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Date: 22/4/13 Subject/Topic: Inquiry- Mind, Body and Soul Introduction into the topic of Mind, Body & Soul

. Introduction into the ‘Mind’- ‘How does my mind work?’ Year Level: 8C Learning Objective:  To gain a deeper understanding of the parts of a brain, the hemispheres, lobes and their functions. Success Criteria:  Students will label and describe different parts of the brain. Introduction (15 minutes):    Explain to students that every lesson they will be given two mind body soul facts and two optical illusions. Fun Facts: -Every square inch of the human body has about 19 million skin cells. -Every hour about 1 billion cells in the human body must be replaced. Optical Illusions: sions.png What do we want to know about the brain that we don’t already know? Each student to write down three questions.

Procedure:  Session 1 (50 minutes) Parts of the brain- Labelled brain to be in student brochure Whole- On this web site it explains the parts of the brain. As a class go through the sections of the brain. Students need to use the hand out below to write down as many points as they can about the different parts of the brain. Part- Give students a copy of the unlabelled brain, (from the link below) and have them label it correctly and give some information about each part using their notes. Whole – Share labelled brains and label on the board as a class to check accuracy.  Session 2 (50 minutes) Hemispheres – What are they and what do they look after? Test, results and reflection to be in student brochure. Whole – Read and discuss information given on the hemispheres of the brain. Look at the right hemisphere controlling the left side of the body, and the left hemisphere controlling the right side of the body. What aspects link to each hemisphere? Have students take notes during discussion. left and right side dominant functions Part – Complete the brain dominance test and record results.  Test - Which hemisphere do you like to learn with? Test, results and reflection to be in student brochure. Best to do on the computer –

Or Print this test out or put it up on the whiteboard to work through together Whole – Have each student share their results and state whether they think it is accurate and why.  Home Task Have students research the answers to their three questions from the beginning of the session, if they were not answered during the class. Assessment:    ICT:  Optical Illusions sions.png  Activity One  Activity Two  m  Test Journal reflection WALT (We Are Learning To) Reflect on brain dominance test and whether you think this is accurate for you. Assessment as part of student brochure: Label the parts of the brain.