Solidarity is our starting point We wish to express our solidarity with the comrade who published anonymous testimony

about her experience of complaining about rape in the SWP. Her honesty and courage to come forward should be commended, and any socialist should be shocked and ashamed at the way she has been treated. Her account of her experiences confirms the criticisms we have been making of the leadership over their handling of the case against Martin Smith, and it goes further. This womanʼs treatment was not about protecting a leading member but it shows how the crisis has distorted our party's understanding of and commitment to the struggle against sexism and womenʼs oppression. We want to make it clear that as members of the SWP we condemn the way this comrade was treated. We have no confidence in the DC to fulfil the functions they were elected to carry out. We have again proved incapable, both politically and organisationally, of dealing with complaints in such a way as to act as tribunes of the oppressed. In particular, we are concerned about the content and tone of the email the comrade in question received from the disputes committee. It puts the confidentiality of the accused above any other personal or political consideration. It insinuates that seeking support and comfort from others around her jeopardises her hearing. We call on members of the disputes committee who were involved in the case to apologise and to resign their position. As individual SWP members we apologise for the actions of our leading bodies and the distress they have caused this comrade. The CC must also make a public apology regarding this mistake. This is further evidence of the degeneration of the partyʼs politics. All socialists must act to stop such abuse in our organisations and to expose those complicit in it. On this, there is no middle ground. Failure now to respond to the demands of the membership for accountability will inevitably lead to further splits in the organisation, as those of us who are disgusted at the SWPʼs recent record on these questions will have still more evidence that the partyʼs leadership have gone far off the course of the International Socialist tradition. This case underlines our view that there must be no ʻtacticalʼ fudge over the questions raised by previous disputes and this latest case. The whole party needs to be open and uncompromising in revealing the depth of this crisis. Our actions cannot be limited by fear of further tarnishing the SWPʼs reputation. Nor can they be limited by thinking that an internal compromise on these matters will

solve the crisis: any acknowledgment and apology that appears a few years down the line will mean nothing in practice. If there is no accountability at this yearʼs conference, we will continue making these mistakes. We believe the current leadership of the SWP have done irreparable damage to the party. We have remained members, not out of denial of the scale of the crisis, but to transform the organisation into the kind of party we need. There can be no compromise over these questions if the SWP is to be a viable organisation for revolutionary socialists. We urge all members of the SWP to join us in demanding accountability for these mistakes at conference. This statement is open to all party members. To add yourself as a signatory please send name and branch/district to Signed: Louis B, North London Suhail M, North London Ruth L, Brixton Lois C, Brixton Robin B, Euston Dave R, Euston Gill G, Hackney Adam DC, Hackney Pete G, Hackney Rachel E, Chelmsford Luke E, Lewisham Alexis W, Euston Jonas L, Tower Hamlets Bettina T, Hackney Ross S, Euston Lukas K, Euston Amy G, Cambridge Martha J, Lewisham Fraser A, Brixton Dan S, Norwich Jamie A, Cambridge Jaz BP, Brixton Emma C, Southwark Jamie W, Goldsmiths Kaiya S, Cambridge Mitch M, Cambridge Bea L, Norwich Samir H, KCL Soren G, Goldsmiths

Matt C, Lewisham Rob O, Brixton Dominic W, Liverpool Charlie H, Hackney Dave H, KCL Shanice M, KCL Shamma I, Tower Hamlets Keir R, Oxford Rick L, Manchester Ollie V, Colchester Simon B, Walthamstow Nathan B, Medway Oliver L, Essex James N, Oxford Ayshe Asim, Kent Bill C, Euston Andrew O, Cambridge Imogen C, Brixton Adrià C, Essex Emily M, Essex Arjun M, Brixton Sadie F, Cambridge Andy C, Manchester Ben H, Barnsley Miriyam A, Oxford Sarah P, Colchester Hanif L, Merseyside Ian S, West London William C, Kent Mike T, Leicester Nicholas J, Brixton Sheldon R, Barnsley Ben M-H, Barnsley

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