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A new feature key is required when you install a new version of KINGDOM. Follow these steps to obtain a new feature key (an alphanumerical code) to use The KINGDOM Software 8.5.

Standalone Edition
1. Install The KINGDOM Software 8.5. 2. Plug the USB sentinel into your computer. 3. From your desktop choose Start > Programs > The KINGDOM Software 8.5 > The KINGDOM Software 8.5. A message will be displayed prompting you to update the license file. Click Yes. 4. The Standalone License Control Panel will open to the Install Feature Keys tab. 5. If the computer is connected to the internet, click Web Feature Key. The feature key automatically populates the Feature keys box. 6. Click Apply and then on the Feature Information tab to see the list of features and the start and expiration dates of each feature. Click OK to launch KINGDOM.

Not Connected to the Internet? See the section at the bottom of this page.

Network Edition
You must be running the KINGDOM license server 8.0 to run KINGDOM 8.5. If you are currently running KINGDOM 8.1 or later, your license server components are already up to date. You are ready to obtain and install your feature keys. If you are currently running KINGDOM 8.0 or earlier, you will need to upgrade the license server before launching KINGDOM 8.5:

Upgrade License Server (if necessary)

1. Log on to the license server computer as Administrator. 2. Verify that the date and time on the computer are correct. 3. Option 1: Browse to the downloaded License Server Installer.exe and double click, or Option 2: Insert KINGDOM 8.5 DVD, select Network License Server tab > Install Network License Server. 4. Follow the installation wizard. The recommendation is to accept the default settings during installation. 5. When the installation is complete, the "Network License Server Control Panel" will be displayed. If not, doubleclick the SMT License Server 8.0 icon on your desktop.

Obtain and Install Feature Key for Network Edition

Once you have upgraded the license server, or if you are already running the 8.0 license server, follow these steps to obtain a new feature key: 1. 2. 3. 4. Double-click the SMT License Server 8.0 icon on your desktop. In the SMT License Server Control Panel, select the Install Feature Keys tab. Select (or add then select) version 8.5. If the computer is connected to the Internet, click on Web Feature Key. The feature key is automatically retrieved and populates the feature key box. 5. Click on Install or OK to install the keys.

Not Connected to the Internet

If the computer you wish to upgrade is not connected to the internet, you have two options for obtaining a feature key. The easiest and fastest method is to obtain a feature key from SMTs website using a different computer at The second method is to request a feature key via e-mail. Send your request to Note: For either of these options you will need your computer code from the computer that will run KINGDOM or the Network License Server. With the sentinel plugged in, this code is displayed on the Install Feature Key tab of the Standalone or Network License Server Control Panel. When you obtain the feature keys, paste them into the Install Feature Keys tab and click OK. For detailed instructions on obtaining and installing feature keys, please refer to the KINGDOM 8.5 Installation Manual. You can access the manual from the DVD by clicking on View Installation Guide on the Install KINGDOM tab.