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Curriculum Vitae

Alak Kumar Guha

A highly skilled professional with nearly 40 years of manufacturing / production and project experience in machine tools manufacturing and process-based industries (including Union Carbide, India - consumer products and petrochemicals; National Paper Products Company (NAPCO), Saudi Arabia - converting of plastics and paper; and Zeera United Factories, Bahrain converting of plastics and paper)

Educational Qualifications Graduation 1972 Degree Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Institution University College of Engineering & Technology, Jadavpur Board / University Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Work Experience Self Employed: Providing Consultancy Services: Nature of business Jul 2005 to date

Development of system solution on the manufacturing environment, mainly in the fields of Flexible Packaging Film manufacturing and converting industry. Project consultation in the following fields, Plastic film production and converting for Flexible Packaging application. Woven polypropylene sack manufacturing. Hygienic tissue paper (Facial Tissue / Toilet rolls / Kitchen Towel etc.) converting. Paper bag and paper envelope (Airmail / Manila / Bankers etc) converting.


Developed PPAC-Manager, a stand alone module with possibility to integrate with any Business Accounting package to mange manufacturing operations in a blown and cast film production and converting process. Presently helping a Kolkata based Flexible Packaging Film manufacturing unit to set up a new plant for production of multilayer (co-extruded as well as laminated) film for flexible packaging applications. Jun 2004 Jun 2005

General Manager: Production; Kgalagadi Plastics Industries, Botswana Nature of business

Manufacture of LDPE / HDPE / PP Blown film products for consumer and industrial flexible packaging applications (capacity of 3 00MT/month) End-to-end responsibility (Man, Material, Machinery & Technology) of the manufacturing units spread over two separate locations (65Km apart) and employing about 150 men


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Curriculum Vitae
GM Production, Zeera United Factories, Bahrain Nature of business Jan 94 - Mar 03

Manufacture of LDPE / HDPE / PP Blown film products for consumer and industrial flexible packaging applications (capacity of 600MT/month) Production of Polypropylene mats (60 MT/month) and Polypropylene woven sacks (120 MT/month) Converting of hygienic tissues, paper bags, paper stationary (150 MT/month) and house-hold aluminium foil rolls and cling film rolls (40 MT/month) End-to-end responsibility (Man, Material, Machinery & Technology) of the manufacturing units spread over two separate locations and employing about 200 workmen Tripled the production capacity of the Blown film plant from 200MT/month to over 600MT/month Introduced computerized Production Planning & Control system for the Blown Film Plant using a unique and standard package Accomplished the ISO 9002 certification process for the Woven Sacks plant. Doubled production capacity of the paper converting units


Key achievements

Plant Superintendent National Paper Products Company (NAPCO), Saudi Arabia, Aug 87 Dec 93 Nature of business Responsibilities

Manufacture of LDPE / HDPE / PP Blown film and Cast Films for flexible packaging applications (capacity of 1800 MT/month) Initially, worked as Shift In-Charge, responsible for complete production and maintenance functions Later, provided technical support to the Sales & Marketing group and helped develop and introduce new products, particularly in multi-layer structure Significant improvements to process control, operating procedures, computerization of the production planning & control system and related MIS Coordinated graphics selection, evaluation of reprography requirements, setting up of operating and printing parameters as part of the Flexographic Printing team to achieve higher quality end products

Key achievements

Production Manager Shuaa Group, UAE Nature of business Responsibilities Key achievements

Aug 83 Jul 87

Manufacture of LDPE / HDPE Blown Film products for flexible packaging applications (capacity of 250 MT per month) Overall responsibility of all manufacturing and maintenance activities Improved manufacturing efficiencies and supported capacity expansion to help in financial turn-around of the company

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Curriculum Vitae

Project Engineer Kothari & Associates, Kolkata Nature of business Responsibilities

Jun 80 Jul 83

Engineering consultancy Design and erection of a Dry Cell Battery Electrodes (Midget Electrode) and Carbon Arc Electrode manufacturing plant for Union Carbide India Limited Aug 68 Dec 79

Senior Engineer Union Carbide India Ltd, Kolkata & Mumbai Nature of business

Manufacture of Dry Cell Batteries (Eveready) and battery components; Processing of Petrochemicals; manufacturing of Low Density Polyethylene and other industrial chemicals; conversion of PE Blown film. Maintenance supervisor in the midget electrode and arc carbon manufacturing plant Project engineer for designing, erection and commissioning of an ultramodern Dry Cell Battery manufacturing plant with highly automated manufacturing facilities Maintenance Engineer in the petrochemicals complex, responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and plant engineering activities of the plant, which used to produce Low Density Polyethylene (Tubular Process) and various other industrial chemicals down the line. The facilities that were dealt with are as follows; o o o o o High pressure & high volume oil hydraulic systems (operating at 30,000 to 40,000 p.s.i). High capacity air compressors, pumps, water cooling systems Captive power generators, steam generating plants, Chemicals processing columns and stills, Polyethylene reactors (Tubular) and compounding units. Polyethylene blown film converting unit etc.


Key achievements

Received several rewards for design innovations and successful implementation of Operation Improvement Program of the company Jun 64 Jul 67

Supervisor M/S.Nokhali Machine Tools (Pvt) Ltd. Kolkata Nature of business Responsibilities

Production and distribution of all geared Engine Lathe under license from a German company. In-charge of the Turning shop, comprising of machine tools from Germany. In-charge of Gear testing set up, comprising of equipment from Carl Ziess of Germany.

Personal information Date of birth: Marital status: Passport No: 04/ 01 / 1946 Married F 1533770 Permanent Address: 1/1A, Vidyasagar Upanibesh P.O.Naktala, Kolkata 700 047 India. Tel: +91-33-24135401 Mob: +91 9831588228 E-mail:

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