1 Purpose To enable mail communication between SAP systems and SMTP mail server, without having to use additional external components, kernel of the SAP Web Application Server should be SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) compatible. Using this SMTP functionality, it is possible to exchange faxes and messages which are packed as e-mails. For this mail server should analyze the domain of the recipient addresses. Mail server either forwards the e-mails to an internal fax-/text message server or to an external provider To receive any fax or text message, server or provider sends e-mails to addresses that have the domain of the SAP system. 1.2 Prerequisites To enable mail communication, mail server must be SMTP-compatible. 1.3 Process Flow 1.3.1 Settings for the Profile Parameters (Transaction RZ10) If you want to use SMTP functionality, you have to adjust the profile of the SAP web application server because SAPConnect send job can only be scheduled for SMTP activated servers. Run tcode rz10 and create a profile.

) In my case here value of * (sequence number) is 2 and PORT = 25000 . <port> the number of the port that is to be used ( can’t yet be used by another program on this host.PORT=<port> (this parameter opens a TCP/IP port for receiving mails through SMTP) here <*> stands for the sequence number (starting from zero)of frequently occurring parameters.Configure the following two profile parameters: A) icm/server_port_<*> = PROT=SMTP.

. Note: 1. Here <host> describes the name of the host to which the incoming mails are addressed.. 3-In case of multiple clients.. a virtual host has to be created for each of these clients. This parameter defines a virtual mail host for receiving mails. In my example I have used *:25000 here * is used because I want the mails to be sent independently of the host being addressed and 25000 is the value of PORT.<port>.This parameter is not required If one single client of the SAP system is receiving and processing all incoming mails). .. 2-Default value for this parameter is/SMTP/virt_host_0 = *:*. <port> describes the number of the port to which the incoming mails are addressed.B) is/SMTP/virt_host_<*> = <host>:<port>.

1.SCON to this user.3. User Maintenance (Transaction SU01) Create a service user to process incoming mails Call transaction SU01 to create a user with type Service and assign the profile S_A.2. Click on create .

User addresses Assign the valid Internet mail address to your user (which is supposed to receive e-mails) in transaction SU01. under E-Mail on the tab page Address. .

boc.sap. Now Use this to create the first client and then create another SMTP server for each additional client.1.com © 2009 SAP AG 10 Host data tab .3. In the next screen double click on SAP connect SAP COMMUNITY NETWORK SDN .sdn.sap. Run tcode SICF and enter the following details: Press F8 .com | BPX .com | BOC .bpx.3. Assigning the Clients (Transaction SICF) One SMTP server (SAPconnect) has already been created in transaction SICF and is delivered with every SAP system.sap.

Define SAPconnect settings for the client that is to be used for send processes.As shown in the figure: Enter *:* in host configuration information.4. 1. SAPconnect Administration (Transaction SCOT) In this step.3. Handler list Enter CL_SMTP_EXT_SAPCONNECT at position 1. If you have only created one client and therefore have not specified this parameter type. define the domain of the SAP system client. Run tcode SCOT Under Settings  Default Domain. . enter 0.Enter the sequence number of a parameter is/SMTP/virt_host_<*> from the profile.

* is used if all e-mails are to be sent using SMTP. Next to Internet. click on set button and Enter the address area of the recipient addresses that are to be reached using this node. This node is created by the SAP system and cannot be deleted. In general.rediffmailpro.com (or you can use IP address also ) and Mail Port = 25. 5. Mail Host = smtp. In the Mail Host and Mail Port fields. specify the mail server to which the outbound mails are to be sent. 4. Choose Node in use. The following steps need to be carried out to configure the node so that sending Internet mail is possible: 1. 3.Each client has an SMTP node. 2. and then double click on that node name. Enter the output format for SAP documents and Confirm your selection .In my case . First confirm that you are in the Node view.


. Enter a job name ( for ex: MailSend)and confirm it.Note: If you also want to configure the node for sending text messages (pager/SMS) or faxes. Send Job (shift +F7) E-mails sent from an SAP application are first stored in a queue. choose Job  Create. gets the e-mails from this queue and sends them over the Internet. Select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL by positioning the cursor on it. A periodical background process. proceed as follows: Press shift+F7 or click on the job button as shown in the figure below: 1. To schedule this job in SAPconnect: Administration. If no other job has been scheduled. Choose View  Jobs. please follow the reference link given at the end of this document. 3. 4. 2. the SAPconnect send job.

such as 10 minutes.xml or . Choose Create. Select the interval you require. Choose Schedule periodically. In the next window. Any file that you send through broadcaster you will receive a mail in your box like the screenshot below: (either in . Choose Schedule Job.5.zip as choosen) .

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