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Deck and Technical Officers Salary & Benefits Package

Choice of annual contract length and working pattern Our Officers have a choice of contract lengths and working patterns. For the first 12 months of employment the default pattern is option A (243 days), this is mandatory for all new joiners. After 12 months employment an Officer can opt to change patterns. Options: A) 243 day per annum worked on a flexible 12 week on 6 week off working pattern B) 200 day per annum worked on a flexible 12 week on 12 week off working pattern The above numbers of days are inclusive of all company service (for example travel and training). In addition to improve flexibility in rotation planning Carnival UK operates the following bandings for contracts (meaning Officers can work +/- 10 days in any given year): 233-253 days per year averaging to 729 days over 3 years 190-210 days per year averaging to 600 days over 3 years

Benefits (Summary) Any UK national resident who works more than 183 days at sea in a calendar year is not required to pay tax on earnings (or is able to reclaim tax paid). If you reside outside of the UK please refer to local tax regulations regarding seafarers working overseas. All onboard accommodation (private en-suite cabin with steward service) and food is included. Full deck privileges (access to and use of certain passenger facilities) are available depending on rank. Carnival UK covers the cost of travel, and accommodation where necessary, from your nearest international gateway airport (please refer to Carnival UKs authorised air city list) to your assigned ship. After six months continuous service our Officers can benefit from the Sea Staff Accompaniment Travel policy, which allows a nominated travel partner to accompany them whilst on duty at sea for the following durations in any 12 month period: An unlimited period in the case of Executive Officers
Captain, Deputy Captain, Chief Engineer, Staff Chief Engineer, Staff Electro-Technical Officer

Up to four months for three stripe and above Officers

st st

Safety Officer, 1 Officer, Ships Services Engineer, 1 Engineer, 1 Electro-Technical Officer


Up to two months for all other Officers

Benefits (continued...) Medical cover is provided by CUK while on board. After 12 months service employees become eligible for concessionary cruising (substantially reduced fares) and relatives travel (designed to allow family members to accompany staff during their tour of duty).

Annual salary and payment structure Our Officers receive annual salaries monthly in 12 equal installments. If an Officer agrees to work more than his/her contracted days per year an Extended Tour Bonus (ETB) is paid at rate of 1.2 x the Officers daily rate of pay. This ETB becomes payable for days worked in excess of the actual contracted days for the total 3 year period (i.e. 729 and 600 days)

Electro-Technical 1st ETO - 200 Days 1st ETO - 243 Days 2nd ETO - 200 Days 2nd ETO - 243 Days 3rd ETO - 200 Days 3rd ETO - 243 Days

GBP (UK Residents) Minimum 35,482.69 43,112.13 30,626.47 37,210.82 21,666.83 26,325.11 Maximum 42,480.36 51,613.32 32,126.92 39,034.34 26,146.65 31,767.96

(EU Residents) Minimum 38,861.01 47,215.55 32,582.29 39,587.14 26,082.04 31,690.02 Maximum 44,606.43 54,196.81 36,137.02 43,906.97 30,491.09 37,046.73

$US (Residents outside EU) Minimum $53,729.14 $65,281.50 $45,054.61 $54,740.38 $36,059.08 $43,811.59 Maximum $70,753.07 $85,964.77 $53,331.20 $64,797.41 $44,798.21 $54,429.62

Engine 1EO - 200 Days 1EO - 243 Days 2EO - 200 Days 2EO - 243 Days 3EO - 200 Days 3EO - 243 Days

GBP (UK Residents) Minimum 35,482.69 43,112.13 30,626.47 37,210.82 21,666.83 26,325.11 Maximum 42,480.36 51,613.32 34,359.66 41,747.05 26,146.65 31,767.96

(EU Residents) Minimum 42,281.39 51,371.28 35,774.98 43,465.96 26,082.04 31,690.02 Maximum 46,320.20 56,278.78 37,829.26 45,963.29 30,491.09 37,046.73

$US (Residents outside EU) Minimum $58,458.18 $71,026.91 $49,455.46 $60,088.88 $36,059.08 $43,811.59 Maximum $63.997.44 $77,756.89 $58,308.44 $70,845.38 $47,642.20 $57,885.89