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Malathion Evaluation

Risk Assessment



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A continuation I will present facts about the pesticide known as Malathion. This pesticide is

used to control the mosquito population and is been registered for use in the United States since

1956 (EPA, 2008). According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the administration of

the Malathion pesticide is not harmful to humans or the environment if applied in accordance to

the product safety regulations.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment 2
Malathion Evaluation

The exposure of Malathion via air, water or food on bystanders is prejudicial only if exposed

to exceeded doses of the pesticide. According to studies it will take continuous applications of

the pesticide for this to accumulate in the human body (Negar E., MS, MPH; Dowlatabadi, H.

PhD; Casman, E. PhD; , 2004). Studies showed that Malathion degrades very fast in the

environment, preventing the pesticide to accumulate in animals or humans. Contact with

Malathion can occur if exposed to a treated area shortly after the pesticide application. Common

effects on humans after contact with the product are skin irritation and prolonged odor similar to

the pesticide odor.

Some tests conducted by the University of Waterloo in 2004 in pregnant rabbits, showed a

loss in the animal weigh after the exposure to Malathion. After the results of tests conducted on

rabbits, scientists could not link any adverse effect of contact with Malathion and the animals.

When inhaling the pesticide, the only proven symptom was some lesions in the nasal respiratory

system. This test was conducted for over 90 days. The risk of consuming water contaminated

with Malathion did not showed any concerning effect on the environment.

The Pesticide Handlers Exposure Database stated that there is a minimum risk of intoxication

if proper use of protective gear is use when handling the pesticide. The protective equipment the

(PHED) recommends are gloves, aprons, gas masks and boots.

When testing Malathion for carcinogenicity, scientists observed that the incidence of liver

tumors related to the exposure Malathion in rats was elevated. However, the levels of

carcinogenicity were too low to prove any potential risk for humans. Currently the International

Agency for Cancer Research (IACR) has categorized Malathion as group 3, which means the

level of carcinogenicity for humans is insufficient or lacks the potential to increase the cancer

provability in humans.
Risk Assessment 3
Malathion Evaluation

In conclusion, the data I have collected about the usage and exposition of Malathion to

humans and animals prove to have minimum adversities or health risks. I believe that if the

Malathion pesticide like many other pesticides is used properly and the population of people of

the community where Malathion will be used is well educated about the risks of Malathion and

its effects on humans, there will be a better understanding of the product and more acceptances

towards it.

Genericville City Council

Malathion Aerial Spraying Proposal

Although the City of Genericville is facing a problem of West Nile Virus cases due to the

mosquito breeding on the wetlands, the city council is proposing a voting either to implement or

not the usage of Malathion via aerial spraying. The opinion of the community appears to be

divided and insecure whether to use Malathion or not because they stated that the poor and

uneducated population of Genericville will fail to follow the safety precautions recommended to

avoid the exposure to the pesticide.

Lately the same sources of habitat for the wild life that makes Genericville popular among the

tourists, is also the breeding grounds of carriers of the West Nile Virus like the mosquito. The

mentioned virus has been responsible for taking the life of a Genericville own and of an

approximate amount of 177 people per year (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007).

Although the use of the pesticide Malathion results to be very toxic and effective against

mosquitoes, I found no evidence of harm towards humans or the natural predators of the

Risk Assessment 4
Malathion Evaluation

Therefore, I recommend and vote for the aerial spraying of Malathion pesticide in the City of

Genericville if the proper safety guidelines and population education and awareness of the

possible risks will be provided to all the habitants of Genericville.

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