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Email +91-9942938721 CAREER SUMMARY: • • • • Motivated professional with extensive post graduate-level education. Having 3 years of work experience in industry. Provide motivational learning environment. Growth driven, accepts responsibilities and leverage existing higher education.

KEY SKILLS: • • • • • Good knowledge of subject areas and ability to teach students by using various methods. Strong commitment in teaching students. Good teaching skills. Proficiency in MS-Office. Exceptionally good in educational development of each student.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: DURATIO N 2011 2013 2003 2007 20022003 20002001

QUALIFICATION M.Tech (Digital Communication & Networking) B.E (Electronics and Communication)

INSTITUTE Bharath University, Chennai. V.R.S college of Engineering & Technology, Arasur. Shri Ramakrishna Vidyaalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Villupuram. Shri Ramakrishna Vidyaalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Villupuram.

SCORE 7.66 CGPA 70%





INDUSTRY Worked with Accel Frontline Limited, as (Engineer - Trainee) - (July 2007 to March 2008). Worked with Shreyas Stocks Pvt Ltd as (System Admin)- (April 2008 to July 2011)

E . senthil.Natarajan 02 Jan 1986. the filter has demonstrated superior performance to that of a number of well known benchmark techniques. Provide study materials to the students.Tech .A MULTITHRESHOLD FILTER FOR COLOR IMAGE RESTORATION During B.TEACHING • Working in ES Engineering College as Assistant Professor from May 2013 till date.SELF-RECONFIGURABLE WIRELESS MESH NETWORKS which deals with the recovery of failure nodes in a network.Tech. In this project we have restored the blurred image contaminated by impulse noise. Through extensive simulation experiments conducted using a wide range of test color images. Male. Maintain Attendance for III Year students. the image vector (i. At each pixel location.SELF-RECONFIGURABLE WIRELESS MESH NETWORKS During M. pixel) is first classified into several different signal activity categories by applying modified quadtree decomposition to luminance component (image) of the input color image.Senthilkumar K.E project I have done a project titled . Assign project work and help them to clarify their doubts regarding project and assignment. I have done a project titled ..analyst86@gmail.  AREA OF INTEREST: • • Digital Electronics Analog & Digital Communication ACADEMIC PROJECT: M. PERSONAL DETAILS: Name : Father Name : Date of Birth : Gender : Email : .e.    Delivering lectures to the students. B. (ARS) For the project we used Network simulator -2 and TCL language. The performance of the network was preserved using new algorithm Autonomous Network Reconfiguration System.A MULTITHRESHOLD FILTER FOR COLOR IMAGE RESTORATION.

Vikravandi.Known Languages :English and Tamil. Date : Faithfully Place : Chennai-44 KUMAR) Yours (N. DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my Knowledge. Villupuram-605652. Permanent Address No:15/10.SENTHIL . Police Station Street.