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From Canvas to Computer: The New Age of Digital Art
The way we encounter images has become increasingly virtual. In the 20th century, the advent of television and, later, the internet, provided us with digitised versions of real life — occasionally presenting images which were never physically “real”, but which had only ever existed as portions of co-ordinated data. Technological advancements have continued the proliferation of this digital image culture, with increasingly developed, image-focused mobile phones and tablets rendering painted, drawn and traditionally printed images somewhat antiquated. Even for those with a predilection for traditional, bound print material or canvas works, illuminated digital images still pervade metro stops and billboards, interrupting our lines of sight with a distracting dance of illuminated line and form. Art Media Agency took a look at digital art, considering artists’s early forays into the field, and the genre’s gradual — yet continually developing — rise.

Maurizio Bolognini interactive installation at Art Palace, Cairo (2010)

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AMA Newsletter 123 2

10 October 2013

From Canvas to Computer: The New Age of Digital Art
Defining Digital Art Digital art is an incredibly broad field, encompassing production methods including scanning, and image production using vector graphics software, such as tablets, art work modified using computing processes, and digital painting. And, though it is a genre which depends on existing structures to exist (the hardware and software which make digital art possible), ongoing investment and development in the field — whether artistically motivated or not — provide artists with an ever-increasing, nuanced range of production tools. A certain degree of debate about the meaning of “digital” enters the commentary on the genre, with both critics of digital art and digital artists often excluding digitised text data and raw audio and video from the field. Though such works may look decidedly “digital” for some, “digital art” is a term which applies only to images manipulated, not created, by digital means: for many, “digital” is a process applied to existing visual works, not a medium in itself. Pieces by Jenny Holzer frequently challenge critical definitions, with her large-scale text projections variously described as “conceptual installation” pieces and “digital art”. For digital art critics such as Frank Popper, she is an established member of the field, with Popper’s studies From Technological to Virtual Art, and Art of the Electronic Age including Holzer in a long line of technologically-curious artists such as Bill Viola and Nam June Pak — widely considered to be the founder of video art. Holzer’s LED text works directly engage with a culture of digital imagery, deliberately replicating the glowing haze of public advertising to beam out intimate thoughts or arresting truisms. Though the artist’s works employ technology in their production, their association with digital art is much broader, with pieces such as Protect me from what I want, and Abuse of power comes as no surprise questioning the broader phenomenon of text-based visual imagery. Beamed into Time Square amongst a dizzying array of existing adverts, the works merged the brash, functional form of conventional text advertising with sentiments that — quite unexpectedly — spoke to their viewers’ innermost thoughts. Digital Art’s beginnings Though Holzer’s LED text works visually resembled the adverts by which they were surrounded, their reflective, emotionally-aware messages distanced them from commercial pieces. For other digital artists, however, digital art’s proximity to the high-colour, fast-image culture of advertising was not problematic, but appealing. One of the earliest instances of digital art took place — perhaps fittingly for its creator — in a commercial environment, when Andy Warhol publicly created a piece of computer art for the unveiling of the Commodore A1000 at New York’s Lincoln Centre on 23 July 1985. The Commodore was one of the first examples of an affordable personal computer, which was both powerful and flexible enough to be used as a creative tool — open to, not simply technologists, but a whole generation of artists, film makers and creatives. Warhol was invited to demonstrate the versatility of the machine, publicly creating a digitised image of Debbie Harry, which was captured in monochrome from a video camera before being processed using a graphics programme called ProPaint, with Warhol adding colour to the image through flood fills. At the time of the event, Warhol gave an interview to Guy Wright and Glenn Suohko in Amiga magazine (the promotional publication which accompanied the launch of Amiga’s Commodore A1000 computer), with the writers dramatically describing the moment at which the Pop Artist sat down to create his first digital work: “Andy begins playing with the mouse, and the colors on the screen change with each move and click. He is intrigued with the changing colors and weird effects caused by the cameralight-software-mouse-people combination.” This present-tense depiction of the artist encountering the machine ached with possibility, with the ingredients of “camera-light-software-mouse-people” joining for the first time — suggesting the imminent arrival of a tantalising, never previously seen product.

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AMA Newsletter 123 3

10 October 2013

From Canvas to Computer: The New Age of Digital Art
Whereas Holzer’s truisms seem to present a juxtaposition between human feeling and a more distant digital influence, Warhol’s project was presented as a fluid melding of man and technology. When interviewed by Wright and Suohko, the artist was asked “Do you think the computer has a limiting effect?”, to which Warhol simply and emphatically responded “No”. For the artist, digital technology represented a form of artistic development; technology was not something which stood between Warhol and his work, but rather a tool which enabled the artist to work more quickly — in a manner which was very much in line with his “factory” ethos. Praising the immediacy of a future of digital production, the artist stated “It would save a lot of time”, adding “It’s really great not to get your hands in paint”. The development also promised a greater degree of independent production, heralding the arrival of self-printing; at the time, artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Warhol’s occasional collaborator, were doomed to frequenting the Xerox shops of New York. And neither was a collateral sense of duplicability a threat for the artist. When asked “How do you feel about the fact that everyone’s work will now look like your work?”, Warhol assured the interviewers: “But it won’t”. Whilst some may fear that the advent of digital art will result in a depersonalisation of works — which might no longer have the near-tangible sense of movement and pressure implied in hand-delivered brushstrokes — Warhol did not. The artist remained the director of his works, and the Amiga tool, stating: “The thing that I like most about doing this kind of art on the Amiga is that it looks like my work.”
Commodore Amiga 500 16-bit computer (1987) As used by Andy Warhol

In the months which followed the Amiga’s launch, the artist acquired a battery of Amigas, using them to produce pieces such “You are the one”, a series of twenty painted frames, discovered on a floppy disk amongst thousands of others on Warhol’s estate.

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AMA Newsletter 123 4

10 October 2013

From Canvas to Computer: The New Age of Digital Art
The rise of the computer The rise of the personal computer followed a rise in digital art production and digital art criticism, with artists such as Maurizio Bolognini producing works which were directly inspired by separate, computer-science focused research into the dimensions of digital technologies. For Bolognini, the distance between generative devices and the artist was more pronounced than it had been for Warhol, who had created work using the Amiga, but not been directed or censored by the instrument. Series such as Bolognini’s Programmed Machines (begun in 1998), present technology as a tool which, though employed by the artist, is autonomous. For the series, Bolognini took hundreds of personal computers and programmed them to generate flows of continuously expanding random images. Commenting on the work, the artist stated that his focus was on “the experience of disproportion (and disjunction) between artist and the artwork, which is made possible by computer-based technologies.” Though it was Bolognini who produced the work, and who wrote the computer programme, the computers — once set-up — functioned independent of Bolognini himself. The work also engaged with the notion of infinity, with the boundless nature of the continually evolving data resulting in a work which could go on ad infinitum — which, if left to run, could go on creating new images even beyond the artist’s death. Describing Programmed Machines, Bolognini stated: “I do not consider myself an artist who creates certain images, and I am not merely a conceptual artist. I am one whose machines have actually traced more lines than anyone else, covering boundless surfaces. I am not interested in the formal quality of the images produced by my installations but rather in their flow, their limitlessness in space and time, and the possibility of creating parallel universes of information made up of kilometres of images and infinite trajectories. My installations serve to generate out-of-control infinities.” Bolognini’s “out-of-control infinities” mark a sharp departure from Warhol’s comparatively traditional use of the personal computer as a means of more quickly achieving the action of painting, pointing to a new form of art which exists — not on canvases hung in galleries — but as pieces of data in a separate, virtual dimension. This new genre of work, which predominantly emerged in the 1990s, has spawned its own strand of related criticism, with art historians fascinated by the way that technology changes the role of the artist, and alters traditional artistic concerns, including the notion of beauty, artistic personality, and self-expression. For philosopher Mario Costa, works such as Bolognini’s represent a new “aesthetic dimension”; they are exciting and new, taking us away from the values we have come to associate with art, and re-defining our understanding of artistic creation. Other artists to have focused on technology as an autonomous, separate vehicle for creative production include Joseph Nechvatal, whose paintings (frequently described as “paintings”, with scepticism as to their true status as paintings added as scare quotes) are produced using computer viruses. As with Bagnini’s pieces, it is Nechvatal the artist who is author, but it is the computer viruses, acting independently, which dictate the final form of his works. Occasionally described as digital “collaborations”, these pieces form part of a new “post-human” aesthetic, which boldly departs from traditional artistic practice to merge elements of philosophy, technology, and science fiction. Printers and vector graphics Yet, whilst Bolognini and Mario Costa’s works point towards an ever-expanding, virtual space of artistic production — which teeters on the verge of high conceptualism — other contemporary artists continue to view digital technologies as a means of producing art works which draw upon traditional painterly techniques. Using Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop to design his abstract motifs, artist Wade Guyton creates large-format prints, which he prints on an Epson Stylus Pro 4000/9600 inkjet printer. Whilst the futuristic “post-human” aesthetic of Bagnini and Nechvatal focuses on creative processes which happen in abstract, non-physical environments, Guyton’s large-scale pieces are still engaged in the notion of materiality. Printed on canvas, book pages, exhibition invitations and plywood, the works are directly concerned with their own materiality: texture and form remain central to the artist’s practice.

For the City (2005) Jenny Holzer Projected on the main branch of the New York Public Library in Manhatta

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new technology does not interrupt or challenge the role of the artist. drips.artmediaagency. with products such as Google Glass — a camera which seeks to merge human vision with digital images — promising to further reduce the interface between humans and technology. and touch upon computer science. Whilst some might dismiss digital art as impersonal. There is often a struggle between the printer and my material — and the traces of this are left on the surface: snags. the artist was praised for his relevance. Guyton stated: “Recently I’ve been using Epson inkjet printers and flatbed scanners as tools to make works that act like drawings. streaks. www. paintings. I wipe my fingers at the end thinking that I’ve got paint on them. with British newspaper The Guardian even pointing to the development as proof that Hockey is “an artist who still genuinely matters. These traditional forms of artistic production remain at the heart of the artist’s works. For Hockney.”  Electronic Superhighway: Continental U. yet also wholly practical.. the iPad’s Tools are “extraordinary and well worth exploring”. with Guyton admitting “the resulting images aren’t exactly what the machines are designed for — slick digital photographs. digital art. Hawaii (1995-1996) Nam June Paik This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Though digital art might raise complex questions about the role of the artist as author. it also offers an immediacy which verges on the playful. or accuse computer-aided works of removing the unique human touch left by painters or sculptors. Alaska. in 2012. paints. For Hockney. Hockney commented: “It’s a real privilege to make these works of art through digital tools which mean you don’t have the bother of water. being more closely related to our everyday experience in the modern world. Nor is the idea of traditional production far away.com .” The ongoing rise of digital technology seems set to continue the proliferation of digitally-produced works. and an admission of its practical nature. with the artist adding: “You know sometimes I get so carried away. do not distribute. Echoing Warhol’s statement “It’s really great not to get your hands in paint”.” Hockney’s response to the works struck a balance between an admiration for new digital technology.AMA Newsletter 123 5 10 October 2013 From Canvas to Computer: The New Age of Digital Art Discussing his work in a 2004 interview. even sculptures”. it would seem. When.S. and the chore of clearing things away” — for all its philosophical ramifications. mis-registrations. David Hockney presented his iPad paintings as part of an exhibition of new works at London’s Royal Academy. blurs. but represents new opportunities. others argue that the genre is more honest. has the bonus of simply being really clean.

La Cène (1480) Domenico Ghirlandaio Fresque 400 × 810 cm Programmed Machines (1998) Maurizio Bolognini .

etc.000 copies per day 100.Paris Art Week by From 23 to 27 October. All the news live from Paris Art Week. luxury hotels. galleries. auction houses.000 copies in total More than 50 distribution points across Paris: fairs.com +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 20 dropbox@artmediaagency. advertising and distribution content info@artregie. Free 2 printed newspapers per day 5 issues 16 pages 100 % live content Distributed in both French and English 20. book shops.com .com parisartweek@artmediaagency.

com . the artist began sharing his workshop with Franck Stella. This work — which was highly controversial when first unveiled — saw the artist gain an international audience. He began studying painting in 1951 at the Philips Academy in Andover. and was held at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery. and started working with raw industrial materials. bricks. filed down or varnished. The show was curated by Henry Geldzahler. the work Equivalent VIII (1966). around them. From 1959 to 1964. in a period which saw the former produce his Black Paintings. near Boston. he worked with the pieces in an industrial way. with the artist stating: “For me. or over them. was acquired by the Tate Gallery. Upon his return to New York in 1958. After this initial piece. Instead. concrete blocks and sheets of metal. There is nothing else in his painting. Frank Stella is not interested in expression or sensitivity. He produced wooden works similar to those of Brancusi. www. Donald Judd and Larry Bell. New York. sanded. also know as The Bricks . In 1954. produced using 120 firebricks arranged in a rectangle. Andre was given his first solo exhibition. His work was also influenced by a visit to the site of Stonehenge in England. Andre took part in the exhibition “Shape and Structures”. In 1966.artmediaagency. combining geometric form and with careful positioning. He is interested in the necessities of painting… His stripes are the paths taken by the paintbrush on the canvas. It was here that Andre first displayed a piece which consisted of a single repeated unit: a line of 100 bricks. sculpture is like a road… My works force the viewer to walk along them.” It was at this time that he gradually began to give up painting and move towards sculpture. he discovered the work of Brancusi during a trip to Europe. Andre described the striped paintings of Stella: “Art excludes the unnecessary. This experience was to shape a part of the artist’s future work. do not distribute. These paths lead only to the painting. 50 Evolution of the number of exhibitions by type Evolution of the number of exhibitions by type of venue 25 0 1968 1973 1978 1983 group shows 1988 1993 1998 solo shows 2003 2008 50 25 0 1968 1973 1978 gallery 1983 1988 1993 biennials 1998 2003 others 2008 museums This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients.” In 1965. they were not processed. particularly logs. The artist chose to keep these materials “intact”. Massachusetts. on 16 September 1935. a source of inspiration for his work. together with artists Robert Morris. which affected him so deeply that he began to consider himself a disciple of the Romanian sculptor. Frank Stella has found it necessary to paint stripes. his works continued to question the essence of sculpture and the perception of forms in space — a line of interrogation predominantly explored through the principle of repetition.AMA Newsletter 123 8 10 October 2013 Carl Andre… Art Analytics T he American artist Carl Andre was born in Quincy. The horizontal form of railway architecture was. In 1972. held at New York’s Jewish Museum — one of the first institutions to promote the Minimalist movement. A month later. financial difficulties led Andre into a job with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. undoubtedly. he participated in an exhibition entitled “Primary Structures”.

The artist has been most frequently exhibited alongside artists Sol LeWitt. the United Kingdom.com . The institutions that have hosted the greatest number of exhibitions dedicated to the artist are the Paula Cooper Gallery.artmediaagency. Andre has benefited from a significant and growing. Switzerland and France. 4%   43 % 50%   16%   25%   7%   84%   7 % 8%   35%   18%   gallery event museum other group shows solo shows United States United Kingdom France Germany Switzerland other Evolution of the number of articles published on Carl Andre 30 15 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Top publications Distribution of language The New York Times The Guardian Financial Times 0 123 340 14 % 8%   21%   57%   94 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 English Spanish German other This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. the Margo Leavin Gallery. Dan Flavin. do not distribute.AMA Newsletter 123 9 10 October 2013 Carl Andre… Art Analytics Distribution by exhibition type Distribution by venue type Distribution by country The artist has been exhibited most frequently in his home country. international visibility. United States (11). United States (which has exhibited Andre 41 times). Switzerland (12). the United States. the Tschudi Gallery. www. Bruce Nauman and Lawrence Weiner. and the Konrad Fischer Gallery (11). followed by Germany. Often exhibited alongside peers from the Minimalist movement. Donald Judd.

2 million hammer price at Christie’s New York.AMA Newsletter 123 10 10 October 2013 Carl Andre… Art Analytics At auction.artmediaagency.5 million hammer price at Sotheby’s New York in November 2008.000. It is important to note that the number of lots proposed at auction has been steadily increasing over the past twenty years. the sculpture Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Square (1969) sold for $1. works by Carl Andre have realised total sales in excess of $28 million. Other mediums have seen a relatively weak presence at auction.3 million hammer price. which sold for nearly $2. In terms of the works which have fetched the highest prices: Andre’s record sale was achieved in May 2008 at Sotheby’s New York for the sculpture 36 Copper Square (1968).000.com . These pieces have realised total sales of nearly $27 million. who turned to sculpture after producing intial works in paint.000. Currently.000. around twenty works by the artist are put up for sale annually. and nine paintings have achieved average sales of $20. while in May 2010. 21 of the artist’s drawings have been sold at auction.000. Evolution of the number of lots Evolution of revenue Evolution of the average value of lots 30 15 0 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 $5m $4m $3m $2m $1m $0m 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 $400k $200k $0k 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. A look at Andre’s sales by medium reveal that it is the artist’s sculptures which represent both the largest number of lots offered. www. do not distribute. as well as the greatest portion of the artist’s revenue at 95%. whilst 17 multiples have fetched an average price of $7. with works commanding an average price in the region of $140. for an average price of $50. with an average price of around $136. The installation Pyre (Element Series) (2001) fetched $1. Andre. has sold nearly 200 sculptures and installations at public auction.

The rate of unsold works of Carl Andre is relatively low.artmediaagency. The majority of auctions of Andre’s works have been held in the UK and America. www. More than 2/3 of lots presented at auction have found a buyer.AMA Newsletter 123 11 10 October 2013 Carl Andre… Art Analytics Two thirds of Andre’s works have been auctioned in the United States.5m $15m unsold This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients.com . Distribution of lots by medium and revenue Distribution of lots by country and revenue 7 % 9 % 4 % 6 % 7 % 21 % 66 % 8 % 81%   95%   90 % Sculpture Drawing Multiples Painting United States France United Kingdom other Rate of sold/unsold lots Distribution of lots by auction house and revenue 23%   18 % 48 % 77 % 34 % 6 % 42 % 53 % sold unsold Christie’s Sotheby’s other Rate of unsold works by price Total sales by price of works > $500k $200-500k $100-200k $50-100k < $50k 0 % sold 25 % 50 % 75 % 100%   > $500k $200-500k $100-200k $50-100k < $50k $0m $7. though France and the United Kingdom have also held a significant number of sales. and it is these sales which have accounted for nearly all of the artists’ revenue at auction The relatively high cost of Andre’s sculptures — the medium which represents the largest proportion of lots — is what leads sellers to turn to the better-known auction houses.000. do not distribute. We can also see that an significant portion of the artist’s total revenue has been realised as a result of sales of lots which attained prices in excess of $500.

Bruce Nauman. and Lawrence Weiner. Jannis Kounellis. as it is in these years that the artist created two or three of the works which realised the most significant sales.com . Yves Klein. including Richard Artschwager. The years 1968 and 1969 are particularly popular. except for a period in which his unsold rate rose sharply (between 1998-2001). Andre’s production periods are not all valued in the same way.artmediaagency.AMA Newsletter 123 12 10 October 2013 Carl Andre… 100 % 75 % 50 % 25 % 0 % 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 sold 1999 2001 Art Analytics 2003 unsold 2005 2007 2009 2011 A chronological analysis of the artist’s success at public auction. Andre’s work is to be exhibited at the Prada Foundation in Venice. do not distribute. Richard Serra. Mario Merz. Collection Of The Freunde Der Kunstmuseen Krefeld” at the Haus Lange de Krefeld Museum in Germany as part of an exhibition on display until 16 February 2014.  Auction results from Artprice. Bernd Lohaus. Robert Morris. Joseph Kosuth. as part of the exhibition “When Attitudes Become Form: Bern 1969”. his rate of returns is very limited for a contemporary artist. Carl Andre’s work is also being exhibited as part of the show “Gifts. Sol LeWitt.com This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Joseph Beuys. www. alongside other artists. Michelangelo Pistoletto. Very few pieces produced in the late 1980’s have been offered at auction. Evolution of unsold lots Number of presented lots and revenue by creation year 30 $10m 15 $5m 0 1958 1963 1968 1973 lots 1978 1983 1988 1993 1998 2003 2008 $0m turnover Until 3rd November 2013. Richard Long. demonstrates that. Andre’s work is also on display at the Venice Biennale until 24 November 2013.

raw canvas.pastel. f a t i h a s e l a m . 2013 g a l e r i e w w w . III. I.graphite. IV 4x(204cm X 234cm)mixed media ( charcoal.coloured pencil). c o m 5 8 r u e C h a p o n 7 5 0 0 3 f a t i h a g a l e r i e @ f a t i h a s e l a m .S t e p h e n S C H U LT Z 12 october -10 november 2013 TWICETOLDTALES TWICETOLDTALES Opening Saturday 12 october 6pm Pieces. II. c o m P a r i s / + 3 3 9 8 3 3 3 6 5 6 9 s e l a m .

along with forty artists-in-residence programmes. with authorities citing the lack of an advertising permit. Cooperation… UK and Russia continue “long cultural tradition of engagement” Details of some of the major events to be planned for the 2014 UK-Russia Year of Culture have been released.” The controversy surrounding the work follows a similar response to Richard Phillips’s recent Playboy sculpture. which resulted from Congress’s failure to authorise a new budget before its 1st October deadline. according to Americans for the Arts. organised through the National Park Service. and which lasted 21 days. following the US’s government’s first shutdown for seventeen years. Only 688 of the Smithsonian’s 4. each with a diameter of between 6 cm and 7 cm. and are reported to have noted a marked increase in visitor numbers following the closure of rival institutions. have joined together in an attempt to defend the piece. the Doge’s Palace in Venice. which took place in 1995.202 employees remain at work during the shutdown — including security and facilities staff. The message stated: “The work is a poignant critique of our contemporary consumer culture and holds an important place within contemporary art history… We kindly ask that you please join the efforts to save Prada Marfa so that we may all enjoy the work for years to come. have been told that they are not legally able to do so. including the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Commercial galleries remain open. including the Phillips Collection and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. do not distribute. The National Museum of Women in the Arts has also seen a 50% increase in attendance. with major exhibitions set to take place in honour of the agreement in both London and Moscow. The director of the Fondazione Musei Civici. British artist and film director Peter Greenway is to present a large video installation at Moscow’s Manege. after it was recently deemed illegal by the Texas Department of Transportation. signed a Joint Statement designating 2014 as the bi-lateral UK/Russia Year of Culture.000 likes since appearing on 20 September. Seven out of the NEA’s 156 employees remain at work. www. Belli confirms that the system was installed by a company with an in-depth knowledge of the palace’s structure. also installed along the highway. to pay homage to “The Golden Age of Russian Art”. as does New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. A report in The Moscow Times states that the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts plans to host a long-planned exhibition of works by Francis Bacon. have also closed. The director’s comments come two weeks after the report was filed.” Out of the ordinary… A “bizarre” accusation is made in Venice A visitor of the Palazzo Ducale. as well as New York sites such as the National Museum of the American Indian and the Cooper-Hewitt — currently closed for renovation works anyway. showing between 30 and 35 holes. The shutdown has also impacted two federal arts agencies — the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the US Commission on Fine Arts. Other monuments and national parks across the US have also been shutdown. the Smithsonian’s website states “Employees will not have access to their e-mail or voicemail accounts during the shutdown.” Museums in Washington DC which are independent of federal funding. considers the accusation “bizarre”. creative and contemporary narratives in both countries.000 federal employees furloughed and 1 million working without pay. adding that the work was carried out in accordance with the guidelines followed by all international museums. when Sergey Lavrov. Gabriella Belli. at the time of writing. both of which have currently ceased operations. in order to support the air conditioning system to aid the conservation of Manet’s works.com . with this significant decrease in staff expected to slow grant processing and cut off communication between the federal agency and the US’s 50 state arts agencies. whilst the number of those visiting the Phillips Collection has quadrupled. even if willing to work. Employees of the institution were permitted to come in to work immediately before the closure “to undertake necessary work for an orderly shutdown. The move leaves 800. The Corcoran Gallery of Art has seen double normal visitor numbers.AMA Newsletter 123 14 10 October 2013 Top stories… Article of the week… US Government shutdown sees forced closure of Smithsonian Institutions and National Gallery A number of US museums have closed to the public. released by Galerie Nicolai Wallner. which represents Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.C. All three institutions are giving discounted or free admission to furloughed federal employees. and veterinarians at the National Zoo. Voluntary workers. A statement released by the British Council states that the relationship celebrates “the long cultural tradition of engagement between the two countries” and aims to “develop new. the National Portrait Gallery and the Freer Gallery of Art. run separately from the Smithsonian.. The neon sign was classified as illegal in June. This has been joined by a e-mail in praise of the work. The last government shutdown. The holes were drilled into the seven walls of the first floor of the palace. has blamed the museum authorities of having damaged the walls of the palace by drilling holes into them for the exhibition “Manet: Return to Venice”. Authorities are yet to announce definite plans to tear down the structure — a fake Prada boutique in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert — though a pre-emptory “Save Prada Marfa” Facebook page has attracted nearly 4. Museums in Washington D.  Art work… Fears over the future of Elmgreen & Dragset’s Prada Marfa Supporters of Elmgreen & Dragset’s Prada Marfa installation (2005). whilst London’s Tate has announced plans to host a retrospective dedicated to Constructivist Kazimir Malevich.” as per the institution’s contingency plan. remain open. the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The agreement between the UK and Russia was signed on 13 March 2013. Communication channels across museums have also shutdown. has also closed. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. The National Gallery of Art. resulted in a loss of around 2 million visitors to the Smithsonian. but the work has nevertheless remained standing.artmediaagency. Fans of Prada Marfa hope the work will be similarly resilient.

Faith47. Visual Arts Collective. www. to join the board in order to dissipate tension — a request which other board members have reportedly interpreted as a ploy. the head of the transport and public works ministry for the Western Cape Government. Each work is stamped with a seal to show that it belongs to the library. has stated that the matter is “under consideration”.000 to the project. though several members of the city’s street art community argue that the piece forms a part of the region’s heritage. as it meant quadrupling sales in order to makes ends meet. which is to go towards framing. adding “surely this slogan is part of our collective memory and should be preserved. The lending scheme has a first-year budget of $78. Del Roscio and Slyvester also state that Thomas H. an idea which works well in Europe. took unauthorised fees for investment services. Vincent Fecteau and Wade Guyton. owner of Art Plural Gallery. Europe. the fourth of the foundation’s directors. and Cattle Track Arts and Preservation. supporting the idea that “art can change the world.artmediaagency. Twombly’s companion. a London based partnership that specialises in recovering stolen. which reads “Free Mandela!”. Nicola Del Roscio. Study… Selling art in Singapore The Financial Times has published a study based on the current situation of art galleries in Singapore. It did not. and 28 of the 35 artists participating in this year’s show have contributed works.AMA Newsletter 123 15 10 October 2013 Symbol… South African street artists campaign for “Free Mandela” South African street artists have requested the City of Cape Town grant them permission to repaint one of the city’s oldest pieces of graffiiti. insurers. The work was whitewashed when anti-graffiti laws came into force in the city three years ago. aided by Lerner. Sugar City. Saliba.000. Donated pieces are to form a collection of over 100 prints. MorrisonDance. RRF focuses its grants within regions which are rich culturally. a Pennsylvania-based art collective.com . and project organisers hope that the those who loan works will treat them with respect. including Taryn Simon. A donation of $10. Front/Space. The newspaper looked at strategies. Singapore. The money is to help organisations in the start-up stage to ensure the sustainability of their projects. Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo. The collective’s project is taking place between 5 October 2013 and 16 March 2014. catch on in Singapore.000 from the Cy Twombly Foundation. Around 35 % of his clients are locals. curator and Twombly expert. The Carnegie Museum has contributed $30. which users will be able to loan for up to six weeks at a time. missing. Competition… Christopher Marinello leaving Art Loss Register to set up rival company Lawyer Christopher Marinello. has asked authorities to repaint the mural. Ensemble Theatre. Black House Collective. Signal Culture. which manages the estate of the artist who died in 2011. Director General Counsel of Art Loss Registrer — a company specialising in the research and retrieval of stolen art works — has announced that he is resigning in order to establish a competitor company. Most of his clients live in New York. Regarded as one of New York’s most prominent art lawyers.” This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Legal matter… Art lawyer and director accused of taking $750. have accused Lerner of charging the foundation unauthorised fees for legal services. with more sales than he had expected. Story Story Night. and Julie Slyvester. paintings. Lerner has been accused of fraudulently taking $750. Two of the foundation’s directors. and should therefore be preserved. I have assembled a small team of legal experts and other professionals who offer discreet and bespoke services to collectors. and appraised at a vastly inflated value in excess of $1 billion. According to a report published in The Art Newspaper. museums and artists.” Frédéric de Senarclens admits that opening the gallery had been a huge risk. and accuse the pair of having worked together in 2012 to have Twombly’s artwork placed in a separate trust. The couple rented the house in order to sell works directly from their home. FOKL. allowing its beneficiaries to collaborate and establish relationships which support access to art. Commenting on the decision. and by arranging wire transfers which could not be seen by the foundation’s accountants. and of which Lerner is one of four directors. Asians want to come to a gallery to see that you are established. The project was conceived by Transformazium following the success of a previous project at the library. Lerner had been acting as a defendant in a legal case regarding the purported mismanagement of the foundation’s funds. to be held at the Braddock Carnegie Library. costs and the customer composition of a Singapore gallery opened by Europeans. the local artist who is leading the campaign. The Fishtank. convergence-continuum. Marinello explains “I am pleased to announce that after seven years as General Counsel for the Art Loss Register. and of hiding these charges from other members of the board by having bills sent to addresses in New York and Delaware. with Lerner said to have asked Twombly’s son. which saw a print shop open in 2009. who will be on hand to discuss the collection during library hours. But he has declared that all is currently going well. Alessandro. but which lack funding. installing an art rack. Grant… The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation believes that art can change the world The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation — RRF — has distributed the SEED grants to sixteen emerging artistic organisations across the United States. the artist asked “What heritage are we preserving?”. insurance costs and hiring staff. photographs and sculptures. has created a programme which allows the town’s residents to loan art works from their local library. That’s when they begin to trust you. Black Poet Ventures. A report published in the New York Times describes the foundation as “deadlocked”. The case study focused on Frédéric de Senarclens. They either buy online or come into the gallery when they travel to Singapore. According to the newspaper “People don’t want to come to your home. do not distribute. to be called Art Recovery International. an exhibition of contemporary art held every four to five years in Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art.” Sanele Nyoka.000 dollars is to be given per year for three years to the following organisations: Off Center Dance.” Loan… Carnegie International and Transformazium launch art loans project Transformazium. Hong Kong. dealers. however. as part of Carnegie International. but has been refused as the wall upon which the words are painted comes under the protection of heritage laws. I have left the company to form Art Recovery International. and looted works of art. India and Australia. from Singapore or India.000 from Cy Twombly Foundation Ralph E. The foundation promotes creation and access to art. a space which was initially intended to be located within his new house in Emerald Hill. FiveOne Experimental Orchestra.

I’ve been to almost all the Muslim countries in the world in my life — including Yemen and many places that are unsafe today. leave the vehicle in the British Embassy compound. There was no animosity towards travellers and it was a wonderful adventure. temples etc — and that led me to read about Oriental history. and then fly on to Delhi — this was the only way of getting into India. For the next two months we traveled by bus. the Mughals. What prompted you to undertake this great expedition at the age of 21? At that time we were one of the first to drive overland — it became very popular soon after. I joined his first experimental trip. and author. India and Afghanistan. gallerist. and wanted to take commercial journeys to India and back.com .AMA Newsletter 123 16 10 October 2013 Interview… Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour Interview with Robert Hales. — it really fired my imagination. I took extra jobs during the evening and at weekends until I had saved up enough money for the journey. Everyday was an adventure: we travelled through Europe. collector Robert Hales has been collecting Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour since 1966. from Quetta through Southern Iran and on to the Middle East. Iran and Afghanistan — taking a diversion to see the great Buddhas of Bamiyan which I think were one of the wonders of the world. Turkey. Every day was exciting and — apart from the odd mechanical trouble — we had no major problems. His book. and I think it all started with stamp collecting as a child. What were these regions like during this period? I loved Afghanistan. Robert Hales This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Once reunited with our vehicle. I saw all of these wonderful foreign places on stamps — mountains. Art Media Agency spoke to Hales. From Kathmandu we walked north for nine days to look into Tibet. offering a rich insight into a field with a broad and compelling history. or on foot.artmediaagency. Sometimes we camped in the Hindu Kush — where we heard wolves howling at night — but the people were always friendly. do not distribute. deserts. The India-Pakistan war had flared up. gaining an insight into his work as a collector. often travelling across the globe to collect pieces from countries including Iran. We either camped in the desert or slept in cheap hotels. there were no problems and we travelled through the entire country. Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour: A Lifetime’s Passion. We had to walk 45 miles into Kathmandu because part of the road had been washed away by the monsoon. At the age of fifteen I went to Italy on a school trip and began my passion for travel. This journey was to change the rest of my life. is the first to give a comprehensive overview of antique weapons. I was always fascinated by the idea. we returned by the southern route. and the border had closed so we were forced to drive to Karachi. It lasted five months and cost about £300. When I was 21 a friend had a LandRover. Lawrence of Arabia etc. www. Genghis Khan. train. We benefited from the ancient Islamic custom of hospitality to strangers.

com . Friends often said that I should write a book to show some of things I have handled. visiting Morocco. But in my ignorance I turned down a rare Tibetan bone apron. In Flores I contracted double malaria and spent some time in the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases.artmediaagency. When I returned home I tried to learn more about the objects I had bought. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. rather like a traveler’s club full of young people swapping adventure stories. presented to Captain William H. Later I fell in love with Indonesia (I used to go twice a year. by H. 88) Detail of a Mughal ivory horse-head dagger hilt India. Bowen R. which. How did you acquire the objects you collected — did you buy them. through North Africa and on to Egypt. and some I have bought and sold several times. but there were very few relevant books. unlike many books where the same museum pieces appear again and again. I continued collecting and travelling. and the other had a brass barrel. collecting information on the kris). visiting many of the remote islands. In Kathmandu I bought a kukri and a Tibetan dagger.AMA Newsletter 123 17 10 October 2013 Interview… Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour Interview with Robert Hales.N. I later discovered. late 18th century Research indicates that the sword was actually presented to James Bowen by the Bey of Algiers What was the first thing you collected on your travels? In Kabul I came across an antique shop and it was there that I bought my first antiques — two old flintlock pistols. 17th century Ottoman kilij (cat. Many of the antiques were sold by Tibetan refugees who had fled the Chinese invasion of their country. I think they cost about £2 each. which I had never seen before so it intrigued me. King of Algiers for services rendere Ottoman. One had an English tower of London lock. www. was worth quite a lot of money. I also bought a 17th century thanka of a black Mahakala. The book is unusual in that all of the objects have at some time been for sale on the open market. With this in mind I have tried to keep a photographic record of selected items I have had over the years. or were they gifts given to you on your travels? All of the items featured in the book have been through my hands over the last 45 years — they are all items I have bought and sold. chased and engraved with trophies of arms An early 20th-century handwritten label states Presentation Sword. do not distribute. collector Front cover (cat.M. Once I began to recover it was quite fun. 545) The silver-gilt crosspiece and scabbard mounts are pierced.

With Islamic weapons for example.artmediaagency. one is intrigued to know how it was made. 19th century Formerly in the collection of the Nizam of Hyderabad East European shamshir (cat. a pair of angels supporting a crown. nothing highly decorated. The island has changed enormously over the years and is now almost entirely a shopping centre. Finally I looked at hippo tusks and noticed a similar curved seam across the tip where the teeth grind together. Apart from its obvious beauty.com . form some of the most pleasing designs. UNESCO urged Indonesia to preserve their heritage. In return. and this opens up a whole realm of history. strangely enough the violent part has never crossed my mind. who ruled at the time. Like all historic objects. How things have changed! What period do most of your works date from? Mostly they range from the 17th-19th centuries. the elegance of some of the jade handles. Christianity and Islam) have influenced the endless variety of motifs on kris hilts. but mostly they were for show. Of course they could be used for defence if necessary. also many countries ban the export of antiques. What’s your research method? Well you just have to look at your material. and it was really never a problem. in my dealing life I have probably bought and sold over fifteen thousand objects. Indian jambiya in the Arabian style (cat. The blades are fascinating with their multi-layered elaborate pattern-welded designs. For me. and what battles were being fought. I used to go to Indonesia and travelled through most of the islands from North Sumatra to Flores and Sulawesi. There are a thousand objects in the book and I think. it’s the beauty and history that count. Many were “men’s jewellery” and were objects of wealth and status. It is also interesting to think of the materials weapons were made from and where they originated. Do you see your stock as a means of preserving cultural heritage? Well yes I think so. I used to return from the Far East with twenty or thirty sharp pointed daggers in my hand luggage sitting at my feet on the plane. probably the only person with any in-depth knowledge of the subject. Many of these arms are said to possess magical or spiritual powers — is this something which attracts you to them. I noticed that many handles had a distinct dotted seam around them. I’ve been dealing for 45 years and things have changed immensely. or something that you seek to bring out in your collections? Do you consider their potential to have been violent objects. Buddhism. who may have owned it. Of course some were used in warfare. It is an heirloom. from Morocco to Indonesia. emeralds and diamonds India. collector What are the restrictions on moving weapons between countries. www. The various religions that have swept through Indonesia (Animism. and practical considerations? I don’t travel so much and it has become difficult to buy things abroad. Arab traders took this virtually worthless hippopotamus ivory from Africa to Indonesian where it was sold as a novel material. Take for example a Mughal dagger from the 17th century. in Indonesia. For example the unique early Ayyubid armour. Hinduism. the Madonna and Child. It’s hard to imagine now but thirty years ago. weapons can be a route into history. There is an interesting chapter on Burmese dha (small ivory dagger handles). although there are quite a number of earlier pieces. Hippo ivory is actually the hardest ivory to carve. but the average soldier had a fairly plain sword. the reverse with St George and the dragon Second half of the 17th century This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients.AMA Newsletter 123 18 10 October 2013 Interview… Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour Interview with Robert Hales. So there’s a wide range of items in the book covering most of the non-Western world. Why is it that. Very little was known about them until I was put in touch with Noel Singer. 549) The slightly curved watered blade gold-inlaid with Orthodox Catholic symbols including a pair of candlesticks with lit candles. I then visited the Natural History Museum to confirm that this indeed was the material (hippo tusk) used to carve these handles. around 40% of all ivory kris handles are made of hippopotamus ivory? There are no hippopotamus in Indonesia — but there were plenty of elephants. What first attracted you to the kris? I have always been intrigued by the kris — it is so much more that just a weapon. do not distribute. Also some early Tibetan and Chinese pieces dating from the 14th-16th centuries. UNESCO gave the title Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the kris of Indonesia. a spiritual object and a cultural icon. Lets consider ivory kris hilts for example. but used Bali as a base. 111) The gold hilt and sheath are decorated with rubies. as well? No. dugong teeth were too small. sperm whale tooth with its circular or wavy grain. I examined elephant ivory. walrus ivory with its distinct mottled centre. In 2005. and the shapes and curves of the blades.

I have attempted to make it visually attractive and informative. collector The kris offers an example of how things have changed. especially in the Gulf States. Burma and South East Asia.artmediaagency.  A sling from a stone-throwing mangonel (siege machine) constructed from thick leather sewn over a rope framework. but I’m still dealing with a few museums and collectors. “why don’t you write a book. Doha This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. In Bali. Exports are banned in many countries and many items have been purchased by museums. It was quite exciting and you never knew who you were going to meet. and they usually feature only Islamic. It was quite a small shop in Church Street. I have published it myself and it has taken two years to produce. but it would attract people from all over the world. I made a lot of friends and I do miss that aspect. I’m semi-retired now. I don’t have to fill a shop with stock. In the press release for your book. a time that we are unlikely to see again” — has supply significantly reduced? It has somewhat — prices have gone up over the years. and with a loop at each end Length: 60 cm Ayyubid dynasty Late 12th-early 13th century Qatar Museums Authority. In addition to these regions. www. And you used to run a London gallery? Yes. Your book is came out on 4 October? Yes — there’s a website which shows about twenty pages from the book (out of 400). Some good books have recently been produced in Russia and Poland. do not distribute. but most are not written in English. That has all changed now. my shop was like a social club. China.AMA Newsletter 123 19 10 October 2013 Interview… Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour Interview with Robert Hales. Arabia and Europe. Tibet. many ancient straight blades were ruined when they were cut to form scallops resembling waves. Jonathan Barrett said that you were “fortunate enough to have been active during a period of relatively plentiful supply. my book covers Korea. Turkish and Caucasian weapons. Inevitably the supply has diminished and the prices have increased. It is probably more important now that ever before to seek the guidance and advice of reputable dealers. things get more expensive and there are many more restrictions on exporting. India. Clients arrived from Asia. Now I just buy and sell what I like. but it was sad in the past to see people who were so uninterested in preserving their own culture and history. but with a more relaxed attitude. But there are still items that are interesting and inexpensive. and I never knew who would come in. America. and at an affordable price. With regards to your book: did you feel that a comprehensive reference work on the subject was missing? People had been saying for a while. In response to the demand. there’s not really a general book on this subject”. kris with wavy blades were the most popular with tourists. it ran for 27 years. I occasionally go to London. Is it something you miss at all? In a way yes. A major problem arises from the increasing number of copies that have been appearing on the market and it is important to be vigilant when buying.com . so I’m still active.

Commenting on the project. The piece has an estimated value of around €2m. Entitled The Stigmatisation of Saint Francis and Angel Crowning Saints Cecilia and Valerian. It is thought to have been created in a foundry in either Pennsylvania or Ohio. and engaging on behalf of the Art Institute in global contemporary programming. which had obtained the piece from the Sabran-Pontèves family. The original version of the symbolic American statue. and Nancy Spero. containing thirty paintings depicting nautical warfare. Anselm Kiefer is considered to be one of the most important — and most renowned — German post-war artitst. which will see the gallery host a long-term exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Anselm Kiefer. and abroad. www.. when it was given to the Brooklyn Museum. tolerance and opportunity for immigrants arriving on Ellis Island. who has claimed that the sale to Wildenstein was unauthorised. This is the Cartier Foundation’s second exhibition dedicated to Ron Mueck. where it served as a symbol of liberty. This is just ano. The figure represents a new attendance record for an exhibition presented in a Parisian institution. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. not only in Chicago but around the world.” Ghez left her role as director and chief curator of Chicago’s Renaissance Society — one of the first contemporary art museums in the United States — last January. do not distribute. The defendent has been named as Géraud Marie de Sabran-Pontèves. acquisitions. was declared bankrupt on 18 July.Currently. inspired by the theories of Russian mathematician Velimir Khlebnikov. an exhibition dedicated to Australian artist Ron Mueck. Paul Chan. Michael Asher.000.000 visitors. lion. his works consider the problematic nature of German artistic tradition following the Holocaust — an interrogation which has developed to become a more complex spiritual quests. and was bought by the Getty in 1986 from the Wildstein Gallery.000 contract with the city and they have not abandoned buildings. The work was created at the end of the 19th century.artmediaagency.5 bilexpected to be finished by the end of October. a spokesperson for the institute said “Ghez will bring her seasoned expertise in contemporary art to all aspects of the museum’s engagement with the field. The show represents only the second time that the MASS MoCA has focused on the work of a single artist for a significant period of time. was installed on Liberty Island in 1885. Commenting on the appointment in a press release. At the time of writing. A survey which appeared last week in the Detroit Free Press reported that 78% of the city’s residents were against the idea of selling any of the museum’s works. the state of Washington has Erickson. entitled “Liberty Enlightening the World”. Human resources… Susanne Ghez joins The Art Institute of Chicago Susanne Ghez has joined The Artist Institute of Chicago as an adjunct curator to the department of contemporary art.” Attendance… 250. allocated $300 million towards the renosaid “We have asked to see the Christie’s vation or destruction of the city’s 80. 38 of the DIA’s masterpieces ther one. 2002. Douglas Druick. visitors to Brooklyn can see its 14 metre replica at The Brooklyn Museum.” The apDetroit to assess the collection of the Detroit praisal has an estimated cost of $200. to the Monde Magazine. by French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (1834—1904). he has not responded to the Getty’s complaint. Annmarie Since then. The exhibition’s success has prompted the Foundation to continue the show to be extended until 27 October 2013. as part of an appraisal The city. has welcomed 250. Lawrence Weiner. Executive Vice President of DIA. and collections. Joseph Kosuth. president and director of the Art Institute. Works to be featured include the wave-shaped sculpture Étroits sont les Vaisseaux (Narrow are the Vessels). MASS MoCA joins the Hall Art Foundation to exhibit works by Anselm Kiefer The MASS MoCA has announced a major new collaboration with the Hall Art Foundation. and a new.. [.. with special late-night openings (until 1am) on 25 and 26 October. held at Paris’s Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. Mike Kelley. created specifically for the exhibition.000) have been valued at $2. during which time she organised a total of 160 exhibitions of works by artists including Jeff Koons.. even amongst the poorest people. though the people of Detroit remaint reluctant to part with their prestigious collection. Free… The Statue of Liberty steps inside the Brooklyn Museum A monumental replica of the Statue of Liberty has been installed at the heart of the Brooklyn Museum.  Collaboration. with the former seeking a declaration which would establish the museum the rightful owner of a 14th century diptych. But we do what we have to do to (of a total 60. Velimir Chlebnikov (2004) a steel pavilion. the work in question is thought to have been produced in the 1330s by an anonymous artist from Avignon. including exhibitions. Christie’s experts arrived in continue being a great museum. Institute of Arts (DIA).AMA Newsletter 123 20 10 October 2013 Museums… Article of the week… Christie’s to finish its appraisal of works in the Detroit Institute of Art On 10 September. She will represent the museum in Chicago. and fitted on the top of a Manhattan building until 2002. fight… Jean-Paul Getty Museum in diptych ownership row The J. Though the true version of the Statue of Liberty has currently been closed as part of the US’s Federal Government shutdown. She had held the post for forty years. Paul Getty Museum sued a French Citizen in the Californian Federal Court on 6 September 2013.] There are a lot of nance of its most essential public services. whose debt is around $18.com .000 visitors for Ron Mueck at the Cartier Foundation Since its opening on 16 April 2013. traveling widely to visit contemporary artists and institutions. a paper mill employee. the lead-based photographs and texts of Les Femmes de la Revolution (The Women of the Revolution). who accept the stripping of the museum” explained Glen. and to the mainteshared it with us.5billion. with a former show in 2005 also being successfully received. things that are frustrating. fuelled by popular myths and the cabalistic. which remains open. “You will find nobody in the city. 1992. Born in Southern Germany in 1945. large-scale work. around the country. described Susanne Ghez as “one of the most widely respected curators in contemporary art.

who produces in painting. avant-garde movements of the 20th century. and is always in search of pieces based on pop culture. when collectors Javier Lumbreras and Lorena Pérez-Jácome began gathering artworks that they believes represented some of the finest artistic creation from the dawn of the 21st century. Ryan Gander. was often found in the homes of Japanese’s wealthiest society — a tendency which exists in sharp contrast to European practice of the time. are utopian models for a future society. Basel’s Kunstmuseum has arranged its exhibition chronologically. Artists exhibited include Hishikawa Moronobu. produced as part of the series Cyborgs (1998-2001). Pawel Althamer. drawings. and lives and works in Seoul. moral and religious norms created a stark division between art and pornography. to take place from 3rd October 2013 to 5 January 2014. Quisqueya Henríquez. from 10 October 2013 to 2nd March 2014.” Time is considered as a plural phenomenon. engaging with ideas of utopian and dystopian environments. The museum is to feature around sixty pieces — drawn both from public institutions and private collections — including paintings. Édouard Dantan at the Museum of the Avelines The Museum of the Avelines in Saint-Cloud. sculpture. With a duration of only three years. videos. and Untitled. balanced and serene. who received a traditional education. and is the first major show in Austria to focus on the movement.com This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. they each focus their production on abstraction. Mormons. peintre des ateliers. noticeably present. Monika Sosnowska. In memory of Urs Graf by Dan Flavin (1972). Works by the “Fauves”. entitled “Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art”. mixed media. The show explores the origins of Shunga art. to run unil 19 January 2014. These “freed” works were characterised by their use of vibrant colour. named after critics described its young participants as “fauves”. Cinthia Marcelle. a Calvinist and theosophist. video and performance pieces. a word meaning “spring pictures”. Maurice de Vlaminck and Henri Manguin. iconographic and symbolic relationship with the present-day idea of time. The exhibition — which is closed to under-16s who are not accompanied by an adult — brings together 170 works from European and American collections of Japanese works. produces layouts which comply religiously with the octagonal confluences between lines and primary colours. He is represented by Thaddaeus Ropac. The erotic Japanese Shunga prints. Paris. the artist is not presenting art works but the archives which are his source of inspiration. to run between 4 October 2013 and 12 January 2014. in which the contrast between the straight and zigzagging lines. and other such conspiratorial themes are also depicted. to run until 12 January 2014. The exhibition at the Albertina Museum brings together 160 pieces from collections around the world. its cirulation. Keeping an eye on the time at Mexico’s Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil Mexico’s Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil is to present “El ojo en el tiempo: obras de la Colección Adrastus” (“The Eye on Time: Works from Adrastus Collection”). The second artist [Barnett Newman]. paintings. displaying influences of sculptural works from Africa and Oceania. pastels. models and material. “The first artist [Mondrian]. Though the artists are all from different generations. an installation created from wood panels which covers the vast majority of the Mudam’s Great Hall. The artist also painted seascapes in Great Britain and Calvados. The collection includes paintings. who is fascinated by the Kabbalah.” Artworks featured in “El ojo en el tiempo” were selected because they share a “conceptual. set to run until 9 June 2014. as well as the painterly techniques employed by artists including Van Gogh and Cézanne. with works by artists including Pierre Huyghe. The Adrastus Collection began more than ten years ago. Kitagawa Utamaro and Katsushika Hokusai. where social. figures and shores”). Roman Ondák. realist concerns. Featured works include Diluvium (2012). Jim Lambie. including André Derain. Also featured are suspended sculptures.AMA Newsletter 123 21 10 October 2013 What’s on… British Museum presents “Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art” London’s British Museum is to present an exhibition of Japanese works. fraternities. ephemeral nature of human existence. These links are sometimes opposing.” Significant pieces on display include Day Before One by Barnett Newman (1959). Jim Shaw exhibits the myths of American culture in Paris From 24 October 2013 to 24 January 2014. Barnett Newman and Dan Flavin. and Saint-Cloud station. des figures et des rivages” (“Édouard Dantan (1848-1897). paints canvases of monumental size. which is erotic and sometimes humorous. Gabriel Sierra. sculptures. installation and performance art. travellers. seeking to identify connections between each artist. Abstract art at the Kunstmuseum in Basel Basel’s Kunstmusem is currently presenting a major exhibition of three modern masters. not only in the measurement of everyday instances. is to present “Édouard Dantan (1848-1897). These canvases. It is the second exhibition curated by Californian artist Shaw. Sects. were produced between 1600 and 1900. and shortest. Gonzalo Lebrija and Tacita Dean. scientology. but as a defining factor in the fleeting. . the art centre Chalet Society in Paris is to present the exhibition “Jim Shaw — Archives”. or “wild beasts”. Rosa Barba. painter of workshops. For this exhibition.artmediaagency. Lee Bul at Luxembourg’s Mudam Luxembourg’s Mudam Museum is currently presenting an exhibition of works by Korean artist Lee Bul. www. The show focuses on architectural pieces. Visitors can view t-shirts. The Museum has sourced an exceptional number of ordinarily high quality works for the show — a rare feat when producing displays focused on this period of production. Lee Bul was born in Yeongju (South Korea) in 1964. The genre. and drawings. The exhibition features a reconstruction of the artist’ studio. secret societies. all based on American myths. extending. CDs and brochures. but who was captivated by the observation of daily life. which leave nothing to chance. evangelical movements. watercolours. according to an article publish in Le Journal des Arts. It is a very varied collection which the creators hope will “emphasize the contradictions and diversity of artistic expressions from an era of globalisation. Fauvism was one of the earliest. do not distribute. The exhibition offers an overview of the works by the artist. and the vast. with a number of drawings. surfaces seek to produce an immediate and sublime effect. The artist is also a passionate collector of art. Danh Vo. The birth of avant-garde at the Albertina Museum in Vienna Vienna’s Albertina Museum is currently presenting “Matisse and the Fauves”. which represent the realist aspect of Dantan’s practice. Works included in the show depict labour. Piet Mondrian. books. its socio-cultural position within the sexual art of Japan and its historical importance in the field of Japanese art. Jehovah’s Witnesses. revolutionised traditional approaches to artistic production by “freeing” artists from traditional.

the exhibition is set to open on 17 April 2014. Massachusetts. held across the National Museums of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Architecture. demonstrate the diverse nature of his practice. now-famous designs. the show is to feature pieces by Øystein Aasan. Matisse’s Cut Outs at the Tate Modern After four years of preparation. The exhibition explores Gaultier’s poetic and playful universe. New York’s Brooklyn Museum is to host an exhibition entitled ”The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk”. an exhibition of new works by Mark Bradford. The show is to feature photographs. photographs and film excerpts. within a social. Their presence is both disconcerting and ambiguous. Works on display include newly-commissioned.AMA Newsletter 123 22 10 October 2013 Coming soon… Erwin Blumenfeld at Paris’s Jeu de Paume Paris’s Jeu de Paume Gallery is to present an exhibition of works by Erwin Blumenfeld (18971969). produced as a socio-political response to the post-war years. Curator at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. and are at once figurative and abstract. The show is also to include performances. incisions and segregations” across the artist’s works. with the artist’s images presenting the figures as both the victims and perpetrators of tranquility. Thomas Florschuetz. with the artist placing a particular focus on emigration. inviting viewers to complete their works with language derived from their own experience and imagination. The show is to focus on works created between 1940 and 1954. as well as portraits of renowned figures. and undermining the latter’s understanding of the photographic image as a duplication of the real world. with the designer having produced a number of pieces inspired by the aspects of a diverse array of cultures which he believed to be beautiful. Lucie & Simon. Specific concerns include the deconstruction of modernist architectural icons. from 25 October 2013 until 5 January 2014. live and work in Paris. Ingrid Lønningdal. They also present a daring sense of confidence in what was a “new” form of artistic production.” Jean Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum Between 25 October 2013 and 23 February 2014. the project also ripped through communities — an effect reflected in the “ruptures.5 metres. and in Biennales including Korea’s Gwangju Biennale (2012). analysing architectural structures. Olaf Holzapfel. Lucie & Simon’s work explores the phenomenon of déjà-vu. “Inside Outside Architecture” is a sister exhibition to “Louis Kahn — The Power of Architecture”. A total of 120 works are to feature in the exhibition. produced by Blumenfeld between 1910 and 1960. whose faces have been made reactive through the use of audiovisual projections.” The artist’s Cut-Outs demonstrate a spontaneity. including examining construction processes. David Maljković and Vibeke Slyngstad. Lucie & Simon at the European capital for culture The Centre de la Vieille Charité. with the artist having stated ”Paper cut-outs allow me to draw in colour. Creative Director at White Cube and a text by Christopher Bedford. in which he describes his experience as a member of the Transcontinental Motor Convoy in 1919. large-scale installations. Ola Kolehmainen. paintings. The show is also to present a selection of self-portraits. Director at the Rose Art Museum. photography. A press release describes the exhibition as an investigation into the strategies which artists employ when relating to architecture. Used to deploy troops across the country. Marseille. This simplification guarantees a precision in the joining of these two methods. For me it is a simplification. wall paintings. Nicholas Cullinan. produced for the fashion and advertising industries. Taking place between 14 September 2013 and 23 February 2014. London’s Tate Modern is to present an exhibition entitled “Henri Matisse: the Cut-Outs”. where he continues to live and work. and the fragility of nomadic dwellings. coupled with the President’s observations of Germany in the Second World War. Eisenhower. “Through Darkest America by Truck and Tank” is accompanied by a fully illustrated publication. to take place between 16 October and 22 December 2013. The pair load their images with series of codes. Instead of drawing the outline and then adding colour — one modifying the other —. sexual and aesthetic context. states that there was ”an incredible effervescence” in Matisse’s late career. The exhibition has received the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation Prize. contributed to the development of a nationwide highway system in the US in the 1950s. a group exhibition which considers architecture’s status as an “influential iconographic and conceptual source for contemporary art”. to feature works by Lucie & Simon. the Istanbul Biennial (2011) and the Seoul Biennial (2010). features Bradford’s expansive. offering a broader exploration of the artist’s avant-garde ideas. 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter pieces are to be displayed on models. drawings and photomontages. produced using materials found in the urban environment. featuring a conversation between the artist and Susan May. is to present an exhibition entitled “Silent World”. Billed as the most complete retrospective of the Henri Matisse’s late career. He has participated in exhibitions at institutions including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Cincinnati Museum of Art. Art and Architecture collide in Oslo group exhibition The National Museum of Norway — Museum of Contemporary Art is to present “Inside Outside Architecture”. I draw directly in colour. adding ”Matisse is not just adopting a new style but creating a new medium that is his own.com . which is more measured as it is not put together. A selection of 200 works. as well as black and white and colour photographs. The artists produce works which feature ”intrusions” — people who interrupt the calm nature of otherwise deserted public spaces. multi-layered collage paintings. Marte Johnslien. www. Commenting on the artist’s œuvre. The title of the show is drawn from a chapter in the memoir of the former American President Dwight D.artmediaagency. Mark Bradford was born in Los Angeles in 1961. with works on display ranging in size from small maquettes to compositions measuring around 3. featuring original pieces by the French fashion designer. with featured pieces including original. The exhibition is organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris. which are no longer one. slide projection and collages. Colour Cut-Outs form an integral part of Matisse’s work from the period. and mapping space. referencing Roland Barthes’s theories on language. who are French and German respectively. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. the majority of which have been sourced from private collections. fractures. White Cube Bermondsey travels “Through Darkest America” White Cube Bermondsey is to present “Through Darkest America by Truck and Tank”. which is the artist’s second with the institution. which is to run from 15 October 2013 until 26 January 2014. as well as a grant from Marseille’s CICRP centre. This role. do not distribute. The exhibition.

com This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. as a place of constant evolution. He has been the subject of exhibitions at institutions including the Brooklyn Museum. to be held at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris from 18 October 2013 until 23 February 2014. The gallery is Pi Artworks is one of the most prominent to feature exhibitions of works by both emer. www. featuring a large exhibition area.www. Anton van Dalen is a Dutch artist who has been living and working in New York since 1966.”  Opening… Rodolphe Janssen to open second space in Brussels Rodolphe Janssen Gallery has announced plans to open a second exhibition space in Brussels. daily life.contemporary art galleries in Istanbul. This year sees Applicat-Prazan celebrate its twentieth anniversary. include: Volkan Aslan.Hefuna. and at New York’s Affordable Art Fair. This exhibition is to be presented in conjunction with a retrospective of Poliakoff.galeriegng. Represented artists launched itself onto London’s art scene. hibition “Pi: Housewarming” is taking place Pi Artworks is located on Eastcastle Street. and a graduate of the École du Louvre. The opening exBritish capital.” Human resources… Céline Hersant joins Galerie Applicat-Prazan The Applicat-Prazan Gallery. juliette lemontey exhibition 17st of september . and the Busan Biennale in South Korea. stated: “We have taken two new artists into our gallery for which we are very proud and excited to be working with.com . with his work exploring the boundaries between architecture and his own body. The concept has already appeared at Fracne’s Lille Art Fair. 2013 3. Paper Act directly implicates visitors to the gallery into the process of creation. and measures 200m². original concept art work. notably at the 2008 Whitney Biennial. The new gallery is located on the first floor of a building located across the street from the gallery’s current space. Adam Putnam engages with a variety of mediums. the 2nd Moscow Biennale. Pi Artworks has led several Turkish artists to international recognition. rue Visconti 75006 Paris . East Village. and even businesses. in from 15 October until 7 December 2013.Tél : + 33 (0)1 43 26 64 71 infos@galeriegng. is to inaugurate its new space on 7 November 2013. Opeging and established artists. relationships. on 16 November 2013. original and dynamic art that is coming out of Turkey. Concept… The Paper Act: a cut above the rest Paris’s Infirmières Galerie is hosting an ongoing. with their chosen segment then being numbered and signed. Hersant was formerly in charge of communication and media relations at Christie’s France. Putnam has participated in exhibitions internationally.26nd of october. memory. entitled Paper Act — a display which first opened at the start of the year. His narrative paintings reflect his neighbourhood. Horasan. the New Museum in New York and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The gallery’s founder commented that “The synergy between London and Istanbul works well. Mia Encore in Miami. Nezaket Ekici. The gallery. Gulay Semercioming” marking the space’s arrival in the gly and Mehmet Ali Uysal. whose sculptures and paintings focus on the idea of substitution.com . Wendy Olsoff. which specialises in Modern and Contemporary art. Viewers are invited to select and cut pieces from enormous art works. The creators of the idea. has announced that Céline Hersant is to join its team as manager of press relations.artmediaagency. Nejat Sati. His thematic concerns include nature. Holding a Masters in Applied Economics from Université Paris IX Dauphine. a number of ned in 1998 by Yesim Turanli. including performance. with the gallery to present a monographic exhibition of Serge Poliakoff.AMA Newsletter 123 23 10 October 2013 Galleries… Article of the week… Pi Artworks hopes for artistic synergy between Istanbul and London The gallery Pi Artworks has officially whom hail from Turkey. which was established in 1991. as well as introduce British audiences to the rich. and artificial objects. do not distribute. and I hope to both provide access to Turkish and international artists to existing collectors here in London. Susan with an exhibition entitled “Pi: Housewar. to be held at the FIAC on 24 to 27 October. hope to take the Paper Act to a number of other galleries. which has been filed with the National Institute of Intellectual Property. The gallery is to open with an exhibition of works by Jürgen Drescher and Sam Moyer. co-owner of the gallery. as well as an office and store room. Signature… Anton van Dalen and Adam Putnam to be represented by the PPOW gallery The New York-based PPOW gallery has announced that it is to represent two new artists: Anton van Dalen and Adam Putnam. contemporary art fairs. drawing and photography. the heart of the Fitzrovia area. a post which she held from 1993 to 2009.

He is an expert of oil painting. to become grown-ups in the world. www. and works in Songzhuang. Seeing unexpected connections between different ways of thinking about painting really influenced new directions in my work. The artist graduated from the Fine Arts department of the Sokei Art School in Tokyo in 1996. On the international art market. the artist has moved away from painting portraits and nudes. makes a reference to the act of caring.. The show is offering eleven new paintings which are at once figurative and abstract. In recent years. Jilin Art Museum. Within his structures can be found the brushstrokes of his abstract painting.” Manga characters of MR. the artist has been exhibited across Asia. which integrate both space and the gaze of the viewer. He has become one of the founding members Murakami’s company. the Andréhn-Schiptjenko gallery is presenting the gallery’s first solo exhibition of artist Ridley Howard. Kudo has defined his work as an attack on all the “philosophies of powerlessness”: bearing the hallmark of the trauma of Hiroshima. who are represented within abstract scenes. Japan and Korea. lace. his work has considered ecology as a matter of utmost urgency since the 1960’s. Through works which are both serious and rebellious. do not distribute. and the Times Organization Hong Kong. at the Perrotin gallery in Hong Kong The Perrotin gallery in Hong Kong is presenting the exhibition “SWEEET!” of works by artist MR. and more towards geometric and abstract forms. particularly in China. and on the sensitivity of the medium used — pencil on paper. The artist is of Colombian origin and presents autobiographical narratives alongside legends and myths. While travelling in Italy. from 6 to 26 October 2013. at the same time working as a professor at the Youth Political College in Beijing. For this exhibition. Kudo first began production with Tokyo’s Neo-Dada groups who.. At the centre of the artist’s contemporary works are characters of young girls. to Bauhaus-like abstraction. It’s also interesting to see how 20th century Italian painting absorbed ideas and styles from other places and morphed it into something else. in the 1950s. The paintings are perceived as three-dimensional objects. and on animal skins. the Cartier Foundation. feeding and building a nest. combining baroque and tribal art with ideas surrounding his own childhood. which is taking place from 4 October to 9 November 2013. the gallery is presenting ten new. the artist questions human liberty within a contemporary society shaped by supra-media. Through his paintings. Andréhn-Schiptjenko gallery in Stockholm presents Ridley Howard From 3rd October to 10 November 2013. and makes references to the customs of South America. but also to the creation of an arrow. placing a new emphasis on the subject. and video games which are linked to Japanese culture. and of the possibilities of painting over prolonged periods of time. and several of his drawings. in which the artist incorporates the finer details of Japanese manga. The series Hands Off is to be presented. Viewers are able to reconnect themselves with the past. Artist Lisa Wright is to present “Drawings”. It is the artist’s first major exhibition in Europe. before becoming an assistant to Takashi Murakami. She demonstrates the constant desire of children to appear more adult. Over the past two years. is a self-proclaimed otaku. to futurism. The title of Anthem’s exhibition. yet always full of humour and poetry. Her drawings focus on children in a universal fashion. He works on paper that is used for making patterns for children’s clothing. his works have been acquired by several museums such as the Hengdu Art Museum. the artist was inspired by 20th century artists such as Antonio Donghi and Gino Severini. and manifests itself within each different costume. in an exhibition entitled “Six Sculptures and Forty-Seven Drawings” which is to take place from 4 October to 9 November 2013. bonnets and furs of children. The solo exhibition of the artist is offering — as the title indicates — a series of the artist’s new sculptures. This reality has been established over centuries. Beijing — a fashionable district in the contemporary Chinese art world. stating: “I love the scope of their work.AMA Newsletter 123 24 10 October 2013 What’s on… Three exhibitions on offer at the Millennium Gallery The Millennium Gallery in St Ives is simultaneously offering three exhibitions from 4 October to 5 November  2013. “Fledge”. Meanwhile.com . The artist commented on this. and unravel the mysteries of being a child. sought to establish a harmony between performance art and installations. In the exhibition by Zapata. who lived in France from 1962 to 1989. He represents a variety of revered subjects. Christophe Gaillard presents Tetsumi Kudo Paris’s Christophe Gaillard Gallery is currently exhibiting works by Japanese avant-garde painter Tetsumi Kudo. his sculptural works can be seen as a record of the artist’s continual work. Fukuoka Art Museum. Kaikai Kiki. Wright is to present the collars. unpublished paintings. the artist explores the use of icons within his culture. Jin Yu at the Yang Gallery in Singapore The Yang Gallery in Singapore is presenting a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Jin Yu. That seems related to the way a lot of painters think today. Carlos Zapata “Iconos: Sagrado y Profano” and Chris Anthem is offering his show “Fledge”. Japanese idols.artmediaagency. Christophe Gaillard is the first European Gallery in twenty years to have presented an exhibition devoted to Kudo. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. through portraits of his friends such as Paul McCarthy and Jason Rhoades. Also featured are references to the artist’s own life. which is a study of the hand as an object. ranging from classical figuration. the artist presents a fragile and visceral image of the human condition. Siemens Ltd Germany. a person who dedicates a certain amount of time to indoor activity surrounding things such as manga. Sculptures and drawings of Peter Bonde in Copenhagen The SOD Gallery in Copenhagen is presenting the work of artist Peter Bonde. MR. Jin Yu was trained in the Fine Arts.

M a g d a l e n a L AM R I Aurélie MANTILLET M a r i e O L L AG N O N From October 18th to November 13th. a leaf or a person. in a manner which frees works from the rational. His work represents a battle between nature and architecture. suspended as though an apparition. At 75 years of age. His ceramic works are very rigid. they portray today’s women as being seductive and busy. do not distribute. The exhibition explains that an object.” Images in the exhibition are also influenced by spectrographs of the late 19th century. The exhibition at Ronn Mandos is to present the artist’s latest sculptures. the artist is known for his ingenuity. Acquavella Galleries presents Miquel Barceló New York’s Acquavella Galleries is currently exhibiting work by artist Miquel Barceló. is your name woman ? will be the first exhibition of the group in Paris.7pm N E 1 L 0 E 0 S S B O I N U L F V A I R R D M E B I R E È A R U M E A S R C H G A A I S L . Object oriented ontology at the Quadrado Azul Gallery Lisbon’s Quadrado Azul Gallery is currently presenting “The Gravity of Things”. with the artist simultaneously creating a sense of tension between nature and culture. as well as the way in which meaning is intertwined with its own materiality. Sculpture is considered both as a concrete object and an image which influences human action and thought. The gallery is presenting recent works by the Spanish artist. a theme which appears across a number of his works. the curator of the show. to run from 12 October to 16 November. Vanity. P R A R I O I E S L E I F I R M I E S G A L E R I C M This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. and are used by many famous restaurants.artmediaagency. or conventional notions of perception. emphasizing the insignificant nature of the natural world in the face of the potentially devastating power of the natural world. devotes special attention to nature. a sculpture of Mickey Mouse has been burnt. is much more than a simple medium for a group of senses.2013 Opening on Thursday. is introducing the principles of OOO — object oriented ontology. IS YOUR NAME WOMAN? The gallery is proud to feature Les Infirmières: a group of contemporary female artists. known for his works which use a variety of media. which is influenced by his travels around Europe and West Africa. used by spiritualists looking for paranormal activity through the use of new technology — trying to uncover that which was invisible to the naked eye.com . In the corridor of the gallery are old pieces of armour floating in the air. Masaya Yoshimura at the Tomio Koyama Gallery From 9 to 21 October 2013. chalk and charcoal. or the polaroid photo — in a manner which is at once intriguing and sinister. Working with blue and white varnish his works have been said to have a beautiful radiance. The artist describes his pièces as “seascapes that correspond to my previous series of white desert landscapes. including drawing.AMA Newsletter 123 25 10 October 2013 What’s on… Nature versus culture at the Ron Mandos gallery Amsterdam’s Ron Mandos Gallery is to present works by Daniel Arsham. www. which organises and shapes the space around them. sculpture and architecture. be it an ant. the Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo is presenting ”White and Black”. as part of an exhibition entitled “#TOMORROWPAST”. an idea of professor Graham Harman — which redefined the fundamental relationships between objects in relation to cultural production. The exhibition presents objects as things which possess a certain gravity. Barceló’s work. which were produced especially for the gallery. Chris Sharp. an exhibition of works by Masaya Yoshimura. including two series: white textural paintings and dark portraits painted using bleach. painting. His newest technique uses a combination of clay and charcoal in the firing and preparation of his works. E E . VANITY. but rather it should be considered for the relationships and processes that it gives rise to. Arsham is an American multidisciplinary artist. Beyond the tight frame of feminism. Arsham presents modern cultural icons — such as Mickey Mouse. October 17th . maternal yet governing. an exhibition to run until 16 November 2013. Sculptures at Ron Mandos represent a popular culture that has been impacted by natural phenomena.

or remote origins and sources. Paris’s Daniel Templon is to present works by Indian artist Asim Waqif. Julie Poncet’s exposed body From 2nd to 23 November. an exhibition of self portraits by artist Julie Poncet. and the moment “when image turns into an absence. Third Line Gallery is to present two series which explore the notion of identity. Located in an abandoned supermarket in Northern Paris’s Porte de la Villette. the show follows exhibitions at Gagosian’s spaces in Paris and Los Angeles earlier this year. a velvety look. Michael Dean. Also featured in the show. Pop. portraits and still lifes — and draw inspiration. Canada (2006). Vanity Fair. Curated by Vincent Honoré. and Vogue Italia. Bruce McLean. The Netherlands. and the “heightened mannerism” of photographers such as Karl Blossfeldt. Exploration. and considers the relationship between artworks and their often fragmented. David Maljkovic. drawing inspiration from the work of Edward Hopper. Inez & Vinoodh were born in 1963 and 1961 respectively.com This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Inez & Vinoodh were amongst the first photographers to use digital manipulation as a vehicle through which to portray the human condition. and the 11th International Printmaking Biennial. the Seoul Art Centre. both from the flower paintings of their Dutch heritage. Shih states: “Through photography. a reclusive artist’s residency programme which was established by graffiti artists Lek and Sowat in 2010. Rodney Graham. The artist recently held a residency at SAM Art Project. Poncet states: “I love the gentle and soft outcome that is produced using a pinhole camera. as it produces nude photographs which still retain a certain modesty. and sound. Born in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) in 1978.artmediaagency. They met whilst studying art and photography. a piece which merges sculpture and photography. I like my photography to be dramatic. A year after Waqif’s performance piece Bordel Monstre performance. in Amsterdam. their works seek to “unsettle the real” and make the “familiar strange”. The sharp edges and vast sets which feature in his image aim to be loaded with feeling. her technique is evocative of traditional pinhole photography. the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum (Mumbai. to take place between 12 October and 3 November 2013. His latest canvases are described as “colder” and more “objective” than previous works. as well as editorial features for magazines including i-D.” Daniel Templon to Asim Waqif’s first solo show From 9 November to 21 December 2013. . Vogue China. evoking different Egyptian identities and their contradictions. touch. Marcel Broodthaers. Paris Vogue. He has exhibited at institutions including Berlin’s Chinese Contemporary Printworks (2008). within the context of the period following the Arab Spring. Robert Mapplethorpe. The artist is considered to be one of the most promising photographers of his generation. 2012) and the Still Life Gallery of New Delhi (2013). Jason Dodge. pays tribute to the Mausoleum project. Interview. The show is entitled “Passages // Toroq”.AMA Newsletter 123 26 10 October 2013 Coming soon… David Roberts launches exhibition with performances contemporary artists London’s David Roberts Art Foundation is to present ”Orpheus Twice”.” Sherin Guirguis at the Third Line Gallery The Third Line Gallery is to host the first solo exhibition of works by Sherin Guirguis to be held in Dubai. Quentin Shih exhibited at Inception in Paris Paris’s Inception gallery is to present an exhibition of works by Quentin Shih — whose real name is Shi Xiofan — to run from 31 October to 14 December 2013. 2012). whilst at the same time broadening concepts of culture and identity within public and social spheres. and as a place of rapid. John Stezaker and Danh Vo. Discussing his works. The exhibition is to be preceded by an evening of performances. Gagosian Athens: A disconcerting glimpse of the familiar and the strange Gagosian Gallery Athens is to present an exhibition of photographs by Inez & Vinoodh. Vogue Hommes International. which is described as a dialogue woven through the female form. featuring sensors that respond to light. which features nude self-portraits of Blanc in black and white. The artist’s first solo exhibition in France is to feature a site-specific installation. interactive bamboo structure entitled Venu. Partners in both work and life for 25 years. and Nobuyoshi Araki. an exhibition of works by Juliette Blightman. but to also have a narrative. Vogue USA. and has exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo. The pair currently live and work in New York. often dramatic. Waqif lives and works in New Delhi. the city is an “axis” which “condenses several centuries of history”. Zhou Jirong was born in Guizhou in 1962. the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (Noida. at once realistic and fantastical. challenging the political norms which were imposed and developed by colonisation. Orpheus Twice takes its name from a work by Félix González-Torres. Their works offer contemporary interpretations of classical genres — including nudes. and first began to work together in the late 1980s. producing images for leading international luxury and fashion brands. Running between 10 October and 18 December 2013. Guirguis focuses her work on post-colonial political. Zhou Jirong’s uncertain landscapes depict a changing Beijing Beijing’s Red Gate Gallery is to present “Uncertain Landscape” an exhibition of new paintings by Zhou Jirong. She depicts feminist activism within the context of the Egyptian diaspora. cultural and social themes. and curated by Vincent Honoré. non-profit foundation founded by collector David Roberts in 2007. the Mausoleum has come to be recognised as a major centre for “underground” art. and combines cinematography with the imaginary in a composition that is almost documentary in style. For the artist.” The David Roberts Art Foundation is an independent. development. and received his BA from the China National Academy of Fine Art. The show considers the particular moment at which absence or loss becomes a image. we can tell a story. www. Commenting on her work. the artist has created an immense. Jirong’s work directly engages with the urbanisation of present-day China. Aix-en-Provence’s Franck Marcelin Gallery is to present ‘Sténocorpée’. We can paint with light. Félix González-Torres. to take place on 17 October. Though Pincet digitally produces her works. Katrina Palmer. and is to take place from 30 October to 5 December 2013. forgotten. Combining the “beautiful” with the “bizarre”. with layered images resulting in compositions which appear to have been captured with an unfocused lens — a technique which aims to echo the approach to objects in traditional Chinese painting. with the artist using a camera with a body cap. The artist’s work engages with the female body and notions of exposure. with his latest pieces acknowledging Beijing’s status as both an ancient city. Juliette Blightman and Rodney Graham. The title of the exhibition is a reference to the historical and social movements — Toroq — which were established by the revolution. Korea (2007). The Chinese photographer works between New York and Beijing. with Pincet said to have been inspired by Louis Blanc’s photographic series cORpuS. do not distribute. with artists Florence Peake. Purple.

500 on 21 September. has awarded the grant of €20. Describing her method. been believed to be missing. Lecture… Talk by Faith Ringgold to be held at the National Museum of Women in the Arts The National Museum of Women in the Arts in New York is holding a lecture presented by artist Faith Ringgold. Carrie Mae Weems produces works which engage in themes including familial relationships. Marta Gili. which had. The piece. with the prize held on the United Nations International Day of Peace. She is represented by New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery. whose identity remains unknown. reports that one of the graffiti works by the famous British artist. received over five years. former President of the Louvre. The judging panel.AMA Newsletter 123 27 10 October 2013 Artists… Article of the week… Painting by Leonardo da Vinci thought to have been found in Switzerland Experts have identified a painting by Leonardo da Vinci in a private Swiss collection. which appeared in Chelsea on 2nd October. Ringgold’s discussion is centred on her artwork and the political context of the 1960’s. The image depicts a labrador urinating on a fire hydrant. Director of the Centre for Dalinian Studies in Figueras. Born in 1953. has not been well-received by all of New York’s inhabitants. which provides a grant of $625. Director of the FIAC. and experts can come to the agreement that it was painted before the Mona Lisa. The work has been lost for around 500 years. The work is composed of two video pieces. composed of Montse Aguer. Winners (who are all citizens or residents of the United States) are selected based on the identification of a “special creativity”.000. The prize was founded in 2012 by Indian-born graphic-designer and artist Manali Jagtap-Nyheim through her business International Conflict and Security Consulting. As an artist. Alexia Webster’s depictions of poverty win first Artraker Prize Alexia Webster has been named the winner of the inaugural Artraker Prize — the first award to recognise works of art on the subject of conflict. and carbon dating has shown it to date from the early 16th century. If the painting is confirmed as authentic. He commented on the finding. Webster said “I set up an outdoor photographic studio on a street corner with a portable photo printer. Italian researchers have confirmed the discovery of a painting which represents Isabella d’Este — a noble woman of Lombardy. stating that “There are no doubts that the portrait is Leonardo’s work”. this finding could disrupt previous studies that have been made on the most famous painting in the world. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. For the Women’s House (1971) and The United States of Attica (1971-1972). and are expected to use the grant to pursue and develop their artistic practice. Henry Loyrette. Leonardo showed a series of paintings to Cardinal Luigi d’Aragona and asked his assistant to write: “There was a painting in oil depicting a certain Lombardy lady. sexism and discrimination between social classes. Die (1967). the event is to take place on 28 October 2013. Bosnia and Herzegovina. and Catherine T. We invited anyone who wanted to sit and pose for free. President of the Palais de Tokyo. and Syria. MacArthur Foundation. The portrait possesses the same enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa and has reportedly been painted using the same pigments. Franka Holtmann. The initiative. which is exhibited at the Louvre. particularly the illustrative work based on civil rights of the series American People (1963-1967). Director of the École Nationale des Beaux-arts in Paris.” It is now three years that Carlo Pedretti — emeritus professor of Art History at the University of California — has been studying the portrait.  street… Banksy’s New York graffiti vandalised On 1st October 2013. which depicts two boys around the previously graffitied words “Graffiti is Crime” appeared on Allen Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. and winner of the 2012/2013 prize. The New York Daily News. and which was produced during a month’s stay in New York. Ringgold is to recount the incredible evolution of her life and work. which was awarded at an evening ceremony at the heart of the prestigious hotel Le Meurice on rue de Rivoli. For the competition. On 3rd October. Neil Beloufa awarded Meurice Prize for Contemporary Art 2013/2014 French artist Neil Beloufa has received the sixth Meurice Prize for Contemporary Art. street artist Banksy announced plans to produce a new series of graffiti works in New York via his website. She is to begin the lecture with an explanation of the political imagery of the early sixties. A question and answer session is to be held at the end of the talk. Artist. professor. Jennifer Flay. Webster received the award for her photographic depictions of South Africans living in poverty on the outskirts of cities including Cape Town and Johannesburg. as part of a project entitled “Better Out Than In”. author. the latter’s thoughts shown with the words “You complete me…”. In 1517. until now. she is to look at images such as The Flag is Bleeding (1967). writer and professor at the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne. www. and then we gave them the photograph. again in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. do not distribute. Director of Jeu de Paume. an installation piece centred on representations of information systems and mass media. Born in 1985. collector. was vandalised only a day after its first appearance.” The artist received an award of £2. someone struck back”. which writes “Banksy has struck again — but this time. racism. Finally. Nicolas Bourriaud. Awards… Carrie Mae Weems wins MacArthur Fellowship 2013 Photographer and video artist Carrie Mae Weems has been named as one of 24 winners of the 2013 MacArthur Genius Award. Banksy produced a third work. Managing Director of the Hôtel Le Meurice. activist and mother. Neil Beloufa lives and works in Paris. A second work by the artist. The artist’s entry was selected from 300 entries from 90 countries. A historical index suggests that the artist had actually finished the painting. Maryvonne Pinault. She is to continue with a discussion on the series Black Light (1967-1971) and the use of political posters. Alexandre Singh. he presented the work Les arabes et les services.com . Entitled “Faith Ringgold: More Than 50 Years”. and Chairman of the panel. was also vandalised. with other shortlisted artists having worked in Colombia.artmediaagency. Jean de Loisy. Director of the Fondation Ricard. Philippe Dagen. however. Paris. The MacArthur Prize (also known as the MacArthur Fellowship) is awarded by The John D. Colette Barbier.000 to the winning artist and the Galerie Balice Hertling. The painting is the final version of a famous preparatory sketch of a portrait of Isabella d’Este.

Bill Ruprecht. In the instance that a person or group should seek to acquire 10 or 20% more of Sotheby’s outstanding common stock. until it was registered in a family collection in Scotland. Patti Wong. which are to make it more difficult for an investor to gain control of the company by diluting the value of said investor’s shares. The Last Supper by Zeng Fanzhi.500 lots. from Reading University’s Art History department. Online… New lots at The Curator’s Eyes The Curator’s Eye has announced its new selection of works. Some of the headlining lots which were offered include. for what was described as a ”pittance”. According to Le Figaro. The Curator’s Eye is also offering an antique carpet from Cairo. 20% or more of Sotheby’s common stock. The new pieces being offered include a Huari from South America painted on a textile panel dating from between the 7th and 9th centuries. realised £2.1 million. and do report. with the sale epitomising the fervour for the art market in Asia. and particularly in China. Curtis of Black Eagle. On quality hardwood. The auction house has also announced that it is to hold a sale of Modern and Contemporary art in Beijing on 1st December 2013. in 2006. and 15% of them were new. including through the use of derivatives. who is the founder and CEO of hedge fund Third Point.” Sotheby’s also stated that the buyers were from 41 different countries. Lee’s research. is now thought to be worth £2 million. Art work… Portrait of Napolean thought to be a Jacques-Louis David A portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte.” However. following Third Point’s attempt to make major changes to board. According to The Independant. www. collector and art expert Pierre-Jean Chalençon. and will only act as a passive — rather than active — investor. In order to do this. Also proposed in the selection is a statue from Indonesia of an ancient Nias Chief. maintains that the painting was by David’s assistant. coming mainly from China. before being handed over to the Royal Scottish Academy. exerting no control over the company’s actions. the Museum is not prepared to include the work in a catalogue raisonné.” adding that the result “demonstrates the importance of Hong Kong as an international selling center. Sales of Contemporary and Modern art which took place in Hong Kong between 4 and 8 October. the auction house could not have hoped for a better way to celebrate forty years of its presence in Asia. underlined that “the rights plan in response to the recent rapid accumulations of significant portions of Sotheby’s outstanding common stock. produced between 1880 and 1920. of the Assiniboine people.6 million.artmediaagency. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. is on offer. a white diamond which sold for $30.com . Georges Rouget. Sixteen records were realised across a sale comprising nearly 3. a new record for an Asian auction house. Egypt. with these shares consequently doubling in value. Bill Ruprecht. considering the real value of the work. The portrait had long been lost. these rights would be exercised only if a person or group acquires 10% or. Discussing plans on Friday. and a bronze Shakyamuni Buddha from the Ming Dynasty was bought for $30 million by a Chinese collector. The rights plan will not prevent a takeover. The statue was used for protection and was therefore placed in the Chief’s house. said that the shareholder rights plan “is designed to protect the interests of all of our shareholders. stated: ”We’ve taken the pulse of the Asian art market — it’s racing and we are racing with it. Loeb. president and chairman Bill Ruprecht. with a thorough cleaning of the piece suggesting that it may have been the work of painter Jacques-Louis David (1780-1825). recently raised his stake in Sotheby’s from 5. an academic at the University of Reading studied the painting after it was cleaned and stated that he was convinced that Jacques-Louis David — who produced La Mort de Marat and Le Sacre de Napoléon. Sotheby’s chief executive.000 to a private collector in New York. sold at auction in 2005 for £15. The move comes two days after activist investor Daniel Loeb wrote to Sotheby’s CEO. Finally. Chairman of Sotheby’s Asia. Despite Dr.3 million. dating between 1900-1905. The portrait had. The multicolored artwork presents an abstract anthropomorphic central figure surrounded by mythological zoomorphs. until now. Simon Lee. unless otherwise approved by shareholders.7 to 9. do not distribute. a portrait by Edward S. The auction house’s Board of Directors have formed a shareholder rights plan and declared a dividend distribution of one preferred share purchase right on each outstanding share of the company’s common stock. a time when the British and Prussians were threatening to invade France. Commenting on the results. dating from the 16th century. Sotheby’s chief executive. Dr. The company works with some of the biggest names in art dealership in order to offer to collectors some of the best collections of artwork.AMA Newsletter 123 28 10 October 2013 Auctions… Article of the week… Record sales for Sotheby’s in Asia Though Sotheby’s is currently in the middle of a reorganisation process. In addition to this.” The painting shows Napoleon in the uniform of the National Guard in 1813. each share holder (excluding said person or group) will be entitled to purchase a number of Sotheby’s common shares. Commenting on the piece.28%. been described as “dull and lifeless. their holdings on Schedule 13G. The most recent sale of a work by David.” In practice. today hanging in the Louvre — had painted the work. but should encourage anyone seeking to acquire the company to negotiate with the Board prior to attempting a takeover.  Governance… Sotheby’s devends with “poison pill” after public attack by Dan Loeb Sotheby’s has made important changes to its shareholder rights plan. the National Museum of the Château de Malmaison is not convinced by the academic’s arguments. who has already rejected the work in the past. said “People thought it was a copy because it was so dirty. Sotheby’s have adopted what is known as a “poison pill” which makes it incredibly expensive for any one person or entity to buy more that 10 or 20% of their stock. for $200. which fetched $23. Sotheby’s new investment fund scheme aims to prevent any single investor from owning more than 10% of the company. the work is a representation of ancient Chief Siraha Salawa. It was woven in the Turkish Ottoman Empire and is considered to be one of the most luxurious carpets of the Classical Period. in the case of investors who are eligible to report.” The plan is currently set to expire in twelve months. the latter sold the painting to a private collector in 2005. helped the company to realise a turnover of $542 million. urging for the latter’s resignation. Filing a 13G means that the acquiring party will never own more than a 20% stake in the company.

and La lettre d’amour by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. Reaching $23. Among the lots on offer. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. director of Gagosian Gallery. saw the sale of a bronze Shakyamuni Buddha dating from the Ming dynasty.1 million at Sotheby’s in 2008. “the study that we are selling is the largest in size. in parallel with this sale. with total sales estimated at €8 to 13 million. www. the painting is “the most important Courbet painting ever to be presented at auction.000 and 500. the painting Red Shadow by Rudi Mantofani sold for $470. told CNN that diamonds are either bought as an investment or simply for a love of rare and precious objects. is valued between three and four million euros. The painting is one of five studies produced for the final painting. former Chairman of the Musée d’Orsay. valued between €200. In addition. jade sculptures and ancient bronzes.3 million.000. which sold for $15. there will be works on canvas and paper by Nandalal Bose (1882-1966).3 million. The previous record for a white diamond was $26. but is especially remarkable for its significant size and rich use of colour. which depicts the cliffs of Etretat in Normandy.000.. produced at a time when the city was taking its modern form. 55 were sold for a total of $145 million. it will be possible to acquire Indian contemporary works. and was formerly owned by Christian Otto Zieseniss.25 million.6 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. a Tibetan Buddhist with a strong interest in Buddhist sculptures.” a private sale organised from 12 to 27 September. Artcurial is putting up for auction a study of the Pont de l’Europe by painter Gustave Caillebotte. held by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami with his sculpture My Lonesome Cowboy. do not distribute. The piece sold for $30 million. but clearly it did. and L’Homme au balcon sold for $14.” Serge Lemoine.3 million. and a buyer acquired an abstract work by Chen Wen Hsi for $1. a bronze by Parvati. from the 15th century Yongle period. who has formed one of the biggest collections of contemporary Chinese art. porcelain). Entitled Les Falaises.” The piece is to be presented alongside canvases by Sisley and Pissarro.3 million at Christie’s in 2000. during which eight sales will be organised. Gaitonde (1924-2001) and Zhao Shao’ang (1905-1998). an oil on canvas by Guido Reni. Paintings on offer include Fortuna avec une bourse. I am glad that it can finally be returned to its rightful place in China. White diamond sells for $30. during sales taking place in the city on 6 and 7 November. thanks to the work of Baron Haussmann. as well as opening the UCCA art centre in Beijing. glassware.000 and $1. has an estimated value of €1. and the best quality. sculptures.000.” The statue. a painting by Pan Yuliang sold for $2. Also available at the sale are works by Franz Xaver Petter. The Buddha. The event is significant if we take into account the fact that previous sales of Caillebotte works in the United States have fetched large sums — Le Pont d’Argenteuil et la Seine sold for $18 million at Sotheby’s New York in 2011. Meanwhile.000.artmediaagency. valued €800. Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi set a new record price for the sale of a contemporary Asian artwork.com . The sale of the work by Caillebotte.5 to 2. is highly-anticipated.2m. Christie’s will host the Asian Art Week in New York. The oil painting.6 million at Sotheby’s A white diamond the size of “a small egg” sold at auction for $30. Through works and objects issued from several major private collections. dating from 1876.5 cm in height. as well as porcelain and jade pieces.000 and 1. establishing a new record sale for a Chinese sculpture.000 and 250. saw the artist beat the previous record. It is an international record for a jewel of this kind. a work by Juan Luna fetched $3. at a sale held to mark Sotheby’s forty years in Asia. bears the inscription “Da ming Yongle nianshi (bestowed in the Yongle era of the great Ming).AMA Newsletter 123 29 10 October 2013 Records… Zeng Fanzhi sets new record for a contemporary Chinese artwork On 5 October 2013. Of the 61 lots on offer. He attended the auction in person.3 million. The piece. achieved last May at Christie’s in Geneva. there will be “Super/Natural Contemporary Korean Art. The 118 carat oval diamond — flawless in clarity — was acquired by an anonymous buyer from Asia.200. with the sale of a triptych realising $11 million. whose paintings are very rare on the market. which is currently at the Petit Palais in Geneva. carpets. measuring 54. Valued at $10. the work forms part of the Zieseniss collection. director of the jewellery department at Sotheby’s in Europe and the Middle East. Viktor Zarubin.71 million. Vasudeo S. a modern version of Leonardo’s masterpiece. 19th century paintings and jewellery. This event will feature the works of four artists interested in nature and hyperrealism. works by old masters.” Coming soon… Presentation of Asian Art Week at Christie’s New York From 17 to 20 September. works on offer are to include antiques (furniture. which took place at Sotheby’s Hong Kong on 8 October. dating from 1100 and valued between $800.” Sotheby’s: “the most important Courbet painting ever to be presented at auction” Sotheby’s New York is to auction a work by Gustave Courbet (dating from 1870). was purchased by Chinese collector Zheng Huaxing. added that is it “one of the most famous representations of the modern city of Paris. According to Olivier Berman. Fanzhi’s work was put up for sale by Belgian Baron Guy Ullens. measuring 73 × 60 cm. commenting that “I would have paid any price for this sculpture. La mort d’Adonis by Givanni Francesco Barbieri valued between €300. David Benett. and Bernardino de’ Conti.] It was questionable to me if the market could absorb so much quality material. From 14 to 16 October. the artist’s The Last Supper. It is the largest diamond to ever be put up for auction. a work by Walter Spies sold for more than $4 million. The identity of the buyer has not been disclosed. And it is the only one of the studies which is signed. According to Sotheby’s.” The auction also saw abstract Chinese painter Zao Wouki beat his previous auction record. auctioneer at Artcurial.7 million. Nick Simunovic. Hong Kong — which represents the artist — told the Wall Street Journal that he had been ”speechless with that price [.. Prestige auction to take place at Dorotheum Auction house Dorotheum is to hold its prestige sales in October 2013 in Vienna. A Shakyamuni Buddha sells for $30 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong The “Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art” sale. A study of Pont de l’Europe by Gustave Caillebotte for sale at Artcurial On 2nd December 2013.

alongside older photographs. The 28th SFTTA is one of the most highly-anticipated tribal art events in the world. Africa. Gustavo Lacerda. the Valerie Carberry Gallery. presented with the support of Michael Hamson Oceanic Art. China.” The name of the fair is now “Works on Paper Fair”. The event. the artistic director of the event] has managed to get rid of the conceptual overflow. at Lelong Gallery. whilst the Rhona Hoffman Gallery is to dedicate a stand to works by Luis Gispert.. textiles from Turkmenistan.AMA Newsletter 123 30 10 October 2013 Fairs & festivals… Article of the week… Results of Fotofever Brussels 2013 From 4 to 6 October. British. Also featured at Kabinett is work by Sam Francis. With six months still to go before the opening of the fair. brings together the work of forty European artists from outside Europe. a component of Art Basel Miami Beach has been released.” Coming soon… Kabinett reshuffle: Art Basel Miami Beach The list of galleries participating in Kabinett. hope. offering ancient and contemporary arts and crafts from around the world. is to take place from 6 to 9 February 2014. and will present a selection of tribal art and textile pieces from Asia. 45 exhibitors have already signed up. the art show dedicated to contemporary photography. Lucy Russel. Sean Scully. the former industrial site Tour & Taxis. This year. hosted the second edition of Fotofever. Before the next edition. something which often occurs in contemporary art. [. and optimism are all ideas that have been translated into images. Established in 2005. as the old name “The Watercolours+Works on Paper Fair” had for a long time been associated only with watercolours. drawings and engravings.. which each presented an artist of under forty years of age. Francis M. the Parisian version of the fair is to take place from 15 to 17 November 2013 at the Carrousel du Louvre. all focusing on the theme of “the human face”. Coming soon… News on the Works on Paper Fair The art fair “Works on Paper” is to make a come back at the London Science Museum from 6 to 9 February 2014. Fotofever’s founder. the section brings together 25 established and emerging galleries which demonstrate strong curatorial direction. giving the show a very much international feel. participants displayed the work of 150 Hungarian. presented by Van Doren Waxter. and exhibitors have responded positively to this change of title. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Highlights of the event included the prize-giving ceremony of the Fotoprize. Yvon Lambert to exhibit works by Damir Očko. with the fair due to take place from 5 to 9 December. and Mel Kendrick at David Nolan. Qingjun Huang. paradise. to present work by Theaster Gates. or recent photos (dating from 20122013). Anastasia Rudenko Kein Kuhn Oh and Andres Figueroa. curators. Fair Director. Henrique Faria Fine Art to present pieces by Yeni and Nan. commented that “This Art Fair has a clear identity with a long and established history. a well-defined brief and clear vision for the future. the FotoMuseum of Antwerp and the Bozar in Brussels.com . which is planned for 3rd to 5 October 2014. and is to feature both solo and group shows. According to Le Figaro. A number of participating galleries are to focus exclusively on works by latin-american artists: the 1900-2000 Gallery is to present works by Marius de Zayas. and a selection of textile artworks and baskets from the Congo. Latin-American. from Andres Moraga Textile Art.artmediaagency. Modern and Contemporary watercolours. Belgian. Moroccan. 9751 visitors from the United Kingdom and abroad came to the fair to observe and purchaseartworks. Europe and America. prints and photographs covering four centuries of art. from Hagop Manoyan Antique Rugs. do not distribute. The San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show (SFTTA) 2014 in San Francisco The forthcoming edition of the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show (SFTTA). Over a three-day period.] We aim to present a stimulating and diverse range of Early. to present pieces by Man Ray. from 18 th to 21st century. which supports contemporary artists. critics and investors. which was awarded to Belgian artist Saartje Van De Steene. Brussels. Participating galleries include: Kavi Gupta. Naumann Fine Art. www. The organisers — who described this year’s event as “convincing” — welcomed more than 11. A Gentil Carioca is to host a show of works by Raymundo Colares and José Bento. The new name acts as a generic title and the fair now has clear subtitles: watercolours. In 2013. Thomas Schulte Gallery is to focus on Danilo Dueñas. an event which continues to attract art collectors. Also present at the fair were numerous figures from institutions including the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi.000 visitors and collectors across five galleries. in order to continuously renew the artistic current. along the banks of the Seine and in the garden of the Musée du Quai Branly. which is set to continue until 17 November. French and Japanese artists. Hirschl & Adler Modern to display pieces by James Edward Deeds. the Luciana Brito Galeria to present work by Marina Abramovich. “[…] this media hero [Frank Kalero. and Alexander Gray Associates to present pieces by Luis Camnitzer. It is to take place at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. which were invited to the fair by Cécile Schall. The prize aims to help young graduates to break into the art market. Featured at the event are around one hundred art dealers. Artists featured in the biennale include Rongguo Gao. to dedicate its space to Leon Polk Smith.  What’s on… Fourth edition of Photoquai in Paris The fourth edition of Photoquai — the photography biennale — is currently underway in Paris. The biennale is emphasising portrait and the emotional power of a picture. works include pieces from the Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea. drawings.

through a series of exhibitions which was organised especially for the event. the event was in fact well-planned.5 million). do not distribute. oil paintings and Chinese calligraphy. in parallel with a Sotheby’s exhibition. presenting more than 6. East and west For its ninth edition. as well as many European treasures. Held at the Convention Center in Hong Kong. Fine Art Asia 2013 brought together more than one hundred galleries of international renown.AMA Newsletter 123 31 10 October 2013 Report… Fine art asia Between tradition and modernity. turning the fair into an unmissable date on the calendars of internationally-renowned galleries.6 million). were used as a way of defining the direction and philosophy of the fair. This excellent result is a good omen for the 2014 fair. Fine Art Asia 2013 benefited from an influx of collectors of quality art from across the globe.3 million). According to gallerists present at the fair. furniture. The 9th edition of Fine Art Asia was deemed to be a resounding success. which took place between 3 and 7 October. Following the success of the Asian Pavilion at the Masterpiece London 2013. as well as jewellery. The exhibition “Rooted” displayed works by masters of 20th century Chinese ink painting such as Zao Wouki. several exhibitions. If the collection of works on offer seemed somewhat eclectic. an idea which is integral to this year’s fair. from art deco lamps to an antique Chinese tripod. Featuring pieces with a combined total value in excess of €2.  Fine Art Asia 2013 © Fine Art Asia Fine Art Asia 2013 © Fine Art Asia This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. the quality of the works presented at Fine Art Asia has been improving year after year. this year’s fair beat all previous attendance records.000 visitors in four days. leaving nothing to chance.com . created as part of the event. and a Van Cleef & Arpels brooch (€440.5 billion. www.500 artworks to visitors and collectors from across the globe.000) were displayed alongside Asian masterpieces including an impressive 18th century Tibetan statue (€4. Fine Art Asia 2013 was also an occasion which showcased artists such as Ai Xuan and Zhang Yu. Despite presenting a mix of various objects. the show presented Western and Asian artworks in equal measure. With more than 35. with a total sales of €45 million. while leading Chinese realist painter Ai Xuan also presented his own solo exhibition. Fine Art Asia in turn presented a pavilion of European treasures. The number of sales was also particularly pleasing. Works such as La Seine à Bougival by Claude Monet (valued at €6. ultimate proof of the exchange between the East and West. Ma Desheng and Chen Guangwu. La guitare accrochée au mur by Pablo Picasso (€6. which may have made it appear that there was some confusion in terms of organisation. which offer museum-quality artworks.artmediaagency.

the exhibition’s programme was highly ambitious. The exhibition.com . Works by Ma Desheng.artmediaagency. entitled “Rooted”. do not distribute. Calvin Hui.AMA Newsletter 123 32 10 October 2013 Report… Fine art asia “Rooted” Following a current trend for contemporary Chinese ink work in the Asian art market. which would offer visitors a complete overview of the movement. In this way we fully achieved the objective that we set ourselves. intended to offer a deeper understanding of this rapidly growing movement.”  “Rooted” Fine Art Asia 2013 © Fine Art Asia This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Fine Art Asia 2013 presented a unique exhibition which brought together work by a number of famous Chinese artists. whilst at the same time ensuring that its key aim — the promotion of contemporary Chinese ink works — gained the attention of a large audience. curator of “Rooted” explains “The exhibition allowed for the creation of an environment that was supportive of galleries offering this type of work. yet did not lose its accessibility. Combining pieces by emerging artists with those of established masters. Zao Wouki and Kan Tai Keung were brought together for a single purpose: Chinese tradition and celebrate the cultural heritage attached to Chinese ink work. above all. Private collectors and galleries were asked to provide works. was offered as part of the Cultural Heritage and Arts Festival and was. www.

during which time I was sent to Hebei province for agricultural work. having studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Preparatory School. not only. and was stationed close to Tibet. in total valued at around €10 million. as I have mentioned. it made me feel so happy. Ai Xuan is renowned for his realist paintings. to the stage of turning these ideas into specific scenes. How have you chosen to represent this people? Each time I stayed in Tibet. their history. Finding the right type of lighting for a scene is a big challenge. In fact. which feature the people and the landscape of Tibet. but also the design and the selection of surfaces. I began to draw a lot of sketches. holding a solo exhibition which featured eight of the most important oil paintings from the artist’s studio. I needed the exact details to be perfect. Ai Xuan © Ai Xuan This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Another key element is the lighting. and who is one of the founding members of the Chinese Realist movement. right down to the correct design and quality of a table. but also what I was feeling. as well as capturing the distinct landscape of the region. I became an artist from around the age of 23. each with exacting detail. the Cultural Revolution began in China. I can go back to my studio in Beijing and begin to paint. There are many steps in the process between the starting point. Setting very high standards is the only way to achieve the ultimate goal: great realist paintings. I would go back to Tibet and find the people and surroundings necessary to complete my work. After I had a more developed idea in mind. or a window. I have visited Tibet many times. do not distribute. I work much in the same way as a film director. Upon my return to Beijing. With these.AMA Newsletter 123 33 10 October 2013 Interview… An in-depth look into Chinese Realism Interview with Ai Xuan. I didn’t know what I wanted to be. Once I finished high school.com . Four years later. materials and perspectives. www. But once I began to paint. to developing an understanding of their background. which were based on not only what I was seeing. with a general idea. What career path did you originally hope to follow? Did you always want to be an artist? As a young child. so I have to adhere strictly to specific rules. I would need the right girl. Art Media Agency met with Ai Xuan. Since 1973. which is where I learned how to paint.artmediaagency. the lighting. I take a lot of photographs. I aim for perfection in my paintings. The experiences that I gained from my visits to Tibet gave me an endless source of inspiration in terms of what to paint and how to do it. This was the starting point for my career in painting. their culture and their philosophy. The majority of your paintings are representations the people of Tibet. as well as my first introduction to Tibet. an artist whose works are subtle yet passionate. After the carefully-planned backdrop has been set up. the right house — the entire scene had to fit. Artist As the elder son of the prominent poet Ai Qing. I was transferred to a division of the army. I devoted all my time to getting to know the people. I could not even start to bring all the elements together to create a painting until the entire scene was exactly to my satisfaction. Fine Art Asia 2013 showcased the work of this master of contemporary Chinese art. There are many things to consider.

AMA Newsletter 123 34 10 October 2013 Interview… An in-depth look into Chinese Realism Interview with Ai Xuan. Cold Fog (2012) Ai Xuan oil on canvas 180 × 150 cm © Ai Xuan Migrating Birds (2012) Ai Xuan ink and colour on paper 105 × 70 cm © Ai Xuan This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. so the Russian artists with whom I was able to make contact were also an inspiration. for example Konstantin Maksimov. Chinese painting has always had its own. the most important part of a work is its quality. do not distribute. Of course. but do you actually consider yourself one? I think that this idea of labelling an artist is a by-product of the Western perspective. While I did study and reflect upon the works of these artists. discuss our work with him. In China. we have a lot of great masters and I learned from their masterpieces.artmediaagency. The paintings of Velasquez also inspired me. in a way. you have an insight into their minds. I didn’t have much contact with artists who were outside the country. you could say that the Tibetan landscapes are. when China was not as open as it is today. In fact. which were available in museums. surrounded by such a huge emptiness. As well as this. as if the people in the paintings have found inner peace. In the late 1980’s.com . But what is the most important thing for me is that they express a sensitivity. www. and study his artworks. holy. I created my own style — my art cannot be directly tied to that of any other artist. you create a very melancholic yet peaceful atmosphere. When you look at the characters. What artists have influenced you? How did you create your artistic style? For a long time. Perhaps it is because when you go there. I was influenced mainly by traditional painters within the country. individual characteristics. which are outside the boundaries of Western criteria. their thoughts. Artist Critics describe you as a realist painter. there was a period of time when China was very close to Russia. Some artists use inspiration from others to create their own style. I went to New York to visit his studio. My second main source of inspiration is probably the American artist Andrew Wyeth. He is the only living artist from the West with whom I have had the opportunity to exchange ideas about painting. It terms of your actual work. My paintings are very quiet and peaceful. the emptiness of the landscape deeply affected me. not how it is classified. you feel very small. Is this a reflection of your state of mind when you are in Tibet or Sichuan? When I was there.

The Stranger (2006) Ai Xuan oil on canvas 130 × 100 cm © Ai Xuan .

What is your opinion of this? I can never say that I have reached the peak of my work. I do not actually like the idea of producing paintings specifically for an exhibition. This year you have had a solo exhibition. there are always a lot of snowstorms during winter. it has been difficult in the past to put together a collection of my paintings side by side. They have to learn how to adapt and make compromises. I listened to Mozart while painting it. so it is important to capture that in my paintings. how does it feel? This is the second time that I have had a solo exhibition with a gallery. as it provides a very rare opportunity for a comparative study of a large number of my most important works. In Tibet. Therefore. Some people think that the work of an artist is always evolving. Children are vulnerable. so to speak. In my latest exhibition. sometimes it takes me a year to finish one painting.artmediaagency. Even though they barely know what they will have to face the next day. Childhood purity is a fleeting moment for them. entitled The Stranger. They are not able to remain innocent for very long.AMA Newsletter 123 36 10 October 2013 Interview… An in-depth look into Chinese Realism Interview with Ai Xuan. What I can do is tell you how happy I am with a piece I have just finished. Once I had finished the painting. I do not like being bound by a deadline. www. I try to capture the relationship between humans and their environment. most of the paintings are borrowed back from the collectors who acquired them. but there others who believe that you might reach your artistic “peak”. I would rather have the freedom of finishing a painting at my own pace. children embody a kind of purity. You realise how passive and helpless you are. as I still have a lot of ideas for the future. I think that we should be grateful for this exhibition. The process of completing a work to perfection takes a long time. The childhood period is a very special part of our lives.  Lonely Swamp (2012) Ai Xuan Ink and colour on paper 70 × 70 cm © Ai Xuan This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients.com . do not distribute. the first one was in 1987 in New York. The whole process was very sensory. I was overwhelmed by emotion. I really feel that I have fully captured the feelings of the girl. Artist In my paintings. You paint a lot of children. The portrait part of my paintings is always the centre of attention for the audience. music which was a perfect reflection of the inner world I which present in the painting. but in fact it is the relationship between the character and their environment which is the core element of my paintings. is there a particular reason for this? What do they represent to you? For me. But the people there are able to stay proud. The force of nature there is so powerful that it is very humbling. and Fine Art Asia put a strong emphasis on your work. so they have to grow up very fast in order to gain the strength to survive the tough environment. hope is always their driving force. is it the natural world that sets the rules.

Alice King’s daughter. It’s now been open in Hong Kong for over twenty years. to list just a few of the bigger names. do not distribute.com . and was very good friends with my grand father C. Art Media Agency met with Daphne King Yao. we were one of the first galleries to work with Zao Wouki. Chu Teh Chun and Walasse Ting. For my grand father. For the 2013 edition of Fine Art Asia. Alisan Fine Art primarily seeks to promote the work of established Chinese artists abroad. Which artists have you followed since the very beginning. Y. Alisan Fine Art chose to present works by artist Lui Shou Kwan (1919-1975). he became like family to us. from the very beginning.AMA Newsletter 123 37 10 October 2013 Interview… Ink painting Interview with Daphne King Yao. upholding its traditional ambitions. a charismatic figure on the Asian arts scene. and. whilst turning its focus towards Chinese ink paintings. and offered to support the artist. Alice King. were not given the recognition they deserved. Our gallery was the first which really dared to do this — to promote artists who weren’t especially well known at the time. Tung. who has always travelled very widely across the world. Could you describe the philosophy of your gallery? Alisan Fine Art was created in 1981 by my mother. and had a particular fondness for the work of exiled artists. and which artists have contributed to the gallery’s current renown? Our gallery represents Zao Wouki. who works with the gallery.artmediaagency. It was in this way that my mother — at a very young age — was able to get to know Zao Wouki. Quite naturally. www. Alisan Fine Art Founded in Hong Kong over thirty years ago by Alice King. in her opinion. placed a real focus on presenting works by contemporary Chinese artists. it was also important that his family could join him on these business trips. Notably. My grand father was a businessman. He was able to meet Zao Wouki on a trip to Paris. and who. my mother began to work with artists who she had always got along well with. Daphne King Yao © Alisan Fine Art This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. who was well-known at the time.

AMA Newsletter 123 38 10 October 2013 Interview… Ink painting Interview with Daphne King Yao. and the artistic styles of their adoptive countries. Your gallery has always been based in Hong Kong — one of China’s most successful art centres. How have your clientele perceived and responded to works by new artists? Even in Hong Kong.artmediaagency. Collectors have followed the development of the Hong Kong market. In 1987. at a crossroads between purely traditional Chinese art. it has gone from being an artistic desert to the city with the flourishing art market that we recognise today. that the Chinese market started to open up to the rest of the world. It was at this moment. and have also begun — gradually — to change their own habits. it was still particularly difficult to enter China and travel within the country. it also became possible to rapidly turn our interests towards established Chinese artists in Beijing and Shanghai. In barely twenty years. too. Alisan Fine Art Your gallery seems to present a large number of Chinese artists issued from the diaspora. do not distribute. an event which saw her transport works by little-known young Shanghai artists to Hong Kong. This pioneering art was often little known to the Western or Asian public. why did you not choose to also promote the work of artists living and working in China? The response is incredibly simple. www. Nevertheless. The gallery’s direction was consequently established in favour of artists issued from the diaspora. In the 1980s. It was still more difficult to identify artists working in the country. as China became more open. Taiwan landscape Ali Shan © Alisan Fine Art Zen Painting (1963) Ali Shan © Alisan Fine Art Zen Painting (1974) Ali Shan © Alisan Fine Art This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients.com . and it is intricately linked to the historical evolution of China and Hong Kong. my mother also organised the first exhibition of contemporary Chinese art. the art market has evolved incredibly rapidly. to such a degree that the country was nearly completely closed. These exiled artists were also creating works which were completely new.

We have seen some strong sales. today we have a significant number of Chinese ink pieces. The gallery has also progressively developed a predilection for Chinese ink works. do not distribute. In the 1950s.000 euros for the smallest works. your gallery has chosen to present works by Lui Shou Kwan only. and collectors have been interested in our work. which displayed a strong sign of Western influence. is the price of the works that you will be selling? And what has been your general impression of Fine Art Asia 2013? We are really very satisfied with the results for this year. whose mission is to promote both modern and contemporary works by artists whose practice is inspired by traditional Chinese ink works. He was amongst the first in Hong Kong to engage in these themes. Regarding the prices of works we’ve offered for sale. to €200. especially with artists such as Li Shan. In my opinion. Obviously. he was a pioneering figure in Chinese art paintings. he subsequently began to evolve towards a more abstract practice. Whilst we may initially have focused our attentions on oil paintings. with “Zen Paintings”. Alisan Fine Art And how has your own gallery evolved? Have you continued to promote the work of artists issued from the Chinese diaspora? The identity of our gallery has changed very little with regard to our choice of artists.W Turner (1775-1851).com .000 for the most elaborate — which are completely affordable prices for museum-quality works!  Abstract Landscape (1962) Ali Shan © Alisan Fine Art This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Initially producing traditional landscape paintings. approximately. He was profoundly inspired by the work of J. even though the artist is very well known here. who remain principally exiled Chinese citizens. For the 2013 edition of Fine Art Asia. despite the fact that several of his works form part of major collections in museums in Hong Kong and the UK. in the way that the artist treated both nature and light.artmediaagency. which my mother developed an affection for. he seemed to be a very developed artist who merited wider visibility. He nevertheless remains relatively unknown to the broader public. What. they’ve varied from around €20. Following this interest. my mother also created a charity called the Ink Society in 2003. our portfolio has somewhat expanded.AMA Newsletter 123 39 10 October 2013 Interview… Ink painting Interview with Daphne King Yao. why this artist over others? It’s been a very long time since Lui Shou Kwan’s last exhibition in Hong Kong. www.M.

as well as verses of Chinese poetry which are chosen specifically for. How do you hope your relationship with the artist will develop? We began working with Guocheng at the start of last year. making very subtle references to his personal experiences. Contemporary Chinese ink works engage with this traditional approach to production. So the ink in fact acts as a bridge between the traditional and the contemporary. We believe that Guocheng has enormous potential. a medium which has seen a recent surge in popularity. his works are at once appealing to collectors both from the East and from the West. Guocheng plays hugely on these contrasts. particularly in Europe. You only recently began to represent Lin Guocheng. Incarnation of Wang Wei (2013) Lin Guochen Pen and Chinese ink on paper 110 × 160 cm © 3812 Contemporary Art Projects You’ve placed a particular focus on works by Lin Guocheng. www. His pieces create a constant dialogue between East and West. and really feel that he is a very promising artist. combining traditional Chinese ink with a contemporary approach to production. and this is something which is going to demand a lot of preparation on his part. especially when it comes to dealing with challenges. including Lin Guocheng. In general. We selected three artist who seemed to be particularly interesting to us. who dedicates himself to his work entirely. a work evolves with him. It is a magical and very poetic process. consistently focusing on subjects including trees. He is calm and focused. and nature. the 3812 Gallery decided to focus on contemporary Chinese ink works. (an event which he also co-founded). Buddhist and Zen philosophies are also integral to the work of this artist. as well as being present as a representative for the 3812 Contemporary Art Project gallery.artmediaagency. but he also undertands the importance of taking the time to allow a piece to mature. We’re planning a number of exhibitions of his works. an element which is rarely seen within Chinese art. In his compositions. His register lies midway between very traditional ink works and Western artworks. and he regularly integrates calligraphy into his pieces. This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. Some of his most significant pieces have taken two year’s preparation. yet the artist already seems to be a central part of what you do.AMA Newsletter 123 40 10 October 2013 Interview… Multifaceted Interview with Calvin Hui Calvin Hui took on many positions during the 2013 edition of Fine Art Asia: the director of the fair. Ink is a medium which is often found in traditional Chinese art — in fact. and adapted to the work. do not distribute. evolution. it’s what of the key elements of works from the area. as his emotions start to mature. whilst exploring innovative new ways to employ the medium. Why did you decide to do this? We felt that Lin Guocheng was creating a unique language. ancient and modern. What is 3812’s philosophy and direction? This year. almost architecturally-formed figures. He’s a very efficient worker. And. apart from anything else. The artist interprets the past according to his own perspective.com . It is within the context of this last project that Art Media Agency met with Hui in order to find out more about this role and his choice of artists for Fine Art Asia. The artist has routinely produced works using only a simply black ink pen. we see white or empty spaces — which leave room for the imagination and freedom of interpretation — but in equal measure there is an emphasis on perspective. he also acted as curator for the exhibition “Rooted” which was presented as part of the Cultural Heritage and Arts Festival. the division between space and geometric.

as well as three pieces by Lin Guofu. he has noticed that interest in the artist’s works has increased. Naturally. and is delighted to have made an investment. In terms of the buyer profile: those who purchase Guocheng’s works are typically buyers or collectors who are very sure of their tastes. so now we only have five of his works left.000 to €7. The 2013 edition of Fine Art Asia was really exciting!  The Landscape that is Impossibly Accommodated II (2013) Lin Guochen Pen and ink on Paper 110 × 200 cm © 3812 Contemporary Art Projects This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. this has affected our sales. whilst his larger pieces — which are significantly more detailed and elaborate — sell for around €20. we’ve found that the Western public has become increasingly interest in Guocheng’s works. what impact has this had on your sales? What conclusions can you draw from this year’s fair? All the artists that we presented in our gallery were extremely well received by visitors. And we see equal interest in the artist from both Asian and Western clients. all our works by Lin Guocheng were sold.artmediaagency. do not distribute.000. or collects pieces by Guocheng? Guocheng’s smallest works sell for around €5. In just a year.000. Your gallery attracted particular attention throughout this edition of Fine Art Asia. What sort of price do you expect for one of his works? And who typically shows interest in.AMA Newsletter 123 41 10 October 2013 Interview… Multifaceted Interview with Calvin Hui What have been the results of this collaboration so far? Have any collectors shown an interest in the artist since you began to represent him? I did in fact just meet with a collector who had bought a work by Guocheng. Especially since participating in Masterpiece London. www. The works that we exhibited enjoyed excellent exposure. It really highlights Guocheng’s status as an artist whose recognition is still growing.com .

the French Ministers for National Education. James Elkins. as an artist. Culinary creation is in the process of being recognised as an art in itself. Director of publication: Chief editor: Contact: Distribution: Pierre Naquin Antoine Cadeo de Iturbide dropbox@artmediaagency. to the dOCUMENTA in Kassel. the group stated: “We aim to re-imagine and re-invent education within the UK and throughout the world.000. Limited company with a registered capital of €40. incorporated in the Company and Trade Register of Paris under the n°530 512 788. 2 rue Kellermann. is offering an exhibition entitled “Cookbook”. The exhibition also includes a historical element. The Palais des Beaux-Arts draws upon the ideas of Claude Lévi-Strauss in the study of raw. www. and for Culture and Communication. and the common processes used in the transformation of the materials.com is hosted by the OVH company.com 100. with featured works issued from Fine Arts collections. Printmaking. Its latest guests include Nicole Eisenman.artmediaagency. is offering an exploration into the artistry of culinary creation. artmediaagency. France. and Rachel Whiteread. A successful Kickstarter campaign allowed the charity to raise £60. Culinary events. Vincent Peillon. incormporated in the Company and Trade Register of Roubaix-Tourcoing n°424 761 419. Susan Faludi and Mark Dion. Jeremy Deller. Former activities by The House of Fairy Tales have been held in a peripatetic manner. F-75021 Paris. while the Belvédère is to present undergraduate and graduate projects of students at the school. The project has been launched by The House of Fairy Tales. empathy and a deep love of life. Commenting on the development via their Kickstarter page.000 subscribers This document is for the exclusive use of Art Media Agency’s clients. an artwork). are to be held throughout the event across diverse artistic spaces within Paris. Interior Design. a form of expression rooted in the contemporary world. The residence programme was opened by Ayanah Moor in the spring of 2013. Graphic Design. by directing them more towards projects associating colleges and schools. At the heart of our ethos we value play and playfulness as the direct root to curiosity. which is supported by a match-funding scheme.000. with events such as a “travelling art circus” having made a four-day appearance at London’s Tate Modern.241 towards the scheme. roasted and boiled foods. Sculpture and Textiles. Drawing and Painting. 267 rue Lecourbe. is making a call for applicants for its MA in Art History. The Welch Foundation supports the graduate programme at the school by sponsoring the Welch Symposium and Residence. Together with the Association des régions de France and the Centre national de documentation pédagogique. Catalan chef Ferran Adrià was invited. as well as isolated rural areas. Programme… Training in art and design offered at the Welch School The Ernest G. under the direction of artists Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis. its MAED in Art Education and its MFA in Studio Art with a focus on Ceramics. Photography. The 2013-2014 project is to launch in as many colleges as possible.AMA Newsletter 123 42 10 October 2013 Schools… Article of the week… New children’s art school receives backing from major international artists An experimental children’s art school is due to open in East London later this year. which is the second to be held at the Palais des Beaux-Arts.000. Its objective is to develop and systematise the projects led by leaders within the field. the agreement is to launch the programme “un établissement. In 2007. however his participation was limited to the invitation of a few visitors to the exhibition in his restaurant elBulli in Roses. while the school itself also regularly hosts artists.  Public policy… Contemporary art directed towards schools and colleges On 27 September. particularly dinner-exhibitions.com . not only three ways of treating the material. signed a national framework agreement in Toulouse. The exhibition. The agreement details pans to exhibit artworks from the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art (FRAC) within schools and colleges. The Welch School Galleries organise exhibitions and provide a space for solo exhibitions of PhD students. including Marina Abramovic. the Palais des Beaux-Arts. focusing on establishments which are situated in Priority Education Zones. the exhibition space of the École des Beaux-Arts. Exhibition… The art of cooking at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris From 18 October 2013 until 9 January 2014. une œuvre” (An establishment. with the aim of increasing an awareness of contemporary art among students who are often far-removed from it. France. Welch School of Art and Design based in Atlanta. Aurélie Filippetti. a group which began as a charity in 2006. Damien Hirst. in this case from the personal exhibition “relu (reread)” by Gianfranco Baruchello. Simplified joint stock company with a registered capital of €10. do not distribute. but also three aesthetic categories. F-59500 Roubaix.” The project is said to be supported by an international group of artists. after a successful funding campaign raised enough money for the project to find a permanent location. Peter Blake. Art Media Agency (AMA) Art Media Agency (AMA) is published by the A&F Markets company.