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Sterling Commerce Multi-Enterprise Collaboration

Connect:Direct Select

Extend your data exchange network with a cost-effective solution for occasional users.

In business, time really is money. And constantly Assured Data Delivery and Performance
pausing to manually intervene in file transfers, even Connect:Direct Select includes facilities similar to
business-critical ones, can easily become a hidden those of Connect:Direct servers that guard against
source of otherwise avoidable expense. Solving the unplanned network interruptions. Mechanisms for
problem, on the other hand, should not itself require a automatically retrying sessions and restarting from
disproportionate investment of time or dollars. Now checkpoints ensure that temporary outages do not
Sterling Commerce, an industry leader in advanced compromise data delivery. Connect:Direct Select even
file-transfer technologies, offers a solution that lets you set the checkpoint interval, and built-in data
addresses this need — without breaking the bank. compression maximizes performance by minimizing
the time required for transfer.
Connect:Direct® Select combines the robust security
and reliable data delivery you’ve come to expect of Process automation
Sterling Commerce with advanced file-transfer An operating system command, or a command to run a
automation features that permit unattended operation job or task, can be specified for execution before or
and intelligent processing of vital business data. after file transfer. And Connect:Direct Select can even
Highly configurable, simple to install and as easy to submit processes on a Connect:Direct server.
use as e-mail, Connect:Direct Select automatically
manages file exchanges with a Connect:Direct server. Optional Pre-configuration
It initiates and fields business-critical file transfers for Connect:Direct Select can be preconfigured for simple
users and applications at network endpoints, and installation and ease of operation by remote node
applies processing rules as necessary. With users, allowing distribution from a single location to
Connect:Direct Select, the edges of your enterprise multiple target locations. You can start the process of
have never been nearer. communicating with remote locations by downloading
a pre-configured copy of Connect:Direct Select from
Bi-directional Data Delivery the server site.
Connect:Direct Select is designed to communicate
over a single session with a single Connect:Direct Failover IP Connection
server. File transfers can be initiated by either the While Connect:Direct Select is designed for use over a
server or Connect:Direct Select, and each party can single session with a single Connect:Direct server, you
send files to or pull them from the other. can specify an alternate IP connection for failover in
support of disaster-recovery operations.
Automatic, Rules-based Operation
Connect:Direct Select scans a specified directory or Data Security
e-mail address for the arrival of files or attachments, Connect:Direct Select supports all features of
which are then processed according to a set of rules Connect:Direct for authorization and access control
you have pre-defined. Depending on your needs, over file systems at the server. For greater security, you
e-mail notification may be sent to the designated can add the Connect:Direct Secure+ Option, which
recipient, or a received file may be forwarded as an provides encryption, integrity and authentication for
e-mail attachment. Alternatively, the file may be Connect:Direct Select. For you to enjoy these
transferred to another location for processing, or stay advanced security benefits, Connect:Direct Secure+
put until a human or application retrieves it. If no must be present on both the Connect:Direct server
processing rules are defined, files are placed in a and Connect:Direct Select.
pre-defined “Receive” directory.
Firewall-aware About Sterling Commerce
Connect:Direct Select is also firewall-friendly. Sterling Commerce, a wholly owned subsidiary of SBC
A simple configuration option lets you specify Communications Inc. (NYSE:SBC), is one of the world’s
which firewall port has been configured for use largest providers of business integration solutions. For
United States – Dublin,Ohio
Corporate Headquarters
by Connect:Direct Select. over 29 years, Sterling Commerce software and
Phone +1 614 793 4041 services have maximized business performance and
Toll-free +1 800 299 4031
Simple to Install and Configure optimized collaborative relationships for competitive
Brazil – São Paulo Wizard-based installation gets you up and running advantage through the integration of applications,
Phone +55 11 5508 3700
without a struggle, and the point-and-click external partners, suppliers and customers. Sterling
Canada – Toronto configuration feature speeds customization — Commerce is the dominant business integration
Phone +1 416 756 3000
simplifying everything from specifying your “Send” solutions provider for the retail, consumer packaged
Mexico – Mexico City and “Receive” directories to defining processing rules. goods, manufacturing, financial services and
Phone +52 55 9171 1888
telecommunications industries, with more than 29,000
System Requirements customers worldwide. For more information, visit
Connect:Direct Select is a Java application and is sold
France – Paris for use on the following platforms:
European Headquarters
Phone +33 1 55 23 60 00 > UNIX: AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux (Intel)
> Windows: Windows 2000, XP Professional
Germany – Düsseldorf
Phone +49 211 43848-0 > OS/400

Italy – Milan
Phone +39 02 3030 221 As a Java application, Connect:Direct Select requires a
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Java 2 platform. Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.3 (AIX) or
Phone +31 20 560 5600 1.4 (all other platforms) is installed with the product.
Norway – Oslo
Phone +47 22 99 6123 Although Connect:Direct Select is not intended for use
Sweden – Stockholm
on OS/390, z/OS or HP NonStop systems, it can
Phone +46 8 622 4100 exchange data with Connect:Direct servers running on
Spain – Madrid
those platforms.
Phone +34 91 749 80 79

United Kingdom – London

Phone +44 20 8867 8000


Australia – Sydney
Phone +61 2 9966 2500

Japan – Tokyo
Phone +81 3 5408 8500

Phone +65 6549 5222

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