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Vibrating palm and Astral projection: I wanted to illustrate my point by referencing the original source, which I thought was

Omni magazine, but after looking at the back issues, I couldnt find it. I would have been in the 1988 or 1989. It may have been popular science or something around that time. From memory, I believe these methods of astral projection were the Monroe method. Its one of those things you try once and back burner. However, I did develop a strong, almost maddening rushing in the ears as I was falling asleep. It may have been a reason why I grew 3 in one month. There is some vague information out there about vibrating palm, and its much easyer to understand what it isnt, than what it is. Its not so much vibrating but a pulsation. Carrier wave must be differentiated from modulation. Vibrating palm is a limited concept. The true domain of application is astral projection while sleeping. There is a specific pulsating vibration for seperating from your body. Its kind of hard coded in us. If you have ever attempted astral projection and felt this vibration, it probably was a distraction to astrally projecting. However, if you have experienced it, then you know. This is the vibration that you want to focus on. You want to modulate it at a fairly slow rate. If you ever used to bounce your leg in school as a kid, its that exact rate of modulation. About 6.8cps. This is a tendon response. From memory the method was a variation of the monroe methods such as focusing several feet above yourself combined with the roll-over-method, where you then turn yourself over and face your body lying down. Thats for your reference. What I wanted to do is briefly, as I am typing this out in bed on a laptop, is combine the astral projection with the bone marrow neigong and connect them with the monroe method which I think, based on memory, were the methods I used back then. I say this because the rushing in the ears is a Jing thing. The kidneys open to the ears. There is another subject matter that is made way too complex. So sit up and take notice. Its the bone marrow neigong. This is so simple its stupid. Now let me cover some of the details of the monroe method of astral projection. One, the focusing, with your eyes closed, several inches in front of your forehead. Then a few feet, then out to several feet. Then this point is turned so that it arcs over to the top of your head. You then bring this down into your body. Now the chongmai is associated with the bone marrow. So naturally bringing your attention from the top of your head down the center of your body is probably hinting at something here.

Be prepared because these methods are easy but quite powerful. Once you trigger the vibrations and/or activate the qi in the marrow you cannot go back. Unfortunatly, its usually quite a cement slammer. Which is why it is great before bed. The difference between the marrow neigong, which is a mismomer because you are standing and not lying prone, and the monroe method is just that. One you are standing and the other is lying down. Never attempt to astrally project with your legs crossed. However, the full lotus will enhance spontaneous astral projection because the calve chakras are crossed. Another variation is found in lying qigong, where you lie in a fetal position wth the legs drawn up, one hand lying across the midsection and the other under your head or pillow, fists in the tse mudra, just as infants sleep. Along with lying on the back there is lying on the stomach in the lying tiger position. Some people can sleep on the stomach but understand that these four different positions will result in varying degrees of success for you in terms of spontaneous ejection of the astral body. To reiterate. Lying on your right side or back is yang. Lying on your left side or stomach is yin. Generally men use men postures and women use women postures. But it varys. You might be a left handed male and find that the lying tiger is most effective. You may not be able to actually sleep restfully in these postures, which is okay. Because it is called sleeping qigong does not mean you will sleep. In fact, the point is to get into a twilight state where you might awaken at a time to reposition yourself, and then resume sleeping normally, or wake up and go about your business. Sleeping qigong is perscribed to follow qigong methods to change and settle the qi. However, the incidental goal is spontaneous ejection of the astral body. This has applications for martial arts because you can eject from standing positions through a strike. However, the prone positions are the training, the basis for application. Also, the vibration method is needed for success with intentional projection. Also, certain results can only be obtained while sleeping. As a matter of fact, prepare yourself to understand and realize that the domain of application of all of your training is the dream state, while sleeping. Period. The reason for this is simple and profound. When you become, if you become, a true dreamer, that is, you dream as actor, not as witness (as im told you dream like watching a movie). This is an alien concept to me. I dream as ACTOR not as witness. My dream state is no different than real life. I do not see myself as a character in a dream(?). I can only imagine, one of my predilictions are dream sequences in movies. I find them offensive . Its obsene to me for someone to presume that everyone dreams like they are watching a movie on tv inside their mind. Its the most common, but its not the most likely.

What you do in dreams, karmically is no different than doing it in real life. So if you can fly in dreams, you can fly in real life. The goal of dream yoga is an uninterupted continuity of consciousness from waking state to sleeping state. Except, for that transitional point. The twilight stage of awareness , the pivot if you will. The longer you spend in that pivot, worst case scenario, the better. Its progress. The conversion of jing to qi or qi to jing *ONLY* occurs during sleep. Period. There are a lot of misinformed and confused people out there that think that training, or meditating, they are doing something. When in fact, as more often than not, they are only stimulating something that will progress according to its own scheme and time. Sort of like eating spicy food before bed. You can guarantee you are going to have strange dreams. Eating, digestion actually uses of your vital energy. This is why people say they can step out of their bodies during extreme fasting routines. Digestive factors therefore can effect dreaming, small dreaming. If your hungry and you dream of a hamburger, and you grab that hamburger, your dream stops. This is not a true dream. Only a small dream. If a guy outside is jackhammering, and you dream of a jackhammer, this is the external world intruding upon the dreams. These are small things in the grand scheme of dream and sleep yoga. Most people are rational and honest enough to know the difference. Most will not try and misrepresent themselves as big dreamers who are almost unable to distinguish real life from the dream experience. You may have episodes of small dreams, for the reasons mentioned before for example. Worry, digestive factors, somatic disturbances. But the point is, that the reason you focus on the dream state as the basis for application is because, it like neuropathy, which starts in the legs first, will start in the dream state first, and then manifest in the waking state. Not the other way around. For example, you can only construct an object that you have actually touched. If I construct a firearm I have never actually touched, like a chaingun, it most likely will appear and behave very dreamlike. It will bend and be nothing like the real gun. Even the bullets. Why this is, is due to some strange logic of the dream state. The laws of physics only apply to the physical world. The dream world has its own laws. To realise, at least in theory, the unbroken continuity of consciousness between dreaming and awakeness, would logically mean that your ability to do things like fly or walk up walls would translate in the real world. Its not so difficult to understand. Its possible, as possible as instant enlightenment or enlightenment period, just very highly, highly improbable. Many dream symbols are symbols of contrary. Your hungry so you dream of eating a juicy hamburger. This is not a primer on dream yoga so I have to get back to technicals. Now, the basic water path method of bone marrow qigong is to hold one hand over the top of the head, and to place the other

hand below the navel. Kind of like you are patting your head and rubbing your tummy. Only with no motion. A little goes a long way. Hold the hand over the head for a short period of time and then reverse the hand positions. Lift the bottom hand in an circular arc to exchange positions over the top of the head, and reverse the other to the lower abdomen. If you notice, if you do it with both hands youll basically have the three circles posture. The embrace the three posture touching the middle fingers down by the bladder reigon. Then midway as if you are hugging a tree and then over the head. You should recognise this sequence of positions from some yiquan (saam yi) routines. What follows from the above head position is to lower the hands to be in front of the face as if you are holding an american football before a throw (monk gazing at the moon). Masters modify postures so they are basically useless when done by neophytes. You should usually always have the tips of the fingers touching. In the three circles posture, the middle fingers touch. There is another variation of the marrow qigong with the back of the lower hand covering the small of the back. This helps to clear the back channel. But the first version is more important. If you dont feel the bone marrow stimulated following this, I cant help you. Try it before bed and feel the results. Now, realize something. If you combine the monroe method with my marrow neigong, youll realize something. If you hold the hand over your head, palm down pat the head. And focus under the palm, and then lower the palm slowly down the front of the body (having the other hand covering the small of the back) you can certainly realize the part of the monroe method where you bring the focus from above your head (8th chakra?) down the thrusting channel. Except your mind does not follow the palm forward it stays above our head and follows it down relative to its position. The hand sweeps down the front of the body creating feedback loops from the energy projected from the chakras on the front of the body, feeding back to the hand covering the small of the back or visa versa. Next, the embracing the moon. If you focus on the space between the palms, you are focusing your awareness, eyes open or closed in front of your face. You can look past your point of focus THROUGH the hole created by your hands (this is called tunneling) like looking down the sights of a gun. You dont look at the sights, you look past to the target. Use your intution and common sense here. Im going to have to take a break here but you have some food for thought for the moment. I think the combat application of the vibrating palm is obvious. If you can vibrate your astral body seperate from your physical body, and the process is like a little death. Imagine if you could match the

resonance of another persons astral body, and shake them loose. A word of warning here. You are not killing someone perse you are only decoupling them. Serious bad mojo here if you use the vibrating palm for murder. And an interesting interpretation of an arms race. To protect yourself from the vibration defensivly, you must condition yourself to take that vibration so it does not effect you. It is also said the vibration palm destroys the golden bell. My ideas are that the vibration methods are contradicated to iron body methods because it breaks up the stagnation. Like a stud funder, the hands will tend to tune themselves when presented with stagnation. The vibration, the rate and modulation can vary. However, my point is the intention should be the exact rate revealed to you that you feel when using the monroe method of astral projection. The so-called vibrating method of astral projection. Try the roll out method while laying on your stomach. Turning to face the ceiling so you are back to back with your body. More later.