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Laura Walton

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Redesign Plan
Product name: Coxs Creamed Honey Target Group:
Adults ages 20-35 that are looking for a locally made product to help support a local business, also for those that are suffering from allergies that want to find a natural solution that is from the area that will help them build immunity to the pollens in the area.

Brief History:

This Company was started in 1880 in Orderville, Utah by Delaun Mills Cox he only provided the honey to those in his small local community. Thirty years later he moved to Shelley, Idaho and started beekeeping again and started to make more money than he did before. He passed the family business off to his son Orville S Cox who established the benchmark the superiority and purity of the honey, he would market the honey under a trade name of Cox Honey Farms. Through a unique process he created and established Delicious Creamed Honey. In 1970 Orville formed a corporation with his sons and later his grandson joined in and they have continued to work for thirty more years at keeping the tradition that there grandfather started.

Big Idea:

I want to recreate this brand because most people dont know that the company is local; most are not familiar with the great health benefits is has being locally made. I also want to make the creamed honey more know by recreating the labeling to make the product more distinct and also introduce it to new customers by making the labeling, and product style different from the original honey that Coxs honey also makes.

Style Guide
Jet Black RGB: 0,0,0 CMYK 100, 100,100,100 Pantone 426 C Hex 030000

Winamp FFBF00 HEX 255,191,0 RGB CMYK 0,27,100,0 Pantone 137 C


Adobe Carson Proregular 28pt

Trade Gothic- Roman style, 14pt

Style Guide

The color logo will be used in most of the marketing. The only time the grayscale will be used is in B&W print, Fax ect. The logo will be no more then two inches by two inches for the logo on products and no smaller then one and half inches by one and half inches. For large marketing ads no more then 5 by 5 or other size of measurement that will be used. The recommened placement for the logo is in the lower right hand corner of printed pages, for product it should be placed front and center.Also when placing the logo take into consideration other information that will need to surround the logo.

Package Design
Primary Packaging

Fun Facts Eating Honey that is from your local area will help with allergies and also help build you immune system against the allergins in the air. Also honeys taste comes from the type of plant that they gather the necture from.

Coxs Honey Farms, INC., Shelley, Idaho 83274

Nutrition Facts
Product Of USA NET WT20 OZ. (1LB. 4OZ.)(567g)
Serv. Size 1 Tbsp (45g) Total Fat 0mg
Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving %DV* Total Carb. 17g 6% 0% Sugars 16g Sodium 0mg 0% Protein 0g

Servings: 27 Calories 60

*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

The concept behind the package design was to create something that would be more appealing to the eye than the original. Also to add some interesting facts about the product.

Product Photos

With the photography I wanted to compare the two products so that it showed the difference in the two designs.


Same Great Taste Brand New Look

Dont be Afraid to get Sticky, With a Jar of

Locally Made

Coxs Creamed Honey

Pick up yours today!

With this advertisment I wanted to make something that lots of people will see to spread the name of the product.