha

■ Dear Swathi, Iniya pirandha naal vaazhthukkal. We wish you to lead a happy life and hope all your dreams come alive this year.
Urs Mani, Saras and Maha, Infosys

■ Hi Sambath Raj May this special day be filled with sweet memories and happy hours. Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring!
With Cheers, Human Resources, Coastal Training Technologies India (P) Ltd, Chennai

■ Dear JOHN & PANNERSELVAM, On this special day, we wish u many years of laughter and lifes’s best treasures. May this year be filled with sweet memories and happy hours.Wishing u all the fun and excitemet that only birthday’s can bring!!! Have a wonderful and a Blast year ahed. Happy Birthday
cheers, K.Senthil, S.Durgalakshmi, D.SarahJoyce,V.Gunasekar, N.Vanarani, S.Gayathri, J.Sudha, V.Manimala, N.Ramachadran, M.Ravi, N.Anandan, P.Sivaprakash, A.Palani, G.Ranjith & Citi-credit dept Professional Management Consultants Pvt Ltd.

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■ Dear Arunraj, Wish you all happiness, health and prosperity with many many returns of the day. May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring everything you look forward to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARUN....
best wishes from, Barclays Team, STERIA.

■ Dear Rex A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends Some words of wisdom for your birthday, "Smile while you still have teeth!"
Your Ever Dear Friends, Online Team:-) VC Sir, Santo, Dinkar, Sundar, Karthika, Rekha, Bhuvana, Pushpa, Gowthami, Nandhinee. (SIFY)

■ Dear Nirisha (Lavanya), It’s that day of the year - your birthday! I wanted to let you know how glad I am to have you as my wife I appreciate all you do for me, so today is your day to sit back, relax and enjoy life. Through tears and smiles, laughter and heartache, you’ve been a part of my life. I never want to live a single day without you. I love you more with each new day! Happy Birthday my dear Wife..
With Luv, Sridhar (Cognizant)

July 25
■ Hi Tharani, Wish you many more happy returns of the day.
Regards, Sujai

Belated Wishes
■ Dear MV May this birthday showers you the happiness and bring all the good things in your life.
Visvijay, Verizon

1) Ennathaan runway’la Plane Odinaalum Athala oru run kooda edukka mudiyaathu 2) what the bakery says when u stand before it "Cake inside Bake outside" 3) Man 1 : Tonic Saapidum podhu enda room kadhavai close pandra Man 2 : Doctor thaan " Arai moodi" Tonic Saapida Sonnaru.
Jayaraman V. HCL Technologies Ltd

■ Dear Ganesh / Excel Pisth, Kannu pada poguthayya FP "Counter"ey Unakku Vayasaagi poguthayya FP "Counter"ey Oru Ponnu onnu pakka venum FP "Counter"ey HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
With Lots of Wishes from, FP & SQA Team [i|Nautix Technologies Ltd]

■ Dear Priya, We are so glad you were born because you brighten our life and fill it with joy. Today is your day to celebrate Your day to be the star So let the ones you love all cheer And say how special you are Wishing you all the great things in life May this day bring you all the things that make you happiest. All our love always Happy Birthday!!!
With loads of Love & Friendship Abraham, Anish, Ann Mary, Alphy, Farheen, Jocelyn, Rony HCL Technologies

■ Jamma Bhai, Wish u very happy birthday .. May god u always smile and acheive


ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009

Traffic Jam

Chocolate made with camels’ milk
A new line of premium chocolate will soon be introduced in Britain - the chocolate is the first brand made with camels’ milk.


Mallikarjun from iNautix shot this picture in Sholingar using Canon A550 camera. His hobbies: Photography and travelling

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Word’s worth
Gongoozler (gahn-gooz-ler) a person who stares at activity on a canal. This highly specific word has since been broadened to mean any kind of idler or rubbernecker.

‘Naked cowboy’ to run for Mayor
Tourists in Times Square have been entertained by the “naked cowboy” for years, but the quirky musician recently announced his plans to run for New York City Mayor.

It is one of those days when you have to compromise and adjust with others, in order to keep harmonious relations. With help from others, you will be able to solve technical difficulties. Love life may be smooth sailing and satisfactory.

Ganesha finds you working in a very comfortable and tension free mood. You may share an affable relation with your colleagues today. Because of increased comfort level, you may desire to put in more effort at work.



Your logical-self is at its best today, so it’s not only a good day to start coding a new programme but also to make others see your point-of-view. You will receive a lot of affection from your lover, which will make you feel good at heart.

It may be a slightly stressful day for you. Precisely because there may be a conflict between intellect and emotion. You are emotional by nature but you may be forced to take decisions a little practically today. Handle situations diplomatically. Don’t argue.

LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
If you wish to command over everything and everyone at office, it may not work in your favour today. On the personal front, your lover may expect reassurance. Try to express your love in a different way and everything will be fine, advises Ganesha.




You may have to opine on someone’s work or excellence today. Criticism is not going to work in your favour, it may instead tarnish your image. On personal front, you will please your beloved by appreciating his or her qualities.

A favourable day for taking up new projects or assignments. You will remain calm and composed at office and home. This will make others respect you even more. People will appreciate your ability to maintain equilibrium.

You will desire to keep things in balance at workplace, but this effort may go in vain. As long as you are doing things in good faith, it’s fine. In short, the day requires careful handling of personal and professional life.

It is a perfect day to call for a meeting to set high aims. The day favours initiation of team work or group activities with major objectives. There will be realisation that sometimes it is better to let your life partner take the command.

At office, you may wish to combine creativity and technology. As the day favours you for such an activity, you can take up work of finalising designs of products or software. Output of your practical decisions will be noteworthy.


It is a perfect day to blend two software or combine old and new technique for a better output at work. Your intelligence may play a major role and you will receive due appreciation for the same. Ganesha finds you completely involved in love matters.

Pending activities at office will keep bothering you. With little more effort and with some help, you will be able to find a way to sort out things. Take care of your health and avoid mental stress. Love life may continue to be steady by the grace of Ganesha.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni



ERGO Friday, July 24, 2009

Sophie Lavers (C) is crowned Miss World Australia at a ceremony in Sydney. Sophie will now go to Johannesburg, South Africa to compete in the Miss World pageant on December 12.

Actors Imran Khan and Shruti Hassan launch a game-based website for the movie Luck at JW Marriott Hotel in Mumbai. PHOTO: AFP

A rescue dog gets ready prior the Men’s 10km Open Water competition at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Ostia. PHOTO: AFP

Swimmers perform the "Synchro Kabuki" under water during part of the muscle musical, entitled "Matsuri" or festival at the Muscle theatre in Tokyo.

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