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Machine Quilting Service
Quilting prices are calculated on a square inch basis. To find the square inch measurements of your quilt top, multiply the length times the width. Prices and sizes below are for pricing averages only. Actual charges will be calculated upon actual quilt measurements. Minimum quilting charge: $45.00
Large Stipple/Meander with Attitude 1.25¢ per sq inch $45.00 $76.50 $90.00 $129.60 $145.80 Pantograph Pattern 1.5¢ to 2.5¢ per sq inch (depends on intricacy) $45.00 - $67.50 $91.80 - $153.00 $108.00 - $180.00 $155.52 - $259.20 $174.96 - $291.60 Custom 3¢ per sq. inch Approx. $81.00 $185.00 $216.00 $315.00 $350.00

Quilt Size Crib 45"X60" Twin 68"X90" Full 80"X90" Queen 96"X108" King 108"X108"


Large Stipple/Meander with Attitude: Freehand stitching over the entire quilt surface, ranging from small to large in scale. May be leaves, flowers, hearts, peacock feathers, etc. – Commonly known as “edge to edge”. Pantographs - Pantographs are used to create a continuous design over the quilt surface also commonly know as “edge to edge”. Custom: Freestyle quilting, including continuous-curve outlining, border and sashings. (May be swags, stitch in the ditch, feathers, cross hatching, etc. Please note the above prices are just estimates and the final cost will depend on the quilting designs chosen.


Machine 1/2 Binding: 10¢ per inch. The procedure includes trimming the quilt, preparing the continuous binding (from 1 meter of your fabric) and stitching the binding to the quilt front, ready for you to turn it to the back and hand stitch down. You can honestly say that YOU finished this quilt! Hand-finished binding: 15¢ per inch in addition to machine 1/2 binding fee above. We finish the binding procedure for you by turning the binding to the back of the quilt and stitching it down with a fine invisible hand stitch. Hobbs Heirloom 96" Cotton/Poly Batting is available for your quilt at $8.50 per meter. Should you wish other batting, i.e. king size, black, etc. you are asked to supply
what you require plus 6 inches extra – top and bottom & sides.


Quilt Preparation:
Please make sure that your back is pieced horizontally if possible, and is squared up before sending it to me so that it rolls up on the rollers correctly. Press the seams on your quilt back OPEN. It makes for a smoother backing with no seam ridges. Your backing should measure at least 6" longer and 6" wider than the top. This gives me a 3"margin all around the outside of the quilt top to allow for stretching and attaching to the rollers and leaving room for the side clamps. Please press your top and ensure it is ready for quilting.

I also offer a personalized embroidered label to whom the quilt is for, from who, date and city for $10.00. Other designs such as borders, motifs, etc. are available at an additional cost.

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