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Test Paper

I. Read the following text and decide if the following sentences are true (T) or false (F). 20points At half past six on Friday evening in January, Lincoln International Airport was open, but was in difficulty. The airport has been hit by the worst storm in years. It had already lasted for three days. Now troubles, like spots on a sick weakened body, were beginning to break out everywhere. A truck carrying two hundred dinners was lost in the snow somewhere on an airport service road, and so far the search for it had been unsuccessful. At least a hundred flights were delayed, some by many hours. Mel Bakersfeld was surprised that the airport was still open. Mel was the airport general manager. He was a tall, powerful man. At the moment, he was standing by the Snow Control Desk, high in the control tower. Usually, you could see the entire airport from here. Tonight, you could see only a few lights. This was an unusually hard winter. The storm had started five days ago in the Colorado Mountains and then swept across a large part of the United States. It brought with it strong winds, freezing cold and heavy snow. (Arthur Hailey, Airport) 1. Lincoln International Airport was already closed on Friday 2. The storm had lasted more than seven days. 3. The food truck was lost in the snowstorm. 4. Mel Bakersfeld was the general manager of the airport. 5. The storm has started in the Colorado Mountains. evening.

I.2. Match the words in the first column with their right definition:_____12points 1. storm 2. to break out 3. to sweep a) extremely cold; b) to quickly spread through and influence an area; c) an extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain and often thunder and lightening; 4. freezing d) to suddenly have spots or sweat appear on your skin;

I.3 Choose the correct form and underline it on your answer sheet. 1. No one understands me better/best than you. 2. You must read/to read the novel by Monday. 3. After fallen/ falling asleep, she had the most amazing dream. 4. While she was washing/ washed her hair, somebody knocked at the door. I.4. Complete the following sentences with a suitable word or phrase:



1. This book certainly does not belongme. 2. Tom promised he ten o clock. 3. Whos .tolerant? Mr. or Mrs. Green? 4. Ive never met..who can speak so many languages. II. Write in 10 15 lines about the advantages of using the internet.