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Trusted Arizona Orthopedic Practice Now Performing Reverse Total Shoulder Replac ement Doctors at OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic

Associates are now performing a re verse total shoulder replacement. Chandler, AZ, October 15, 2013 -- Doctors at OrthoArizona - Arizona Orthopaedic Associates are now performing a reverse total shoulder replacement. Every year, thousands of conventional total shoulder replacements are successful ly done in the United States for patients with shoulder arthritis. Such surgery is not indicated for patients who have large rotator cuff tears and that have de veloped cuff tear arthropathy, a complex type of shoulder arthritis. Because of these conditions, a conventional total shoulder replacement would fai l and wear out quickly for patients with both of these conditions simultaneously . For these people, the reverse total shoulder replacement may be an option. Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Description A conventional shoulder replacement device mimics the normal anatomy of the shou lder, while a reverse total shoulder replacement reverses the mimicry of the bal l and socket. This works better for people with cuff tear arthropathy because it relies on arm movement powered by the strong deltoid muscle of the shoulder, an d is not dependent on the rotator cuff to balance the prosthetic components. In a healthy shoulder, the rotator cuff muscles help position and balance the jo int when the arm is taken through range-of-motion tasks. A conventional replacem ent device also uses the same rotator cuff muscles to function properly. In a patient with a large rotator cuff tear and cuff tear arthropathy, the rotat or cuff tendons no longer function properly, forcing orthopedic surgeons to use a different method. Since the reverse total shoulder replacement relies on the d eltoid muscles, instead of the rotator cuff, to power and position the arm, this procedure provides the proper solution for patients with large rotator cuff tea rs and cuff tear arthropathy. There are several scenarios where a reverse total shoulder replacement may be ben eficial for you, said Dr. Shelden Martin said. If you have a torn rotator cuff tha t cant be repaired and have developed shoulder arthritis, you might be a candidat e for a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Other instances where the surgery is recommended include when a previous shoulde r replacement surgery or rotator cuff surgeries were unsuccessful, and increasin gly in the setting of elderly patients who sustain severe fractures. Surgery is typically considered an option for all of these conditions when patients shoulder pain and difficulty lifting the arm persists despite having adequately tried ot her nonoperative treatments including medications, cortisone injections and phys ical therapy, Dr. Martin said. Long-Term Outcomes Following rehabilitation, patients have increased mobility of their arms, typica lly allowing them to raise their arms above shoulder height. Reverse total shoul der replacement patients will also see a decrease in pain. Post-surgery satisfac tion is typically high for reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, too. At OrthoArizona, we use the latest nonoperative and surgical treatments for a wid e range of orthopedic problems and sports related injuries, Dr. Martin said. Our j ob is to get you back to activity as soon as possible.

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