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Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSoM), Ahmedabad University

A Project report On

Human Resource policies of

Submitted to : Prof. Siddhartha Saxena Submitted by: A-6 Rahul Dhanak A-26 Anurag Mehta A-35 Nikita Nainani A-45 Aanal Sanghvi

TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Contents Introduction Mission and Vision Human resource Management Job Analysis and Design RECRUITMENT PROCESS SELECTION PROCESS TRAINING PROCESS OF EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE AND APPRAISAL COMPESATION AND BENEFIT Page no. 3 4 5 7 8 8 10 11 12

At the core of our business in India, as in the rest of the world is our production and distribution network, which we call the Coca-Cola system. Globally, the Coca-Cola system includes our Company and more than 300 bottling partners. The Coca-Cola Company manufactures and sells concentrate and beverage bases. Our authorized bottlers combine our concentrate or beverage bases as the case may be with sweetener (depending on the product), water or carbonated water to produce finished beverages. These finished beverages are packaged in authorized containers bearing our trademarks -- such as cans, refillable glass bottles, non-refillable PET bottles and tetra packs -- and are then sold to wholesalers or retailers. In India, additionally, the Company also sells certain powdered beverage mixes such as Vitingo and Fanta Fun Taste. Our beverages reach our ultimate consumers through our customers: the grocers, small retailers, hypermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores and millions of other businesses that are the final points of distribution in the Coca-Cola system. What truly defines the Coca-Cola system, and indeed what makes it unique among businesses, is our ability to create value for our customers and consumers. In India, the Coca-Cola system comprises of a wholly owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company namely Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd which manufactures and sells concentrate and beverage bases and powdered beverage mixes, a Company-owned bottling entity, namely, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd; thirteen authorized bottling partners of The Coca-Cola Company, who are authorized to prepare, package, sell and distribute beverages under certain specified trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company; and an extensive distribution system comprising of our customers, distributors and retailers. Coca-Cola India Private Limited sells concentrate and beverage bases to authorized bottlers who are authorized to use these to produce our portfolio of beverages. These authorized bottlers independently develop local markets and distribute beverages to grocers, small retailers, supermarkets, restaurants and numerous other businesses. In turn, these customers make our beverages available to consumers across India.


Our Mission
Our Road map starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a Company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

To refresh the world... To inspire moments of optimism and happiness... To create value and make a difference

Our Vision
Our vision serves as the framework for our Road map and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy peoples desires and needs

Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value

Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities

Profit: Maximize long-term return to share owners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities

Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization


Human Resource Management is an essential part for any organization. Moreover, development of this department is the first step, the ground on which the future of the company depends. It is essential for every single business unit and especially for such international company as Coca Cola. It is people, not technology who create the company. Human Resource Management at Coca Cola Company has many advantages as well as disadvantage. It is the global company and it is impossible to create certain policies or procedures applicable in all divisions of the company, cultural and political differences need to be taken into account. Therefore, the focus of this paper will be on four tasks and duties of Human Resource Management (performance management, compensation, career

development, succession planning) based on the United States procedures. Coca Cola is one of the leading beverage companies of the industry. It runs its business campaigns all across the world. It deals with different types of products such as soft drinks, bottled water, tea, sport juices, etc. Coca-Cola has a franchising model for the production and distribution purposes. Only the syrup concentrate are manufactured by the company which is sold to the bottlers who are its franchisers (Coca-Cola Bottling, 2008).

It is important on the part of management to organize the activities of human resources and organizing technology along with other resources such as physical assets, monetary resources and knowledge of the employees and to establish effective and efficient internal organizational structure of the business. The organizing function focuses on division, coordination, and control of tasks and flow of information within the organization. Moreover, managers distribute responsibility and authority to job holders Organizing Human resources at Coca Cola Company Management at Coca Cola Company focuses on the acquisition and retention of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees so that it can maintain its top position in the market. It treats these resources as an asset. It provides such conditions of employment and procedures that enables all employees to develop a sense of unity with the enterprise and to carry out their duties in the most willing and effective manner. It also provides for the security of employment to the workers so that they may not be distracted by the uncertainties of their future. These

objectives, strategies, policies, and programs are pre-specified by the company, which guides the management and unions in taking decisions. Also they are in accordance with the organizations mission, objectives, strategies, policies and its and internal external environments.


Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hire for it. Job analysis consists of two products one is job description and second job specification. Job description: a list of job duties, responsibilities, reporting relationship, working conditions, and supervisory responsibilities- one product of a job. Job specification: a list of a jobs human requirements that is requisites education, skills, personality, and so on-other product of a job analysis. Coca cola company HR department check its own job description and job analysis in which they get the information about employees work activities, human behavior, performance standard, job context and human requirements and also other information related to this conduct. HR department of coca cola used this information for Recruiting, selection, compensation, performance appraisal, training, and employees relationship. Planning and Forecasting The process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill, and how to fill them. Coca cola HR department involves in company strategic planning and they also make sufficient planning for hiring new employees in the future. We forecast for the expected employees needs in the organization. We forecast of employees on the change technology and increasing in productivity. After planning we send this report to the head office for approval. If we get approval from the head office then we start recruitment process

Recruitment process Our recruitment process is well established first of all we give ads in newspapers, company website, institutions etc. Once we receive an application form, from candidates with required documents and CV. INTERNAL RECRUITMENT EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT

The selection process will vary depending on the position youre applying for, as one process cant fit all the different roles we have here at CCE. However, in most cases a combination of any of the following tools will be used: Interview Group exercises Presentations Psychometric tests Role plays/Situational Exercises Interview The interview is designed to reveal more about you and your experiences. Well ask for examples of how you behaved in different situations, maybe at school, university, a club, at home or in previous jobs. This is not designed to 'catch you out' and our interviewers will never try and trick you into an answer. Be honest, be yourself and it should be an enjoyable experience. Also, dont forget that this is your chance to fin d out more about us and ask

questions. Remember, interviews are a two-way process so use it to understand the nature of the role and to make sure it really is what youre looking for Group exercises Were very much a team at CCE so these will show us how effectively you work with people. Theyre a good opportunity for us to see how you communicate, influence and involve other people in the workplace. Presentations Presentations give you the chance to show your ability to communicate to a group of people on a specific topic. You may be given a topic in advance or on the day, but dont worry youll have plenty of time to prepare. Psychometric tests Psychometric tests are timed exercises that examine your abilities and potential. On occasions, we may also use a personality assessment tool that is designed to find out more specific things about you. If youre asked to complete a psychometric test, well send you information and advice in advance on how to prepare. Role Plays/Situational Exercises Designed to assess how you react in certain situations, these help to highlight particular skills and how well youre suited for a position. You may be given facts and figures to review, or a report to complete; we may also have an assessor acting as a customer or employee to simulate a situation that could occur in the workplace. Dont worry, youll be given a brief and ample time to prepare.


Training process is essential part of every employee without training; employee cannot come to now the procedure of work, rules and regulations of firm, sometimes when new technology is introduced it is also responsibility of a firm to train its employees. After recruiting the fresh employee we train them for three months and also pay them salaries after three months they become part of a firm. We also give training to already exist employee it depend upon condition for example if new technology is introduced first of all we give full training to them about new technology then we allow them to start their job .


Coca cola performance appraisal is annually HR manager said that we appraise the employee due to their performance about goals of the organization, we set the goals started the year and tell the employees about the goal if the employees achieve this goal we appraise the employees. Steps in appraising performance The performance appraisal process process contains three steps; 1. Define the job 2. Appraise the performance 3. Provide feedback 1 .Define the job: Means making sure that you and your subordinate agree on his or her duties and job standard. 2. Appraise performance: Means comparing your subordinate actual performance to the standards that have been set. 3. Provide feedback: Means discuss the subordinate performance and progress, and make plans for any development required.



HR department manage says that employees are our assets, there for we are careful about their health and benefits. We give following compensation and benefits: Basic salary BonusMedical facility Pick and drop Gratuity fund Social security We get many advantages from our employees because they are happy from company. Our employees are satisfy from our compensation and in the coca cola never downsizing occurred which shows that well relationship between employees and company. Employees are the most important assets of every company so it is very important to give them importance. The satisfaction of the employees makes the company successful. The reason is that if the employees of the company are satisfied then they will work hard for the development of the company but if they are not satisfied with the companys policies and they are not given their rights then they will leave the company which can turn into a big loss. So employees relationship is very important for every company.

Every company has its own policy. We have also got our own policy by which we give importance to our employees if any employee faces some kind of problem related to his life or work then he can directly go to the manager and he can share all of his problems. This thing should be adopted by every company because this makes the employee satisfied with the company. We believe that an open door policy is the best policy for employees relations because due to this, our employees feel very independent and they know that if they get any problem, they can contact directly to the manager of their department. So we strongly believe that such policy makes our employees satisfy with us.