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October 2 8, 2012

Brigham Young University Provo, Utah

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Debates begin
Social media time bomb counts down to Denver debate
Crews are now in the process of putting up a large security fence around the University of Denvers Ritchie Center, the site of the rst presidential debate, but come Oct. 3 nothing will be able to contain the explosion of political chatter on social media channels. If the volume of tweets on Twitter regarding Mitt Romneys recent 47 percent comments is any indication, social media is becoming more and more important for presidential candidates. According to Mark Knight, a public relations consultant for the London-based PR company Broadgate Mainland, this began several years ago. The previous contest for the See DEBATE on Page 4

BYU Democrats note record interest

These students bleed blue, but not just for their university: the BYU College Democrats club is holding strong in a sea of Republicans. The club is currently the largest it has been in years and has about 350 subscribers to its email list. The club meets weekly to discuss current issues, invites guest speakers and seems like any other political advocacy group with one exceptionits members are mostly members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At a recent meeting, scriptures were quoted, testimonies were shared and those who opposed each other during the meeting chatted like the best of friends once the meeting was over. I think that what most people dont realize is that most of us are Democrats because of our faith, not in spite of it, said Ian Hansen, a junior political science major from Duluth, Minn. My political views, the majority of them, are derived directly from my faith. Im as mainstream Mormon as anybody. I served a mission. I worked at the MTC. Ive done the whole Mormon thing. Im a Mormon. Despite the clubs growing strength, the members still represent a small portion of the student population at BYU. So what is it like to be a Democrat in See DEMOCRATS on Page 4

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Students show their enthusiasm for the Oct. 3 Denver presidential debates, which they plan on watching.

BYU students eager for presidential debates

Students to hold social functions for Denver presidential debates
not only because it is her rst time voting but because she has yet to decide which presidential candidate she will vote for. Borup, from Eagle, Idaho, studying human development, said the upcoming presidential debates will play a big role in her decision on which presidential candidate to vote for. In an effort to make the debates a fun and educational experience, Borup and her friends invited 150 people to watch the presidential debates taking place on Wednesday at a student apartment complex. Borup calls the gathering The Party of all Parties to welcome friends from any political party to come and enjoy the presidential debates in a social setting. The only requirement is to come decked out in red, white and blue attire. Borup said gatherings like this will allow her and her rst-timevoting friends to make important and informed decisions in the upcoming election. For me, this is more than just a vote, Borup, 20, said. This is about See STUDENTS on Page 4

Debate coverage
The upcoming presidential debate will take place Oct. 3 in Denver. To follow live coverage from Denver by The Universe staff: Go to Watch on 11News Follow us on twitter @universemetro

For Chelsea Borup, being a rsttime voter is a big responsibility,