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Nikola Tesla

Earth Resonance
and the

Future of Wireless Energy

Boris Petrovic
Instituto de Tecnologias Sustentaveis Nikola Tesla Brasilia, Brasil

The Nikola Tesla Institute, founded in 2012 in Brasília, Brazil is a non-profit scientific organization with a goal of popularization of new energy research. The private research laboratory is located near the lake Paranoa in the capital of Brazil.

Metas do Instituto Nikola Tesla
Centro Cientifico de Referência Internacional em desenvolvimento sustentável baseado em vantagens geoestratégicas do Brasil • Estabelecimento de um centro de referência de tecnologia internacional Pesquisa e implementação de modelos de Sistemas de Vida integrados com uso eficiente dos recursos • Desenvolvimento de projetos utilizando tecnologias alternativas de acordo com o paradigma Noosfera • Início de uma força-tarefa internacional de investidores, cientistas, futurólogos, arquitetos, engenheiros, ecologistas com foco no desenvolvimento de um novo habitat humano • Criação de um espaço de teste de sistemas de soluções descentralizadas de vida Transferência de tecnologia e inovação para o século 21 • Implementação de tecnologias inovadoras no Brasil • Promoção de inovação e desenvolvimento de tecnologias alternativas • Produção e divulgação de informações sobre novos métodos científicos
LABORATÓRIO DE ENERGIA “TESLA” • Pesquisa de novas tecnologias energéticas e novas fontes de energia • Pesquisa de tecnologias de energia sem fio • Implementação de projeto de teste do sistema planetário de Tesla • Implementação de tecnologias de ativação do campo energético terrestre LABORATÓRIO DE TECNOLOGIAS DA CONSCIÊNCIA “NOOSFERA” • Pesquisa de física da consciência e da cosmologia de acordo com paradigma de noosfera • Pesquisa do campo energético humano • Pesquisa do campo de energia de "localidade instantânea" • Implementação de tecnologias de ativação de campo energético humano LABORATÓRIO DE SISTEMAS DA VIDA “BIOSFERA” • Pesquisa e implementação de sistemas de habitações autossustentáveis • Pesquisa e implementação de sistemas de energização da água • Investigação das aplicações de ozônio em sistemas de vida


Torre de Tesla – Wardenclyffe (EUA)
Plano final de Tesla foi para a torre para transmitir sem fio telegrafia, telefonia e energia elétrica em todo o mundo. A torre seria aproveitar a energia elétrica terrestre, e, em seguida, poder relé para outras torres localizadas estrategicamente, assim eletrizantes mesmo as áreas mais remotas do globo de forma gratuita. A torre de madeira subiu 187 pés sobre uma grande eixo que descia 120 pés para ancorar profundamente a antena. O chão sob a torre foi com passagens subterrâneas.

Transmissor Amplificador de Tesla

The closed circuit system consists of a large Tesla coil transmitter, an ionized path connecting the transmitter to the upper atmosphere, the upper atmosphere, a second ionized path connecting the upper atmosphere back down to a receiving location, and the receiver itself. The circuit back to the transmitter is completed through the Earth.

The magnifying transmitter is not identical to the classic Tesla coil. It has the short thick primary and secondary inductor characteristic of the Tesla coil, although magnetic coupling between the two is tighter.

Tesla Tower in Shoreham Long Island (1901 - 1917) meant to be the "World Wireless" Broadcasting system

Tesla began building Wardenclyffe in 1900 with $150,000 invested by J.P. Morgan. The laboratory building was designed by Gilded Age architect to the rich-and-famous Stanford White, which in and of itself is more than sufficient grounds for historic landmark status. He built a 187-foot power tower, but it was never fully realized and in 1917 was dynamited by the government, afraid it was being used by German spies.

The laboratory was a brick building about 100 feet square and as tall as a twostory building. It was completed in a few months, and the concrete footings for

a huge tower were laid 250 feet south of the building. Tesla had ordered a couple of 100 horsepower steam engines and they were installed in the power plant in November of 1901. A 200-kilowatt Westinghouse Alternator (above) was installed later. The laboratory building was divided into four parts: the boiler room, the engine and dynamo room, a workshop containing eight metal lathes, and a laboratory.

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (Historical) 3D Visualizations by Nikola Stojanovic, Leo Blanchette

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Theory

The nearby laboratory of red brick, with arched windows and a tall chimney, held tools, generators, a machine shop, electrical transformers, glass-blowing equipment, a library and an office.

Various types of Tesla's low frequency antennas for excitation of Earth Resonator (Unpublished material from the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade) A. Marincic

Arrangements of Tesla’s antennas The drawings were, probably, prepared for a patent application. (Unpublished material from the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade) A. Marincic


Tesla’s proposed arrangement of balloon stations for transmitting electricity without wires (Pearson's Magazine, May 1899)

Nikola Tesla: “From my experiments and observations I conclude that with electromotive impulses not greatly exceeding 15,000,000 or 20,000,000 volts, the energy of many thousands of horse-power may be transmitted over vast distances, measured by many hundreds and even thousands of miles, with terminals not more than 30,000 to 35,000 feet above the level of the sea; and even this comparatively small elevation will be required chiefly for reasons of economy, and if desired it may be considerably reduced; since, by such means as have been described, practically any potential that is desired may be obtained and the currents through the air strata may be rendered very small, whereby the loss in the transmission may be reduced. It will be understood that the transmitting as well as the receiving coils, transformers, or other apparatus may be in some cases movable — as, for example, when they are carried by vessels floating in the air, or by ships at sea.”

“... I have also found it practicable to transmit notable amounts of energy through air strata not in direct contact with the transmitting and receiving terminals, but remote from them, the action of the impulses, in rendering conducting air of a density at which it normally behaves as an insulator, extending, as before remarked, to a considerable distance. ”

Nikola Tesla: “The earth is 4,000 miles radius. Around this conducting earth is an atmosphere. The earth is a conductor; the atmosphere above is a conductor, only there is a little stratum between the conducting atmosphere and the conducting earth which is insulating. Now, on the basis of my experiments in my laboratory on Houston Street, the insulating layer of air, which separates the conducting layer of air from the conducting surface of the earth, is shown to scale as you see it here. Those [radii lines] are 60 of the circumference of the earth, and you may notice that faint white line, a little bit of a crack, that extends between those two conductors. Now, you realize right away that if you set up differences of potential at one point, say, you will create in the media corresponding fluctuations of potential. But, since the distance from the earth's surface to the conducting atmosphere is minute, as compared with the distance of the receiver at 4,000 miles, say, you can readily see that the energy cannot travel along this curve and get there, but will be immediately transformed into conduction currents, and these currents will travel like currents over a wire with a return. The energy will be recovered in the circuit, not by a beam that passes along this curve and is reflected and absorbed, because such a thing is impossible, but it will travel by conduction and will be recovered in this [emphasis in original] way. Had I drawn this white line to scale on the basis of my Colorado experiments, it would be so thin that you would have to use a magnifying glass to see it.”

Optional Forms of Wireless Antennae Formed of Searchlight Beams Ionized Atmospheric Streams – Hettinger 1917 (U.S. Patent 1,309,031)

Experimental demonstration in the Houston Street laboratory, before G.D. Seeley, Examiner in Chief, U.S. Patent Office, January 23, 1898, of the practicability of transmission of electrical energy in industrial amounts by the method and apparatus described in U.S. Patents No. 645,576 and No. 649,621. Applications filed September 2, 1897.

Diagram of scheme for Wireless Transmission of power thru ionized light beams and the upper ionized strata of the atmosphere. Nikola Tesla: “I took a tube 50 feet long, in which I established conditions such as would exist in the atmosphere at a height of about 4 1/2 miles, a height which could be reached in a commercial enterprise, because we have mountains that are 5 miles high; and, furthermore, in the mountainous regions we have often great water power, so that the project of transmitting it, if the plan was rational, would be practicable.”

Nikola Tesla’s transmitting and receiving antennas and the standing waves along the Earth globe (Unpublished material from the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade) A. Marincic

A transmitting circuit is shown connected to earth and to an antenna. The transmitter being in action, two effects are produced: Hertz waves pass thru the air, and a current traverses the earth. The former propagate with the speed of light and their energy is unrecoverable in the circuit. The latter proceeds with the speed varying as the cosecant of the angle which a radius drawn from any point under consideration forms with the axis of symmetry of the waves. At the origin the speed is infinite but gradually diminishes until a quadrant is traversed, when the velocity is that of light. From there on it again increases, becoming infinite at the antipole. Theoretically the energy of this current is recoverable in its entirety, in properly attuned receivers.

Long island Notes: (June 2, 1901) showing Tesla’s model of transmission through the Earth.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is centered 300 kilometers off the coast of Brazil, where the trapped charged particles of the doughnut-shaped Van Allen radiation belts and cosmic rays from sun storms combine and bottom out at about 200 kilometers above the planet.

The Van Allen radiation belts are symmetric with the Earth's magnetic axis, which is tilted with respect to the Earth's rotational axis by an angle of 11 degrees. The intersection between the magnetic and rotation axes of the Earth is located 500 km more to the North, above the centre of the Earth. Because of this tilt and translation, the inner Van Allen belt is closest to the Earth's surface over the South Atlantic Ocean. The Terrestrial Capacitor Model

A Anomalia do Atlântico Sul (AAS) é uma área onde cinturão de radiação interior da Terra mais se aproxima da superfície da Terra. Isto leva a um aumento do fluxo de partículas energéticas nesta região e expõe satélites em órbita a uma maior do que os níveis normais de radiação. O efeito é causado pelo não-concentricidade da Terra e da sua dipolo magnético, ea AAS é a região perto da Terra, onde o campo magnético da Terra é mais fraco. Brasil está mais perto de cinturão de radiação da Terra do que em outros países. É perto do equador magnético, e a intensidade magnético em torno do equador, que não é constante, mas varia, devido às irregularidades na estrutura do campo. Perto do Brasil que o campo magnético está em seu ponto mais fraco. O cinturão de Van Allen é centrado acima do equador magnético, mas atinge mais abaixo é o lugar onde o campo é mais fraco.

Observations using a variety of instruments such as vertical sounding ionosondes, riometers and VLF receivers have provided evidences of the enhanced ionization due to energetic particle precipitation in the ionosphere over Brazil.

The extra ionization at E-layer heights could produce enhanced ionospheric conductivity within and around the anomaly region. The energetic particle ionization source that is operative even under “quiet” conditions can undergo significant enhancements during magnetospheric storm disturbances, when the geographic region of enhanced ionospheric conductivity can extend to magnetic latitudes closer to the equator where the magnetic field line coupling of the E and F regions plays a key role in the electrodynamics of the equatorial ionosphere.
Guiding and triggering of discharges from a Tesla coil type 280 kHz AC high voltage source using filaments created by a femtosecond Terawatt laser pulse has ben investigated. Without the laser the discharges were maximum 30 cm long. With the laser straight, guided discharges up to 110 cm length were detected. The discharge length was limited by the voltage amplitude of the Tesla coil.

No laser - 25cm

Laser guided - 100cm

Integrated picture of the discharge in the case of an unguided discharge and laser guided discharge (B. Forestier, A. Houard, I. Revel, M. Durand, Y. B. André et al.)

Laser guiding of Tesla coil high voltage discharges

Nikola Tesla Institute, Brazil – Technology Test Field – altitude 1250m 10km from National Park Chapada Dos Veadeiros 250km North of Brasília, Brazil

Tesla 3000 Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Prototype (50kVA)

Tesla 3000 – Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Prototype (50kVA)

Laboratory of the Nikola Tesla Institute

First phase

Equipment needed + Antenna, Construction Costs
125 kVA generator, two 25kVA, 15000V transformers ten high voltage capacitors (30kV, 100nF) 85.000 USD TOTAL 185.000 USD (Project timeframe 6 months) 250 kVA generator 225 kVA, 34500V transformer high voltage capacitor bank 600.000 USD TOTAL 1.600.000 USD (Project timeframe 2 years)

Second phase

The Team
Boris Petrovic is a Whole Earth System Scientist and Noospheric Philosopher. engineer of tele automation systems, and a researcher into Tesla’s “World system”, Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic reconnection. Boris is an associate of The Serbian “Nikola Tesla” Society in Belgrade, the Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia, and founding member of the Noosphere Forum. Boris worked in a number of embedded tech and automation systems startups as a software engineer and architect. As a founding member of the Google Lunar X Prize Team Synergy Moon, he is involved in private space exploration, focusing on outer-space settlement. Through cooperation with the International Scientific Research Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk and the Foundation of the Law of Time in Oregon he works on the study of cosmic consciousness, access to intensified consciousness and altered states, including non-linear time and telepathy. Boris’ research of Tesla’s wireless energy transfer, in his Belgrade laboratory, uncovers the potential energy field of “instantaneous locality” that underlies our reality, and facilitates communication with Earth’s cosmic neighborhood. Celso Nicoli, a retired colonel of the Brazilian armed forces, graduated from the Military Institute of Engineering (IME) in Telecommunications Engineering with a post-graduation in the same institution in Nuclear Engineering as a M.Sc. in the field of Plasma Physics. Researcher of the Brazilian Military Institute of Research and Development (IPD - Instituto de Pesquisas e Desenvolvimento do Exército) with an experience of 15 years in the area of development of scalar wave antennas in telecommunications applications in general and use in radar systems. Celso is practicing Siddha yoga since 1982. Thomas Soares Metallurgical engineer with a Masters in Materials Science from UFRGS. Activist in the context of Free Software. Interested in the subjects of "unconventional" Science as the works of Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Marko Rodin, John Searl, Victor Schauberger and others ... Amateur researcher in electronics. Enthusiastic about permaculture and organic nutrition. Married, two children, 48 years old, spiritualist without religion. Emilson Ribeiro Neto Systems analyst at Brazilian Mail, graduated at Network Computer by Federal Center of Technology Education, professional master at computer crimes. Act too like expert in criminal computer forensic and university professor. Geraldo Lino, geologist, director of the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement. Geraldo Lino has worked on a number of geological studies and civil engineering projects, including environmental impact assessments.

Partners The Nikola Tesla Institute announces partnership with the New Earth Project. The New Earth Institute is set to become a global focus standard for higher learning & creative expression. It is facilitating expert international partner organisations and acclaimed individuals known for their dedication to ushering in the new earth vision. The New Earth Institute will house faculties which foster key disciplines across the full-spectrum of academic, spiritual and creative expression and enquiry. institute facilities will host international symposia, workshops, training camps, seminars, congresses and retreats. The Tesla Science Foundation, Philadelphia, EUA Center for Cosmology Studies "Nikola Tesla", Belgrado, Servia The Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation, Bangkok, Tailândia Фонд Возрождения Технологий Николы Тесла (Dnipropetrovsk, Ucrânia) The Institute of new cosmology and the science of time, Servia The Noosphere Forum The Biointernet School Ноосфера. Общество. Человек - Электронный научный журнал LAELC Reativos Ltda, Brasil