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Todays discerning consumer demands quality and eco-friendly products.

Paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), these are chemicals present in certain products and are emitted as gases when these products are used. VOC are sometimes accidentally released into the environment, where they can cause air pollution. As the worlds largest paint manufacturer, AkzoNobel Paints walks the green talk with our Dulux range of interior and exterior paints that not only contain low VOCs, but our full range of interior emulsions are also low odour. Our products are designed specifically with you and the environment in mind for an overall pleasant and responsible painting experience. Inspired by the spirit of our Lets Colour campaign, our redesigned cans have been developed to bring our story to life, inspire people and make a difference to their surroundings and their lives. Our new identity captures the spirit, colour and energy of our brand. Be Inspired. Lets Colour!

Dulux Supreme

Dulux Pure

Dulux Light & Space

Dulux Pearl Glo

Dulux Pentalite Classic

Dulux EasyClean

Dulux Satinwood

Dulux Timbertone

All Dulux Interior Paints are low on odour even when freshly painted