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July 22, 2009

Dear Senator,

We, the undersigned organizations, representing millions of Americans, strongly encourage you to
support health care legislation that expands health care choices and reduces health care costs through an
open health care system. Many of the reforms Congress is currently considering will increase costs,
reduce choices, raise taxes, and control our families' health care.

We stand united against:

• Giving bureaucrats any decision-making authority over American families’ health care.
• Increasing the deficit.
• A government health insurance plan.
• A government health insurance exchange.
• A government-designed co-op.
• An individual mandate and an employer mandate.
• Rationing health care.
We are for Americans who want to expand choices and improve affordable options in our health care


Tim Phillips Andrew Roth

President Vice President, Government Affairs
Americans for Prosperity The Club for Growth

Jim Martin Gary Aldrich

President Chairman
60 Plus Association CNP Action, Inc.

William Shaker Star Parker

Volunteer President President
American Council for Health Care Reform Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education

Dick Patten Jason Gloyd

President President
American Family Business Institute Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and
Taxes from Ohio
Denise Singleton
President Matthew J. Brouillette
American Federation of Senior Citizens President and CEO
Commonwealth Foundation
Mark Chmura
Executive Director Rick Scott
Americans for the Preservation of Liberty Chairman
Conservatives for Patients' Rights
Grover Norquist
President Merrill Matthews
Americans for Tax Reform Director
Council for Affordable Health Insurance
Mark Kellen
President Thomas Schatz
Association of American Physicians & Surgeons President
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
John Palatiello
President John McClaughry
Business Coalition for Fair Competition President
Ethan Allen Institute
Kevin D. Roberts
Founder and Executive Director John Hallman
Catholic Family Caucus President
Florida Taxpayers Union
Andrew F. Quinlan
President George Landrith
Center for Freedom and Prosperity President
Frontiers of Freedom
Jeffrey Mazzella
Center for Individual Freedom
Mario Lopez Duane Sand
President North Dakota Taxpayers Association
Hispanic Leadership Fund
C. L. Gray
Michelle Bernard President
President & CEO Physicians for Reform
Independent Women's Forum
Lori Roman
Andrew Langer President
President Regular Folks United
Institute for Liberty
Paul Gessing
J. Robert McClure, III President
President & CEO Rio Grande Foundation
The James Madison Institute
John Tsarpalas
Colin Hanna President
President Sam Adams Alliance
Let Freedom Ring
Karen Kerrigan
Christian Berle President & CEO
Director, Washington DC Office Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Log Cabin Republicans
Stacy Mott
Gene Mills President
President Smart Girl Politics
Louisiana Family Forum Action
Jenny Beth Martin
Tarren Bragdon National Coordinator
CEO Tea Party Patriots
Maine Heritage Policy Center
Rick Durham
Joseph Gutierrez President
Former President Tennessee Tax Revolt
Medical Society of the District of Columbia
Cathie Adams
Forest Thigpen President
President Texas Eagle Forum
Mississippi Center for Public Policy
Andrea Lafferty
Amy Ridenour Executive Director
President Tradition Values Coalition
National Center for Public Policy Research
Christopher Malagisi
Duane Parde President
President Young Conservatives Coalition
National Taxpayers Union
Sharon Rossie
Nevada Policy Research Institute

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