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OBJECT :ENGLISH GRADE :9TH GRADE TOPIC: Hobbies TIME: 50 MINUTES. LESSON AIMS To present vocabulary related to hobbies To make the students able to express their likes and dislikes To make the students able to talk about their hobby in a real life situation LESSON AIDS Handouts, Students Book charts, blackboard

STRATEGIES: Pair-work Group work Gap-filling Multiple choice SKILLS Reading Speaking Writing paragraph My hobby

PROCEDURE WARM UP BRAINSTORMING HOBBIES The teacher writes the word HOBBIES on the blackboard and the student think of some possible hobbies ACTIVITY 1 Discussion points The students answer the following questions Do you have a hobby? What is it? Do you know anyone who has an unusal hobby? What is it? ACTICVITY 2 PAIR WORK

The students look at the pictures in the Students Book and they have to choose the right name for the hobbies shown in the pictures The students tell their partners the things they like or dont like using the expression from the yellow box Im crazy about.............. I love/adore .............. Theres nothing i like more than......... I really dont like .................... Theres nothing i like less than............ Im not overenthusiastic about........... And then they said loudly something about their partners likes and dislikes ACTIVITY 3 GROUP WORK

The students have to associate the hobbies from the picture with the following ideas, giving reasons for their choices A change of routine Involves the mind Attractive Interesting Expansive healthy relaxing exciting boring dangerous

Then in groups they have to decide upon The four most attractive hobbies The four most dangerous hobbies Two advantages and two disadvantages of having a hobby Using the language from the box, and to report the conclusions to the class ACTIVITY 4 READING FILL IN

The students are asked to read a text about a hobby turned into a full time job, and to fill each gap with a word from the table above the text. They are told that there are three extraword. ACTIVITY 5 READING M ULTIPLE CHOICE ITEMS

The students are asked to read three paragraphs in which three people describe their hobbies, and to find pharases or sentences in each paragraph which show why each person finds their hobby so important. The students are asked to answer a number of questions by choosing the letter corresponding to each person. There may be more than one correct answer. Who mentions the pleasure and excitement their hobby can give them? Who makes reference to the difficulties of their hobby? Who mentions the health aspect? Whose hobby involves an element of competition? Who mentions other peoples reactions to their hobby? WRITING


The students are asked to write a paragraph about therir own hobby, showing why their hobby is so important. If they dont have a hobby they write about the hobby they would like to take up