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Adjusting the Template size for DTG Viper

The DTG Viper Platen system is versatile and efficient to produce more garments at one time than any other printer on the market, but the width and height of the platen often times places images off center when importing them from the C5 Rip software, so we need to adjust the Print Media Mode in order for our images to be better centered once imported.

1) In the C5 Program, click on DEVICES, and choose MANAGE PRINT MEDIA. Choose the Viper 2 Up from the list and double click on it.

2) Change the Size of the Platen from 16.50 in X 29.00 in to the new value of 17.00 in X 29.25 in. Then Click on Template #1 and change the numbers for Position from 0.00 in X 0.00 in to the new values of 0.40 in X 0.15 in. Then Click on Update. Then Click on the 2nd platen and change the Position from 0.00 in X 16.00 in, to the new value of 0.40 in X 16.15 in. Click on SAVE AS and name this platen to whatever you want it to be or just select the Viper 2 Up to overwrite the old settings.

Settings for Platen #1

Settings for Platen #2