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Instruction Card

After studying and working with the Universal Tao books I discovered a different way of approaching life. I was fascinated and intrigued by the books contents which led me to Universal Tao Workshops and finally meeting Master Mantak Chia. After meeting with Master Mantak Chia I began my internal practice in the Universal Tao System. Over the years I have discovered many techniques which have helped me in my practices and I am ready to share them with you. First I discovered the Universal Tao System consists of many formulas which have been handed down through the centuries in an instructor/student relationship. The ability of students to master these formulas gives them the opportunity to experience their own self-realization or enlightenment. Like my fellow students I stumbled for years with these formulas and through my perseverance came to develop with Master Chia, formula cards (Chi Cards) to assist me in my practice. Instead of fumbling through the book, as I once did, you can now simply have a Chi Card available to help you complete the formula and proceed much more smoothly in your practice. In the Universal Tao System we are working with internal and external energy. The word in the Tao for energy is Chi, thus the Chi Cards are energy formula cards. Through the Chi Cards you will become aware of your own energy and the energy around you. After discovering your own energy you can use the Chi Cards to help purify, transform, regenerate and transcend your energy, and further discover its relationship to the energy surrounding you.

The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism

On the first level of the Universal Tao System the Chi Cards consist of thirty (30) formulas based on and corresponding to ten (10) Universal Tao books: Awaken Healing Light,Transform Stress, Chi-Self Massage, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I,Taoist Secrets of Love, and Healing Love. There are 20 cards in a packet available through the Universal Tao for $9.95 per set. The Chi Cards are the size of playing cards which are easy to read and can be easily carried anywhere you go. So you can practice anywhere, just bring your Chi Cards. The front side of the card is the actual formula written down step by step corresponding with the page numbers of each individual book. On the reverse side there are visual color illustrations of the formulas so you can follow them visually. Now available: Level II (30) Level III (50), Level IV (30) Formulas from the Universal Tao Books: Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Fusion I,Tai Chi I, Fusion II, Cosmic Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang I; Tao Yin, Simple Chi Kung, Cosmic Cleansing, Iron Shirt Chi Kung II, Fusion III. This is a very unique and practical way of approaching and working with your practice not only for beginners, but also is an effective teaching aid for certified instructors and practitioners. The Chi Cards will simplify your understanding and practice of the formulas which allows you to focus on your own essence. In the future the Chi Cards will be available in all levels taught by Instructors and Practitioners. You will be able to start with Cosmic Inner Smile Chi Card and carry through to the Greatest Kan & Li Chi Cards. The Professor Master of Nothingness

Transform Stress into Vitality

Cosmic Inner Smile

Front Line - Functional Channel (Pg 43)

1. Be aware of smiling Cosmic Energy in front of you: Breathe it into your Eyes.Smile down to Nose, Cheeks & lift up corners of Mouth (Tongue to Palate). 2. Smile in Neck, Throat, Thyroid, Parathyroid & Thymus. 3. Smile in Heart feeling joy & love spread out to the Lung, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys & Genitals.

Middle Line - Digestive Track (Pg 49)

1. Bring smiling Energy into Eyes; then Down to Mouth Swallow Saliva smiling down Stomach, Small Intestine (Duodenum, Jejunum & Ileum), Large Intestine (Ascending-Transverse-Descending), Rectum & Anus.

Back Line - Governor Channel (Pg 51)

1. Smile - Look up into Mideyebrow to Pituitary Gland(3") Breathe in Bright Golden Light shining through Brain. 2. Smile (Spiral) into Thalamus, Pineal Gland (Crystal Room), Left & Right Brain to Crown & Base of Skull. 3. Smile down to each Vertebrae: 7 Cervicals (Neck), 12 Thoracics (Chest), 5 Lumbar (Lower Back), & Sacrum.

All 3 Lines - Entire Body (Pg 55)

1. Smile down Front, Middle & Back Lines; then do all simultaneously feeling like a Cooling Waterfall or Glowing Sunshine of Cosmic Energy, Smiles, Joy & Love.

Collect Energy in Navel (Pg 56)

1. Smile in Navel (1") - Spiral with Mind or Hands outwardly 36x (Diaphragm to Pubic Bone) reverse 24x back to Navel (Male spiral Clockwise to Counter/Clockwise, Female reverse) storing Energy safely in Navel. CC 1 (1)

Front Line

Middle Line

Back Line

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (1)

Sexual Palace -Warm Ups

1.Women: Rub & warm Hands - Cover & press Breasts & massage outwardly down & inwardly up (18x). RestGather Sexual Energy at Heart (3 sets) then Reverse. 2.Massage/Shake Kidneys (18x) Rest - Warm Kidneys. 3.Outwardly massage Ovaries, Liver & Spleen areas. From below Circle in & up to top - Back out & down(36x). 4.Cover Sexual Center-Use Mind Power to connect with Iris Muscle & Anus (Contract) - Feel Genitals expand. 1. Men: Warm Palms-Massage Kidneys(18x) Rest;3 sets. 2.Warm Hands-Massage Testicles (18x) - Rest; Do 3 sets. 3.Hold Testicles with Left Palm. Right Palm massage Abdomen to Navel clockwise (36-81x) Rest - Reverse. 4.Gather Chi Ball in Navel & Door of Life - Condense them. Draw Lower Tan Tien into 1 Chi Ball. Cover Sexual Area Use Mind Power to connect with Iris Muscle & Sexual Gate/Anus (Contract)-Expand area- Exhale into Tan Tien.

Wisdom Chi Kung

1. Smile down, empty Mind filling Abdomen Brain with Chi. 2.Activate Tan Tien Fire & Kidney Fire retaining 95% Awareness at Tan Tien-Use & draw in Cosmic Energy not yours. 3.Activate Heart Fire (Imperial Fire) creating Softness & Joy. 4.Smile down to Kidneys- Blue Chi raises filling Left & Right Back of Brain, then Sexual Organs (Center of Brain). 5.Smile down fill Brain from Liver (Right Brain-Green), Heart (Front Center Brain-Red), Spleen (Left Brain-Yellow), Lungs (Right & Left Front Brain-White) growing Brain. 6. With Brain filled with Rainbow Chi connect with Star above. 7.Smile and completely empty Brain to Stars & Galaxies. 8.Open yourself with Good Intentions to Universal Energies, then Energy will return to you multiplied to fill the Brain with Wisdom. Empty Brain again to Universe filling the Brain again with Universal Life Force and Wisdom. CC 1 (2)

Breast Massage
Wu Chi Trust

Wisdom Chi Kung

CC 1 (2)

Opening 6 Directions-3 Fires-3 Tan Tiens

1. Smile down Shoulders & Palms into Ground - Lift Index Fingers up to Empty Space Below the Earth-Draw it up. 2. Move Arms/Palms in front of Lower Tan Tien connecting to Tan Tien Fire. Smile to fire burning - Feel warmth spread. 3. Move Hands to Ming Men(Kidney Fire) burning up to brain. 4. Turn Palms out - Smile to Empty Space Behind drawing Energy back into Kidney Fire & Govenor Channel. 5. Lift Palms up under Armpits - Extend Fingers into Chest to Heart Fire. Palms in front - Hook fingers to open Mideye. 6. Turn Palms out - Smile to Empty Space in Front - Move Arms forward - Draw back to Functional Channel. 7. Move Palms out to sides sending Smiling Energy to Left & Right Horizons. Move Arms in & out drawing Energy in. 8. Lift Palms up above Crown-Turn Body left to right (3x) & reverse gathering Energy Above - Draw Legs together-Draw Fingers to Crown Point connecting with Perineum. 9. Move Fingers to Mideye - Connect Jade Pillow, to Ears, to Skull Base & back opening Upper Tan Tien (Crown). 10.Move Fingers down Nose to Upper Lip - Draw Tongue to Palate. Press Tongue - Fingers to Throat - Connect with C-7 to Middle Tan Tien (Heart ) to Wing Pt. (Reverse). 11.Open Palms to Solar Plexus connecting with T-11 forming Mini-Sun with Sun radiating Sunlight into Organs. 12.Move Fingers to Navel connecting with Ming Men, to sides, to Ming Men & back opening Lower Tan Tien (Navel). 13.Move Fingers to Thigh Bones penetrating to Feet - Squat down upright. Rest Hands on Feet - Straighten Legs (3x). 14.Stand up- Fingers to Sacrum to Sexual Palace-Push Hips out-Open Microcosmic: Ming Men to Navel; T-11 to Solar Plexus; Hands over Head to T-5/Heart; C7 /Throat; Jade Pillow/Mideye; Crown/Perineum (Governor Channel). 15.Open Legs- Palms at sides- Feel Buoyant & at Center of the Universe. Legs together & Collect Energy at Navel.

CC 1 (3)

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (3)


Healing Light Meditation

Opening the Cosmic Orbit
(Awaken Healing Light) (Pg 169-251; 440-447)

Sit comfortable on Sitting Bones, Back straight, Chin in, Feet(9 Pts)on Floor, Shoulders relaxed,round Scapulas, Right Hand over Left covering Genital area & Smile down. 1. Feel pulsing & breathing with Mideye & Navel. 2. Inhale-Spiral energy into Mideye then add Pts-Exhale. 3. Inhale - Spiral into Navel, Sexual Palace, Perineum & Toes-Draw in Gentle Cool Blue Earth Force- Exhale. 4. Inhale (Small Sips) start again & add Spiral into Sacrum (Tilt), Door of Life, T-11, C7, Jade Pillow like a pump. 5. Exhale - Inhale (Small Sips) start again & add spiral Energy feeling Warm Violet Light of North Star & Red Light of Big Dipper directed into Crown (Pineal Gland). 6. Bring energy down Forehead - Inhale at Mideye again (Cosmic-Golden Light) -Palate to Tongue (Swallow Salva) to Throat (Thyroid & Parathyroid Glands). 7. Exhale down into Heart (Thymus Gland), Solar Plexus, then Navel (Lymphatic System & Spleen) & spiral into Navel - Feel expansion & guide Energy through Cosmic Orbit(3x) to Feet- Breathing in- Breathing out. 8. Inhale-Draw up Blue Gentle Earth Force behind Legs, Perineum, Spine to Crown - Exhale down- Feel Violet Red Light Universal Force Energy flow down to Mideye drawing down Golden Cosmic Light. 9.Exhale down Throat Center, Heart Center, Solar Plexus, Navel, Sexual Palace and Perineium. 10.Breath in up Governor Channel - Breathe out down Functional Channel - Feel energy move by itself in the Mircrocosmic Orbit - Breathing in - Breathing out. 11.Collect Energy at Navel - Do Chi Self Massage.
CC 1 (4)

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Cosmic Orbit

Collect Energy at Navel

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (4)

Chi Self Massage

Eyes (Pg 65), Nose (Pg 72), Sacrum (Pt:Point)
1. Rub Hands & contract Anus - Place Palms on Eyes. 2. Inhale: Contract Genitals, Buttocks, Middle, Left & Right Anus. Send Energy through Eyes, Feet & Hands. 3. Finger Tips on Eyes rub Clockwise/Counter (9x). 4. Pull out Eyelids - Clench Fist & rub Eye Sockets (9x). 5. Focus on a Finger 8" from Eyes until Eyes tear. 6. Rotate palmed Eyes clockwise/counter (9x). 7. Inhale: Contract Perineum - Pull Eyeballs back (9x). 8. Inhale: Contract Middle Anus & Middle of Eyeballs. 9. Inhale: Contract Front Anus & Top of Eyeballs. 10.Inhale: Contract Back Anus & Bottom of Eyeballs. 11.Inhale: Contract Right Anus & Right of Eyeballs (9x). 12.Inhale: Contract Left Anus & Left of Eyeballs - Exhale. 13.Stick Fingers in Nostrils - Move Left, Right, Up, Down. 14.Pinch & Rub Nose Bridge - Inhale & Press (9x). 15.Massage Sides of Nose - Rub below Nose (9x). 16.Place Right Fingers on Sexual Palace - Left Fingers on Sacrum. Rotate Sacrum & Coccyx Left/Right(3x). 17.Lift up & down Sacrum/Coccyx (Top/Bottom)(3x).
CC 1 (5)


Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (5)

Chi Self Massage

Ears, Mouth, Face (Pgs 54-89) Bladder
1. Rub Front & Back of Ear between Fingers (9x). 2. Rub Ear Shells with Fingers - Pull down Lobes (9x). 3. Fingers in Ears- Inhale(Close Anus) Exhale- Pop (9x). 4. Pinch Nostrils - Blow - Swallow Air - Release (3x). 5. Flick Index Fingers hitting Ear Drum (9x). 6. Open Mouth - Tap Skin with Finger Tips around Gums. 7. Massage Gums with Tongue - Swallow Saliva (9x). 8. Thrust Tongue out, down & up-Pull Tongue in curling Press hard to Palate (Contract Anus & Esophagus). 9. TapTeeth - Inhale & pull up Anus - Swallow Saliva. 10.Thumbs spread - Wipe Neck from Chin down (9x). 11. Tap and Raise Shoulders up & exhale down (9x). 12. Knuckle Tap and Rub Scalp and Temples (9x). 13. Whole Face wipe side to side - up & down (9x). 14.Bladder Chi Kung: Sit or Stand on Toes - Urinate a) Stop- Inhale - Pull up on Perineum - Clench TeethPress down on Bladder. Exhale - Release Urine squeeze Prostate (3x). b) Urinate half way-Build up pressure- Release (3x).
CC 1 (6)



Throat Scalp
Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (6)

Chi Self Massage

Chest, Back, Feet, Spine (Pgs 96, 98, 102, 106)
1. Open Heart then open Eyes - Warm Navel (Men) Right Palm over Navel, Left Palm over it (Women - Reverse). 2. Foot Massage: Toe & Heel stretch inward toward stomach.(Men)Right Foot then Left (Women-Reverse). 3. Tendon Stretch: Stretch Fingers to Toes - Bellow Breath (9x). Final exhale Tongue out to Chin (9x). 4. Thymus Knuckle Tap & Heart light Palm Slap (9x). 5. Lung & Liver light Palm Slapping and Rub (9x). 6. Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas crossways Rub (9x). 7. Abdominal & Intestines circle rub clockwise (9x). 8. Kidney backside Fist Hitting & Warm Palming (9x). 9. Sacrum backside Wrist/Fist Hitting - Both sides (9x). 10. Knee Cap moving massage - Behind Knee slap (9x). 11. Foot Kidney Pt. Massage - Spread Toes - Rub Feet. 12. Palm & Finger Massage & pull related to Organs. 13. Spinal Cord Breathing: Move Fists in front of Chest; Inhale - Draw back Elbows, tilt Head back, Chin in; Exhale - Bring Elbows, Chin & Head into Chest. 14.Turtle: Sink Chin down,out & up - Crane: Reverse (9x). 15. Elephant: Drop Arms - Inhale - Swing Arms up touching Fingers at Eye level - Exhale swinging Arms downBack & Forward with Body rocking with Feet (50-100x). CC 1 (7)

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Wu Chi Trust


CC 1 (7)

Six Healing Sounds

Transform Stress into Vitality
Sitting: Sink Chest, Palms up on Thighs, Eyes Open.

Lung Exercise - 1st Healing Sound (Pg 81)

A.Metal, Autumn, Dryness, White, Pungent, Smell, Nose, Skin, Colon, Sadness, Grief, Courage, Justice. B.Breathe in slowly & deeply being aware of the Lungs. Raise Arms up to Eye level rotate Palms & raise them above Head. Blow out very slowly dark murky color, excess heat, sick Energy, Sadness, Sorrow, Grief, Depression and the Sound Ssssssssssss. C.Breathe in Pure White Light & then transform it to Courage Quality. Float Palms down to Lungs then to Lap(Palms up),close Eyes smiling to Lungs-Experience Courage & Justice feeling grow within you (3-6x).

Kidney Exercise - 2nd Healing Sound (Pg 86)

A.Water, Winter, Cool, Blue, Salty, Hearing, Ears, Bones, Bladder, Fear, Shock, Chilling, Stillness, Gentleness. B.Breathe in slowly & deeply being aware of Kidneys Bend forward clasp Hands, close Legs & hook Hands around Knees - Pull back to Kidneys; Look up. Breathe out very slowly dark murky color, wet sick Energy, Fear, Shock & the Sound Chooooooooo. C.Breathe in Bright Blue Energy & then transform it to Gentleness Quality. Sitting up - Open Legs - Palms to Kidneys. Close Eyes smiling to Kidneys-Palms to LapExperience Gentleness & Stillness growing (3-6x). CC 1 (8)

Lung Sound Sssssss

Kidney Exercise Lung Exercise Kidney Sound Chooooo

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (8)

Six Healing Sounds

Transform Stress into Vitality Liver Exercise - 3rd Healing Sound (Pg 90)
A.Wood, Spring, Moist, Green, Sour, Sight, Eyes, Gall Bladder, Anger, Aggression, Kindness, Forgiveness. B.Breathe in slowly & deeply being aware of the Liver. Swing Arms out overhead - Clasp Hands - Push Palm Heels right - Bend slightly left. Look up. Breathe out very slowly dark murky color, excess heat, Anger, Aggression and the Sound Shhhhhhhhhhh. C.Breathe in Bright Green Energy & then transform it to Kindness Quality. Unclasp Hands-Palms cover LiverThen to Lap - Palms up - Close Eyes smiling down to Liver. Experience Kindness growing within you(3-6x).

Heart Exercise - 4th Healing Sound (Pg 94)

A.Fire, Summer, Warm, Red, Bitter, Speech, Tongue, Small Intestine, Cruelty, Hatred, Joy, Honor, Respect, Love. B. Breathe in slowly & deeply being aware of the Heart. Swing Arms out overhead - Clasp Hands - Push Palm Heels left - Bend slightly right. Look up. Breathe out very slowly dark murky color, excess heat, Cruelty, Hatred & the Sound Hawwwwwwww. C.Breathe in Bright Red Energy & then transform it to Joy, Love & Respect Qualities. Unlock hands - Palms cover Heart - Then to Lap - Palms up - Close Eyes smiling to Heart and feel the Joy, Love, Happiness, Patience and Respect feeling grow within you (3-6x). CC 1 (9)

Heart Sound Hawwwww

Liver Exercise

Liver Sound Shhhhhh

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (9)

Six Healing Sounds

Transform Stress into Vitality Spleen Exercise - 5th Healing Sound (Pg 97)
A.Earth, Indian Summer, Mild, Yellow, Sweet, Taste, Mouth, Pancreas, Stomach, Worry, Balance, Openess. B.Breathe in slowly & deeply being aware of the Spleen. Swing Arms around - Place Fingers below and left of Sternum press in, push out Middle Back. Breathe Out very slowly dark murky color, excess heat, dampness, Worry, Anxiety & the Sound Whoooooooo. C.Breathe in Bright Yellow Light & then transform it to Fairness, Balance & Openess Qualities. Sit up -Palms cover Spleen, then to Lap - Close Eyes smiling down to Spleen and experience Fairness, Openess & Centerness feeling grow within your body (3-6x).

Triple Warmer Exercise-6th Healing Sound(Pg101)

A.Upper Level - Brain, Neck, Thymus, Heart, Lungs (Hot). Middle Level - Liver, Stomach, Spleen (Warm). Lower Level - Intestines, Kidneys, Genitals (Cool). B.Lie on Back- Close Eyes - Palms move down Sides: Breathe in: Upper, Middle, Lower - Expand & hold. Breathe out: Upper, Middle, Lower with the Sound Heeeeeeeee. Empty and hold then breathe normally. C.Smile - Rest - Feel Light, Bright and Empty (3-6x).
CC1 (10)

For Books or Instructor in your area contact UTC Website Spleen Sound Whooooo

Triple Warmer Exercise

Spleen Exercise Triple Warmer Sound Heeeee

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (10)

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

Embracing the Tree - Rooting (Pg 87-140)
(9x Clockwise & 9x Counterclockwise = 9x-9x) Stand (Shoulder Width) Feet (9 Pts) parallel, tilt Sacrum, open Kua, round Scapulae, sink Chest, Chin in, Arms circling a Tree-Thumbs up, Pinkies down, Fingers pointed together. Breathe through Mideye focusing Eyes to Palms. 1. Lower Abdominal Breathing - Softly - Slowly (9-18x). 2. Exhale - Flatten Stomach and lower Diaphragm. 3. Inhale - Tighten Perineum & Anus: Pull up (Small Sips) Front, Middle, Back, Left & Right Anus then GenitalsPack Right & Left Kidneys - Spiral into Navel (9x-9x). 4. Inhale into Upper, Middle and Lower Abdomen & Perineum expanding and forming Chi Ball - Hold. 5. Exhale throught legs - Feet (6") in Ground (Earth Force). 6. Inhale: Tighten Perineum, press into the ground, claw Toes - Spiral Soles of Feet - Kidney Points (9x-9x). 7. Inhale to Knees (lock Knees) and Perineum (9x-9x). 8. Exhale into Ground - Sole, Palm & Bone Breathing. 9. Inhale (Small Sips) to tilted Sacrum- Spiral (9x-9x)- Pack. 10. Inhale pressing out T-11 Pt inflating Kidneys expanding and forming Chi Belt - Spiral (9x-9x). Inhale - C-7 (Neck). 11. Inhale to expand Jade Pillow - Then clench Teeth and squeeze Skull Bones -Left/Right Brains - Spiral(9x-9x). 12. Inhale to Crown (Crystal Room) becoming aware of Violet Red Light from above - Spiral (9x-9x). 13. Exhale (Tongue up to Palate) Drawing down thru Mideye to Solar Plexus -Spiral (9x-9x)-Do Microcosmic Orbit. 14. Bone Breathing absorb Golden Cosmic Energy (510min). Feel like a feather letting Chi flow rocking slightly. 15. Palms above Head-Gather Energy- Palms to NavelFeet together - Collect Energy at Navel - Shake out. CC 1 (11)

Iron Shirt 1st Posture - Embracing the Tree

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (11)

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

Holding the Golden Urn (Pg 177-186)
1. Yang Position: Embracing Tree Stance, drop Elbows, Armpits open, turn Hands outward, spread Fingers, flat surface for back of Hands, relax Shoulders. 2. Energize Breathe (9-18x) Exhale - Flatten Stomach, Inhale & pull up Left & Right Anus packing Kidneys. 3. Inhale and pack lower Abdomen - Contract Anus: Draw up Energy from Soles of the Feet to Sacrum. 4. Inhale and pack Genitals & titled Sacrum. 5. Inhale and pack pushing out T-11 inflating Chi Belt. 6. Inhale (Contract Anus area and lifting Genitals), Pack into Kidneys and C-7. 7. Inhale (Tighting Neck & squeezing Cranial Bones) to Crown - Clench Teeth - Press Tongue to Palate Inhale - Tilt Neck back - Chin in. 8. Yin Position: Exhale turning Hands over; Palms up Rotating outwards so Thumbs pull back out towards Ears, spread Fingers, sink Elbows out from Chest. 9. Breathe in Heavenly Father Guilding Energy concentrating on Solar Plexus - Microcosmic Orbit (9x). 10. Bone Breathing - Feel Universal Energy move the Body and feel the Body become lighter and lighter. 11. Palms above Head - Gather Energy- Palms to NavelFeet together - Collect Energy at Navel - Shake out. CC 1 (12)

Yang Position

Yin Position

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (12)

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

Golden Turtle Immersing in Water (Yang)(Pg 187) Buffalo Emerging from the Water (Yin)(Pg 194)
1. Wider Standard Stance - Energizer Breath (9-18x). 2. Inhale - Pack Anus/Kidneys - Fold Fists & Forearms against Upper Arms to Chest-Round Back-Sink Chest. 3. Exhale - Drop Buttocks - Bend forward dropping Head with Back straight horizontal to floor. 4. Keep Forearms folded onto Upper Arms - Open Armpits - Elbows touching Knees - Flatten Back. 5. Yang Position: Lock Sacrum aligned to Spine - Open Knees - Sink Body into Hips, Knees, Feet & Ground (Tuck in Chin). Lock Neck - Touch Elbows to Knees. 6. Inhale and pack Navel, Middle & Lower Abdomen. 7. Inhale and pack Perineum - Tighten Genitals. 8. Inhale and pack tilted Sacrum (Pull up Genitals). 9. Inhale and pack tilted T-11, Kidneys, Adrenals. 10. Inhale & pack C-7, inflate Neck & Head, clench Teeth. 11. Inhale and pack Crown and entire Back - Hold. 12. Exhale relaxing total Body. Bone Breathing - Absorb Earthly, Mother Grounding Energy. Body becomes like a feather feeling Chi energy move & pull you up. 13. Yin Position: Head looking up, lower Buttock, curve Back, open Groin; Arms & Hands extended to Ground. 14. Abdominal Breathing focusing on Genitals (9-18x). 15. Close Eyes - Drop Head slowly stand up - Raise Palms above Head - Gather Energy - Palms to Navel - Feet together - Collect Energy at Navel - Shake out. CC 1 (13)

Iron Shirt 3rd Posture

Golden Turtle Yang Position

Buffalo Yin Position

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (13)

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I

Golden Phoenix Washes its Feathers (Pg 198)
1. Iron Shirt Stance: Arms down, Belly Breath (9-18x). 2. Sweep Arms out to sides - Turn Arms over - Palms face up - Fingers towards Ribs - Pull up Perineum & Anus. 3. Inhale (3x) - Hands to Armpits pulling up - Pack Genitals & Kidneys to Liver & Spleen to Lungs & Heart. 4. Exhale: Push Palms out (Shoulder level)-Contract Anus, make Lung Sound (sssss) releasing Organ Pressure. 5. Inhale (3x) Sacrum to T-11, to C-7, to Crown Hands form Beaks drawing Hands to Head with each Breath. 6. Exhale: Open Beaks, press open Hands down to Hips spreading Fingers making Kidney Sound (choooooo). 7. Exhale again-Rotate Hands out - Flex Finger Tendons out-Spread Toes-Thrusting Tongue to Chin-Pull up Genitals. Eyes focused at Nose, turn Big Toes/Heels inward. 8. Repeat this twice replacing Lung Sound with Liver Sound (shhhh) & Spleen Sound (whoo)-replacing Kidney Sound with Heart Sound (haww) & Triple Warmer(heee). 9. Relax. Collect Energy at Navel. Do Bone Breathing.

Iron Bridge (Pg 208-215)

1. Stand - Hands at Sides - Thumbs & Index Fingers touching forming circles behind Back near Kidneys. 2. Yin Position: Belly Breathe - Inhale into Kidneys (2x), Chin in - Arch backwards - Legs straight - Open Chest. 3. Yang Position: Exhale-Lower Head-Bend forward from Shoulders & Chest-Round Back-Dangle Hands in front. 4. Come up slowly-Collect Energy-Do Bone Breathing.

Iron Bar (Pg 216-219)

1. Put Feet & Calves on Chair-Shoulders on another Chair. 2. Straighten Back - Tighten Buttock - Hold - Slowly lower Buttock down. Stand & Collect Energy at Navel. CC 1 (14)

Golden Phoenix

Forming Beaks


Iron Bridge Yin Position

CC 1 (14)

Wu Chi Trust

Taoist Secrets of Love

Cultivating Male Sexual Energy (Little Bliss)

Testicle Breathing
(Use Less Muscle and More Mind Power) (Pg 72) 1. Sitting: Scrotum hanging free - Tongue to Palate - Palms on Knees - Chin tucked in; Head held high - Close Eyes - Smile down - Do Microcosmic Orbit (3x). 2. Stand - Hands at sides - Feet Shoulder width. 3. Lying - (Right side) pillow raising Head - Right Fingers in front of Right Ear-Right Thumb sits behind Right Ear, Left Hand on Left Thigh,Right Leg straight,Left Leg bent. 4. Be aware of Testicles - Spiral to feel Sexual Energy Inhale slowly thru Nose & pull Testicles up - Hold Exhale slowly, lower Testicles (Feel cool energy in Scrotum) - Inhale up to Sperm Palace - (9 Counts each time) up to Scrotum, Perineum, Sacrum, Kidneys, T-11, Point Opposite Heart, C7, Jade Pillow & Crown. Exhale-Spiral into Brain(36x)-Feel blissfullness.

Scrotal Compression
(Use Less Muscle and More Mind Power)(Pg 80)
1. Testicle Breathing - Sit - Inhale through the Nose. 2. Swallow Air (Imaginary Energy Ball) pushing down to Solar Plexus, Navel, Lower Abdomen and Scrotum. 3. Forcefully compress Air into Scrotum- Swallow Air again (30-60 sec) & squeeze Anal & Perineum Muscle then Exhale. Swallow Saliva & relax Tongue to Palate. 4. Rest & Repeat (Bellows Breathing) (9x). 5. Collect Energy at Navel - Do Bone Breathing. CC 1 (15)

Testicle Breathing

Scrotal Compression

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (15)

Taoist Secrets of Love

Power Lock - Orgasmic Big Draw (Pg 86)
1. Sitting or Standing - Stimulate Jade Staff (Penis) to 90% of Orgasmic Erection or use Mind to arouse Penis by spiralling at the Gland & concentrate. 2. Inhale - Claw Feet, Clench Fists & Buttocks, Tuck in Chin, Clench Teeth, Tongue to Palate, pull in Eyes & look up to Crown (Close Eyes & use the Mind). 3. Hold - Inhale again drawing up to Genitals-Anus region & pull Energy to Perineum by lightly squeezing. 4. Hold to 9 count (Muscles fully flexed) which means lightly contract - Exhale release all Muscles in Body. Be aware of Orgasm rising up - Do Microcosmic Orbit. 5. Follow same procedure then draw up to Sacrum, to T-11, C-7, Jade Pillow (C1), then up to Crown. Rest Use Mind Power to guide Orgasm feeling up to Crown. 6. Do practice draw until Erection subsides(6 Contractions) with Sexual Energy travelling from Jade Staff to Crown in 1 Pipe (Governor Channel), Station to Station. 7. Sexual Energy fills the Brain & Crown - Spiral (18-36x) Feel connection with Universe (Blissful feeling) - Bring it down to the Mideyebrow, Nose, Palate, Tongue, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus and Navel. 8. Exhale-Relax whole body. Morning (Yang) & Night (Yin) practice (3-6 cycles) - Collect Energy at Navel.

Four Levels of Power Lock Practice (Pg 84)

1. Beginners: Use all Muscles & 3 Finger Technique. 2. Intermediate: Use less Muscles & no Finger Technique. 3. Advanced: Use less Muscle in Perineum & more use of Sacral and Cranial Pumps - More Mind Control. 4. Most Advanced: Pure Mind Control used only to command the Penis & move Ching Energy up & down. CC 1 (16)

Tongue to Palate
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Big Draw

Seminal Vesicle Million Dollar Point


3 Finger Technique Press at Million Dollar Point

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CC 1 (16)

Healing Love through the Tao

Ovarian Breathing
Cultivate & Manage Female Sexual Energy (Pg 87) 1. Sitting: Vaginal and Perineum unconstricted with no drafts or sit on ball against the Clitoris - Palms on Knees - Chin tucked in Head high - Tongue on Palate - Do Microcosmic Orbit (3x). 2. Stand - Hands at the sides - Feet Shoulder width. 3. Lying on Right Side: Raise Head 3" - Right Hand Fingers in front of Right Ear - Right Thumb sits behind Right Ear - Left Hand on Left Thigh - Right Leg straight - Left Leg bent. 4. Breathing - Place both Thumbs on Navel & touch Index Fingers (Ovarian Palace Point) to form a Triangle - Spread out Fingers evenly (Underneath Little Fingers are both Ovaries). 5. Rub spiraling Ovaries - Close & open Vagina (PC) Muscle. Inhale & bring Energy to Ovarian Palace - Exhale. 6. Inhale - Draw down to Vagina-Do 9 counts up to Perineum, Sacrum, Kidneys, T-11, C-7, Jade Pillow & the Crown. 7. Feel Ovary Sexual Energy fill the Brain - Spiral 36x counterclockwise - 36x clockwise feeling Bliss - Do Orbit. 8. Tongue to Palate - Flow down warm energy to Third Eye, Nose, Tongue, Throat, Heart Center (Spiral 36x counterclockwise - 24x Reverse), Solar Plexus. Collect Energy at Navel.

Ovarian & Vaginal Compression (Pg 121)

1. Ovarian Breathing (Sitting Position) Inhale thru Nose. Swallow Air (Imaginary Energy Ball) down to Solar Plexus, Navel & into Pelvis spreading out to sides of Ovaries by contracting abdominal muscles downward packing Cervix. 2. Swallow air again - Squeeze Inner/ Outer Vaginal Lips Tightly - Push into expanding Vagina (Like a Balloon) for 1 min. followed by Flush of Heat. Exhale - Swallow saliva. 3. Rotate Waist with Arms at Shoulder level. Then Repeat Formula (9x) Morning and Evening. CC 1 (17)

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Ovarian Breathing

Ovarian Compression

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (17)

Healing Love through the Tao

Female Orgasm Power Lock (Pg 161)
1. Ovarian Breathing Sitting Position: Rub Breasts circling inwardly and outwardly activating Organs & Glands Chi stimulating to near Orgasm. 2. Direct Sexual Energy from Nipples to Ovaries expanding Energy finally to Ovarian Palace - Smile Down. 3. Inhale thru Nose - Claw Feet, Clench Fists & Buttocks, Chin in, Clench Teeth, Tongue to Palate, Eyes Inward. 4. Inhale again & draw up Genital & Anus Region, Urogenital Diaphragm & Front Perineum - Smile Down. 5. Pull Ovarian Palace Energy down to Perineum by squeezing Vaginas Outer & Inner Lips lightly for 9 Counts- Inhale- Contract Perineum & Anus for 9 counts. 6. Exhale - Release all Muscles - Relax - Spiral energy (36x clockwise & reverse) from Ovaries to Perineum. 7. Follow same procedure - 9 counts to Sacrum, T-11, C7, Jade Pillow & Crown - Spiral (36x) storing in Brain. 8. Feeling excess let Energy flow down to Mideye, Nose, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus. Collect Energy in Navel.

Egg Exercise (Pg 189)

1. Horse Stance - Insert Jade Egg into Vagina, large end 1st (Use lubricant) - Contract Muscles closing External Vaginal Orifice tightly-Keep Egg in Vaginal Canal. 2. Inhale - Contract Vaginal Canal Muscles in front of Cervix (Contracting 2 sections at same time). 3. Slightly Squeeze Egg (Good Grip) - Inhale - Squeeze gradually Inhale - Squeeze harder slowly moving Egg up & down increasing to faster motion - Exhale. 4. Move Egg Left & Right using Top & Bottom of Canal. 5. Tilt Egg Up & Down, Top & Bottom moving it up to touch Cervix then down to External Orifice - Release. CC 1 (18)

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Female Orgasm Draw

Egg Exercise

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (18)

Healing Love through the Tao

Total Body Orgasm - Dual Cultivation
(Assist Partner in Opening Channels) (Pg 244) 1. Lie on Side Facing Partner: Foreplay bring Partner to Boiling Point - Contact Sexual Organs with Partner embracing for awhile connecting the Energy. 2. When Sexual Arousal is low - Practice 3 Shallows to 1 Deep Thrust, 6 Shallows to 1 Deep Thrust or 9 Shallows to 1 Deep Thrust Technique Series. 3. Guide Sexual Energy up Spinal Points (Governing Channel) with Partners Hands simultaneously. 4. Place Right Hand on Sacrum, Middle Finger touching Coccyx Tip and Palm covering Sacrum. 5. Place Left Hand on Kidney Point (Door of Life). Feel Sexual Healing Energy moving upward. 6. Inhale contracting Anus guiding Healing Sexual Energy up packing and wrapping Kidneys. 7. Repeat above steps while Left hand moves to points: T-11, Liver, Spleen, Heart, C-7, Jade Pillow & Crown (Hold 1 min at each point to feel Flow of Energy). 8. When Sexual Energy fills the Brain then draw Sexual Healing Energy Down Functional Channel. 9. Look into Partners Eyes (Your Souls) exchanging Healing Energy like Magnets from each Other. 10.Rub Noses and move your Tongue into Partners Mouth (Touching and Massaging) feeling flowing Cosmic Energy Mouth to Mouth - Palate to Palate Tongue to Tongue - Swallow Saliva and Chi. 11.Bring Energy to Heart. Collect Energy at Navel. CC 1 (19)

Total Body Orgasm

Dual Cultivation

Opening Channels to Crown

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (19)

Healing Love through the Tao

Valley Orgasm (Pg 258)
1. Make Love gently (Any Position) - Use 3, 6, or 9 Shallow which stimulates Clitoris Glans (G-Spot: 2" inside Vagina Orifice) to 1 Deep Thrust Techniques which stimulate Cervix exchanging Sexual Energy. 2. Reaching Point of Orgasm pull Penis resting at G-Spot. Do gentle Orgasmic Upward draw with Mind Power. Bring Orgasm energy like moving thru a Valley to Brain exchanging Sexual Energy - Hot Male Yang Energy & Cool Female Yin Energy flooding each others Bodies. 3. Embrace & synchronize the breathing (Position yourselves comfortably - Relax - Limbs are free) unifying Partners & focusing Rhythm of their Energies. 4. Stimulate again & follow same procedure to Senses (Nose, Eyes, Ears & Tongue), Kidneys, Spleen, Liver, Lungs & Heart healing each Other. 5. Open Microcosmic Orbits directing energy around the circuit at all points forming a Figure 8 connected at each Partners Mouth & Genitals. 6. Exchange Orgasms by circulating Energy in and around the Entwined Bodies using meditation fusing Ching (Essential Energy), Shen (Spirit) and Chi (Vital Energy) purifying each Other. 7. Repeat procedures continuing after sessions of 81 Shallows and 9 Deep Thrusts (5x)(450 Thrusts). Completion with deep relaxation and absorbing the energy (10-20 min) - Let Sexual Energy Cool Down. 8. Rest - Retreat - Collect Energy at Navel. Resting Period-Most Important Part of all Formulas CC 1 (20)

Valley Orgasm

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Open Microcosmic Orbits - Figure 8

Wu Chi Trust

CC 1 (20)