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5824 7/A16-3/09, U.8.8. DACE (85247) Care of Fleet Post office, DEGLASSIFIE Paramore ‘The Commanding Officer. The Conmander-in-Chief, United States Fleet. (1) The Commander Submarine Division 181. (2) The Commander Subsarine Squadron 18. (5) The Commander Task Force 71. (Z) The Conmander SEVENTH Fleet. Subject: U.8.8. DACE (85247), Report of War Patrol Namder FIVE. (a) Subject Report. (8) Track Chart to CTF-71. (C) Special Reports. pe Enclosure (A), covering the fifth war ‘ol of this vessel conducted in the CELEEES Sea, PRtaWan Passage, end Dangerous Ground during tho period September 1 to Noveaber 6, 1944 is forwarded herewith, ENCLOSURE, U.5.8. DACE (85247), Report of War Patrol Nanber FIVE. August 12, 19k Arrived Brisbane, australia after completing fourtn war patrol. Given nofwal refit by Subuarine Repair Unit, Navy 134, in whieh the following major itens were accom plished Ovorhauled #3 and #4 main engines. Installed Gould tyze trin pump. Installed new 710. Moved 40un aft. Filled propeller shefts with sand. Given five day testing and loading period. Seiling date set for 1 Sept- ember 19hi. Licutonant F.P. THOMAS, USN and Lieut. (je) 0.0. , dz., D-V(G), USER wore detached. Lieut. (je) ‘ons, 'S-V(RS), USNR and Ensign Philip Barta, 2M, sh reported aboard for duty. yer 1 1350(K) _ Underway in accordance with Commender Task Fores 72 operation Order 556-44 in company with USS DARTER, HUAS WARRNAMBOOL ond Wins VHVALL. Conducted training exercises with (RRN-BOOL and WEYaLLA until evening of 4 September when ARRKAMBOOL was detached. Continued training ith WHYALLA until evening of § September when 7ALLA departed. Numerous Zed, day and night redar runs and a day and night énd around were conducted. No torpedoes wore fired. All guns were fired at float target. ‘The evening of 1 Septenber while making a trim dive a slight Jar was felt while passing NET DENT: wicLosune (a) Subjects U.8.3. DACE (8247), Report: of War Patrol Manber FIVE. fect. Readings and tests taken that night Andiested no trousie in the QC-JK so ‘hich was rigged out at the tine. deep dive the following nor shoved & zero ground. Li YOUNGER, C,H.) CMoIM, USN investegatéd head ‘the shaliow water diving outrit and a lange dent in QC side. JK side appar okay. St were also Loose thy all right. GC eomp ember 2. 1544, Conducting training enroute DARIN. Septente 24 Training enroute D!XWIN. eptember 4, 1 Training cnroute DANYIN. 1750(K) RH. CRANE, USN transferred SRIER +0 s'training officer. Septionbor 5, 1 ‘Training enroute DARWIN. wander R-H. CRANE, USN left ship. HUAS ALLA departed. Training completed. This f underway training is excellent but it ngly Peconmended that faster targets a Slower speed of advance be ed in order that the runs could be n ye