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BIOLENA DSWD Region IV-A : ARD WILMA D. NAVIAMOS OIC-TAD : The Social Welfare Officer II Standard Unit : Registration Assessment of Institute for Foundational Learning

This is to share with you the results of the registration assessment of the above-named organization. The assessment was based on the review of submitted documents and interview with the director of the foundation, Rev. Patricia M. Capwell and staff on June 13, 2007. I. Findings: A. Organizational Name and Legal Personality: Institute for Foundational Learning Inc. (IFL) is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded by Rev. Patricia Capwell an American missionary but have secured a permanent residence visa from the Philippines in order to pursue the organizations mission that is intensely dedicated to relieving the pressure of poverty through education, medical relief, agriculture, livelihood, malnutrition programs and training both naturally and spiritually. Before her dreams It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 22, 1999 with SEC Registration no. A199920153. The organization is recognized by the Local Government of Cabuyao and other civic organization in Laguna Province. The objectives of the organization are the following: To provide and promote overall general welfare, through socio-economic, education, charitable and other benevolent activities for the poor/deserving families and communities. To realize the vision in community development thru various training, consultancy but not limited to agricultural, training (FAITH Project Food Always in the Home, rice technology, fish production, duck raising and other related activities) educational training, medical and dental missions, health hygiene training, disaster relief and reconstructions, malnutrition feeding program. To develop Christian moral and spiritual values among the children and youth thru youth development and leadership training based in the Holy Bible. To minister the poor and needy thru ministry of the Word of God. To aid in building strong family unit thru seminars, counseling and training.

These objectives is supported by foundations vision, mission: Vision/Mission intensely dedicated to relieving the pressures of poverty through education, medical relief, agriculture, livelihood, malnutrition programs and training both naturally and spiritually.

B. Board of Trustees/Policy Making Body: At present there are ten (10) Board of Directors involved in the organization. Six (6) are Filipinos residents of Manila and Laguna and the other four (4) are American but stayed here in the Philippines. They meet regularly to discuss issues/concerns of the foundation and sourcing funds for the sustainability of the project. C. Staff Composition and status/benefits: Presently, the following staff mans the agencys operation namely: 1 Director - oversee the total operation of the project 1 Corporate Secretary 1 Treasurer 1 regular librarian for their TCFI Community Library The foundation also accepts OJTs from local colleges for the implementation of its programs and services especially in the operation of their community library. D. Programs and Services: To carry out its objectives and realize its purposes, TCFI will allocate its generated funds to implement the following program and projects: 1. Education Scholarship Computer literacy Community Library 2. Environment Concerns Environmental protection and enhancement Coastal resources management Establishment of Calaca seedling bank Establishment of Calaca River park 3. Health and Disaster Preparedness Preventive and curative health programs and services Medical and dental missions Emergency preparedness Disaster relief and rehabilitation 4. Heritage and culture Cultural awareness workshops/seminars and presentations Heritage conservancy Values formation 5. Sports and recreation clinics and tournaments in the various sports discipline 6. Business, technology and livelihood Entrepreneurship appreciation Livelihood programs Seminars and trainings on related technologies Micro-financing E. Geographical Location and Operational Coverage: Tanglaw Ng Calaca Foundation Inc. is located at no. 34 Marasigan Street, Poblacion 3, Calaca Batangas. The house of Justice Sixto Marcella is use by the foundations as their office at the same time they utilized the big space for TCFI Community

Library. Marcella family also donated books, sets of encyclopedia and computer for the library. The office is equipped with office tables, 1 computer with printer, and filing cabinets. Target beneficiaries are indigent families and communities from Calaca, Batangas. F. Fund Source: Funding support of the foundation to implement its programs and services comes from the shared capital of each member, through solicitation/fund raising and donations from friends local and abroad. II. Evaluation and Recommendations: The organization is assessed to be a social welfare and development organization implementing programs and services that geared towards the development of the vulnerable sector of our society. Hence recommended for the issuance of registration certificate in recognition of its effort to contribute to the upliftment of the condition of the disadvantaged sector in the community Since the agency is assessed as a social work agency, there is a need to be license for such operation, please prepare to comply with the following: 1. Hire a full time registered social worker to attend case management of children under its care 2. Come up manual of operation as basis in the implementation of its programs and services. 3. Submit the following documents: Accomplish application form for licensing Latest annual accomplishment report Pledge of support from donors/sponsors Two (2) years work and financial plan Physical Safety Certificates (Water & sanitation, building structural safety)