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101-5) (FM 7-20) (FM 8-15) (FM 90-10) (STP 21-1-SMCT) (STP 21-II-MQS) ITERATION 1 2 3 4 5 (circle) TRAINING STATUS T P U (circle) CONDITION: A warning order has been received and the treatment squad must prepare for operations. The platoon has been given a choice of locations within a designated area of adequate size. Medical support is continuous; tailgate medicine may be required during establishment of the new site. An ambulance turnaround point is required. The platoon tactical SOP is available. This task will be performed under all environmental conditions. The platoon can be required to camouflage by a commander of at least brigade or equivalent level. Communications have been established. TASK STANDARD: 1. The treatment team selects treatment site and coordinates with battalion headquarters and supported units. 2. The treatment team establishes the new site and sets up all essential equipment within the times designated by the warning order and IAW tactical SOP. 3. The treatment team establishes ambulance turnaround point on suitable terrain that offers easy access to evacuation routes. TASK STEPS and PERFORMANCE MEASURES GO NO GO *1. Platoon leader/PA/field medical assistant selects operational site. a. Surveys designated area for placement of assets. b. Selects area that provides optimum cover and concealment, without hampering communications. c. Selects helicopter landing site which meets the criteria established in tactical SOP. d. Obtains approval of selected site location from battalion S3. e. Provides company/supported units exact location of operational site. f. Briefs dispatched ambulances on location of new site. +2. Treatment squad members establish battalion aid station. a. Establish area security, as required. b. Provide tailgate medical support until battalion aid station is established. c. Set up helicopter landing IAW FM 8-35 and tactical SOP. d. Establish ambulance turnaround point IAW tactical SOP. e. Position supplies and equipment IAW layout plan. f. Protect supplies and equipment. g. Establish triage area IAW tactical SOP. h. Camouflage when directed. i. Perform PMCS on vehicles and equipment. j. Report to platoon headquarters when operational. +3. Ambulance section members set up area of operations. a. Position ambulances. b. Perform PMCS on vehicles and equipment. c. Field-site ambulances with supported companies IAW tactical SOP. d. Coordinate AXP locations with platoon headquarters, if used. e. Camouflage area when directed. f. Report to platoon headquarters when operational. NOTE * Indicates a leader task. NOTE + Indicates a critical task. TASK PERFORMANCE SUMMARY BLOCK ITERATION 1 2 TOTAL TASK STEPS & PERFORMANCE MEASURES EVALUATED TOTAL TASK STEPS & PERFORMANCE 3 4 5 TOTAL


MEASURES "GO" SUPPORTING OFFICER'S TASKS 01-1910.11-1001 01-1920.12-1001 03-3120.00-0002 SUPPORTING SOLDIER'S MANUAL TASKS 071-191-1361 071-191-1362