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product redesgin Created by Rachael Anthoney

Table of contents:
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Colors and Fonts

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New Logos

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Package Redesign

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Product Photography

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Product name: Target group:

Naked Juice

The target audience will consist of those who are youthful and health-conscious of what they are eating/drinking, but want something fun and bright. The new packaging would catch the eye of those between the general ages of 18-30 with no specific gender in mind.

Brief history:

Jimmy Rosenberg, a man who wanted to produce a natural fruit juice drink in Santa Monica, California, founded Naked Juice in 1983. Production and distribution stayed in California until 2000, when the brand was moved to Greenwich, Connecticut after North Castle Partners bought the product. Its main competitor is Odwalla, and through several rebranding periods, Naked Juice has been able to stay ahead in sales. After 2007, PepsiCo has owned Naked Juice and continues conduct business from its California locations. Though there have been a few lawsuits filed against the company, the newest redesign will help to put forth true information in short, concise bullets.

The Big Idea:

Naked Juice will be redesigned to have a more modern, minimalistic look. The current packaging for Naked Juice is vibrant and colorful like I would like it to be, but I will change the fonts and the amount of information posted on the label. I will also have less fruit, and instead, the main fruit will be focused on the front. There will be the ingredients and nutrition facts on the back and perhaps a fun, healthy fact on the back encouraging the consumers to pursue a wellrounded lifestyle. By redesigning the packaging to target a youthful and outgoing demographic with vibrant statement colors, Naked Juice will see a rise in sales as more consumers become aware of the product.

Orange you glad

RGB: 234, 140, 35 CYMK: 5, 53, 100, 0 Hex Code: #EA8C23 Pantone: 715C

bland beige
RGB: 237, 226, 194 CYMK: 7, 8, 25, 0 Hex Code: #ede2c2 Pantone: 7506c

fresh skies
RGB: 225, 244, 253 CYMK: 10, 0, 0, 0 Hex Code: #e1f4fd Pantone: 656c

RGB: 251, 212, 5 CYMK: 2, 14, 100, 0 Hex Code: #fbd405 Pantone: 115c

RGB: 0, 0, 0 CYMK: 75, 68, 67, 90 Hex Code: #000000 Pantone: black 6c

Orange Cream
RGB: 253, 191, 110 CYMK: 0, 28, 65, 0 Hex Code: #fdbf6e Pantone: 1355c

true blueberry
RGB: 22, 44, 82 CYMK: 100, 87, 38, 36 Hex Code: #152c52 Pantone: 2767c

red raspberry
RGB: 220, 77, 38 CYMK: 8, 85, 100, 1 Hex Code: #dc4d26 Pantone: 173c

whipped topping
RGB: 255, 255, 255 CYMK: 0, 0, 0, 0 Hex Code: #ffffff Pantone: 663c

mathlete skinny mathelete bulky

The logo copy will be 18 pts. this font will also be used as a decorative font for bulleted items and fun facts on back.

Artifika Medium

Body copy will be 12 pts. and smaller nutrition facts and ingredients will be posted in 8 pts. though sizes will change as packaging requires it to keep consistency.

the new Logos:

The color logo will be used in all of the packaging and any possible print and digital advertising that will follow the campaign. The black and white logo will only be used when a gray-scale image is required as the impact of the brand will be felt when the colors are used. As the bottles will keep the same dimensions, the colored logo should be placed in within the first three and four inches of the label and no more than one inch down from the top of the label. (Please see following packaging designs in the book for further detail.)


package redesign:


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