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Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great Talking Points: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Favorite moments?

What did you like about the book? Was there anything that you didnt like or that confused you? What time period does the story take place? Where is Sir Lancelot from originally? What is a coat of arms? Have you heard of the word heraldry? Hark the herald angels sing Family motto and a coat of arms was a familys heraldry kind of like that familys logo. Can you think of any logos that are familiar? Sports team? It said to people, This is who we are and we are special! Did you know that our Pope has a coat of arms? Each Pope has his own coat of arms. Each Bishop has his own coat of arms. Lets look at them and see what they have on them and what they might mean Pope Francis a. Bishops miter above crossed keys of gold and silver bound by red cord. (Same as Pope Benedict) b. Emblem of the Jesuit order top of shield c. Star= mary (star of the sea) d. Spikenard flower = St. joseph e. Motto= by having mercy, by choosing him as a reminder of the Mercy of God which called him to religious life. Pope Benedict a. Shield= shape of a chalice b. Red field c. Gold chapes in corners representing religion d. Shell represents pilgrims = traveling to the ends of the earth to spread the gospel e. Moor of Freising = where he became and archbishop f. Brown bear = An ancient tradition tells that the first Bishop of Freising, St Corbinian (born c. 680 in Chtres, France; died 8 September 730), set out for Rome on horseback. While riding through a forest he was attacked by a bear that tore his horse to pieces. Corbinian not only managed to tame the animal but also to make it carry his baggage to Rome. This explains why the bear is shown carrying a pack. An easy interpretation: the bear tamed by God's grace is the Bishop of Freising himself; the pack saddle is the burden of his Episcopate. g. Motto: Cooperatores Veritiatis (cooperators of the truth) Pope John Paul II a. cross in gold off set in order to show b. M = Mary beneath the cross and the role she played in the Redemption c. Papal tiara (used for many years) d. Motto = Totus Tuus (all yours)