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E DON BOSCO Razn, religin y amor

Ao de la Inversin para el Desarrollo Rural y la Seguridad Alimentaria

Course Topic Grade Date Time : : : : : English Hello everybody! 1st 18th March-22nd March, 2013 02 Hours.

1. Conversation Where are you from? a) Listen and Practice. A: Hello, my names Paula. Whats your name? B: Rosa. A: Where are you from, Rosa? B: Im from Chicago. b) Pair work Do the same conversation with your partner 2. Grammar: Verb to be I You He She It We You They

am are is
From the U.S.

Im Youre Hes Shes Its Were Youre Theyre From the U.S. Where

am are is

I you he she it we From?



you they

3. Reading and writing Read about Rafael My names Rafael Ramos and Im a doctor. Im 30. Im married and I have two children. I live in a house in Toluca in Mexico. I want to learn English for my job.

Complete the text about Yaling. My names Yaling Chen and Im a student. I _____ 19. Im not married. I have

I.E DON BOSCO Razn, religin y amor

one_________. I __________ in an apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. I _______ to learn English because Its an international ______________.

Complete the sentences with am, is, are, my, his or her

1. My name ______ Anna. 2. Where _____ you from? 3. I ______ from Japan. 4. Whats ______ name?

5. Max and Lisa ______from Chicago. 6. This _____ my teacher. _____ name is Dante. 7. Where ______he from? 8. This is my sister. ______ names Anna.

4. A ctivities 1. Whats your name? Complete the conversation. A: Hello, whats your name? B: Suzanne. ________ ________ name?

A: My name _____ John. Where ______ you _______ , Suzanne? B: I ______ from London. __________ ________ you from? A: _______ _______ New York. 2. Im from France. Write sentences. 1. Pierre (France) Im from France. 2. Lisa and Max (The United States) Were from The United States. 3. Irina (Russia) _________________________ 4. Tomoko (Japan) _________________________ 5. Marco and Lena (Brazil) _________________________ 6. Julia (Taiwan) _________________________ 7. Jim and Sue (Spain) _________________________ ___________________________ 3. Shes from France. ___________________________ 4. Im ten years old. 3. Long forms Write the long forms. 1. Im a student. ___________________________ 2. Whats your name?

I.E DON BOSCO Razn, religin y amor

4. Short forms Write the short forms. 1. She is a student. _______________________ 2. My name is Maria. _______________________ 3. He is married. _______________________ 4. They are from Brazil. _______________________ 5. I am from Mexico. _______________________

Possessive adjectives 5. My and your. A. Complete the sentences with

my or your.
1. Hello. ________ names Jenny. 2. Whats ________ name? 3. Is Catherine _____ sister? 4. A: Ann, This is ______ brother, Dick. B: Hello, Dick. B. Complete the sentences with

his or her.

I.E DON BOSCO Razn, religin y amor