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DTG RipPro Port Con guration

The Rip software uses two printer entities and the Epson driver to print your jobs. The process is displayed in Figure 1. In order for it to work properly, Windows must see the Epson printer and the Powerrip Output Queue on the same port. This document shows how to align ports on Windows XP and Windows 7. Vista is the same as XP.

Figure 1 Step 1: Open Printers and Faxes (XP), Printers (Vista), or Devices and Printers
Figure 1
Step 1: Open Printers and Faxes (XP), Printers (Vista), or Devices and
Printers (7). If the link is not in the Start Menu, it will be located in Control
Panel. See Figures 2A(XP), 2B(7).
Figure 2B
Figure 2A
Step 2: Open the Rip Software. Click the
Inputs button. See Figure 3. Locate your
DTG printer in the Hot Folders section. You
should only have your printer listed, and
the name may be slightly di erent. In this
case, the HM1 is listed as the KIOSK-MH.
Then look at the Intended Output Section.
Under Output Queue, take note of the
number of the listed Powerrip Output
Queue. In this case it is Powerrip Output
Queue 1.
Figure 3
Step 3: Locate the Epson driver in the
Printers screen. Right-click it, and choose
Properties (XP, Vista, Figure 4A), or Printer
Properties (7, Figure 4B).
NOTE: Windows 7 combines printers that
are on the same port. In Figure 4B, the
Frontier Zx is another printer on the same
port. Always look for the arrows that give
you sub-menus, and make sure that you are
selecting the correct printer.
Figure 4A
Figure 4B

Step 4: Determine which port Windows has assigned to the Epson driver. On XP (Figure 5A), hover your mouse over the name of the checked port, and the yellow box will tell you which number. On Vista and 7 (Figure 5B), it is usually easy to tell, but hovering your mouse over the port name works there, as well.

Figure 5A Figure 5B
Figure 5A
Figure 5B

Step 5: Open the Properties for the Powerrip Output Queue number you determined in Step 2 Figure 6A). Remember in Windows 7 you may have to navigate through sub-menus to get to the correct Output Queue’s properties (Figure 6B).

Figure 6A Figure 6B Step 6: Select the same number USB port as you found
Figure 6A
Figure 6B
Step 6: Select the
same number USB
port as you found in
the Epson driver, as
shown in Figure 7A.
Then once selected,
click Apply (as has
been done in Figure
7B). Then click OK to
close the Properties
Figure 7A
Figure 7B
Step 7: In order to get Windows to recognize the change, unplug the
USB cable from either the printer or the computer for 15 seconds.
Then plug it back in. On Windows XP and Vista you will see the Epson
Printer and the Powerrip Output Queue dim, and then light up
together when you re-insert the USB cable.
On Windows 7, the Epson will dim when you unplug the USB cable,
but when you plug it back in, only the Epson printer OR the Powerrip
Ouput Queue will light up, and the other will disappear. This is
because 7 groups the printers together, since they are on the same
port. In order to access features such as the Epson Maintenance menu
(for Nozzle Checks), right-click the Epson or the Queue, and navigate
through the sub-menus, as in Figure 8.
Figure 8