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Who are the True Shias of Ahlulbait Ibrahim Mustapha.

First and foremost allow me to please tell you all what the word Shia means, because it seems today the word Shia today is not known by anyone. If we look into the Holy Quran we find the word Shia means followers. So, who are the followers (Shias) of Ahlulbait (as). It is narrated in a hadith on the authority of Imam Jaffar Al Sadiq (as) in which in which he demonstrates that the Shias of Ahlulbait (as) are the people of guidance, piety, good, faith, conquest and victory. The Imam (as) says: Our Shias are the people of guidance who are on the line that guides them to Allah, the people of piety who observe the commands of Allah in what they do and abstain from, the people of the good who call on the good and do good to all the people, the people of faith who believe in Allah, His Messenger, the Divine Messages and the Last Day, the people of victories, the people of struggle (Jihad) and the people of conquests who conquered the countries and called on them to follow the line of Allah and who defeat the enemies as they defend themselves. This hadith speaks about the qualities of the Shias, keeping in mind that we Shias represent Islam all together and not just a school of thought because Shiism is not something separated from Islam, but it represents Islam in all its morals and human feelings of responsibility toward others. There are different distinctions between who is a true follower of Ahlulbait (as), and who is a lover of Ahlulbait, and there is a huge difference between who is a lover of Ahlulbait (as), and who a true supporter and follower of Ahlulbait is (as). I will give you a very clear example. One of those so called followers or lovers of Ahlulbait (as) was a man by the name of Sahl Al Khorasani. He once came to Imam Jaffar A-Sadiq (as) and told him, why dont you rise? Meaning what why dont you rise meaning why dont you rise and assume the government? After hearing this, the Imam said to Sahl Al Khorasani, go and sit in the oven. He said O Imam Al Sadiq, dont burn me with the fire of this world before the fire of the hereafter. He told him okay dont worry, sit. So he started talking with him and conversing with him, then another person came, his name was Harun Al Makki, he enters the house of Imam A-Sadiq (as) he greats him, then Imam Al Sadiq told him and peace be upon you O Harun Al Makki, so sit in the oven, so Harun Al Makki took is shoes off, goes into the oven and sits in the oven. This is a great example of who a true follower of Ahlulbait is, he immediately done what his Imam had commanded him to do.

Today, many of us claim to follow there Imam yet, do we follow their teachings? Do we spread their teachings? Do we read about them? It is narrated in a hadith on the Authority of Imam Al-Ridha (as): Revive our memory, may Allah have mercy on he who revives our memory So people asked: How do we revive your memory? Shall we hit our heads with swords? Some people say to you, in favour of Ahlulbait we want to console them by hitting our heads and backs with chains and swords, cursing their enemies, or simply just to memorise their names. Now dont take me wrong, there is no problem in memorizing the names of our Infallibles, but what do you know about these Imam, their lives, teachings and can you follow these figures, whom you always name, what do you know about these people you are always asking for their intercession. The Imam (as) said was no; you revive our memory by teaching the people our knowledge and relating our Hadiths to them so that they would love us Reviving our memory is to revive our knowledge, culture, spirituality and morals It is also to reflect the true image of Ahlulbait (as). This should apply to All Muslims and especially the followers of Ahlulbait (as) We must follow this, we must learn about Ahlulbait (as) we must spread their knowledge to all people, for if people truly knew the teachings of Ahlulbait (as) they would not but follow them, and it is our responsibility to show people who Ahlulbait really are, we must be true followers of Ahlulbait and follow all their eloquent teachings, so that people would follow Ahlulbait (as) and so people are not driven away from Ahlulbait (as). Dear loved ones, as followers of Ahlulbait Dear loved ones, let our words be the ones that promote love, Let them be the words that promote good, justice and right, for it is our words (and deeds) that will make us stand before Allah to be held accountable in the Hereafter. This is the line and way of Ahlulbait whom we claim to love, the line that brings people together and does not separate them; the line that promotes love and not hatred; the line that unifies the ranks and does not create dissension. Beware of anyone trying to foment seditions, by twisting the facts, coming up with lies or spreading grudge Turn a deaf ear to them, for Allah wants us to hold fast all together by His covenant and be not disunited

Allah wants us to realize that all believers are but brethren, and that we should reconcile between any brethren in disagreement. Dear loved ones, this is what our responsibility is, and this is what we must follow in order for us to call ourselves the Shias of Ahlulbait (as). Dear loved ones, the more we get to know Ahlulbait, the more we will love them, the more we will follow their teachings, the more we will love each other through them, and the more we will cooperate with each other through them, in knowing Ahlulbait lie all the blessings, in obeying and gloving Ahlulbait lie all happiness and all the good.