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Task 1 Ayu to come to my house to help me? Retno Ayu Retno Ayu : That sounds a nice idea.

However, I dont think I can cook. : Dont worry. Well learn together how to cook fried rice. : Would you tell me how to do it before practising? : Sure, let me tell you. First, prepare the spices, egg, and cooked rice. Grind some garlic, chilli, and salt. Then, cut some onions into very thin pieces. Fry them together until it smells good. After that, add the egg and scramble them together. Finally, fry them together with the cooked rice until they are well mixed. Retno Ayu Retno Ayu Retno : And then you have your fried rice done. : Right. : That sounds easy. I cant wait to practise it. : Neither can I. By the way, do you want me to pick you up? : No, thank you. : This afternoon Id like to practise making fried rice. Would you like

Expressions of accepting or declining an offer or invitation ACCEPTING That sounds a nice idea. Thank you. Id like to. I would, very much. That would be very nice. With pleasure. DECLINING No, thank you. Thank you very much, but Im not sure I can. Id like to, but Thats very kind of you, but

Task 2 Study and practise the following conversation. Then underline the expressions of accepting/declining an offer/invitation. Anita Ruben Adib : You look so happy today, Adib. : Is there something we dont know? : Yes, my brother has fi nished his study in Australia and hell be home tonight. Anita Adib : Really? : Yeah, tonight were going to have a small welcome party. Would you like to come? Ruben Adib Anita : I would. : What about you, Anita? : Id like to, but tonight I will have to take care of my little brother and my little sister. My parents will attend their friends wedding party. Adib : I see. Its okay. Well, I think I have to go now. See you.

Ruben & Anita : See you

Task 3 Complete the following dialogues using expressions of

accepting/declining an offer/invitation. Look at the example. Example: 1) Arnys : Would you have a glass of Es Palubutung? Marcell : (accept) That would be very nice. 2) Adib : Shall we have lunch at Padang Resto? Anita : (decline) .... 3) Anita : Wont you have more Satay? Virga : (decline) .... 4) Andi : Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Retno : (accept) .... 5) Ayu : Will you have something to drink? Ruben : (accept) .... 6) Marcell : Would you like to join me for a coffee? Andi : (decline) ....

Task 4 Choose one from three situations below and make a short dialogue using expressions of accepting/declining an offer/invitation. Offering your friend the food you cooked by yourself. Inviting your classmate to dinner at your house. Asking your classmate to help you practise cooking your favourite Indonesian food.