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Let us not ignore a segment which is the life-blood of our democracy. If we want the press to do its duties faithfully, efficiently and effectively we will have to grant freedom to it. Remember friends, a censored press cannot deliver the goods. A press working under restrictions and forced to tone down its work according to the whims and fancies of individuals or governments will only present a distorted view of things to the people. Falsehood will pass for truth and truth itself will be a casualty. We can quote numerous instances from history when this has happened and the nation has had to suffer.

Further, times have changed, we are changing and alongside, the press is also changing. So whats the hue and cry about if the piercing eye of the press is looking a little deeper, sometimes through unorthodox methods, into the acts of omission and commission by individuals and governments.

Whats the problem?

Thanks to the press, even the ordinary people can make their voices heard, have their views understood and moreover they can comprehend the subtle nuances of society. Members of the house, freedom of the press is a help and not a hindrance. It has been seen from time immemorial that people who have tried to keep their lives secret or private were the very ones who became the victim of insensitive and ruthless free press which has striped them apart of their private lives to an extent that they havent been spared to their normal lives. Lady Daina, Parveen Babi, Salman Rashdi, Rahul Gandhi are a few of them, the worst being Lady Daina who eventually lost her life in the bargain.

More the Secrecy Less the Privacy

Freedom of press encourages and promotes reaching out to people, exploring new dimensions, widening the thought images and gathering information. Imparting information for relevant purposes where freedom of press is an extension of ones focused approach. On the other hand privacy cuts down that extension and leaves the society bare, isolated and totally cuts off an individual and a society as a whole from ideas, areas of learning and sharing.

The press is not effective because the ownership of the newspapers is in the hands of a few newspaper chain or groups. It has also been suggested / may be suggested, that the editors and journalists are under the pressure of their capitalist owners. It is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that every journalist and every home of press has a soul. The amount of lease given by the government to it to do full justice to the society is up to the journalists.

The right to privacy cannot be seen against the freedom of the press. Shouldnt the press react when the conduct of an individual or a whole organization is in question? Sit in seclusion, pretend to be a nonconformist and keep beating your chest in the name of privacy, and expect the press also to remain private and not perform its duty. Ladies and Gentlemen, had it not been for the freedom of the press, neither the United States would have discovered the Watergate scandal nor India would have known even a word about the Bofos deal.

In the words of Kabir We should keep our most vehement critic closest to us. If public issue are not brought to light what will happen to the country.Do we want a country where even crimes like Nithari & Rapes go unnoticed? Ladies and Gentlemen, even a teacher needs feedback from its class.


The humble Raspberry Pi came to life as little more than a prototype in late 2011, knocking around some trade-fairs. But even at this point, it had been in development for over four years. The brainchild of Eben Upton, who started piecing together the Pi on the longest piece of breadboard he could buy from Maplin, its principal motivation was to make computing accessible, with a plan to give the boards to school kids in the hope they'd get enthusiastic about hacking on the devices, just as the Raspberry Pi's founders had done with their home computers in the 80s. It was this 80s computing meme, along with co-conspirator David Braben's address book famously plundered for contacts and the idea that programming should be taught to everyone who has helped the Raspberry Pi get phenomenal traction. Just a few months after those prototypes were shown at trade shows, over 200,000 people registered their interest for the first 'Model B' boards, 20 times the capacity of the first production run, and the rest is history. The Raspberry Pi sold half a million units in 6 months, not into the educational market it was designed to revolutionize, but into a wide demography of hackers, makers and tinkerers. This is a device that can legitimately be described as a full-fledged PC, albeit one that's embedded into a diminutive printed circuit board, measuring just 85.60 mm by 53.98 mm. The CPU isn't powerful, an ARMv6 running by default at 700 MHz, but it can be powered by a USB cable, and even batteries, and is capable of running a graphical environment with accelerated video - through

either an HDMI port or a composite RCA jack suitable for televisions. The lack of old-style VGA is a problem when you consider there are now so many old redundant monitors, but this oversight is more likely to be a limitation of the SoC hardware than a shortfall in design. The official operating system is a Debian-derived Linux distribution called 'Raspbian'. If you've used the command-line on a Debianbased distribution before, such as Ubuntu, you shouldn't have any problems as many of the same commands and configuration options will be familiar. But even if you've only ever used Windows, the command line isn't that difficult. Arm yourself with a couple of tutorials and start investigating. If you break the installation, the worst that can happen is you'll need to reflash your storage with a new version of the distribution. How you go on to use the Raspberry Pi is up to you. Thanks to the use of Debian, you can install exactly the same software you can with any other Linux distribution. If you want to access the GPIO pins, there's a command line utility and several APIs for accessing the functionality from other languages. But as the Raspberry Pi is now firmly in the domain of the hackers, new solutions are appearing daily, including GPIO control through a web interface and countless other projects using the Pi at their heart. Programming is easily catered for by installing anything from

Python to the recently announced TinyBASIC, if you're after that authentic 80s experience. The Raspberry Pi now has a thriving online community and the constantly expanding wiki provides all the information a beginner needs to know, although it could benefit from being condensed into a simple guide for beginners. The new devices are even built at Sony's manufacturing facility in Pencoed, Wales, and the team has set an important precedent by working with Broadcom to release parts of the VideoCore interface under the terms of an open source licence. The Raspberry Pi does have its problems. The CPU is old technology, and it's not as quick as some of its competitors. The lack of a case could limit its application, although there are third-party cases available. And if you're new to Linux, there's also a steep learning curve to tackle, as you'll have to successfully write an image to a memory card, update packages and use the command line before you even get to a graphical environment. But this is all part of the challenge, and making things easier might limit the device's flexibility This flexibility is wonderful, but it doesn't mean anything without the accompanying low cost. By pricing the Raspberry Pi so cheaply, its creators have gifted a new generation the ability to experiment without the fear of destroying either valuable equipment or ambition. And this is the key to the Pi's success. It wipes away the decades of stuffy formality that has traditionally surrounded computer science, replacing it with a world of seemingly infinite possibilities. Admit it, even you've got an idea for something to try on the Raspberry Pi, and that's why it has been, and will continue to be, such a success.


What is it about Hollywood and running?

Why do movie advertisers think that we will be more likely to go and see a film if the poster features a freeze framed shot of the leading actor / actress in mid sprint?

I get the theory. The promise of action and dynamism. The attraction of a lithe, well-honed human body pushed to full exertion, pitched against the elements, stripped away from all mechanic help and motorized aid to pit itself against [insert generic forces of darkness here]. See our leading ladys muscles tauten and flex as she runs gun in hand down the blazing sidewalk. Marvel as our leading mans 6-pack ripples impressively as he runs a 4 minute mile to hurl himself over the bonnet of his assailants car and artfully wound himself just a little above his right eye so that the blood runs down and even more delineates his finely chiselled features. Even better if theres wind and rain. Running through the raw elements is always a winner. Or a spray of bullets. We love it when they run through a peppershot storm of lead and come out the other side totally unscathed. Man. Running. Ive got to go and see a film with running in it right now! Except, I dont. Not really. Because running on a movie poster always looks a little bit stupid. And a whole lot contrived.

Lets be honest, when a human being runs they dont, as a rule, look cool. I know anthropologists make the case that human beings are designed to run (its all about our buns apparently) and certain individuals like Usain Bolt certainly manage to look magnificent when they run but, by and large, the rule for the rest of us is: when we run we look like we really dont want to be doing it and medically we really, really shouldnt even have attempted to do it. And thats when seen at actual normal running life speed.

If you take a freeze frame of the average Joe (or Joanne) taken at full pelt, well, we just look like we are in pain. Like we are a huge chain of human sausage meat linked by a bizarrely jointed chain of hernias. Like our flesh is attached to our skeletons with cheap chewing gum and one more heavy footfall is going to see the whole lot slide off our bones with a wet ripping noise and ooze off down the nearest drain.

Depending on how much excess weight you are carrying you may even find your nipples have individually swung to different sides of your body. Im not talking left and right, here, I am talking front and back. We do not look pretty when we run. Which is why movie posters have to lie about it.

But there is an art to this lying. If it is done badly, for all our leading man and leading lady may still look buff and muscle perfect, they will inevitably look ridiculous. Take the movie image for Breaking Dawn Part 2. Its all over the place at the moment. It features Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner running heroically towards the camera.

At least, that was the brief. They look like they are jogging desultorily. That kind of half-assed shambolic, scurry-run that people do when they half-heartedly run for a bus which is already pulling away and they know wont stop. The run that is the start of a run but kind of runs out of momentum after the first stride. Im going to run, Im going to run, Im going to oh I cant be bothered. They look like they were told to literally run exactly one step toward the photographer and then stop. Dont move a muscle. Hold it right there. Make-up touch them up and sort out their hair. Hold it. Hold it. Pressing the shutter release button now. Click. And relax. Thanks guys thats really nailed it. So much better than speedwalking.

Take a look at this image when you get the chance. They have created something quite unique. A vacuous run. A non-committal sprint. The kind of run youd undertake when the person you hate most in the world is lying before you, being kicked by everyone theyve ever hurt and betrayed and theyre calling you for help. Yeah. Im coming. Im getting there. Im just going to take a very long time doing it. This image doesnt say dynamism. It doesnt say action.

It says I refuse to look as sloppy and out of shape as every other human being on this planet does when they run anywhere very fast.

It says I cant even act convincingly like Im running despite moving my limbs like I am actually running and being paid a massive fortune to do it.

This, Hollywood movie poster makers, does not sell the movie to me. Not at all. But it does make me want to run. Just not to the cinema or the DVD vendor Before the starting pistol is even fired, somebody just lost the race.


A perfect and glorious smile is everyones wish but few are blessed with teeth that are not only perfectly coloured but also, shaped to perfection. Toothpaste manufacturers have been quick to take advantage of this situation and consequently,we see advertisements of sparkling white teeth as a result of some magic formula that the advertisement agencies and manufacturers have managed to brew up. Even chewing gum manufacturers are not to be left behind and have come up with products that make teeth light up the world. If that were indeed the case, then we all would be advocating the use of used chewing gum in place of electric bulbs and CFLs. While it may be safe to assume that most of the public will not be easily swayed by such ostentatious claims, there still remain the gullible sections, like young teens whose consumption of these goods has undergone a drastic change. Their buying pattern has shifted in favour of goods that allow them to have an excellent self image and acceptance by all.

They fall prey to the ridiculous pack of lies told by huge corporations and consider the usage of such products as a useful tool that will enable them to have a better public image and self confidence. Pressure to be considered good-looking and gain social acceptance has also added fuel to the fire or rather mint to the paste/gum and made all of us eagerly reach out for the latest product promising teeth whiter than ever before. Preying on the fears of young adults, companies reinforce in them the belief that a brilliant smile, an open laughter and minty cool breath are the keys to being always surrounded by ardent admirers. This in turn has also promoted an increased consumption of every sugary, oily and harmful food known to mankind; after all nothing can go wrong as long as you use your magical potions and pills, the guardians of dental hygiene. It would however be in the best interest of everyone if companies stuck to only promising (and keeping that promise) healthy teeth and gums, free from germs and cavities and not, The Elixir of Brilliance.


1941 - Born Dec. 31 in Govan, Scotland.

1957 - Begins playing career at Scottish club Queen's Park.

1966 - Marries Cathy.

1974 - Ends six-club playing career and takes charge of Scottish club East Stirling.

1978 - Becomes manager of Aberdeen in Scottish top division, winning Scottish league for the first time in 1981.

1983 - Wins European Cup Winners' Cup with victory over Real Madrid in final, and becomes Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

1985 - Takes temporary charge of Scotland's national team after the death of manager Jock Stein on Sept. 10.

1986 - Coaches Scotland at World Cup, where team fails to advance from group.

1986 - Becomes Manchester United manager as replacement for the fired Ron Atkinson. Leaves Aberdeen with three Scottish titles, four Scottish Cups, one League Cup, a European Cup Winners' Cup and a European Super Cup.

1990 - Wins first trophy at United, the FA Cup after a replay against Crystal Palace in the final.

1991 - Wins European Cup Winners' Cup after beating Barcelona 2-1 in final.

1992 - Signs French forward Eric Cantona.

1993 - Wins United's first English title since 1967 and was voted Manager of the Year.

1994 - Retains English title and also wins FA Cup.

1995 Is made Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

1996 - Wins Premier League again, this time with youngsters in his team such as David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville known as "Fergie's Fledglings."

1999 - Wins a historic Premier League-FA Cup-Champions League treble, after winning European Cup for the first time; thanks to late goals by Teddy

Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in a 2-1 win over Bayern Munich; Becomes a knight; Wins Intercontinental Cup

2001 - Breaks British transfer record to sign Argentina midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron for 28 million pounds.

2002 - Decides to stay on at United after announcing decision to retire at the end of the season. Admits decision to make announcement public was an "absolute disaster."

2003 - Launches legal action against then-United shareholder John Magnier over ownership of race horse Rock of Gibraltar; reportedly kicks football boot into face of Beckham, causing injury to midfielder's face. Beckham sold to Real Madrid that summer; Signs Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon.

2004 - Has pacemaker fitted.

2007 - Denies Chelsea a third straight English title by winning Premier League with United for ninth time.

2008 - Wins Champions League for the second time with victory in a penalty shootout over Chelsea, following 1-1 draw; wins Club World Cup.

2009 - Given four-match touchline ban for comments, criticizing fitness of referee Alan Wiley.

2010 - Wins fourth and final League Cup.

2011 - United names North Stand at Old Trafford as the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.

2013 - Reclaims Premier League title from Manchester City, winning it for 13th time.

I started supporting United when I was 4 years old.I've grown up watching Sir Alex doing what he does best, Winning. It feels like another chapter is going to unfold from July onwards with Sir Alex not defeating teams and winning trophies one after the other, using his genius tactics, implementing gameplay plans on the pitch with help of his red army. I don't think anyone can match Sir Alex Ferguson. What makes him so special is that he just has this knack of knowing what to do and when, what to say to players to get the best out of them, even if he had to use his "hairdryer technique", which all the players dreaded. And to do it year after year for so long is just incredible. It is simply amazing. What he's done for the club and what he's achieved is remarkable. Sir Alex Ferguson is irreplaceable. It's the end of a glittering, shinning era.

Thank you, Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson. We will never forget you. Ever. In the modern day era, no one proclaims to have seen God, the almighty. But I will be proud to grow up and tell a story one day that I saw god. His name. SIR ALEX FERGUSON - 26 years, 38 major trophies. Father, Leader, Visionary, WINNER!



I love those lovely eyes Gleaming with beautiful dreams. Even a drop of tear shies away When your eyes give me a smile. Life seems so joyful when I look into your eyes. It gives me freedom, It gives me life. It has the iris full of colors. Like a rainbow it is full of flowers. Pushpa, I hate tears Because I like your eyes smiling. I love those lovely eyes, Gleaming with a beautiful life.


Last year around this time perhaps, I had a chance to attend a programme at JKK that was organized by Aalingan (English translation Embrace) an organization for HIV infected children who were ironically abandoned by their parents. The kids, totalling 32, might be in age groups from 3 to 12 years. They were of different heights, different colours and complexions and were all beaming and bouncing with little smirks on their faces. They all had a zest for life as they gathered on stage for their performances and to utter a few rehearsed words. They danced, they spoke, they cheered and they came off the stage to the front gallery almost with a glint of hope to be embraced by the audience... as if to live up by the name of their organisation Aalingan.

We all clapped, applauded each performance with greater energy than usual, because, I am certain, we all wanted to cheer them up and encourage them more since somewhere in our minds, we thought that those children were not one amongst us and were not equal to us in some strange ways. We masked our knowledge of this discretion, differentiation, prejudice and bias by cheering each performance with greater energy and applause, making them feel first among equals - the HIV tag was getting conspicuous, more prominent and louder with every round of applause. I vouch that the audience meant well and their intentions cannot be doubted but did we think and feel same way once we were out of the event hall and busy in our daily chores? Shall we remember them and embrace them unconditionally once out of the place and event? The realization of the dark truth was so glaring and so distasteful. Like everyone, especially at that young age, one feels so good, motivated and encouraged by the applause, and these children were no exception but they felt so out of innocence and not discretion. Few might have thought that they will work more on themselves and improve their skills to perform still better and to be appreciated and applauded more, little knowing that their lives were already measured. This is before the time shall interfere with its slow erosion of cliffs of innocence, caving-in to brute reality. With the passage of time, innocence shall be shredded and replaced by bitterness and hopelessness. One day we, or most of us, shall murder their innocence with our indifference or distance: when these kids will understand the meaning of HIV, when realization will dawn upon them about why they are not embraced Why they are not even considered equals

The realization shall either shatter them or harden them know not which one is worse. Our non-realisation of our intentions sans action or lack of it, will somewhere massacre their innocence and perpetuate bitterness in them against us / society.


Come hold my hand, say nothing; just walk. Nothing to think, nothing to fear, nothing to feel; just walk. Lets take the road we never took, No matter what, lets walk.

Come hold my hand, say nothing; just walk. Say the words I have waited for, love me the way you want. Look at me the way you looked, trust me the way you want. Come to me when you need me, For I have waited for you long. Give me the smile I need, For I might not see it for long. Believe me, my words, I am not a joker, For you might not know before I am gone. Come to me, hold my hand, say nothing; just walk.

Lets watch the sun dive into the sea. Feel me the way you want. Lets walk somewhere, I know not where. Lets kill that fear and walk.

Let me kiss those lips And feel you again, For I might not see you for long. Let me listen to those words And touch you again, For you might not know and I am gone. The time has come for me to leave, Say whatever you want, When I am gone dont forget me because I love you more than you want. Come hold my hand, say nothing; just walk. Nothing to fear because you are my dear, To the eternity lets walk.

Bittersweet melancholy, An effortless melody, The hushed whispers of A startling tune

The perfect strings pulled on a souls guitar The unexpected heartbeat of the drum The voice of an evergreen nightingale The amalgamation of the chorus Between mind and heart.

The surroundings slowly fade into oblivion All thats left is the hypnotic music and you. In that moment, everything is ideal In that moment, you need no more In that moment, you are safe.

It fixes all mishaps, heals all wounds It banishes the pain to a forbidden land Then as it makes you smile, it smiles too Before you know it, it is laughing and celebrating with you.

In every situation, it finds its place within you It makes you fall in love, over and over again. It helps you forget, but it also reminds you Of that which you wish you had never forgotten.

It playfully dances with your emotions, You are putty in its hands. It carries you along; it will never leave you behind It is embedded deep in your soul.

However, the bitter question that always plagues me Is What did I do to deserve my emptiness? The incomparable Sound Of Music Why was it ruthlessly stolen from me?


Kuch bhooli bisri yaaden hain, Kuch bhooli boli baten hain. Koi hasta khilkhilata chehra hai, Kuch aur nahi bas teri aahen hai.

Maine dekhe aise khwaab hain, Khushiyon ka jisme sailaab hai. Atka jahan mera dil hai, Kuch aur nahi bas teri nigahein hain.

Tumhe dekhun to yun lagta hai, Registaan me kamal ka phool khila hai. Na jaane maine ye kyun likha hai, Kuch aur nahi bas teri batein hain.

Phoolon ko sungh kuch samajh nahi aata hai, Aajkal to shehed bhi dil ko nahi bhata hai. Na jaane meri naak ko kya hua hai, Kuch aur nahi bas teri khushboo hai.

Kuch bhooli bisri yaaden hain, Kuch haste sulagte pal hain, Koi aansu aankh se tapakta hai, Kuch aur nahi bas tera wo dhoka hai.

Koi chehra dikhai deta hai, Kuch baatein yaad aati hain, Koi pyaar bhari muskurahat hai, Kuch aur nahi bas beeta kal hai.

Kuch waaden sunai dete hain, Kuch nagmein duhain dete hain. Wo saath chalna yaad aata hai, Kuch aur nahi bas tera choota haat hai.

Haathon me haath rakhna yaad aata hai, Wo hothon ka milna bhi yaad aata hai, Wo taron ke neeche letna yaad hai, Kuch aur nahi bas tera naam yaad aata hai

Wo raston ka mudna dikhai deta hai, Tera mujhse bichadna dikhai deta hai, Un waadon ka tutna sunai deta hai,

Yun pal me mujhe chodna samajh aata hai, Teri jhooti baateni sunai deti hain, Meri khushiyon ka bikharna bhi dikhai deta hai, Us muskurahat ki kadwahat ko bhi chakh liya hai, Kuch aur nahi bas " wo tera pyaar hai."

Wo bhooli bisri yaaden hain, Wo bhooli boli baaten hain, Tujhe maaf karna sirf mera haq hai, Tu bas ye jaan le"ye mera pyaar hai"

The NEW Batches of IIM-Indore. We hope you have bright and flourishing future ahead. May you find all the glory , happiness and peace in your stay at Planet-I with a lot of success and a never ending Source of motivation . May you invest in yourself and polish the gem inside you to one day shine and spread your light in the world for its good . Wishing you a hearty stay ahead .


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