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For the kiosk project , my friend and I like to choose Al-Ikhsan Sports company. Both of us have same interested in sport , so in Malaysia Al-Ikhsan is one of the company provided sport requirement. Many brands from other countries provide at Al-Ikhsan Sports such as Adidas , Puma , Nike and Joma. There are some information about the company. In 1993, Al-Ikhsan Sports was formed with a single store in Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru. Initially, the business started off as a general sportswear outlet. As the business grew, En Ali found that there was a demand for specialty shops, dealing in soccer, basketball and other sports. As a result, he began to set up stores catering to these niche markets. It has since grown to 61 stores in every country within Peninsular Malaysia. The Company started as a single Sole Proprietorship and each new store that was opened was individually registered as Sole Proprietorships also. Later on, for tax and administrative purposes, a Private Limited Company, Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd was set up. Today, the name AlIkhsan is synonymous with football. It is a Play Football. Think Al-Ikhsan situation, particularly among the younger generation. I n the state of Johore, Al-Ikhsans home state, Al-Ikhsan is so well known that there is hardly any need to advertise, since word of mouth is particularly effective. Since that humble beginning Al-Ikhsan have grown over the years owning 121 outlets nationwide hence holding the title THE biggest sports retailer in Malaysia. In 2011, the Company has been ranked as the 84th largest sporting goods retailers in the galaxy by Sporting Goods Intelligence, Inc and won the ASEAN Outstanding Business Awards 2011 in Sports Retail Sector by Asean Retail Chain and Franchise Federation.


i) VISION To provide world class sporting goods to all Malaysian and providing a platform where any Malaysian can own world class sporting goods. to remain competitive in difficult market condition and passionare in building local, regional and global reputation throughout every level of its business. ii) MISION To be able to have 200 shops nationwide with turnover of RM 500 million by year 2015 To have staff that is friendly and well informed about the products Maintaining positive customer experience whenever they buy from us Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction from the product to the service iii) The objective of kiosk To provide information about the company to users Make it users easy to access to the company To promote the requirement in the company To make sure all the information up to date with the maintenance


The kiosk of Al-Ikhsan Sports consists some scopes which are : Introduction about the history of Al-Ikhsan Sports Company . Clarification of the requirements that particular sold at the company stall. Vacancy for the company to users . The policies of the company


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People love to wear sport requirement . Sport team that need to have it their own sport requirement . Athelete Information seekers Students






Figure 1 : Target audience for kiosk



Kiosks can be made to distribute written information or brochures, a simple kiosk will attractively display this information in a way that consumers can easily find what they are looking for.


To give customers proactive confidence. Everyone has experienced the lengthy wait in a government office. Kiosks remove all that unnecessary wait time.


Interactive kiosks can be coupled with computers and touch screens to allow the consumer to see videos, get a visual perspective of the kinds of services that offered, and enter their contact information to have someone call them later.


Whether the cause is a language barrier or the din in the building, kiosks cannot misunderstand a command. This enhances the customers experience because they never feel the frustration of not being able to communicate their needs.


The customer completes the exact task he or she wanted to complete, there is no chance of having to return on another day due to wait times or a shortened staff.