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Daya kapiler adalah peristiwa zat yang merambat melalui celah-celah kecil 2. Atmosfer adalah lapisan yang menyelubungi bumi 3. Batu apung, batu basal, batu granit merupakan contoh batuan 4. Pupuk buatan adalah 5. Zat penyusun udara terdiri atas 6. Udara yang bergerak disebut 7. Jasad renik yang mengendap dan mengalami pembusukan selama berjuta juta tahun membentuk 8. Gelombang longitudinal adalah 9. Pantulan bunyi disebut 10. Resonansi adalah 11. Hewan yang dapat mendengar gelombang ultrasonic adalah 12. Konveksi adalah 13. Anomali air adalah 14. Titik didih Reamur adalah 15. Titik beku Fahrenheit adalah 16. Tulang rusuk manusia berjumlah 17. Kepanjangan HIV asalah 18. Penyebab penyakit AIDS adalah 19. Bunga sempurna adalah 20. Fotosintesis adalah 21. Jaringan pengangkut yang mengangkut hasil fotosintesis adalah 22. Kambium terdapat pada tumbuhan

1. An organ that pumps blood through the body is called 2. Mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and rectum is human organs. 3. A voltmeter is an instrument which is used to measure 4. is an instrument which is used to measure electric current. 5. Ohmmeter is an instrument which is used to measure 6. What was electric current which is produced by three batteries with 1.5 volt each and resistance 3 ohm?

7. A house use electric pararel network. It uses 220 volt. There are two lamps, 10 watt each. In addition, there is an iron 60 watt. Calculate the electric current, resistance, electrical energy, and the cost in a month if they are used 3 hours in a day (1 KWh = Rp 250.00)

8. While on vacation, Lisa cars traveled a total distance of 440 km. her trip took 8 hours. What was her average speed?

9. It requires 50 N of input force in the handle of an automobile Jack in order to raise a 500 N weight a distance of one foot. What distance must the Jack handle be moved in order to accomplished this task.

10. Larynx, lung, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli are human organs. 11. A process that result in the phase change of a substance from a solid to a liquid is called 12. In 1593, thermometer is discovered by 13. A process by which molecules in a liquid states spontaneously become gaseous is called 14. The dangerous substances in a cigarette are 15. The example of equipment which is used convex lens is 16. Principality work lever is introduced by 17. Moon gravitation causes of the sea. 18. The function of the heart is . 19. Inflammation of the heart is also known as . 20. KWH stands for .

21. AIDS stands for . 22. HIV stands for . 23. An instrument which is used to measure voltage, electric current and resistance is called . 24. Anemometer is an instrument which is used to measure . 25. A device which is used to measure atmosphere pressure is called . 26. Force is measured in . 27. Voltage is measured in . 28. Electrical resistance is measured in . 29. Electrical current is measured in . 30. Forces are often describes as and . 31. A device which is used to determine temperature is called . 32. A degree of hotness and coldness is called . 33. Photosynthesis happens in . 34. The role of plant in food chain is as . 35. Herbivore is defined as . In food chain. 36. Carnivore is . 37. The role of carnivore in food chain is as . 38. The maximum scale of Fahrenheit scale is . 39. The minimum scale of Kelvin scale is . 40. Plant eaters are also called .