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Habibie&Ainun, that film poster is exposed in front of every mnovies cinema in indonesia. A film played by Reza Rahardian and Bunga Citra Lestari as known BCL. This film telling about indonesia ex-president Mr.Habibie and Mrs.Ainun love story and this is the review of the film In the first Setting when Habibie and Ainun still a teenager, they are in the same school, and some their theacer said that they has been engaged, but Habibie refused about it, and he said that Ainun is black, ugly, fat, like javas sugar. Year by year has been passed,Habibie who had taking university in Germany must go back to Indonesia because the tubercolosis that he had. By that at least Habibie and Ainun met again by a cake that he must sent to to Ainun house. Ainun who has been changed to a beautiful young lady, making Habibie fell in love. Because of her beautines theres a lot of guy admiring her. And the guys admiring her are a rich and had a ranking, but Habibie never shy. Casually he went to Ainun house by a pedicab althought his enemies used a car. But the great thing, Ainun never mind about the money, she chosed Habibie to live with her. After maried, they went to Germany. There Habibie

finished his doctoral studi with a hope can came back to Indonesa to make a plane of our country like he was promised when he was sick. In other people country he got praised, in his own country he got reviled maybe that is the right sentece to draw Habibie conditions that time. Habibie who had been respected by Germany, but not in Indonesia. Habibie dream to make his country where he was born better was stagnan.with a great heart he must accepted it and work in the train industrial in Germany. At last, Habibie got a chance to make his dream came true. He get a permission to make an aeroplane in his country. After became a vice president of IPTN, then he promoted to became a minister, then a vice president and beceame president of Indonesia changing Mr soeharto who fell his job. Every success there is a sacrifice. His success to contribute to his country effected to his family. He even got no chance to spent his time with hsi family, even to himself. Even he sleep for only an hour a day. When Habibie not nominated himself as the next president in the next election, he came back to Germany with Ainun, there they live very calm and peaceful. But that peace and quite not longer. Ainun got an occvarium cancer stadium 4, make her to get a treatment at the hospital and must get a operation so much time. When shes sick, Habibie with a loyality take care Ainun till she closed her eyes for the last time. There is some word that ainun wrte to Habibie when she still alive I cant, I cant promise to be a perfect wife for you, but i promise to be there for you.-Ainun, when Habibie engaged Her every tunnel there must be a light, and i promise to bring you to that lightHabibie, when Ainun asked him to sent him to Indonesia. how could you lead 200 milion people of Indonesia, if lead your body you cant!-Ainun, when he saw Habibie only slept for an hours a day.

Jason Darien Riadi Xii a2-20