Q.1 - Q.20 carry one mark each.

You have gone to a cyber-cafe with a friend. You found that the cyber-cafe has only three terminals. All terminals are unoccupied. You and your friend have to make a random choice of selecting a terminal. What is the probability that both of you will NOT select the same terminal ? (A) 1 9 (B) 1 3 (D) 1

(C) 2 3

Probability density function p (x) of a random variable x is as shown below. Then value of α is

(A) 2 c (C) 2 (b + c)

(B) 1 c (D) 1 (b + c)


A linear ordinary differential equation is given as d2 y dy 2 + 3 dt + 2y = δ (t) dt

Where δ (t) is an impulse input. The solution is found by Euler’s forward-difference method that uses an integration step h . What is a suitable value of h ? (A) 2.0 (B) 1.5 (C) 1.0 (D) 0.2


A 4 kΩ , 0.02 W potentiometer is used in the circuit shown below. The minimum value of the resistance R S in order to protect the potentiometer is






(A) 2.23 kΩ (C) 3.82 kΩ

(B) 2.71 kΩ (D) 8.92 kΩ

Q.5 The root-mean-square value of a voltage waveform consisting of a superimposition of 2 V dc and a 4V peak-to-peak square wave is

(A) 2 V (C) 8 V

(B) (D)

6 V 14 V

“Veena Contracta” is the cross section where the flow area is a minimum for a restriction type flowmeter. For an orifice meter, if d is the diameter of the orifice opening, then the area of the vena contracta is approximately
2 (A) πd 4 2 (C) 0.8πd 4 2 (B) 0.99πd 4 2 (D) 0.6πd 4

A type J (iron-constant) thermocouple has a voltage sensitivity of 55 μV/cC A digital voltmeter (DVM) is used to measure the voltage under the condition shown in the following figure.

Given that T1 = 300cC, T2 = 100cC and T3 = T4 = 20cC , the meter will indicate a voltage of (A) 11.0 mV (D) 15.4 mV (C) 16.5 mV (D) 17.6 mV


If the value of the resistance R in the following figure is increased by 50%, then voltage gain of the amplifier shown in the figure will change by 2/26


A (C) LXI H 00F0H OUT F0H (B) LXI H. 00F0H MOV A. Which of the following 8085 instructions outputs the content of the accumulate or to the I/O device ? (A) LXI H.com IN (A) 50% (C) − 50% Q.11 A voltmeter has a range of [4V.9 (B) 5% (D) Negligible amount When the switch S2 is closed the gain of the programmable gain amplifier shown in the following figure is. The dynamic range is IN 3/26 . 00F0H MOV M. (A) 0.2006 www.5 (C) 4 (B) 2 (D) 8 Q.10 A memory mapped I/O device has an address of 00F0H. 20V] and a resolution of 1mV. 00F0H OUT M (D) LXI H.gatehelp. M Q.

12 A shielded cable is used for signal transmission between tow instruments kept some distance apart.14 The state-variable representation of a plant is given by x = Ax + Bu y = Cx Where x is the state. (A) Left open at both ends (B) Grounded at one end (C) Ground at both end (D) Connected to ground at both ends using a resistance equal to the characteristic resistance Compared to a conventional two-phase induction motor.2006 (A) 24 dB (C) 72 dB www. The shield should be. a two-phase servomotor has Q. u is the input and y is the output. Assuming zero initial condition.15 Correct input-output characteristic curve of a semiconductor laser is IN 4/26 .gatehelp. the impulse response of the plant is given by (B) # exp [A (t − τ)] Bu (τ) dτ (A) exp (At) (C) C exp (At) B (B) C # exp [A (t − τ)] Bu (τ) dτ Q.13 (A) A smaller R ratio and a lighter rotor X (B) The same R ratio and a heavier rotor X R ratio and a heavier rotor (C) A larger X (D) A larger R ratio and a lighter rotor X Q.com (B) 60 dB (D) 84 dB IN Q.

Q. as compared to that of an Ag electrode of the same size.gatehelp.2006 www. the impedance of an Ag/AgCl electrode. the ratio of the output light intensity DOES NOT depend on (A) Numerical aperture of the fibers (B) Length L of the fibers (C) Distance d (D) Reflectivity of the mirror For bio-potential recording.com IN Q.17 IN 5/26 . is (A) Lower at all frequencies (B) Lower at all frequencies less than 10 Hz and higher for frequencies greater than 300 Hz.16 In a fiber optic displacement sensor shown in the following figure.

125 IN 6/26 .com IN (C) Higher for frequencies less than 10 Hz and lower for frequencies greater than 300 Hz.75 carry two marks each Q.21 to Q. The probability that the sum of digits on the top surface of the two dices is even. (A) Laser light is relatively more monochromatic.gatehelp. (C) The output power of the laser is relatively larger. Q.20 A Pirani gage measures vaccum pressure and works on the principle of (A) Change in ionizing potential (B) Change in thermal conductivity (C) Deformation of elastic body (D) Change in self-inductance Q.2006 www. (D) Higher at all frequencies Collimated light beams from a He-Ne laser a Sodium vapour lamp (used for street lighting) are focused using a lens.25 (D) 0. The size of the spot at the focal point due to the laser is relatively smaller because.18 Q.21 Two dices are rolled simultaneously.167 (B) 0. An X -ray source radiates two characteristic wavelengths : λ1 and λ2 .5 (C) 0.19 The shorter wavelength can be filtered out by passing the radiation through (A) A narrow slit (B) An interference filter (C) A crystalline material whose absorption edge lies between λ1 and λ2 (D) A polarizer that rotates the polarization state of radiation at λ2 Q. is (A) 0. (B) The limiting divergence of laser light is relatively smaller. where λ1 < λ2 . (D) The wavelength of the laser is relatively longer.

Match the type of solution with the correct expression. General solution of homogeneous equations Q Particular integral R. Q.9 .gatehelp.22 www.2006 Q.4ex . it is observed that 1 1 1 1 A > H =−> H and A > H =− 2 > H −1 −1 −2 −2 Then matrix A is 2 1 −1 0 1 1 (A) A = > − 1 − 1H> 0 − 2H>− 1 − 2H 1 1 −1 0 1 1 (B) A = > − 1 − 2H> 0 − 1H>− 1 − 2H 1 1 −1 0 2 1 (C) A = > − 1 − 2H> 0 − 2H>− 1 − 1H 0 −2 (D) A = > 1 − 3H o =− 0.23 (B) exp b − 1 l x (D) exp b 1 l x For a given 2 # 2 matrix A. Varip + 2y o + 101y = 10. y (0) = 1. Total solution satisfying boundary conditions IN 7/26 .1 and y For an initial value problem y ous solutions are written in the following groups.com IN The plot of a function f (x) is shown in the following figure. A possible expression for the function f (x) is (A) exp ( x ) (C) exp (− x) Q.24 Group 1 P.

. (A) 0.. The maximum limiting error in each of the three measured quantities is 3.25 The value of the integral of the complex function f (s) = 3s + 4 (s + 1) (s + 2) (B) 4πj (D) 8πj along the path s = 3 is (A) 2πj (C) 6πj Q. x =k a b−c where k is a constant.0000 Q. The maximum value of φ for which the error due to the approximation is within ! 2% is. Q-1.2006 Group 2 1.1ex www. R-2 (D) P-3. R-3 (B) P-1.. 3. b and c using the for2 mula...gatehelp.. .1ex e− x (A cos 10x + B sin 10x) e− x cos 10x + 0.4 rad Q..1 rad (C) 0.. R-3 (C) P-1.2 rad (D) 0.. Q-2..28 A certain quantity x is calculated from measured values of a. R-1 Q. 0.26 For k = 0.2361 (C) 3. The maximum limiting error in x will be (A) 2 c 1 + 1 m x 3 (B) c 1 + 1 m x 3 a a b−c b−c IN 8/26 . the steps of Newton-Rampson method for solving a nonlinear equation is given as xk + 1 = 2 xk + 5 xk− 2 3 3 Starting from a suitable initial choice as k tends to 3.1251 (D) 5. 1. Q-2..27 The function y = sin φ.7099 (B) 2.com IN (A) P-2. Q-3. where φ is in radian. the iterate xk tends to (A) 1. 2..3 rad (B) 0. 2. (φ > 0) is approximated as y = φ.

30 (B) − 1 + exp (− 2) V (D) 1 − exp (− 2) V A metal wire has a uniform cross-section A. length l .gatehelp. The output voltage.014 V (D) 2 V IN 9/26 . 2s after the change will be Q.com 0. It is uniformly stretched so that its length becomes α l .5 1 (D) c 22 + x 3 2m a (b − c) IN In the circuit shown in the following figure. v2 = 1. and resistance R between its two end points.31 The secondary induced voltages of a LVDT .174 (B) 0. the input voltage vi (t) is constant at 2V for time >> 1s and then it changes to 1 V.0V+10c respectively. The new resistance is (A) αR (B) α2 R (D) eα R (C) αR Q. Then the null voltage of the LVDT is (A) 0 V (C) 0.2006 0. v 0 (t). at null position are v1 = 1. shown in the following figure.0V+0c.29 (A) − exp (− 2) V (C) exp (− 2) V Q.5 2 (C) c 42 + x 3 2m a (b − c) www.

0 mV (D) 3.34 (A) 1. and input offset voltage Vio < 1 mV. With g the acceleration due to gravity. the static sensitivity of the accelerometer in (nm/g) is (A) 2. the op amp has input bias current Ib < 10 nA. The maximum dc error in the output voltage is Q.0 mV (C) 2. if (A) the two supply voltages are balanced (B) The output voltage is not saturated (C) the op-amp is used in a circuit having negative feedback (D) there is a dc bias path between each of the input terminals and the circuit ground A dual op-amp instrumentation amplifier is shown below.32 www. then force of attraction between the plates is related to x as (A) F \ x2 (C) F \ 1 x Q.2006 Q. Q.gatehelp.0 mV Q. The expression for the output of the amplifier is given by.28 # nm/g In the circuit shown in the following figure.35 The potential difference between the input terminals of an op amp may be treated to be nearly zero.81 nm/g (D) 6.36 IN 10/26 .28 # 102 nm/g (B) 9.58 nm/ g (C) 7.5 mV (B) 2.com IN A variable air gap type capacitor consists of two parallel plates : a fixed plate an a moving plat at a distance x . If a potential V is applied across the two plates.33 (B) F \ 12 x (D) F \ x An accelerometer has a seismic mass of 100 microgram and natural frequency of 1 kHz.

Assume that the transistor works in active region.com IN (A) v0 = c1 + R2 m (v2 − v1) R1 (C) v0 = 2R2 (v2 − v1) R1 Q.38 IN 11/26 . If β = 80. What is the voltage gain.976 (D) 0. then what is VCE for the transistor ? Q. r 0 = 3.998 The biasing circuit of a silicon transistor is shown below.gatehelp. The low frequency small-signal parameters for the transistor are gm = 20 mS. r b = 0 .2006 www.983 (B) 0. β 0 = 50. of the amplifier vi ? (A) 0.37 (B) v0 = c1 + 2R2 m (v2 − v1) R1 (D) v0 = c1 + 2R1 m (v2 − v1) R2 An amplifier circuit is shown below.967 (C) 0. AV = ` v0 j .

2 V (D) 6. The minimized expression for the output (Z) is (A) C (A + B ) (C) C + AB Q. 2.com (B) 0. f (A.2006 (A) − 6. C) = / m (0.40 (D) ABC A combinational circuit using a 8-to-1 multiplexer is shown in the following figure. 5. 1.2 V www. 3.08 V (C) 1. B.08 V IN Q.41 (B) C (A + B) (D) C + AB Given that the initial state (Q1 Q 0) is 00. The minimized expression for the function is (A) A + (B 5 C) (B) (A 5 B) + C (C) A + (B 5 C) Q. 6) Where A is the MSB and C is the LSB. the counting sequence of the shown in the following figure is Q1 Q 0 = IN 12/26 .39 Min-term (Sum of products) expression for a Boolean function is given as follows.gatehelp.

05H T-states -------------7T 7T 13/26 IN . if (A) X = 0 (C) X = 0 or 1 Q.gatehelp.43 All the logic gates in the circuit shown have finite propagation delay. The execution time of each instruction is given against the instruction in terms of T-state.com (B) 00-01-11-10-00 (D) 00-10-01-11-00 IN Q. Instruction --------------MVI B. The circuit can be used as a clock generator. 0AH LOOP : MVIC. (A) 20 kHz (C) 40 kHz (B) 30 kHz (D) 45 kHz Q.42 An astable multi-vibrator circuit using a 555 IC is given in the following figure. The frequency of oscillation is.2006 (A) 00-11-01-10-00 (C) 00-11-10-01-00 www.44 (B) X = 1 (D) X = Y An 8085 assembly language program is given as follows.

46 (B) 32a 3 − 2N − 1 (D) 2N + 1 A single channel signal acquisition system with 0-10 V range consists of a sampleand-hold circuit with worst case drop rate of 100 μ V/ms and 10-bit ADC.9 ms (B) 0.gatehelp. the final bit pattern is a 3 a 3 a 2 a1 a 0 1 (A) 32a 3 + 2N + 1 (C) 2N − 1 Q.48 (D) lim T"3 Given x (t))x (t) = t exp (− 2t) u (t) the function x (t) is (A) exp (− 2t) u (t) (B) exp (− t) u (t) IN 14/26 .45 A number N is stored in a 4-bit 2’s complement representation as a 3 a 2 a1 a 0 It is copied into a 6-bit register and after a few operations.49 ms (D) 49 ms Q.com IN DCR C 4T DCR B 4T JNZ LOOP 10 T/7T The execution time of the program in terms of T-states is (A) 247 T (B) 350 T (C) 254 T (D) 257 T Q. The maximum conversion time for the ADC is (A) 49 μs (C) 4.47 Which of the following integrals provides a measure of the rapidity of change in a random variable f ^ t h ? T"3 (A) lim 1 # f t dt ^ h 2T −T +T 1/2 +T (B) lim T"3 1 # f 2 t dt ^ h 2T −T 1 # f t f t + τ dt ^ h^ h 2T −T +T +T (C) > lim 1 # f 2 ^ t h dtH T " 3 2T −T Q.2006 www.

gatehelp.52 The spectrum of a band limited signal after sampling is shown below.49 www.6 Hz (C) 1.5t exp (− t) u (t) IN The Fourier series for a periodic signal is given as x (t) = cos (1.4 Hz Q. then the Fourier transform of f (t) is (A) 1 + sin ω (C) 2 (1 − cos ω) ω2 (B) 1 + cos ω (D) 2 (1 + cos ω) ω2 Q. corresponds to the second derivatives of a given f (t).2006 (B) t exp (− t) u (t) Q. The value of the sampling interval is 15/26 IN .com (D) 0.51 The Fourier transform of a function g (t) is given as 2 G (ω) = ω 2+ 21 ω +9 Then the function g (t) is given as (A) δ (t) + 2.0 Hz (D) 1. shown in the following figure.50 If the waveform.2 Hz (B) 0. exp _− 3 t i (B) cos 3ωt + 21 exp (− 3t) (C) sin 3ωt + 7 cos ωt (D) sin 3ωt + 21 exp (3t) Q.8πt) The fundamental frequency of the signal is (A) 0.2πt) + cos (2πt) + cos (2.

5 < a < 1. The function y (t) can be expressed in terms of x (t) as. The phases of X (ω) and Y (ω) are zero for all ω . For which of the following cases.gatehelp.53 (A) 2 x a t k 3 2 (C) 2 x (2t) 3 Q.54 (B) 3 x (2t) 2 (D) 3 x a t k 2 2 In the IIR filter shown below. Q.1 < a < 0.55 (B) 0. a is a variable gain. The magnitude of Fourier transform Y (ω) of another function y (t) is shown below in Fig.5 < a < 2. The magnitude and frequency units are identical in both the figures.5 (C) 1.5 Q. the system will transit from stable to unstable condition ? (A) 0.2006 www.5 (D) 2 < a < 3 A digital filter has the transfer function 16/26 IN .com IN (A) 1 ms (C) 4 ms (B) 2 ms (D) 8 ms The magnitude of Fourier transform X (ω) of a function x (t) is shown below in Fig.

com IN 2 H (z) = 2z + 1 z + 0.56 A digital measuring instrumental employs a sampling rate of 100 samples/second.2006 www. then value of Eu is Q.57 The solution of the integral equation y (t) = t exp (t) − 2 exp (t) # exp (− τ) dτ is t 0 (A) 1 (exp (t) − exp (− t)) 2 (B) 1 (exp (t) + exp (− t)) 2 (C) (D) (exp (t) − exp (− t)) (exp (t) + exp (t)) (exp (− t) + exp (t)) (exp (− t) − exp (t)) An unknown voltage source Eu (with negligible internal resistance) is connected to a potentiometer circuit as shown in the following figure. the maximum time taken for the output to each the final value after the input transition is (A) 20 ms (B) 40 ms (C) 80 ms (D) 3 Q.gatehelp. then the sampling frequency for the input signal should be (A) 50 Hz (B) 100 Hz (C) 150 Hz (D) 200 Hz Q. If the galvanometer current is 10 μA with the direction as indicated.58 IN 17/26 . The sampled input x (n) is averaged using the difference equation y [n] = [x [n] + x (n − 1) + x (n − 3)] /4 For a step input.81 If the filter has to reject a 50 Hz interference from the input.

0012 V (B) 0. The value of Rx is (A) 75 kΩ (C) 25 kΩ Q.2006 www.60 The voltmeter shown in the following figure has a sensitivity of 500 Ω/V and a full scale of 100 V.com IN (A) 0. where the PMMC meter has an internal resistance of 100 Ω and requires a dc current of 1 mA for full scale deflection.9910 V (C) 1.61 (B) 50 kΩ (D) 10 kΩ An ac voltmeter uses the circuit shown below. the value of R s to obtain full scale deflection with 100 V IN 18/26 . Assuming the diodes to be idea. When connected in the circuit as shown.0048 V Q.gatehelp.59 The two-wattmeter method is used to measure power in a 3-phase. 3-wire balanced inductive circuit. then readings of the two wattmeter are (A) 6000 W and 0 W (C) 4500 W and 1500 W (B) 5000 W and 1000 W (D) 4000 W and 2000 W Q. then meter reads 20 V. If the load power factor is 0.866 lagging.9991 V (D) 1. The line voltage and line current are 400 V and 10 A respectively.

64 The signal flow graph representation of a control system is shown below. The transfer function of the compensated system is (A) s + 3 (B) 2s + 3 s+5 2 (s + 5) The transfer function of a position servo is given as G (s) = (C) 5 (s + 1.9 kΩ (B) 89 kΩ (D) 90 kΩ Consider the AC bridge shown below. 19/26 IN .01.gatehelp. If ωRC = 1 and 3 C < 0.com IN (ac rms) applied to the input terminal would be R s (A) 80 kΩ (C) 89.62 (A) 1 + 3C C (B) 2 3 C C (D) 3 C 2C (C) 3 C C Q.2006 www.63 1 s (s + 1) A first order compensator is designed in a unity feedback configuration so that the poles of the compensated system are placed at − 1 ! j1 and − 4 . then ratio V0 Vs C is approximately equal to Q.6) s+5 (D) s (2s + 3) s+4 Q.

70 1.67 (D) 3.88 dB.5 + j1.5 + j1. It is observed that the point s =− 1.5 lies in the root locus.65 (B) s2 + 1 s (s2 + 2) (D) 1 − 1 s The range of the controller gains (K p.10c The root locus of a plant is given in the following figure.− 180c (B) 3.− 170c (C) 0 dB.8 4 5 6 8 10 ω (rad/sec) G (jω) +G (jω) 3. The root locus crosses imaginary axis at ω = 4 2 rad/s with gain K = 384 .00 0.gatehelp. The gain K at s =− 1.25 1.64 − 118c − 130c 140c 150c 157c 170c − 180c The gain and phase margin of the system are (A) 0 dB.5 is computed as 20/26 IN .66 A unity feedback system has the following open loop frequency response : 2 7.2006 The transfer function www.5 3 4.15 2.10c Q.com Y (s) is computed as R (s) IN (A) 1 s s (s2 + 1) (C) 2 s +2 Q. Kl ) that makes the loop system (shown in the following figure) stable is given as (A) Kl < 0 and K p < Kl − 20 12 (B) Kl > 0 and K p > 0 (C) Kl < 0 and K p > Kl − 20 12 (D) Kl > 0 and K p > Kl − 20 12 Q.88 dB.

25 (B) 21.com IN (A) 11. 21/26 IN .2006 www. The reflectance of the combination is monitored with a radiation of 600 nm wavelength. the absorbance recorded by the spectrophotometer changes from (A) 0 " 1 (B) 2 " 1 (D) 0 " 10 (C) 0 " 1 Q.69 The transmittance of a sample solution is monitored using 500 nm wavelength. As a result.2 (D) 61. If ng and n f are refractive indices of the glass plate and film material respectively with ng > n f .2 Q. The transmittance is reduced from 100% to 10% due to addition of pollutants.3 (C) 41.68 A glass plat is overcoated with thin film as shown as shown below.gatehelp. the common mode voltage is sensed and connected to the right leg electrode.70 In the driven-right-leg system for reducing the common mode interference in ECG recording. then reflectance reaches a minimum when the geometrical film thickness equals (A) 600 nm (C) 150 nm (B) 300 nm (D) 100 nm Q.

40 Unit (D) 2. 72.com IN The desirable condition for the amplifier gain is (A) A large position gain (C) A gain of 1 (B) A large negative gain (D) A gain of − 1 Common Data Question Common Data for Question Q. Q.73 The control action recommended for reducing the effect of disturbance at the output (provided that the disturbance signal is measurable) is 22/26 IN .e (k) + 2.5 / e (k)E i=1 k (B) m (k) = 2. 71.129 Unit (C) 0. 73 The following figure describes the block diagram of a closed loop process control system.102 Unit Q.0 / e (k − 1)E i=1 k−1 (C) m (k) − m (k − 1) = 0.528 Unit (B) 0.5 [e (k) − 0.72 (A) 0.1 minute velocity algorithm is (A) m (k) = 0.85 e (k − 1)] (D) m (k) − m (k − 1) = 0. Then at steady state.2t unit is applied. The unit of time is given in minute.gatehelp.05 e (k) − e (k − 1)] Suppose a disturbance signal d (t) = sin 0.71 The digital implementation of the controller with a sampling time of 0.2006 www.0 .e (k) + 0.5 . the amplitude of the output e (t) due to the effect of disturbance alone is Q.5 [1.

75 (B) 15 V 4 (D) 22.85 carry two marks each. For each position. 5V is applied to the corresponding terminal of the DAC.74 What is the output voltage (v 0) for the switch status S 0 = 0. If a switch status is ‘0’. 0V is applied and if a switch status is ‘1’.5 V 4 Q. it is connected for time T . The ideal switch toggles between position 1 and position 2.76 to Q.625 V Linked Answer Questions : Q.com (B) P-D control (D) Feedback-feedforward control IN Common Data for Questions 74.125 V (C) 0. 2 2 2 IN 23/26 .525 V (D) 0.75 V (A) 0. Assume R 4 Cx << T and R2 Cx >> T . S1 = 1. S2 = 1 ? (A) 5 V 4 (C) 17.gatehelp. Q. Statement for Linked Answer Questions 76 and 77: In the circuit shown below.2006 (A) Cascade control (C) Ratio control www. 75 : An R-2R ladder type DAC is shown below. the current through PMMC meter is assumed to be zero.5 V 4 What is the step size of the DAC ? (B) 0.

placed side by side. then the value of Cx is TR 3 (A) T (B) R4 (R1 + R2) R2 (C) T (R 3 + R1) 4R2 (R 3 − R1) (D) TR 3 2R2 (R1 − R 3) Statement for Linked Answer Questions 78 and 79 : A capacitive type displacement transducer consist of two triangular plates.com IN Q.77 In the bridge circuit shown in the figure above.76 The capacitor Cx can be charged up to the maximum voltage (B) Vs T 2R 4 Cx (D) 2Vs R 4 Cx T (A) Vs T 2R 2 C x (C) 2Vs R2 Cx T Q.2006 www. IN 24/26 . if the PMMC meter shows null deflection. The schematic diagram is shown below with appropriate dimension. with negligible gap in between them and a rectangular plate moving laterally with an uniform air gap of 1mm between the fixed plates and the moving plate.gatehelp.

29 pF (C) C 1 = 339 pF. the Zener diodes have VZ (reverse saturation voltage) = 6 V and VD (forward voltage drop) = 0.78 www.2 nF (A) C 1 = 2. the value of the capacitance C1 and C2 thus formed are (B) C 1 = 14. If the circuit has the input lower trip point (LTP) = 0 V.23 V (B) 0. C 2 = 21.79 The above sensor is incorporated in a capacitance measuring circuit as shown in the following figure.80 as.17 pF.com IN With the position of the moving plate shown in the figure above.223 (C) 4. C 2 = 1.25 pF (D) C 1 = 18.16 nF.67 (D) 3 25/26 (A) 0. then value of R1 is given R2 (B) 2.2006 Q.541 V Statement for Linked Answer Questions 80 and 81 : In the Schmitt trigger circuit shown below. Q.14 pF. C 2 = 212 pF Q. C 2 = 23.7 V.67 IN .012 V (C) 1.gatehelp. Assuming ideal op amp. the output voltage under the conditions mentioned above is (A) 0.354 V (D) 2.

501 and 1.02% (D) 0.1 V (D) 6.85 (A) x is a null vector (C) x does not exist IN 26/26 .5 V (C) 2. Q.83 (A) 7. respectively.501 (A) 0. then efficiency of coupling LED light to the fiber is Q.gatehelp.57% Statement for Linked Answer Questions 84 and 85: A system of linear simultaneous equations is given as Ax = b Where R R V V S1 0 1 0W S0W S0 1 0 1W S0W and b = S W AS W S1 1 0 0W S0W S0 0 0 1W S1W T T X X Q.84 The rank of matrix A is (B) 2 (D) 4 Which of the following statements is true ? (B) x is unique (D) x has infinitely many values (A) 1 (C) 3 Q.70% (C) 0.501 (D) 1. The fiber is surrounded by air.com The input upper trip point (UTP) of the Schmitt trigger is (B) 2. at the wavelength of 850 nm. the refractive indices of the core and the cladding are equal to 1.82 The numerical aperature of the optical fiber is (B) 0.60% (B) 1.2006 Q.499.81 www.499 An LED emitting light around wavelength of 850 nm is butt-coupled to the optical fiber.7 V IN (A) 1.42 V Statement for Linked Answer Questions 82 and 83 In a step-index optical fiber. If the LED is assumed to be a Lambertian source.077 (C) 1.

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