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1 2 3 4 5 (circle) TRAINING STATUS T P U (circle) CONDITION: Medical platoon headquarters section has received requests for supplies from the unit sections and supported companies. It is required to maintain 48 hours stockage of medical supplies. Some supplies require storage. Supply SOP is available. If emergency resupply requests are received, delivery must be coordinated. Medical supply is a continuous task and is performed simultaneously with other internal support and operational tasks. TASK STANDARD: 1. The platoon ensures medical supply and field service requirements, established by tactical SOP or OPORD, are on hand or have been coordinated for use when needed. 2. The platoon transports supplies without damage and delivers them to the proper individual or unit. 3. The platoon maintains records as prescribed by supply regulations. TASK STEPS and PERFORMANCE MEASURES GO NO GO +*1. NCOIC supervises medical supply. a. Checks supply status to determine total assets. b. Conducts inventories to calculate assets on hand. c. Develops a supply storage plan. d. Monitors supply procedures by reviewing supply transactions. +2. Platoon requests additional supplies. a. Calculates resupply requirements. b. Coordinates requirements with sections. c. Records requests on appropriate document register. d. Coordinates requests through battalion S4. e. Forwards requests for medical resupply to supporting medical company of the forward support battalion. +3. Platoon receives supplies. a. Inspects incoming supplies for quantity and condition. b. Records receipt on appropriate document register. c. Stores supplies IAW storage plans. d. Notifies requesting companies or sections that supplies are available for issue. +4. Platoon issues supplies. a. Processes supply requests. b. Prepares transaction documents. c. Issues supplies. d. Maintains prescribed copies of transactions. 5. Platoon transports supplies in ambulances. a. Transports medical supplies to the requesting unit IAW unit SOP. b. Ensures all supplies arrive without damage and are delivered to the proper unit or individual. NOTE * Indicates a leader task. NOTE + Indicates a critical task. TASK PERFORMANCE SUMMARY BLOCK ITERATION 1 2 TOTAL TASK STEPS & PERFORMANCE MEASURES EVALUATED TOTAL TASK STEPS & PERFORMANCE MEASURES "GO" SUPPORTING OFFICER'S TASKS H-1 3 4 5 TOTAL