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Hurricanes are dangerous... U.S.

Army Garrison, Oahu

W hat makes hurricanes the dangerous storms they
are? Is it that they combine the triple hazard of violent QUESTIONS
winds, torrential rains, abnormally high waves and storm
tides? Each of these by itself can pose a serious threat to What should my family bring to the shelter?
life and property. Together, they are capable of causing After securing your housing unit, you should bring
widespread destruction. your family hurricane kit. A list of items in this kit
Hurricane Iniki took its toll on Hawaii in September is provided on the inside of this handout.
1992. Damages resulting from Hurricane Iniki totaled $2.4
billion. Oahu alone sustained $31 million in damage. Can I bring our family pet(s) with us?
Schofield Barracks also felt the blow of the hurricane No, the shelter is not designed to accommodate
damage. Extensive renovations to portions of the post animals unless it is a Service animal (e.g., seeing
leaves the impression that Schofield Barracks escaped the eye dog or sensing dogs). Your pet should be
wrath of the hurricane. Don’t wait until the last minute to secured in your home, be properly kenneled or, as
prepare for this year’s hurricane season. Take some time a last resort, brought to the shelter but kept in your
out and review these easy tips for preparing your family. car.

How will I know when to evacuate my

Tracking a Hurricane quarters?
Shelters will be opened selectively depending on
storm severity. Listen to radio, television (HACN-
When a hurricane is approaching Hawaii, you will TV2), AHFH CallMax and Military Police on pub-
probably learn about it from radio or television news lic address systems for the call to evacuate.
Don’t wait until it’s too late!
reports. The news media will be reporting advisories they Locate your assigned
received from the National Weather Service (NWS) in How long can my family expect to be in their Emergency Shelter NOW!
Honolulu. assigned shelter?
In addition, residents should stay tuned to the Schofield You can expect to remain in your assigned shelter
Barracks HACN TV2 for detailed information on actions for approximately 12-24 hours or until the all clear We are in paradise, with sunny skies and beautiful
to take. Specific instructions on the things you need to do, signal is given. The shelter is set up to beaches, but in an instant that can all change.
and supplies you should have on hand will be announced. accommodate your family only during the time the Hurricanes and tropical storms can be our worst
By monitoring a local TV or radio station, and HACN storm actually hits land. enemy in the Hawaiian Islands.
TV2 you will be sure to have an understanding of last
minute actions to take. Now is the time to begin to prepare. Everyone should
U.S. Army Garrison, Oahu begin to prepare their family for hurricane season
(June 1 through November 30). Please take some time
FOR A COMPLETE LISTING USAG-Oahu S3 Office, BLDG 690, 2nd floor to familiarize yourself with the information available
OF LOCAL SHELTERS, CALL Schofield Barracks HI 96857
on disaster preparedness. Everyone should refer to the
GTE Hawaiian Telephone directory for information
AGENCY AT 523-4122,
Phone: 808-655-0055 on civil defense warnings and procedures.
Fax: 808-655-8991
OF CURRENT SHELTER LO- Take the time now to educate yourself. Preparing for a
CATIONS OR LOG ONTO THE disaster is the most important step in keeping you and
WEB AT: your family safe. Know what to do in the event of a
Oahu North/South Community Shelters
The following is a list of shelters and corresponding communities.
If you have questions regarding your shelter designation
please call the Oahu North Community Director’s
Office at 655-0497 or the Oahu South office at 438-6996 . This Emergency Ready Kit is designed to provide guidance for Privately Owned Vehicles:
making a family an independent, self sustaining group in an A car should be kept in good running condition, with the
SHELTERS Address Housing Community emergency situation while displaced to an emergency shelter. gas tank at least one-half full, at all times. Gasoline pumps
Food Items: are generated by electricity and power could be out on post
#1 & 2 BLDG 130/131 Corner of Waianae Rd CANBY (1) A 72 hour supply of food/baby food if required. for some time.
& A Road
(2) One gallon-type water jug, or one canteen per
#3 BLDG 155 1240 Waianae Rd CANBY person (keep filled with fresh water at all times). Additional Food Items:
#4 BLDG 156
#5 BLDG 157
In addition to items in the packaged "Ready Kit", a
#6 BLDG 158 Toilet Kit: minimum of three days supply of nonperishable food
(C Quad) (1) Soap and hand towels. (preferably canned, ready to eat variety) should be
#7 BLDG 355 Corner of Waianae Rd CANBY
#8 BLDG 357 & Flagler Rd (2) One roll of toilet tissue or a large box of facial tissue. maintained in your residence for emergencies.
(D QUAD) (3) Sanitary napkins. Think long term!
#9 BLDG 449 Corner of Waianae Rd CANBY (4) Disposable diapers, if required. Suggested Food Items For Your Kit:
& Baldwin Rd
(ensure food has not passed its shelf life)
#17 BLDG 649 Corner of Waianae Rd HAMILTON Clothing: (per person) Non-fat dry milk
#18 BLDG 650 & Lewis St
(1) Two pairs of socks. Canned Meat
(I QUAD) (2) One change of underwear. Tuna
#19 BLDG 745 Corner of Williston Ave SANTA FE
#20 BLDG 746 & Bragg St. (3) One serviceable jacket or outer coat (water repellent). Beef Stew
#21 BLDG 747
Chili with beans
#22 BLDG 881 Corner of Cadet Sheridan SANTA FE
& Menoher Rd General Items: Salmon
#23 BLDG 1492 Corner of Hauula St PORTER
(1) One blanket (wool) per person. Vienna Sausage
& Trimble Rd (2) One utility knife, with miscellaneous attachments, e.g., Spam
#25 BLDG 2086 Corner of Flagler Rd KALAKAUA spoon, fork, can opener. Corned Beef Hash
#26 BLDG 2087 & Aleshire SOLOMON
#27 BLDG 2088 KALAKAUA (3) Flashlights with extra batteries. Deviled Ham
#28 BLDG 2089 SOLOMON (4) Battery lamp with batteries. Chunked Chicken
WAAF (5) Plastic eating utensils, to include cups. Assorted Soups
#1 BLDG 844 1055 Santos Dumont WHEELER
#2 BLDG 835 1735 Wright Ave WHEELER (6) Pocket knife. Canned Fruit/Vegetables
#3 BLDG 1006 400 Block Latchum Rd WHEELER
(7) First aid kit containing: Peaches, Pears, Pineapples, Fruit Cocktail
HMR -Box of adhesive bandages of assorted sizes. Peas, Corn, beans etc.
#1 BLDG 173 100 Romeo Rd HELEMANO
#2 BLDG 441 Andrade Rd HELEMANO -One bottle of disinfectant. Seedless Raisins
#3 BLDG 300 100 Romeo Rd HELEMANO
-Pair of scissors Cereals/Baked Goods/Sweets
Ft Shafter -Can of baby powder, if required. Instant Hot Cereal
#1 BLDG 665 Fitness Ctr FT SHAFTER -A roll of one inch adhesive tape Cold Cereal
#2 BLDG 660 Bowling Alley FT SHAFTER
#3 BLDG 1292 Tunnel ALIAMANU -Two rolls of one-inch gauze. Rice
#4 BLDG 500 Richardson Theater ALIAMANU
Miscellaneous items: Cookies
#1 BLDG 300 Fitness Ctr TRIPLER (TAMC) (1) Sewing kit. Miscellaneous Items:
#2 BLDG 102 Education Ctr ALIAMANU
(2) Currency: $50. Instant Drinks
AMR (3) Cigarette lighter with flints/fluid or matches. Instant Coffee/Tea
#1 BLDG 1790 AMR Chapel ALIAMANU
(4) Battery operated radio with extra batteries. Salt/Pepper
(5) An extra pair of glasses, if required. Mustard/Catsup
Personal Papers: Peanut Butter (unopened)
(1) Insurance policies/legal documents.
DO NOT evacuate until told to do so. Specific (2) Immunization/shot records. Pet Food-Keep in mind pets are not allowed in emergency
instructions and other information will be (3) Special prescriptions, if required. shelters.
broadcast on HACN TV2/AHFH CallMax and Be sure to leave a supply of food and water for your pet!
via the Military Police.