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On behalf of our client, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, KeyStone Search is conducting a retained search in the recruitment of a Program Officer, Relief, Recovery and Resilience.

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ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND The organization’s founder, Margaret A. Cargill, was born September 24, 1920, and was the granddaughter of William Cargill, co-founder of Cargill Inc. She spent most of her youth in the Midwest, where she developed her love of the outdoors. She attended Kemper Hall, an Episcopal high school in Kenosha, Wisconsin, creating a lifetime bond with the Episcopal Church that was the catalyst for much of her later philanthropy. She earned a degree in art education from the University of Minnesota and moved to Southern California, where she pursued her interest in arts and crafts. Margaret blossomed into a “silent philanthropist.” Much of her substantial philanthropy was conducted through Akaloa Resource Foundation and Anne Ray Charitable Trust, which she formed to allow her to give anonymously. She provided that the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation be created upon her death. She died August 1, 2006. The Philanthropies serves as the umbrella over three grantmaking organizations founded by Margaret A. Cargill, all with a common mission: To provide meaningful assistance and support to society, the arts, and the environment. Those three grantmaking organizations are:  Margaret A. Cargill Foundation  Anne Ray Charitable Trust  Akaloa Resource Foundation The purpose of the grantmaking entities is to provide assistance and support in order to:  Enhance the quality of life for children, families and seniors  Prevent and relieve the suffering of children, families and seniors  Preserve and promote the environment and the arts  Encourage and support the humane treatment of animals  Relieve suffering in times of disaster The core values of the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies are to:  Honor the wishes of Margaret A. Cargill  Use education and/or innovation as a means to achieve core purposes  Empower people to be self-sufficient  Maintain a low profile, while meeting the needs of others  Support programs that could have a broad impact  Support programs that have socially redeeming values and standards  Support programs that value life

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THE ORGANIZATION TODAY The offices of Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and represent Ms. Cargill’s commitment to an environmentally sound and sustainable space. A growing organization, the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies currently employs 60 people. The culture is positive, planful, missiondriven and comfortable with development and change. Assets under management for the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation are over $3 billion.

JOB PURPOSE The Program Officer is responsible for supporting one or more grantmaking subprograms of the Foundation’s work in relief, recovery and resilience (RRR) under the supervision of the RRR Program Director. He or she will work with RRR staff, other Foundation staff, and the trustees in building and managing an effective grantmaking program. The desired impact of the RRR Program is to relieve disaster-related suffering, and reduce the impact of disasters in disaster-prone communities by increasing the resiliency and security of vulnerable people and the communities where they live. The RRR International (RRR-I) subprogram is building a portfolio of grants and relationships with organizations that have the capacity to deliver results on a large scale and work with the Foundation as a strategic intermediary. If the Foundation and its partners succeed in meeting or contributing measurably to this goal, suffering will be reduced, and the people and the communities where they live will experience less impact of disasters, ‘bounce back’ more quickly, and enjoy greater wellbeing despite the presence of regular disasters. The Foundation also envisions that risk to property and livelihoods, and overall loss of progress will be minimized as a result of climate change adaptation efforts and other forms of disaster risk reduction. The RRR-I subprogram’s scope of interest is global; however, the focus of this work is at the community level.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP AND COLLABORATION The Program Officer, Relief, Recovery and Resilience will report to Mr. Mark Lindberg, the Program Director, Relief, Recovery and Resilience of Margaret A. Cargill Foundation. This position works closely with many peers in the organization, but does not directly supervise a staff.

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PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES  Analyze and research organizations and other groups working in relief, recovery and resilience-building to identify strengths and weakness of such organizations and their past history and future planned goals for delivering effective methods of disaster preparedness, disaster relief, and post-disaster recovery and resiliencebuilding. Analyze, research, and identify best management practices, relief and development methods for disaster prone regions, and other best industry practices in providing disaster-related relief and in increasing resiliency and security of communities vulnerable to such disasters. Analyze, research, and identify communities and people who are currently most vulnerable to natural disasters, and given current trends may become vulnerable to such disasters in the future. Work with applicants on all aspects of the grantmaking process, including developing realistic grant proposals that are within the capacity of applicant organizations to deliver and within the Foundation’s current funding plans, due diligence review of applicant organizations, and, when appropriate, prepare and manage requests for proposals aimed at RRR program focus areas. Oversee active grants, track grantee progress, provide guidance and assistance to grantees, review and analyze grantee reports. Develop and use processes and technology to support efficient grantmaking. In collaboration with the Director, RRD-I Program Officer, and the Foundation’s Evaluation team, develop qualitative and quantitative methods and systems for analyzing sub-program impact and effectiveness for the purposes of learning and accountability by the Foundation. Ability to analyze budgets and balance sheets and to work with in-house legal, financial, and tax experts to determine a grantee’s eligibility and capacity to successfully accomplish grant objectives. Prepare written materials for Board and management review. Monitor external issues and trends in assigned focus areas, and research relevant topics as determined by the Program Director. Represent the Program at meetings, forums, and public presentations, as appropriate. Facilitate relationships and partnerships across organizations and institutions working on shared issues, in coordination with the Director and/or RRD-I Program Officer.

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QUALIFICATIONS The ideal candidate for the position of Program Officer, Relief, Recovery and Resilience is a versatile professional with a minimum of seven years of relevant philanthropy or related experience in the humanitarian sector and an active curiosity and passion for issues of natural disaster recovery and resilience-building across the globe. Prior experience and understanding of issues, organizations, and philanthropy related to disaster relief, recovery and preparedness is vital. International experience is preferred, and the ability to work effectively in a wide range of cultural settings is essential. Experience and/or demonstrated interest in putting a board’s or client’s interests into practice is also essential. Five or more years experience in grantmaking, preferably in the international humanitarian sector, and a demonstrated track record of effective relationships with grantees and fellow funders will be vitally important. The individual will possess strong skills in program and grant development and management. Significant experience as a private foundation grantmaker managing $3-5 million or more in grants annually is desired. The successful candidate will be a person of integrity with exemplary project management skills, will be both results-oriented and able to adapt to ongoing organizational change, and will possess a strong commitment to the mission, values, and goals of Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. An undergraduate degree is required with a graduate degree preferred in a related field such as international development or disaster management. Other essential skills and experience include:  Demonstrated commitment to the fields of relief, recovery and resilience; however, successful candidates may also provide evidence of bringing entrepreneurial and innovative ideas and practices from outside the field into strategies and practices on the ground. Proven ability to think strategically; demonstrated record of success working with a diverse constituency of partners and stakeholders to achieve specific programmatic outcomes. Strong writing and analytical skills; strong interpersonal and verbal communications skills. Professional demeanor with proven ability to build collaborative relationships. Self-motivated and able to work independently.

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Demonstrated, strong skills in grant program development, management, and evaluation, including demonstrated pragmatism in moving large issues into specific program delivery mechanisms. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a range of cultural settings, including capacity to determine appropriateness of applying a successful intervention or resilience model from one geographic area to another. Solid understanding of the technical and practical issues in one or more of the interest areas described above. Strong project management skills including the ability to effectively manage time, meet multiple competing deadlines, synthesize complex patterns of information and data, quickly develop written materials, maintain a positive attitude under pressure, and manage budgets. The candidate will be highly team oriented with high degree of patience with emerging institutional support mechanisms. This position requires someone strongly focused on how to work in a very collaborative setting, not just on what is getting done. The Program Officer will share and uphold the values of the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation.

This position will require a capacity to both think systemically and from a communitybased perspective. The outcomes for this program area highlights experience and interests in disaster-related work, but may also include opportunities to support longterm community-driven recovery and mitigation efforts associated with strengthening the resilience of disaster-prone communities. The Foundation has a strong interest in a multi-sector approach to increasing the resilience of communities in disaster prone areas, as well as ‘cross -cutting’ themes such as climate change, women and girls, and capacity building. Experience and knowledge across dual-mandate and single mandate NGOs, multilateral entities (such as DFID, ECHO, UNOCHA), and foundations that provide the perspectives and breadth will be valued. Travel up to 30%, including international travel will be required. During field visits, the Program Officer may occasionally be required to travel to rural or remote places in the developing world, sometimes experiencing difficult conditions, or travel by boat or small aircraft in order to access points or people of interest. Successful candidates will be highly collaborative, positive, and able to deal well with ambiguity. They will be adept at building collegial relationships and able to respond to issues with clarity and diplomacy. They will inspire and foster trust and confidence in staff, management, and their colleagues.

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COMPENSATION The total compensation package for this position is attractive and competitive and includes participation in a comprehensive benefits plan.

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