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Trendy Collection 2011-2012


Chefs presentation
For more than 23 years Gastronomic School Bellouet Conseil continues to support and promote high quality materials an products through its courses given by highly quali ed instructors. It is for this reason we became Premium Gastronomy Ambassadors, the signature of famous quality brands: Griottines, Cointreau, Remy Martin, Saint James, ...

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I hope these few recipes will inspire you in this noble Art. Gastronomiquement vtre.

Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. Pastry, Bellouet Conseil School, Paris, France

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With origins from Brittany and being the son of a baker, I now teach my passion for bakery in a professional baking school. I also travel to several countries in the world where I consult bakers and pastry chefs ; participate in professional expositions or in professional schools, notably Bellouet Conseil School in Paris. For two years now, I am responsable for the opening of French bakeries in Japan and I assure the training of their future bakers in France. Perfectionist at all levels of my work, it has been for some time that I use the products in the Premium Gastronomie series. It is with great pleasure that I present to you several of my recipes made with a base of Griottines and of Cointreau for the 2011-2012 Collection.

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Ludovic RICHARD, M.O.F. Bakery, World Vice Champion of Bakery (by team), European Champion of Baking (by team)

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Eric PEREZ begun his career in Pastry at the age of 15 in Toulouse, France. In 1985 he worked for the French Embassy in the United States of America and then for the Ritz Carlton Group. He taught in the International School of Ewald Notter in 1996 and in 1998 he moved to China where he worked for the Portman Ritz Carlton. He won the Bronze medal in the World Cup Pastry Competition in Lyon in 1999. In 2001 he created his own pastry shop in Shanghai and coached the Chinese National Team in the World Pastry Cup. He creates his own Pastry School in 2008 in Bangkok, the Macaron Pastry School with a mission to train professionals to excel in the practice of pastry. It is with the same excellence that Eric Perez has created these recipes for our book Tendance Collection 2011-2012.

Eric PEREZ, Macaron Pastry School, Bangkok, Thailand


The Black forest log

p a s t r y
Recipe for approx. 30 persons (frame of 35 x 28 x 4.5cm high) 5 logs of 28 x 7cm for 6 persons

Milk chocolate cream 200 g 400 g 400 g 70 g milk cream milk couverture chocolate 36% gelatine mass*

Assembly Using a frame of 35 x 28 x 4.5cm high. Place in the bottom a sheet of biscuit and soak with the Kirsch punch. Pour the milk chocolate cream and sprinkle 300g of Griottines. Place a second biscuit over the cream, equally soaked with the punch, and nish with the white mousse. Place in a freezer. Decoration and nishing Decorate with chocolate shavings, a few Griottines and gold leaf. Place chocolate decoration around the edges. * Gelatine mass recipe : 50g gelatine (200 bloom) powder mix with 300g cold water = 350g mass

Chocolate biscuit 200 g 100 g 140 g 400 g 60 g 20 g 320 g 120 g softened butter melted dark chocolate 70% icing sugar egg yolks our cocoa powder egg whites castor sugar

Boil together the milk and the cream then pour over the chopped couverture milk chocolate. Mix together and add the gelatine mass melted in the microwave. Mix well together. White mousse 500 g 120 g 140 g 100 g cream glucose Griottines juice gelatine mass*

Original creation by Jean-Michel PERRUCHON M.O.F. Pastry Bellouet Conseil School Paris, France

In a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment, beat together the butter, melted dark 70% chocolate and icing sugar; adding little by little the egg yolks until the mixture is whitened. Fold through half of the egg whites, whisked to a meringue, the sifted our and cocoa powder and the remaining meringue mixture. Spread the mixture into a frame of 56 x 35 cm. Cook in a ventilated oven at 180C for approx. 10 minutes.

Whisk the cream. Heat the glucose and the Griottines juice to 50C, adding the gelatine. Allow to cool to 30C then incorporate the softly whipped cream. Use immediately. Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. soaking syrup 200 g 100 g 30 g 30 g 30B stock syrup water Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. Griottines juice
White mousse Griottines Milk chocolate cream Chocolate shavings Chocolate biscuit

Exotic baba
p a s t r y
Recipe for 24 savarin molds

Dipping syrup 1 000 g 450 g 150 g 150 g water sugar passion fruit juice Saint James Rum 54% vol.

Bring to the boil then add the Saint James Rum. Store for the dipping of the babas. Baba paste 500 g 20 g 10 g 30 g 100 g 300 g 160 g our sugar salt yeast water eggs melted butter

Chantilly cream 1 000 g cream 80/100 g icing sugar 2 g vanilla powder Mix the cream with the icing sugar and the vanilla powder. Then whisk with a machine being careful to have the cream very cold for a better nal volume.

In a mixing bowl and using a paddle attachment, mix together the water, our, sugar, salt and eggs. Once the paste is homogeneous, add the melted butter. With the aid of a piping bag, pipe the mixture into the silicone savarin molds. Allow to rise and then cook in a ventilated oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

Assembly and decoration Cook the savarins one day before the dipping. Heat the syrup to 50C and dip the savarins with care, slowly and completely. The dipping is the most important part. Drain the savarins then sprinkle them with Rum and glaze with a neutral glaze. Decorate with a Chantilly cream rosette and some fresh fruits.

Original creation by Jean-Michel PERRUCHON M.O.F. Pastry Bellouet Conseil School Paris, France

Cointreau Saint Honor

p a s t r y
Recipe for 2 Saint Honor of 6 persons

Salted butter caramel 400 g 100 g 500 g 200 g 10 g castor sugar glucose cream butter sea salt

Make a caramel with the sugar and glucose then pour in the heated cream and the butter and to nish the salt. Return to the heat for a few minutes to reach a temperature of 103-104C. Brittany Sable with Orange zests 180 g 340 g 360 g 500 g 30 g 2 egg yolks cassonade sugar butter our T55 baking powder orange zests

Cointreau light cream 1 000 g pastry cream 500 g Chantilly cream 40 g Cointreau 60% vol. Beat well together the pastry cream with the Cointreau then delicately add with a spatula the Chantilly cream.

Mix until white the yolks and the cassonade sugar. Add the softened butter, the orange zests and nally the sifted our and baking powder. Store in a refrigerator (+ 4C) for several hours. Roll out the paste to a thickness of 7mm and cut out rectangles of 20cm x 11cm. Bake in a fan forced oven at 170C for 25 to 30 minutes, then allow to cool on a grill.

Finishing Spread a thin coat of caramel over each Brittany Sable. Pipe onto the caramel, using a St Honore nozzle, the Cointreau light cream. To nish: place on the dressed biscuit, 10 Cointreau light cream lled choux pus and salted caramel icecream.

Original creation by Ludovic RICHARD M.O.F. Bakery

Griottines Brioche
v i e n n o i s e r i e
Recipe for approximately 60 brioches

Macaronade (almond glaze) 250 g ground almonds 210 g egg whites 80 g cassonade sugar

The Griottines brioche marries perfectly with an afternoon coee or tea and there is no need to serve jams or preserves the fruit is already incorporated! Eaten simply as they are, this brioche is a real delight! The Griottines brioche is covered with an almond glaze before baking to give a nal note of crunch.

Method Incorporate all ingredients together with the exception of the butter, the dried fruits and the avorings. Mix at a low speed for 5 minutes, then at a medium speed until the paste begins to come of the sides of the bowl. Then add at a low speed the butter, increasing the speed to a medium speed until the paste comes of the bowl once more. Finally incorporate the dried fruits and the avorings. The paste should not exceed a temperature of 24 to 26C Allow the paste to rise at room temperature for one hour or place in the refrigerator until the next day.

Brioche 1 000 g 22 g 30 g 120 g 200 g 400 g 250 ml 500 g 20 g 25 g 300 g 100 g 100 g our T55 salt fresh yeast sugar pre dough (levain) whole eggs milk butter liquid vanilla La Cigogne Gastronomie Kirsch Griottines pistachios whole almonds

Weigh out 50g balls or rounded batons of 180g. Allow to rest for 10 to 20 minutes Shape 50g balls into aluminium timbales of 6 cm diametre and height of 3.5 cm or 180g into an elongated shape for molds of 12 x 8 x 4,5 cm. Prove at an ambiante temperature (25C) for approximately 2 hours. Finishing: spread the glaze over the brioche and dust 3 times with icing sugar. Bake at 160/180C for approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

Original creation by Ludovic RICHARD M.O.F. Bakery



Iced Bombe Parfait

i c e
Recipe for 2 dmes of 18 cm in diametre approximately 16 people

Black cherry sorbet 440 g 265 g 120 g 40 g 4,5 g black cherry puree water castor sugar glucose powder stabilizer Super Neutrose

Dacquoise Use a basic recipe. Allow approx. 300g for 2 bases of 18cm diametre. To assemble In a half sphere stainless mold of 18cm apply the rst coat of mango sorbet. Press into the sorbet the 16 cm stainless steel half sphere and freeze. Using the blow torch quickly heat the inside to release the 16 cm mold. Freeze for a few minutes and coat with the cherry sorbet and press a 14 cm stainless steel mold and freeze. Again, quickly heat up the stainless and remove the mold. Pour in the Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. parfait while adding the Griottines. Place a disc of pre cut dacquoise over the top of the nished parfait and freeze. Un-mold the nished parfait and glaze with a neutral glaze. Place around the parfait some macaroons to decorate.
mango sorbet Parfait

Iced parfait with Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. 120 g 90 g 30 g 80 g 320 g 3 5g 150 g whole milk sugar inverted sugar yolks whipping cream vanilla beans Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. 45% vol. Griottines

1. Bring the water to the boil. 2. Add the dry ingredients and bring to the boil once more. 3. Pour over the black cherry puree. 4. Rest and mature for at least 3 hours before hand blending the mixture into the puree and processing through the ice cream machine. Mango sorbet 725 g 255 g 123 g 85 g 3,5 g mango puree water castor sugar glucose powder stabilizer Super Neutrose

1. Bring the milk and vanilla to the boil and then strain. 2. Mix the yolks and sugar. Add to the milk and then poach everything to 85C and strain. 3. Remove from the heat and whisk at 3rd speed, then reduce the speed until completely cooled. 4. Fold through the whipped cream into the anglaise and add the Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C..
Original creation by Eric PEREZ Macaron Pastry School Bangkok, Thailand

1. Bring the water to the boil. 2. Add the dry ingredients and bring to the boil once more. 3. Pour over the mango puree. 4. Rest and mature for at least 3 hours before hand blending the mixture into the puree and processing through the ice cream machine.

black cherry sorbet macaroons





The Saint Sylvestre

p a s t r y
Recipe for a frame of 60 x 40 x 4.5cm Approx. 64 people : 8 entremets for 8 people

White chocolate lemon cream 250 g milk 20 g 1 lemon zest 425 g 1 orange zest 500 g 15 g glucose 25 g

gelatin leaves white chocolate whipped cream Cointreau 60% vol.

Blood Orange Mousse 750 g blood orange puree 40 g gelatin leaves 300 g Italian meringue 900 g whipped cream 30 g Cointreau 60% vol.
1. Soften the gelatin in cold water. 2. Heat of the puree and add the drained gelatin to dissolve in the heated puree. 3. Add the rest of the cold puree. 4. Cool down and incorporate the meringue and whipped cream. 5. Fold through the Cointreau.

Pain de Genes 640 g eggs 690 g almond paste (50% almond content) 200 g warm melted butter 120 g our 4 g baking powder
1. Heat the almond paste in the microwave until soft. 2. Place into a mixing bowl and beat; adding the eggs slowly until light and uy. 3. Fold in the sifted dry ingredients and add the hot butter. 4. Spread on Flexipan of 60 x 40 x 1cm and bake at 180C for approx. 25 minutes.

1. Soften the gelatin in cold water. 2. Bring to the boil the milk, add the glucose and the zests and allow to infuse. 3. Strain and add the drained softened gelatin. 4. Pour over the chocolate and make a ganache. 5. Fold through the whipped cream.

Blood orange coulis 250 g blood orange puree 35 g sugar 5 g gelatin leaves
1. Softened the gelatin in cold water. 2. Heat of the puree and add the strained gelatin to dissolve in the puree. 3. Add to the rest of the cold puree. Set aside for the assembly.

Place the frame on a paper sheet and tray of 60 x 40 x 4,5cm high. Place the baked pain de gene into the frame, then, spread a thin layer of orange compote. Add a layer of white chocolate lemon cream and distribute the strained Griottines into the cream. Cover the Griottines with the remaining white chocolate lemon cream. Place in the freezer to set. Pour the blood orange coulis to cover the cream and place once more in the freezer to set. Add a layer of blood orange mousse then the sheet of orange almond dacquoise. Finish with a last coat of blood orange mousse. Set aside some left over mousse to smooth the top after setting.

Orange compote 15 g 20 g butter 2 oranges (approx. 600g) 50 g 25 g 10 g cornour 20 g Cointreau 60% vol. 25 g

brown sugar sugar water glucose

Orange Almond Dacquoise 320 g ground almonds 320 g icing sugar 65 g our 400 g egg whites 170 g sugar 2 orange zests
1. Sift the ground almonds, our and icing sugar together. Add the orange zests. 2. Whisk the egg whites to form a meringue, adding the sugar little by little then fold in the sifted dry ingredients. 3. Spread on Flexipan 60 x 40 x 1cm and bake at 180C for approx. 15 minutes.

Original creation by Eric PEREZ Macaron Pastry School Bangkok, Thailand

1. Cook the oranges in water for about an hour until soft. 2. Allow to cool and slice. 3. In a pot, cook the oranges with the butter, sugar, brown sugar and glucose. 4. At the end of the cooking add the cornour mixed with Cointreau and water to thicken the compote. 5. Cool down and chop the compote.

Spray with cocoa butter and white chocolate tinted pink with food coloring, add silver pearls, Griottines and white chocolate curls.



Paris-Brest Cointreau
p a s t r y
Recipe for 2 Paris-Brest of 6 persons or 8 individual pieces

Cointreau light cream Make a pastry cream with : 300 g milk vanilla bean 65 g yolks 75 g castor sugar 28 g pastry cream powder Then add 45 g of butter. This recipe makes 500 g quantity. Method for making the light cream : 500 g pastry cream 30 g Cointreau 60% vol. 5 g orange zest (1 piece) 14 g gelatine leaves 500 g Chantilly cream Soak the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes, then drain and melt. Smooth out the pastry cream with the orange zestes and Cointreau. Mix a small quantity of pastry cream with the warm melted gelatine then add the remaining pastry cream respecting at all times a balance with the mixtures. Gently fold through the rmly Chantilly cream with a spatula. Slice the ring in half horizontally. Pipe the prepared cream using a star nozzle. Space a few mini clairs (carolines) in the centre and then pipe a second series of roses.

Choux paste 250 g 250 g 220 g 15 g 10 g 280 g 500 g water milk butter salt castor sugar our whole eggs

In a saucepan, bring to the boil the water, milk, butter, salt and sugar. O the heat, add all at once the sifted our. On the heat, cook out the paste until it no longer sticks to the pan. Using an electric mixer, gradually add the eggs. Fill a piping bag and pipe in the shape of a ring of 16 cm in diametre or 8 cm for individual pieces. Pipe out as well some mini clairs (carolines). Sprinkle over the egg washed ring, almond batons. Bake at 190/200C for approximately 30 minutes in a dry oven or 160C in a fan forced oven.



Recipe for approx. 60 molded demi-sphere chocolates of 10g each

Angel Dust Chocolates continued

Lime and Cointreau ganache 120 g lime juice 15 g glucose 250 g white chocolate 35 g butter 20 g Cointreau 60% vol.
Boil the lime juice and zest, then strain. Add the glucose. Melt the white chocolate. Pour the lime juice and glucose onto the white chocolate and create an emulsion. Add the softened butter. Add the Cointreau. Pipe the ganache into the prepared moulds (which have been sprayed lightly green with cocoa butter and chocolate then brushed with gold powder; and coated with the couverture chocolate). Allow to crystallize overnight and seal with tempered chocolate.

Ganache Rmy Martin cognac 250 g 64% dark chocolate 300 g 38% milk chocolate 250 g cream 35% 60 g glucose 100 g butter 85 g Rmy Martin cognac

Bring to the boil the cream and glucose. Melt slightly the chocolates and pour the boiling cream over in steps to create a good emulsion. Add the butter and the Remy Martin cognac. Hand blend and pour onto the cocoa nib praline. Crystallize overnight and cut with the guitare cutter 22,5 x 22,5 mm. Allow to crystallize. Finishing : Coat with dark couverture chocolate and pipe a thin line of milk chocolate.


Basic recipes Pastry cream Chantilly cream Light cream Buttercream Ganache Mousse Icecreams Sorbet Soaking syrup Lightly avour 20 g/kg 15 g/kg 20 g/kg 15 g/kg 50 g/kg 20 g/kg 15 g/kg 20 g/kg 80 g/kg Strong avour 40 g/kg 35 g/kg 40 g/kg 35 g/kg 80 g/kg 40 g/kg 35 g/kg 40 g/kg 150 g/kg Very intense avour 50 g/kg 45 g/kg 50 g/kg 45 g/kg 100 g/kg 50 g/kg 45 g/kg 50 g/kg 250 g/kg

(Doses are valid for Cointreau, Saint James, Remy Martin and Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C.)

Angel dust
Recipe for 180 coated chocolates approx.10g each


An excellent aroma of multiple use, Concentrated Cointreau will complement all types of creams, mousses, llings, soaking syrups, icecreams and sorbets. Only a few drops is needed to add a delicate note of freshness and fruit to preparations. It is an equally perfect association with red fruit avours, citrus fruits, dried fruit, vanilla, coee, caramel, chocolate, praline, etc The intense woody, oral avours and aromas, are greatly appreciated by professionals, making it the ideal partener with chocolate. Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac marries equally well with pastry preparations with a base of dried fruits such as pralines, coned fruits, apricots, raisins and currants, almonds ; spices (cinnamon and vanilla), coee and caramel. Rum is the most common alcohol used in pastry and is often employed alone to enhance pastry creams, mousselines, and butter creams. The St James Rum marries well with chocolate ganaches, dried raisins and sultanas and preserved fruits in icecreams. In addition, it associates with exotic fruits, citrus fruits, dried fruits, spices and coee. The Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. is a formidable natural aroma. Used by itself to avour creams for Choux Saint Honor and all bases of choux paste. It also can be added to complement Fraisiers strawberry cakes and marries perfectly with Red Berry fruits, caramels and pistachios. Used in icecream making, Kirsch of Fougerolles A.O.C. associates well with candied fruits, ideally in Parfaits.

Cocoa nib praline 200 g sugar 75 g water 200 g cocoa nibs

Original creation by Eric PEREZ Macaron Pastry School Bangkok, Thailand

Cook the sugar and water to 115C and add the cocoa nibs. Continue to cook to roast until caramelized. Allow to cool then ground in food processor until it forms a paste. Spread very thinly (between two sheets of sulferised paper) on a plastic sheet 1 mm thick in a frame of 33 x 33cm. Allow to crystallize, place a 1cm frame over the top and pour the ganache Remy Martin cognac on to the praline.



The highest Brands signature for Gastronomy


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