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A proposal for a human understanding approximation.

By Julio Cerda.

When I think of a possible model of human evolution, that might explain in a proper way how and why we are in the place that humanity is standing nowadays, with all its conflicts and endeavors to resolve them, there is a lot that I might say, think or do, that would start from immediate reaction to how harsh, unpleasant and difficult social life may be, full of restrictions and social structures, bureaucratic rigid structures that hide “legalities of exploitation”. But, as I said it is an immediate reaction, driven by the constant exposure to that overwhelming conjunct of stimuli, to which we have a special developed sensitivity to react properly and manage. Now, how do we manage? How do we manage through time, years, and decades of these over-structuring, apparently harsh stimuli? And furthermore, is it possible that behind this “managing” through which we internalize our own society, we are not only reproducing some sort of social orderstructure, but also deciding, accommodating and changing it? “We, who rule the world”, is my first theoretical approximation, a work in progress. It explains in many ways how the exponential communication ground, in which human society and human life exists, refers to a process of human evolution in which the complexity of emergent systems of communications, like those we live and see nowadays, are the natural response of adaptation towards a specific environment. It responds to the historical effectiveness of the organizational models of change and survival, like human gregarious tendencies, like overpopulation. These tendencies developed in the instauration of long-term forms of communication references, represented by culture, and long-term forms of social administration of workresponsibilities as a government administration. In this line of thinking, the human history is analyzed as a systemic response to conflicts that arise from the history of humanity’s models of survival and change which outcome is the establishment of society, hierarchy and Reigning. Thus far, these social behaviors have been the most efficient way of organizing communication, information and welfare, and more importantly, has set the stage for its own evolution and development. Of course, when we have to set an aim for the major kind of conflict that humanity has been solving throughout its existence, the problems of human communication may be the first on our list. But what is really the problem of human communication? If this is analyzed from a microbiological system level, the first cell barrier manages decisions by recognizing and differencing stimuli as benign or nocive. Benign stimuli are allowed to enter and provoke changes; metabolism. From nocive stimuli, cells defend and fagocitate, encapsulating the stimuli with its barrier. In some way human kind works the same way, and in this process of confronting with any outside object, being or reality that may change or define the host, the individual is placed through a process of repelling it, resisting it, or assimilating it. We may have reasons to think that

but I also have come to realize that nothing motivates more the progress of communication and interconnectivity between human beings than the solution of the violent conflicts that human history drags. we can also perceive society as an advanced system of organic communication. naturally ours as organisms capable of it. Macroscopically. And in evolved living beings. Meaning connects deeply to genetic trays of memory to easily adopt culture. I agree with this point. But by what means does “meaning” change? In response to that we should add the most interesting human development that in my opinion has allowed everything in the evolution of human civilization: the mental process of time. to justify all sorts of conducts and levels of identification. and as well can be an instrument to disarticulate identification. The intentional harm is in a way. By this I don’t mean that our typical model of social organization based on hierarchy is the only choice. Violence is defined in many ways but not explained specifically. cells defend from the nocive stimuli. But what is the nature of this harm? As described. but as far is the one who has been able to sustain human development. It is a whole new concept of interconnectivity on a massive scale. but propositive towards systemic adaptation. and by this I mean communicational and interconnectivity development. the first cellular organisms started evolving through the incorporation of different molecular organisms (like mitochondria). In this way. that behavior created strong communicational strategies for dealing with the outer world. When we think of it. destruction and suffering that human civilization has experienced towards its history are really worth of it. which means an improvement of communication with environment. The most accurate definition is “an aggressive behavior emboweled with cruelty”. So it may sound like the intentional act of harming. There by came specification in cells to translate outer stimuli in a way that may be understood as non nocive. a destabilizer for the structure. but it implies a whole new transformation and development of the inner environment in the organism as well. communication and self-actualization models that have had successful results throughout history. humanity as we may see it carries a far more advance way of communicating with the outer environment. to question personal and external conducts and to transform education. This is the . those nocive stimuli are tagged like this for the cell itself don’t have the means to deal with it. In a society. Meaning (to make sense) is an internal bio-psychic state of coherence that works in a greater scale than what we might imagine. this human society concept works through the reproduction of the organization. in the magnitude that has been experienced as to nowadays exist in such inapprehensible ways as virtual. the natural reaction towards something that cannot be internalized constructively or might be a menace. This repressiveness of an organism’s natural capability is able through the internalization of meaning. In a few words it’s illegal to do harm. to actualize individual interests. to the proper authorities and institutions that administrates it. As referred before. it’s rewarding for all human efforts.through the history of the evolution of life. Complex molecular organism’s improved resistance or tolerance with the environment came from the multiplication of the cell numbers. the administration of violence is at a level of development so far – and so important for the structural stability – that we are educated to concede the faculty of violence. but really unethical to think that all the wars.

Economics now days is a prof of the social evolution through human change of time conception. and in such a scale that may sustain development to create in two centuries what Europe took a lot longer to consolidate. but it is also a device structured in a specific meaning. including all the countless variables that could affect it in a long-term. This meaning articulates in “speech”. but its guidelines are still dependent on a far more antique fashion of social organization. regardless of a more profound analyze of future behavior. evidences that are strained in a short-term conception of time. It is true that contemporary economics are thought strongly on models of future market behaviors. The most classical or conservative way of thinking links individual behavior attached to the outcome of high social ranks entities decisions. limiting the participation on this matters. Specially we can assume EEUU economic history as this heavy effort of justify the value of its assets. the future. or destabilizing. it’s likely to be an award for social behavior towards structure and socialization. that has been a major effective way to hold economics in human civilization. is still the ways some societies use to bet their chances. It’s the system itself avoiding any possible rough internal confrontation. perceiving the information to interpret it in a way that the structure might be able to hold as non-nocive. Society educates its individuals and through the language we internalize. and it’s formally based on proof. the psychotic terror. and its . that is the externalization of meaning and the social function of communication. and throughout communicating the information of the evidences that sustains these outer dimension perceptivities humankind has reach for the necessary solutions of the greatest violence that exist for it: the unthinkable.angle stone of all managing. Probably we can make the same examples of the predictive efficiency of sustainable development in social pyramidal organization and institutionalization. The limitation is that we cannot express ourselves past this comprehension of time that should be highly based on evidences. The feeling in speech is mediated by the control of information that the social structure has over the individuals. Human civilization has a lot of devices to manage information and communication. and therefore all information regarding this subjects is strained and hold by the imperant social administration management of information. we adopt as well an established a way to process time and communicate meaning. but as well it’s important to go back and define the basis of a capitalist system as the effort it was of raising some nations through a time-based concept of the value of an asset. it holds itself by making sure its organisms are in charge of feeling. economics nowadays calculate their derivatives from debt based on the sustainable production that the asset traded was producing by that time. The Information with which the individual deal is restrained or given according to functions and responsibilities. For example. administrational systems. All potentials in society are based on the measure of the story of its accomplishments. the disgrace yet to come. but like any kind of assumptions it’s most likely a perceptivity based on feelings. and as it is we cannot be strange to the fact that war. enough to create from scratch markets to stimulate production. inner and outer.

in which they could revive. or thinking organization – highly rated as social value to internalize – to an old fashion relationship of benefits. Our civilization is in many ways acting to heal or held human life from near-death or non-pleasant traumatic experiences. containing them and giving the possibility of signifying time in long-terms . We can be certain that it is not a relationship of domination and submission what drives the internalization of meaning. It’s important to say that as we’re experiencing violence in our contemporary urban society all the existing devices are set to resolve it and to keep the individual from compelling to its traumatic consequences. the internalization of the overpopulation. If the social production of violent is personal harm capable individuals. but there also was a state of evolution in the development of time conceptions. this affects directly in the available possibilities of communication and development. Should we say it was a problem of educational levels? I think not. that could easily drive an individual to a now defined “pathological” way of relationship. This sadomasochistic way of relationship is highly sympathetic between its parts. elaborate and constructively drive the traumatic situation of common day close death experiences towards “meaning”. So in this matters all social devices where aimed for the human weapon created to defend and uphold the social development. a classification to describe how time is thought. cannot be “meaningful” as easily of overthrowing the anxiety that rises from thinking time. but as well narrow in a comprehensive vision of long-terms. for the individual to express any kind of affection that is the internalization of a meaningful and solid situation of relationship. we see clearly that in the normal state that the human relationship is conceived all external stimuli are potentially harmful. especially because there is no way a relationship can benefit its participants in long-term by procrastinating one of its individuals. but its stasis of self-control isn’t really depending on a social device but a cultural one that is as for itself strengthen by the installation of dominance and submission relationships in the emotional life of the subjects. of being used. about the individual and what part does he/she plays in the outcome of internalizing this meaning society wants to educate. the cooperative relationships. of meaning.natural consequence is a line of thinking proximal to critique relationships of functionality. way of thinking that is closest to the materialist and Marxist theories. Now. But as time had proven it was enough to uphold human development in that historical context situation. and violent people are easily categorized as paranoid. It is the way the relationship was meant to occur by a time of high exposure to violent phenomena. especially because this complex model of thinking in a social scale. This psychic process is necessary to uphold any kind of society or gregarious organization. the participation in a scale production system. If we analyze the psychic dynamics of a relationship of domination and submission. Guilt devices where common to medieval societies. which necessarily creates violent people to defend. this feeling is specially the most effective way of dealing with any sort of violence. we can understand the same violence is internalized dynamically in the relationship level as these violent individuals as well are capable of social harm and should be highly controlled or contained. In this historical example. highly reactive to feeling. exploitation always occur and the precondition for it to happen relays in high levels of emotional guilt that drives the necessity of instrumentalization.

In other words for our society now days it’s essential that individual achieve a non-violent state of mind. reactions to role adjustments. Education is a device for instructing individuals in our socially latent ways of relationship dynamics.meanings. changing the focus from “planning” to “reacting”. You can easily characterize it because it tends to create a speech of negativity. develop it and influence in the social and cultural understanding of it by the mere fact of relating with others. but for many reasons this efforts in most of the occasions don’t show up. More profoundly it represents a cultural device naturally design with roots in our ability to think. and naturally through reproduction and parenthood. and furthermore the little an individual can do to shift the structure of the society. Those symptoms are “feelings”. the Study of the behavior of the described device (Culture) may be used also as a filter to understand the various existing interpretation of social and civilization meanings. traceable in “Speeches”. or more likely: to put “our coherence” to the test. mourn. like increase in self-destructiveness behavior and thinking. and primitive psychic defense mechanisms. Naturally any violent attempt against the individual may come to shorten that understanding of time. This device has allowed the society to establish and transform. It has the porpoise of correcting the upcoming symptoms of our relationship dynamics with objects. communicating or actively/passively educating points of view. frustration. reproduce them and educate them. One of the many expressions of this device – endowed with characteristics of conspiracy and cultural unraveled meanings of transformation and social critics – . Culture itself as a container of the social structure also contains the trays of critics and points of view that have not been solved and that symptomatically represents the pathological states of the relationship dynamic that contains the flow of communication in our society. These cultural antagonistic meanings are the potentiality of change and it can be easily explained resembling it to “our ability to conspire”. The way this dynamics works have changed through history and human evolution as well the signification of “meaning” and conception of time. constant reactions to the state of the relationship of an individual with his/her society organization. peoples and roles. We as human beings internalize meaning strongly from cultural influences. to understand and question “meaning”. and it’s based on the teaching of cultural meanings that contains a variety of existing possibilities to understand time in the ways we organize it. from long-term to short-term. These devices in culture instruct the individual to solve the “violence” in these upcoming symptoms that arise in the failing of chaining sense to a proper and coherent “meaning structure”. In some way control devices are the social amplifying of human relationship dynamics. as part of human rights. in few words. notoriously traceable in “speech”. far beyond the social structure as culture is a far more than a social order but also the very best of human natural devices for human evolution. But every individual in society is capable of selfadministrate this meaning. can enormously do to transform culture. An example of this is the rising of the contemporary concept of “a life project” or “life planning”. I resemble this notion to the old Aristothelic principle of movement form potentiality to actuality. We reproduce these cultural meanings as necessities of change and internalize them. as part of existing human develop devices and legalities. commonly when by the state of contingences they become unbearable or contradictory. In a social scale.

government and elitist plotting scratching genocidal ideas that may lead human kind towards a dead end – if a meteor or the raging sun doesn’t get us first –. This example is perhaps nothing more than the exercise of culture. When the individual is educated and assumes a part as a subject of change.can be seen in a notorious stage of a social crisis. improving as well his/her capability to scratch the surface of any sort of institution and provoke change. It doesn’t come for free. and the “amplifying” is a social symbiotic act of “engaging at once”. Means of information and communication can now compensate any kind of formal – More expensive – ways of education. and how its device works to train our abilities to conspire towards changing. a “Yes sir. By this special sensibility or accuracy what he/she creates can easily be adopted / assimilated by his/her peers.cultural achievements. over-defending as an immune system towards cancer. as it is full of feeling and present time perception-response. But as I see it this is just a necessary overreacting exaggeration. an outstanding culture amplifying device by which culture is regaining control of its entire sprout. corruption. What was elitized by the once educated class is now days transversal to almost every social class. acknowledging without questioning and for that also easily to adopt and share by other human societies. and naturally its meaning structure reacts with the proper feeling of violence. Human culture has different ways in different societies of provoking changes. it tries to regain control by the legitimate use of violence: “law”. and for an individual this practice may also give several chances to create models to be tested and perfected. right away”. Culture and its device have come to improve broadly in how its ways are reproduced and how it induces the individuals to a proper “questioning ritual”. but by an exhausting educating / communicational process in which a social group aches the limits of its understanding of reality and possibilities of constructing any sort of future. or better said: Integration between inner needs and outer possibilities in the vast complexity of a systemic ecological understanding. Cultural accuracy may also be tagged as “the amplifier”. improving our systems of communication by enriching it with “meaning”. necessary to make this interpretation more meaningful for our personal conspiration. total responsivity. when it is likely to rise speeches with supporting evidences of future catastrophic consequences for the social state of things. aware or unaware of it. and certainly is the individual that integrates and contains culture who manifests the change. unbalancing the old fashion social structures. We can easily understand that our civilization is notoriously changed by this. and amplified as the sound of the human responses to an even more suiting understanding of time. and suites a deal between the past and the . rising unbelievable theories of real conspirations. this tendency towards interconnection can also be found in several historical . This discovery signifies a real capability of emerging changes. The creation of Internet is a whole new idea born from necessity of interconnection and amplified communication networks. The very best example is the controversial law “SOPA”. the inventions or models the individual might create to uphold meaning contains certain cultural feeling or responsivity. making them insufficient to solve these emergent situations. It has also been in the last decades a reality in the transformation of intimacy and human relationships. It turns rigid. of incoherence.

These observations must be held in mind to understand the future of transformation. nor a revolutionary concept of social transformation. carved at the entrances of the oracle of Apollo: “know yourself”. Things surely are changing. strongly organized towards long-terms. In my opinion there is a lot to say about change in observing the emergent demands of relationship between human beings. that is highly sympathetic to a state of relationships that demands entertaining and empathy form the shares. and that this cannot be a radical idea of change. but sadly as easy comes. We must see also that we as a culture have accepted the way things have been. what is obviously what a settle may be for regaining coherence in any kind of psychic process. Knowing the role an individual plays in the changes of human society and history the big question relies on what can we do. how do we educate individuals to think through time and enrich their experience of meaning? Naturally now days there are several devices to accomplish this. Ironically so far we have travelled as a human civilization always we land on a question that leads all. improving as in our capability to heal wounds of social trauma also in our capability to forget and heal our history process. . Interestingly now days social dynamics empowers more the fame than the rulers. but a more formal education of time is needed. highly reactive to feeling and far more institutionalized in our historical trace. and can be seen as a lyrical remain of scholar education. easy goes. I would like to end this essay by making my point by saying that there is a lot to do to create a conscience towards the future. even thou more changes are done in the intervening of fewer people. It may be proper – or maybe improper – to say that this engaging is easily to create from a basic understanding of time in a short-term.future expectative of development. Examples of this are massive scale protests that strangely have come to successfully articulate and reproduce a meaning of participation in social change through history.