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3 weeks
*Clinical study of 41 patients with mild to moderate acne

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Study Protocol
Objective: > To quantify the effectiveness of using a blue light device in a combination therapy with proprietary creams in a self-treat regime.

Method: > 41 adults with mild-to-moderate facial inflammatory acne. > Subjects were randomly assigned to blue light therapy (n=26) or control (n=15). > Subjects were well matched at baseline in terms of age, sex and duration of acne. > Severity of cyclic breakouts, improvement in skin appearance, clarity, radiance, tone, texture, smoothness and subject satisfaction was recorded at 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 weeks.

Results & Conclusion
Results: > Inflammatory lesion counts reduced by 50% in treatment group and increased 2% in controls. > A noticeable improvement was observed in the first 3 weeks after start of treatment. > Treatment was pain and side effect-free.

Conclusion: > Home-use blue light therapy visibly improves inflammatory facial acne 3 weeks after first treatment with no adverse effects. > The blue light device offers a valuable alternative to damaging antibiotics and potentially irritating topical treatments. > Visible results were observed at week 3, and maximal between weeks 8 and 12.

Results & Conclusion

What is Q-Acne?

Q-Acne is an new 3 step treatment for mild to moderate acne. Q-Acne is fast acting, giving a visibly clearer complexion in just 3 weeks. The blue

light technology

produces singlet oxygen within the acne causing bacteria, effectively eliminating the bacteria at the source, quickly clearing the acne and helping prevent future breakouts. The treatment is gentle, non-invasive and suitable for all skin types and tones. The Q-Acne daily treatment programme comprises of 3 simple steps: STEP 1: Prepare, facial wash - skin is cleansed and softened for maximum light penetration STEP 2: Blue Light, bacteria elimination - destroys acne causing bacteria. STEP 3: Dermal Renew - moisturising peel helps stimulate skin repair. As a drug free treatment Q-Acne is side effect free. Q-Acne now offers a unique confidence boosting solution for anybody with mild to moderate acne.

How it works

Epidermis Plugged follicle

Sebacacus gland

Sebaceous gland produces excess Accumulation of shed keratin natural oils and clog the follicle and sebum

Acne bacteria multiplies causing inflammation Mild inflammation

Marked inflammation Scarring

Dead skin cells and excess sebum are removed with pre-treatment facial wash Increased blood supply clears acne Blue light kills acne forming bacteria

Post-treatment Dermal Renew moisturising peel prevents dry skin Skin is left smooth and visibly clearer

The Product

1 2 3

facial wash

blue light dermal

bacteria elimination

Visibly clearer skin in just 3 weeks

Study Feedback

“ Pain less and no side effects ”
Beth, Cheltenham, 2013

“T he first treatment I’ve tried in many years whic h has made a noticeable difference ”
Michelle, Cheltenham, 2013

“ Suc h a simple 3 step progra mme to follow ”
Joanne, Cheltenham, 2013

The Results!
Joanne’s story Kerry’s story

B e fo re B e fo re

r e t f A

r e t f A
*Clinical study of 41 patients with mild to moderate acne

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