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Project Background: DISCOMS allocated some projects to BLL for execution of PMC works of Electrical consultancy projects.

Electrical Utilities under RAPDRP scheme. Impact Study for feeder separation scheme. The bidder should have minimum 3 years experience in the relevant fields like supervision, project management, monitoring, close supervision including Service level agreement, Field management system etc. for infrastructures including electrical lines, sub stations, underground cable etc. (Certificates of successful completion and satisfactory operations of the works indicated above from their customer to be submitted).

The bidder should have adequate no. of employees on its own pay roll with adequate number (minimum 5) of Graduate Electrical / Electronics / IT Engineers, including technical persons with expertise in design and implementation of SCADA. The bidder should quote the number of technical employees with details of relevant work experience of each technical employee who would be put exclusively for similar projects with purported job responsibilities. The bidder should be in a position to hire additional technical manpower with relevant qualification & experience, if so required as per the terms & conditions of any particular project

Minimum Average Annual Turnover (MAAT) of the company for last three financial years (starting from 2012-13 backward) should be Rs. 5.00 crores per year or more

LA or evidence of access to availability of credit facility of a bidder, in any case should not be less than Rs. 2.00 crores. A certificate from banker indicating various fund based / non fund based limits sanctioned to the bidder and the extent of utilization as on date.


There may be mainly three different categories of works, namely: (1) Preparation of Detailed Project Report (D.P.R.); (2) Entire Project Management Consultancy (P.M.C.) work; (3) Impact Study of projects already executed under different schemes like Feeder Separation Scheme. The above works are mainly connected to various Electrical Distribution Infrastructure Projects under various state & central government schemes such as Re-structured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme Part-B, Impact Study of Feeder Separation scheme, etc. Work involves broadly the following major activities:

2.1 Preparation of Detailed Project Report

I. System study and preparation of DPR, design, engineering etc. as per RAPDRP norms.

2.2 Project Management Consultancy Work

I. DPR stage:

a) Review / revalidation of DPR with respect to its compatibility with standards and SCADA implementation. Identify the shortcomings, if any, in DPR. b) Provide final technical solution within sanctioned cost and revise the BOQ / DPR accordingly. II. Tendering stage: a) Preparation of tender technical specifications including Bill of quantities (BOQ), GTP and General Terms & Conditions. b) Formulating special conditions including E.M.D., Terms of Payment, etc. c) Conducting pre-bid conferences & bid opening. d) Evaluation of bids both technical & financial and recommending finalization of award to contractors. III. Project Execution stage: a) Approval of vendors and approval of GTP & drawing, conducting pre-despatch inspection etc. b) Quality certification of material as per relevant I.S. specifications and approved G.T.P., whichever is of higher quality and audit of material c) Approval of work implementation schedule, approval of survey reports, supervision of erection / construction, examining satisfactory quality standard of work executed and supervision of final testing & commissioning. d) Project Monitoring and co-ordination between power utility authorities, contractors and other outside agencies. IV. Bills and payments stage: a) Verification of measurement of works, certification of completion, certification of excess work and additional material which was not in the part of the contract, if any, & handing over to the field authorities of the utility. b) Settlement of disputes, if any. V. Assistance in final closure of the project. VI. Post completion audit by External Agency: a) Assistance in finalization of reply to the full satisfaction of the auditors as and when required. This activity will be limited for a period of one year after completion of the project. VII. Any other work as may be required as per R-APDRP norms.

2.3 Impact Study 1. Impact study after the implementation of schemes like Feeder Separation Scheme where such Work has already been completed, to assess the impact of the program. At least 3 feeders where works have been completed have to be studied and analyzed. 2. Work to be executed as per the guidelines of M/s. Rural Electrification Corporation