Murugan A +91-9944705077 murugan.701@gmail.

EXPERIENCE • • • • 4 + years of experience in the analysis, design, development, implementation and management of full life cycle commercial applications. Extensive experience in Object Oriented development and implementation using SITECORE 6.5,CSS3,HTML5,ASP.NET,C#.NET,ADO.NET,SQL 2005 & Oracle. Experience in Web site designing using Sitecore CMS. Good interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, true team player, hard working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies.

JOB HISTORY • • • Working as Technology Analyst in Infosys Technology, Chennai from Feb 2012 to till date. Worked as Programmer in Cameo Corporate Services Limited, Bangalore from Nov 2010 to Feb 2012. Worked as Software Engineer in Enizten Technologies, Chennai from Aug 2009 to Nov 2010.

ACADEMICS • • • Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) with 72% from Anna University Chennai (2005-2009). HSC with 64% from state board in the year of 2005. SSLC with 80% from state board in the year of 2003.

TECHNICAL SUMMARY Operating Systems Database Languages Tools /Utilities Web Technologies RESPONSIBILITIES • • • • • Developing sub layouts and applications in SITECORE CMS. Developing web service and web applications based on the requirements. Designed web pages with HTML, CSS, and JQUERY as per the specification. Unit testing and System integration testing. Regular interaction with client regarding the daily and weekly status. Windows XP / 7 SQL SERVER 2005/2008,Oracle 10 g C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET Sitecore6.5 , VS2008 /2010 HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY


5. USA Domain Client Technology Skill/Tools Role : Retail : Kraft foods.NET. Responsible • • • • • • for: Analysing the Project #2 Document Management Domain Client Environment Organization Role : : : : : Telecom MTS.NET. To evolve PROJECT EXPERIENCE Project #1 Kraft foods.milka. MS Visual Studio 2008 Cameo Corporate Services Limited Developer 2 . Creating Applications in SWEET platform. Design the web pages using HTML.Murugan A +91-9944705077 murugan. Below websites are transformed to SWEET Environment like • • • • • www. VS2010 : Technology Analyst Project Description: Kraft foods is involved in developing a CMS platform SWEET over the tool www. Interaction with the clients to discuss the status/issues which includes client calls and escalations during the course of the www.Swedishfish.cadbuy.Oracle Server 10g. VB.greenandblacks. SQL : www. CSS and JavaScript. USA : ASP. Creating Sublayouts in Sitecore CMS. Virgin and TTSL ASP. Unit testing. Kraft foods started migrating the websites to SWEET platform.

5.701@gmail. Responsibilities:  Responsible for the static page creation. Responsibilities:  Responsible for the static page creation. Mapping. MS Visual Studio 2008 Cameo Corporate Services Limited Developer Nov’10 – Feb’12 Project Description This Project is designed in Web Application.  Database design in SQL server. Distributor and Retailer for all the networks. This Project also Involves Image Scanning. retrieve details by creating stored Procedures. Reports shared to VTM team and analyzed them in once in three month. Project #3 Vigilance Telecom Monitoring and Data mapping Domain Client Environment Organization Role Duration : : : : : : Telecom MTS. C#. Cafs are organized by audit parameters and Quality. Quality Check and Image Upload Process.NET 3. Unit Testing 3 . Sql Server2005. Which records the full Detail of Customer. Meanwhile all the data are recorded in server and sent to Warehouse for Storage.NET. SQL SERVER 2005 Enizten Technologies 3 May’10 to Oct’10 Developer Coding. Project #4 Chronos Environment Organization Team Size Duration Role Responsibilities : : : : : : Duration : Nov’10 – Feb’12 Project Description This Project is designed in Web and Windows Application.Murugan A +91-9944705077 murugan. Virgin and TTSL ASP. Which records the full Detail of Customer.

com Project Description Chronos provides a full and comprehensive timesheet management system. 74. Personal Details Father name Date of Birth Passport No Permanent Account Number Present Address Permanent Address Nationality : C. : Indian Signature with Date 4 . can able to submit timesheets for the employees under him. supervisor. : 585/2. candidate. It provides more reports for the respective roles. Also supervisor’s. Line Manager. Chennai-600026. The primary objective of this project is to help their employees to fill their timesheets online. who deputed to manage employees at the client place.1 st Bakathavachalam Colony Vadapalani. Moreover this application will run the database sync scheduler with the head office database for data synchronization.12.701@gmail. This system has multiple roles like.Ayyakkannu : 22. capable of managing the Timesheet management process for their employees working in various client places. Gangavalli (TK).Krishnapuram (PO).1987 : H1318698 : BEBPM0423F : Old no 45/3.Murugan A +91-9944705077 murugan. Client and Super Admin and each role has its own rights to access the system. Salem-636105.New no 38.

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