Kellie Kickin’ Cancer

July 17, 2009 Dear Friends: As many of you are aware, our granddaughter/niece/friend, Kellie Duggan, was diagnosed this past February with metastatic Ewing’s Sarcoma at the young age of 20. This is a rare and highly aggressive form of bone cancer that has required Kellie to be in the hospital and a rehabilitative center since her diagnosis. Due to the extent of the cancer, Kellie still faces a minimum of 6+ months of chemotherapy and rigorous physical rehabilitation. Despite all of this, she recently received some good news---her treatments have made progress and she is going home. Kellie’s cancer began in her spine so as of right now, Kellie is unable to walk. Her treatment includes intensive physical therapy to regain the use of her lower extremities. These treatments, once she comes home, are done on an outpatient basis and very few sessions will be covered by insurance. Also, significant modifications need to be made to Kellie’s home in order for her to safely and comfortably live there. We truly appreciate the love and support all of you have provided to Kellie, her family and each of us over these past few months. As we continue down this difficult road, we are asking for your support one more time. This time, the support we are asking for is financial. Together with many other people who love Kellie and her family, we have vowed to help offset the tremendous financial burden that this catastrophic illness has caused them. They are not asking for this help—but as Kellie and her family have shown to many of us over the years through their life commitment to social work, no one should have to face such a burden alone. The following are the things that need to be in place in order to make Kellie’s time at home comfortable and productive: Home modifications—Kellie’s home will need extensive work, including: a lift to get Kellie from the first to the second floor; a ramp for her to access the house; modifications to the bathroom for Kellie to be able to enter and exit in her wheelchair (estimated costs between $15k and $25k); Medical equipment not covered by insurance—this will include things such as a specialized wheelchair (approximately $5k); a medical alert system ($1k); a hospital bed ($2k); a van that could transport her in her wheelchair ($20k-$32k); and other specialized equipment; Physical therapy—the insurance that Kellie has covers very few of these appointments, and once these sessions are exhausted her family will be required to pay this expense out of pocket ($100.00 per session).

Kellie Kickin’ Cancer
A fund has been established for Kellie through a local non-profit organization, Raise the Bar. Raise the Bar is a charity that raises money for families that have loved ones that are battling cancer. This foundation will accept donations and distribute 100% of your donation directly to Kellie therefore your donations are tax deductible. We have been overwhelmed with the huge outpouring of support and requests to help in some way. Thank you in advance for any contribution you are able to make to assist Kellie on the road to recovery. Any contribution is welcome - please send all donations to: Raise the Bar, c/o Melissa Bramble 32F Weed Hill Avenue Stamford, CT 06907 Checks should be made out to Raise the Bar, with “Kellie Duggan” in the memo line. Sincerely, The Duggan Family: Jim & Sue Duggan Maureen & Brian Redmond Jim Duggan Fran & Karin Duggan Kathy & David Kayne PJ & Sue Duggan Terry & John LaMonica Ginny & Adam McGregor The Stiso Family: Pat Stiso Barbara & John Berchin Michael & Leigh Stiso John & Maryann Stiso Chris & Amy Stiso Friends of the Family: Julie DeGennaro Sharon & Jay Criscuolo Tom & Beth Markiewicz Mike & Maureen Considine Rick D‘Avino Jack & Diane Nealon Peter & Gloria O’Keefe Kathy (Walsh) Wynters

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns: Terry (Duggan) LaMonica at (617) 283-1010 or email at Ginny (Duggan) McGregor at (617)-947-6973 or e-mail me Julie DeGennaro at (203) 415-2232 or Barbara (Stiso) Berchin at (631) 878-0395 or Peter O’Keefe at (860) 558-7770 or Kathy (Walsh) Wynters at (781) 799-8475 or

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