In remembrance of Me. — Luke xxii. 19. THE thronging cares and pleasures of this life so fill the minds, even of the devout, that it is only by determined effort and something like a fixed routine that they keep the reality of spiritual things frequently and lovingly before them. God, who knows so well our needs, has helped us to a holy order for this sacred purpose. We have the one day in seven, when the toilers may cease from their weary labors, and the anxious may turn from their necessary thought for the future. The stir of innocent social pleasures is hushed, that the "still small voice" may be heard. A silence steals over the busy, noisy world, and lo ! the far-off harmonies of heaven break upon the ear. Sweet Sabbath bells call to the house of prayer, where dull lips and duller hearts are helped to petitions for all the soul and body need. Then a priceless blessing falls on

182 OUR ELDER BROTHER. the few gathered together in the humble sanctuary, as well as on the great congregation in the lofty temple. But there is not alone given the public worship on the Lord's Day as a reminder of holy things and a help in the Christian life, There is the Lord's Supper, — that simple sacrament, adapted

to all times and all climates and all peoples, the rich and the poor, the wise and the unlearned, which when devoutly received, in remembrance of the Lord Jesus, brings its deep and special blessing. For our homes we have the commands, " Search the Scriptures!" and "Pray without ceasing!" We have the closet and the family altar and the grace at table, to give a holy flavor to our food and remind us of the Giver. Such beneficent landmarks are set up along the path of the pilgrim heavenward, that in the manifold interests of this life he may not forget its object and end, Such an outward framework we have around our inner life. Such a body have we, in which our higher being lives and grows. Such a fair cup is given us from which to taste the healing waters. Landmarks they may be for the blind, — an empty framework, nothing growing in it; a fair cup, the contents untasted; a dead body, quickened by no spirit within ! We may forget God in the midst of the sacred

RISE . 183 order of His own planning. He may be remembered only in the dark hours, when some sudden and awful warning reminds us that we must stand at last before the Almighty Judge. How welcome to the soul is this holy order when there is the true sonship, the devotion to our Lord Jesus, that gladly accepts all aids to His loving remembrance and to the faithful following of His example !

But it is not alone our spiritual duties that are to be done in remembrance of our risen Lord. ot so we cherish the memory of an earthly friend. The slightest wish of the loved and departed has for us the sanctity of law. The simplest act becomes a hallowed pleasure if we can say of it, "So my father wished me to do; " " This my mother taught me ; " " To do this reminds me of my sister, my brother." So we feel towards our human friends who have "gone before us." Let us remember the Lord Jesus more lovingly and constantly; then will His least precept become a cherished treasure. How diligently we should read over and over His sacred .words, to see how He would wish us to live and labor and love ! How much would be left undone if we should ask ourselves, " Can I do this in remembrance of my Lord? Can I do it remembering His love for

184 OUR ELDER BROTHER. mankind? Can I do it remembering His eye is upon me ? " Let us be living momuments in memory of our Lord, His character, His words written upon us, poor stones of earth, honored to be raised in remembrance of Him !

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