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START OF REEL JOB NO. fultk -I9-7EF i IS iis THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 1-0 OPERATOR L772 Ce /— pate MAY 17 192 MICROFILMED BY NPPSO—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION WESAGID NOT Yrs, eo = Faddenw Low bnever MA-Toor PAS Giour | Nearer Qacues. Wack Ges Gisranst, Waderen Ors Qasr \s TEQASSIBED. Division of Naval HLetory Ships’ Histories section Navy Department sTOPY OP USS BARFISH (55 310) cord for U.S. submerines sink- USS EADEISH (85 520) aot the ng enemy sums ines Uutng World Wer I~ Sho also had the unique oxperience of being the first U, 8, Suomarine to hold divine eevices wile suberged ina War Zone.” Tale ageroasive submarine vipaled her Pecord dlrtng the years 194-1945 when Japanese ahip- ping sas hard to fini. BAIPISH ended the var vith a record of feels sunk and timed damaged, fora total oc 37,080 tons of eneny oping suk. USS BATFISE'e careor began on 27 December 1942 viten her keel yas Jeld at the Portauouth Navy Yad, Portsmouth, New Hampshire: AE the lamching on 5 Mey 1943, Mrs. Nollie W. Fortier, of Chocorua, New Hampshire and mother of aix sans in the Service sponsored USS BATPISH Following tha Navy's polley of naming submarines for denizens of the seu, 033 BADPISH was haned for the fiat,peaieuiate fish Souion in tho Weat Indies; a truly ferectcus ooking fish. Upon comissiontng, on 21 August 1943, Licutenant Comsander Wayne Re Horii, Ushi, sdetimed command of AkIFISH. Post conntss ton- ing shaedows wa} held eround Portanouth, Ney Hampshire. ‘uring the month of treining exereises inoluded in the shakedown cratse, about 66 per cent of the crow had to be qualified in submarines and aise Toamn the war timo procedure of submarines’ Diving, gummery end seananohip ariile were held dally until the crow proved tacit worth: In mta-Soptomber BATRISIE setled for Nowport, Rhode Tslend, for torpeds exeroises. After several days of fining practice which was very succosaful, SATPISH sailed on for Nev Londons Connecticut, arriving on 26 Septenber 1943. Winer voyage Tepaire wore made and another training period folleved in which gunnery crilia took priority. In mid-October, BADFISH stood out enroute to Pear] Harbor ‘via the’ Panann Canal and axnived there on 19 November. Pive days Mere spont on minor ropatre alengisde. USS GRIFFIN and from 25 Novenber unt!i 11 December she participated in routine, but vigorous, sutmarine taining Arter training oxereiaes at Pearl liarbor BATFISH departed forimidway fron were she departed on her first war patrol on 12 December 1945. This patol tas to be south of Honght, Japan. Tt was during thio patrol thet BAMFISH established a Marat™ by hold- Ing Divine Sorviecs whtle submerged inn var gone. After sailing through high soas and nosr typhoon Weather, sho arrived in her patrol area on 29 December.