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Epsilon  Delta  Newsletter  
Fall  2013  Issue  

Fall  2013  Recruitment  Overview  
Tech  Delt  always  comes  out  on  top  when  it  comes  to  rush,  and  this  year  was  no  different.    The  chapter   began  scoping  out  potential  new  members  last  spring  in  hopes  of  getting  a  leg  up  on  the  competition.     Through  the  hard  work  and  dedication  of  the  chapter,  we  had  multiple  potential  new  members  in  place   for  Fall  bids  (and  subsequent  pledgeship).    Several  events  throughout  the  summer  gave  us  a  unique  edge   on  the  competition.    Events  in  the  Lubbock  area,  the  annual  Rangers  game  trip  in  Arlington,  and  the   Austin  area  rush  trip  assisted  in  providing  the  Delts  with  the  opportunity  to  have  the  best  pledge  class  on   campus.    Active  members  planned  and  participated  in  these  events  to  ensure  the  creation  of  a  top-­‐notch   Fall  2013  pledge  class.    Aaron  Kelly  (Fall  2010)  and  Scott  Stracener  (Fall  2010)  were  essential  in  the   logistical  work  for  the  summer  and  subsequent  fall  rush  activities.       Official  Fall  Rush  began  on  Monday,  August  19th  and  by  this  time  we  had  a  rough  outline  of  what  the  Fall   2013  pledge  class  would  look  like.    As  always,  the  competition  between  Delt,  Phi  Delt,  and  FIJI  was  stiff.     Through  the  hard  work  of  active  chapter  members,  including  the  Delt  rush  chairman,  Austin  Connor  (Fall   2011),  we  came  out  on  top.    41  official  bids  were  handed  out  and  37  were  accepted,  giving  the  Delts  the   highest  return  rate  on  Greek  Circle.    We  believe  that  these  were  the  best  37  men  who  went  through  rush   this  fall,  and  have  no  doubt  that  they  have  made  one  of  the  greatest  decisions  of  their  life.      

  Name   AJ  Burts   Austin  Adams   Blake  Bruyere   Braden  Watts   Brandon  Alexander   Bucky  Daws   Caleb  Lavis   Carson  Downing   Casey  Heller   Chad  Clark   Chris  Bibb   Cody  Tanner   Dalton  Carabajal   Evan  Elliott   Evan  Estes   Evan  Piccione   Hayden  Becker   Jacob  Tauferner   Jake  Blankenship   Jake  Danielson   John  Cross   Kyler  Tarr   McLane  Sanderson   Nathan  Salois   Noah  Frank   Payne  Viken   Reid  Carson   Smith  McLelland   Tad  Darland   Teddy  Daniels   Travis  Lammert   Tyler  Pridmore   2     Hometown   League  City,  TX   Salado,  TX   Longview,  TX   Friendswood,  TX   Grapevine,  TX   Wichita  Falls,  TX   Arlington,  TX   Lubbock,  TX   Georgetown,  TX   Prosper,  TX   Fort  Worth,  TX   El  Paso,  TX   Lubbock,  TX   Arlington,  TX   Longview,  TX   League  City,  TX   Austin,  TX   Salado,  TX   Austin,  TX   Austin,  TX   San  Antonio,  TX   Houston,  TX   Lubbock,  TX   Midland,  TX   Amarillo,  TX   Aledo,  TX   Arlington,  TX   Tahoka,  TX   Lubbock,  TX   Highland  Park,  TX   San  Antonio,  TX   Lubbock,  TX   Major   Petroleum  Engineering   Exercise  Sports  Science   International  Business   Natural  Resources   Business  Administration   Energy  Commerce   Business  Administration   Natural  Resource  Management   International  Marketing   Petroleum  Engineering   Business  Administration   Public  Relations   Accounting   Exercise  Sports  Science   Energy  Commerce   Business  Marketing   Marketing  Management   Biology   Business  Administration   Business  Administration   Business  Management   Petroleum  Engineering   Energy  Commerce   Engineering   Political  Science   Public  Relations   Sociology   Business  Administration   Petroleum  Engineering   Energy  Commerce   Business  Marketing   Energy  Commerce  

Austin   Connor  
Hometown:     Lake  Travis,  Texas     Classification:   Junior     Major:  General  

Preston   Badgett  
Hometown:     Carrollton,  TX     Classification:  Junior     Major:  Accounting    


Austin  Connor  was  initiated  in  November  of   2011  and  has  been  very  active  with  the   chapter  ever  since.    Austin  was  chosen  for  the   position  of  Recruitment  Chairman  for  this   Fall’s  rush.    Austin  took  charge  of  recruitment   and  was  instrumental  in  achieving  an  Epsilon   Delta  worthy  pledge  class.    His  hard  work,   persistence,  and  time  management  allowed   the  chapter  to  have  a  highly  functioning  and   successful  recruitment.       Austin  is  a  Business  major  and  is  also  a   property  manager  for  KTG  Leasing.    He  is   pursuing  a  career  in  Real  Estate,  hoping  to   follow  in  his  father’s  footsteps.      

Preston  Badgett  was  initiated  in  November  of   2011  and  has  been  highly  active  in  the   chapter  ever  since.  Preston  currently  holds   the  position  of  community  service  chair  and   has  helped  the  fraternity  to  become  involved   with  various  community  service  organizations   such  as  YWCA  (Young  Women’s  Club  of   America).  He  currently  assists  Kyle  Jones,  the   current  academics  chair,  with  running  study   halls  and  assisting  with  fraternity  member’s   studies.  He  plans  to  run  for  academics  chair  at   the  end  of  this  semester.   Preston  is  also  one  of  Delt’s  most  decorated   students  with  a  3.95  GPA  that  has  landed  him   in  the  top  10%  of  his  class.  Preston  is  an   Accounting  major  who  plans  to  graduate  with   his  Masters  Science  of  Accounting  in  May  of   2016.    



  Alumni  Spotlight   Robert  Taylor  

Robert Taylor was born in Childress, Texas. In 1949 he moved with his parents, Carolyn and R.C. Taylor, to Lubbock, Texas, where his father opened a wholesale tobacco and candy business. Robert graduated from Monterey High School in 1966 and from Texas Tech University in 1971 with a BA degree in Administrative Management. He briefly interrupted his college education to do basic training in the Army and served in the Army reserve for six years. Following his graduation from Texas Tech, he joined his father in their family business, R.C Taylor Wholesale, and was named vice president. Shortly thereafter, his father had open-heart surgery, so Robert began operating the growing company. In 1977, Robert and his father purchased Goodart Candy Company which manufactured peanut patties and peanut brittle. This was his first experience with manufacturing a product and shipping it across the country. They ran Goodart for 10 years before selling the business. R.C. Taylor Wholesale flourished under Robert’s leadership. After enlarging their warehouse twice, he realized the need to build a much larger warehouse in order to further expand his business. The name was changed to R.C. Taylor Distributing and serviced grocery and convenience stores in an area of about a 100 mile radius around Lubbock. Although Robert worked long hours, he always found time to build and maintain relationships. This quality led him into a new career six years ago.  


In July 2007 Robert sold his business to one of his largest customers, United Supermarkets, which also has the store brands of Amigos and Market Street. He joined United’s leadership team as vice president of logistics. This entailed orchestrating getting product to 50 stores, including multiple stores in Lubbock, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Abilene, six stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and stores in twenty rural communities in west Texas. During this time, Robert recognized a need and convinced United to get into manufacturing. The first manufacturing endeavor was building and operating an ice plant. Krystal ice is distributed in west Texas and Dallas/Fort Worth area. When that project was successfully completed, Robert led the effort to purchase Prater’s Prepared Foods. With the completion of renovations, Prater’s will ship prepared food to grocery stores in many states across the country. Because of United’s growth and diversification, Robert planned and executed the building of a second distribution center in Alliance, Texas. In February 2010 Robert was offered and proudly accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of United Supermarkets. On September 9th 2013 the Lubbock community got word of United Selling out to Albertson’s super markets. United will operate as a separate business unit under Albertson’s after the deal has closed in October. Robert will continue to be the president of United and lead it as he has been. Robert has been extremely active as an Epsilon Delta Alumni and we greatly appreciate his support. Recently, our chapter had its annual river trip and Robert kindly donated hamburger patties for our cookout. Robert has earned the alumni spotlight and we commend him for living a life of excellence.



November  1st  –  2nd  2013  
  Texas  Tech  Delta  Tau  Delta  Epsilon  Delta  Alumni   Weekend  is  November  1st  and  2nd.  Friday,  November  1st,  at  the   Delt  lodge  (#10  Greek  Circle),  there  will  be  drinks  as  well  as   food  for  all.    All  alumni  and  their  families  are  welcome  at  the   lodge,  and  active  members  will  be  at  the  lodge  on  Friday  night   as  well.       Saturday,  November  2nd  –  the  day  of  the  Texas  Tech  vs.   Oklahoma  State  game  –  there  will  be  a  tailgate  near  the   stadium  with  food  and  beverages  for  all.    We  would  be  proud   to  have  any  and  all  Alumni  to  attend  the  Delt  Tailgate  before   the  game.       There  will  be  a  breakfast  for  Alumni  and  active  members  held   at  the  lodge  before  the  tailgate  as  well.   Contact  Brayden  Rose  (External  Vice  President)  for  information.     (806)  543-­‐3610  


Executive  Board  –  Fall  2013  

From  Left  to  Right:  Connor  Finley  (President),  Scott  Stracener  (Internal  Vice   President),  Brayden  Rose  (External  Vice  President),  Colby  Rozean  (Treasurer),   Stuart  Jones  (Assistant  Treasurer),  Kyle  Jones  (Academic  Chair),  Tyler  Wilson  (New   Member  Educator),  Hunter  Arbuckle  (Risk  Management  Chair),  Timothy  Haugh   (Secretary),  Harry  Sullivan  (Guide),  Kyle  Vick  (Sergeant  at  Arms).    



September  –  Delts  on  the  Rocks  Annual  River  Trip   September  –  Delt  Parents  Weekend   October  –  Notorious  D.T.D.   October  –  Urban  Cowboy   November  –  Recon  Delta   December  –  Bad  Santa   January  –  Delt  Ski  Trip   February  –  Delts  of  Thunder   February  –  Fratty  Shack   March  –  Delt  Formal   March  –  Delt  Glow   April  –  Delt  Semi-­‐Foamal  

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